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     Identities concerning Miles and the Prowler 
  • So the Prowler is Aaron Davis, but he keeps his mask on throughout much of the film prior to the climax. When he encounters Miles in the scene prior to the showdown at Aunt May's house, both he and Miles are wearing masks, so it's understandable neither knows it's the other...except, much earlier in the film, during the scene in which Peter Parker is killed, Prowler is a clear participant in the battle, and Miles doesn't have his face covered in this scene. So shouldn't Aaron know all along the new Spider-Man's identity? Because of this, I was actually kind of surprised when Miles took off his mask in front of the Prowler and the latter was surprised—I had assumed Aaron knew all along that it was his nephew and yet still tried to kill him anyway.
    • My guess is that in that hectic moment everything went so fast that Aaron never got a clear view on Miles face and always assumed it was just a black kid, because of course it wouldn't be Miles, that would just be ridiculous.
    • That's the only logical explanation... even though it's odd seeing as how Prowler is meant to be this Batman-like badass who has all these keen reflexes and what not.
    • We see his vision several times and his mask seems to cover everything in a green tint, along with being far more concerned with providing its wearer with tactical information than detailed visuals.
    • Also, when he would have the clearest view of Miles, when they see him looking down at them in the collider room, he's backlit and his face in shadows. After that, Prowler is mostly looking at Miles's back during the chase.
    • On that same topic, what happened to the note Miles was writing to Aaron? Aaron not realizing that Spider-Man was his nephew when he had not gotten a very good look at him is understandable, but you have to wonder why exactly he was not curious about his identity when the moment he got home there was a note to him from Miles. How did Miles get into his apartment unsupervised, how did Spider-Man know his address, and why was Miles so upset? We know that Aaron at least had the rest of the night to think about it, as when we next see him, it's daytime. Was he in denial? Was the note lost somewhere? Was he just not thinking about it? Or is there some other explanation?
      • When Miles sees what he thinks is his uncle approaching only to realize it's the Prowler, you can see in the tv screen reflection that he hides the note as he panics to go hide. If it's the latter, Aaron not noticing it makes sense because he feels like something isn't right in his home as some of the lights were on and is on alert whilst talking to Kingpin through his earpiece. We see the first time Miles got into his uncle's apartment that he came through the window, which we can assume is unlocked most of the time, hence how Aaron and Miles come in so easily (and how Miles got Peter B. inside to interrogate him). Miles was upset because in the previous scene the other Spider-Heroes were going Drill Sergeant Nasty on him so he could help them in their upcoming fight, but since he's still new and inexperienced, they talk about how he's not ready. So when Miles flees the apartment, all Aaron cares about is finishing the job that Kingpin gave him: kill the new Spiderman. As Aaron chases Miles and his bike gets totaled, he was likely tracking down Miles through his mask and then notified Kingpin's henchmen on their next move, go to Aunt May's to fight the Spider-Heros and take the override key. He had no time to go back home and find Miles' note, so when he has him by the throat on Aunt May's roof, that's the first time he realizes in horror that his beloved nephew was the new Spiderman. However, if he did hypothetically go back to his apartment and found the note, he likely would have wanted to talk to Miles after his job was done since that was the most pressing matter to him.

     Gwen Stacy getting to Miles universe? 
  • So I know the earthquakes mentioned at the beginning of the movie show the super-collider was already being tested but if it needed Spider-Man to interfere with it to bring in more Spider-People then how did Gwen first get to Miles' universe? For that matter, the radioactive spider that bit Miles?
    • Explained in the movie, she got thrown to the past (a week ago, to be exact)
    • As for the radioactive spider, there is mention of an earthquake the night before, which we know are caused by the super-collider. So, a first test with opening the portal may have brought it to this universe earlier. That, or it went through from the same event that brought in all the other Spider-People (its markings hint it's from Spider-Man 2099's universe) and like Gwen Stacy sent it a bit backward in time.
    • In the Empire Spoiler special podcast for the film, the writers mention that the collider was tested with animals first and this is how the Spider became radioactive. There was originally explanations in the film but test audiences said it wasn't needed and slowed down the plot.
  • The purpose of the collider is to find alternate universe counterparts to the one whose DNA is in the beam. But then why was Gwen Stacy pulled when all the others were versions of Peter Parker?
    • Peni Parker and Peter Porker weren't versions of Peter Parker.
    • The radioactive spider bite may have made changes to their DNA, which could explain Gwen Stacy. Peter Porker was a spider bit by a radioactive pig (May Porker), so you could also explain that away with enough mental gymnastics (spider DNA + radioactive). Only Peni remains, since she wasn't bit by a spider at all, just a good friend of a telepathic radioactive spider.
      • Peni is the gender flip version of Peter Parker (she is the niece of May Parker), and Peter Porker became a pig due to May Porker's DNA, thus making him her nephew as well. In Gwen's universe, there's already a version of Peter Parker, who died.
      • It doesn't come up in the movie, but Peni was bit by a radioactive spider, it's how she and her spider gain their psychic connection (he had the same one with her father by biting him before)
    • As for why Gwen (who is not a Parker in any way), it's probably that Parker's DNA was altered by the spider bite. Same for Gwen. So their altered DNAs may be more similar than those of, for example, a non-bitten Peter.
      • At the climax of the film the Collider was shown to be capable of locking on to multiple people in at once by scanning multiple DNA samples, so it's entirely possible that when Peter was shoved into the beam, the scanners identified the DNA of Peter and the DNA introduced from the spider. Peter B, Noir, and Peni get pulled in because they had similar DNA to Peter. Gwen got pulled in because she carried the DNA from the spider. Spider-Ham was pulled in because in his universe he was the spider.
    • In the comic's the spiders are all avatars of the multiversal 'web of life and reality', which allows them their powers, at a guess the Spider-Verse versions of 1610, 616, 65, Peni, Noir and Ham's realities (I don't remember their original universe's designations) were dimensional neighbors so when the Collider... reached out, I guess, their universes were the first ones they reached, and it was their connection to the web that got them pulled through, not the Parker DNA.
    • Perhaps the collider just picks the closest thing in every connected universe?
      • Yes. Not every universe would have a Spider-Person with similar DNA. Also, it's probably because the machine itself is finite. Yes, there are likely infinite Spider-People with the same DNA, but the machine has a limit, unlike the infinite universes.
    • The Spider-verse comics indicate that there is a semi-mystical factor that connects every Spider-Man. This was clearly more important than the actual DNA.

    Mary Jane at the party 
  • Mary Jane knows that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, and Spider-Man knew that Wilson Fisk was a bad guy, so why is Mary-Jane at a memorial party held by Wilson Fisk? Did this Peter never bring up one of his most dangerous adversaries even in casual conversation? Seems like the sort of thing he'd at least mention, especially since he'd logically want his nearest and dearest to know that the guy who looks like a wealthy philanthropist is not to be trusted. Surely MJs not naive enough to think that he's honestly upset about this.
    • Even if she knows that Fisk is the Kingpin, she's probably just playing along so as not to let on that she knows the truth about him, which could make her a target down the line.
    • Or perhaps she knows well enough, but has no other option but to be there and take part of the circus. Kingpin is a mafia leader and you don't get to say "no" to the mafia that easily. Specially not if your husband superhero is dead.
    • If this MJ is anything like other versions, knowing who Fisk is would probably make her more likely to risk her life by being near him.

    Comic-Book Spidey 
  • As far as I can tell, it wasn't public knowledge that Peter was Spider-Man until after his death. So, why does Miles have comic books detailing what happened to him and how he got his powers? At first I thought it might turn out to be a multiverse thing, but that never turned out to be the case.
    • Looking at the comics, they are almost ripped from the pages of Amazing Fantasy, which features a brown-haired Peter, unlike the blond-haired Peter in Miles' universe. Additionally, it calls him "Billy" and not Peter, so it's likely that Peter lied or didn't give the publishers too much information.
    • It's canon in 616 Marvel (the main comics continuity) that Marvel comics still actually exists and publishes superhero comics, albeit with the unmasked identity stuff changed to not give away secret identities. It would not be surprising if this is what's happening in Miles' universe.
    • Then what's to stop someone putting two and two together when they make the connection that similar events happened in the life of someone they know and if they didn't know then what's stopping them from recalling that the person was unaccounted for on the day the origin story happened (If the exact date is shown) and they start asking questions?
    • Probably Peter being very careful about what information was given, and it's probably all doctored just enough to make it nearly impossible for somebody who didn't already know Peter to actually put it together. Different school, different name, different year. Heck even how he got bit by the spider could have been changed.
    • It was not an intentional multiverse thing. It was just that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko could have glimpses of another world, mistook them for mere creativity, and wrote comic books from them (if that explanation works for Flash...). As for the local Peter Parker (actually a common name and a common last name), it would actually make things easier. If someone points a suspicion about his secret identity, he can dismiss it as comic book stuff. The best secrets are those hidden in plain sight.
    • The more likely scenario is simply that the comics are entirely made-up, and anything in them that is anywhere close to real was either inferred from actual news of Spidey's battles, or information he somehow disclosed to the public, and everything else is just invented, including most, if not all, of the secret identity stuff.

     Green Goblin choices 
  • Unless I misheard things, I think Goblin told Spidey he "had no choice" while they were fighting, to explain why he's working with the Kingpin. But that wasn't explained since the Goblin died / vanished afterwards. I can only imagine they are saving it for a sequel with both Goblin and Liv revealing to have survived and become trapped in alternate universes themselves, because otherwise it seems very throwaway.
    • Peter mentioned how Kingpin has his eyes and ears everywhere as a reason for Miles to keep his identity secret. Seeing how Oscorp is practically non-existent and Alchemax seems to be in Kingpin's pocket, it's likely that he coerced Osborn into working for him.

     Returning to their Dimensions 
  • From what we know of the other Spider-men being in Miles's dimension slowing killing them because they don't belong there, does that mean the Rubik's Cube Noir brought with him to his own dimension will eventually be destroyed?
    • Most likely, unless non-living objects aren't effected. Assuming that it simply disintegrates eventually (as Doc Ock implied), it's not a problem that it will eventually fall apart.
    • Doc Ock specifically mentions cellular decay when giving Peter B. a medical examination. It's likely that the decay only applies to biological matter. This is hinted at during the final battle as well, where SP//dr pulls off some flawless acrobatic maneuvers despite "glitching out" in the middle of them.
    • As an alternative explanation, the matter decay might happen at a much slower rate with inorganic objects compared to organic ones, given how it's implied that the supercollider's effects still could've "glitched out" and eventually annihilated the multiverse in a similar way to the Spiders. It's entirely likely that Noir's Rubik's Cube will have broken down by the time the sequel happens.

     Gwen at Miles' School 
  • Miles goes to a preppy, private high school that presumably costs a decent amount of money to attend. So how would Gwen manage to attend the school without any family to pay for it or even any information like a birth certificate, social security number, etc., that any school would likely require before someone can attend it?
    • You'd be surprised how easy it is to actually infiltrate even a preppy private school. Gwen's a Spider-person, so she'd have a way to bypass any security checkpoints, and as long as she wears the right uniform and doesn't draw any attention to herself, nobody would have any reason to question why she was there.
      • If the fact she started introducing herself as Gwen and had the whole awkward "Gwanda" bit is any indication, she hadn't given her name to anyone or really interacted with them since she got there but was just keeping a low profile.
    • The bigger question is not how she is at the school, but why. Miles didn't even have powers yet.
      • She specifically mentions that she was drawn to the school by her spider-sense, but didn't understand why until she ran into Miles post-bite, suggesting that her powers extend to limited precognition.
  • It's odd that Gwen decided to enroll into a private school without knowing why, but didn't make time to meet up with that universe's Spider-Man.
    • In her universe, she's the only Spider; Peter was just her best friend. So she didn't know who Spider-man actually was until Blonde Peter's death was announced on the news, and had no means to contact him. Her spider-sense led her to the school, after all, not to Blonde Peter's place, and Gwen had no reason to even think Aunt May was involved until the public memorial service.
    • There's a lot of weird going on with Gwen - she seems to be at least somewhat aware that Miles is a person of interest before he gets bitten (and given her advice to 'relax' when he starts sticking uncontrollably, immediately understood what was going on with him after he was, but didn't get the 'you're like me' moment until running into Peter B), unlike all the others (who arrived after Peter's death) she arrived a week ahead of time and she knew to go to Aunt May to make a new goober, but she didn't know about the other Spiders who had already gone there too. That combined with the portal opening at the end might suggest Gwen knew more than she was letting on.
  • I don't understand why Gwen tried to give a fake name. Unless she was concerned about another Gwen? But it's not like she gave her last name, and Gwen is a common enough name that she didn't have to make up "Gwanda".
    • Out-of-universe reason: she's a walking spoiler. Gwen may be a common name in the broad real world, but within the comic book world (and specially in the Spider-Man related one) Gwen means Gwen Stacy. If the character is named "Gwen," every spider fan will realize that she's Gwen Stacy and not just a random blonde at school, which diminishes the surprise when she shows up as Spider-Gwen later on (of course, there's the thing that she was featured in the promotional media, at some points even without the mask, which kind of ruins this whole surprise anyway, but that's another problem). In-universe reason: when Miles tries the "Hello" trick, she must have thought him to be a dork that she should be away from, as any reasonable girl would. So she's not concealing her name in general, she's concealing her name from him. Note that "Gwanda" (=Wanda) means that she was just about to say "Gwen" and then changed her mind mid-sentence; otherwise, she would have chosen any other female name.
      • Although she told him it was called "Gwaaaanda" before Miles tried the "Hello" trick.
  • It seemed that Peter started glitching as soon as he came to Miles' world and as soon as everyone is at Aunt May's house it's clear that everyone is glitching. So how on Earth has Gwen been doing so well while at school?
    • Probably she did glitch, and the other kids simply laugh at her.
    • Maybe the glitching only happens after the original point in time has passed, so Gwen, having gone back a week, was safe from it for that duration.
  • Forget the school, how does she infiltrate Alchemax as an intern(?), when she's a high-schooler, and the place's apparently staffed by trigger-happy commandos?
    • Sneak into the complex, put on a lab coat and glasses. Keep her head down, don’t draw attention to herself. Don’t show up in the middle of lunch hour dressed in her spider suit drawing everyone’s attention and steal a bagel.
    • You'd be shocked at how easy it is to get into most office and lab spaces, even post-9/11. Dress the part, walk like you belong there and know where you're going, find an outdoor "break" area, piggyback on a group of workers when they open the break-area door, and wave something that looks like a laminated badge at any security guards on the door. It's social engineering.

     Peter Porker: The Amazing Spider-Ham 
  • So if Peter Porker was a spider bitten by a radioactive pig, why does he have a pig name?
    • In the comics he's just a spider named Peter, but adopts the alias of Porker because he was a pest in the house of a female pig named May Porker, who after getting irradiated thought she was his actual aunt. Yes, that's right.
    • He's a cartoon, so why not? Bugs Bunny, Top Cat, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Wile E. Coyote, Atom Ant, etc; all have names that include the type of animal that they are. Even Yogi Bear, who is smarter than the average bear!
      • Indeed, it's likely his original name was Peter {something spider-related}, and he changed his name because a pig going by that name would be too conspicuous.
  • Why WERE his hands wet? I don't get the joke here.
    • The joke is that it's left up to your imagination (maybe he was telling the truth after all). Also, the whole gag is a play on the whole Messy Pig stereotype.
    • The joke is probably that he was sweating and didn't want to give away that he was nervous.
    • He's basically Sweating Like a Pig.

     Gwen in Miles' Universe 
  • Anybody who came from another dimension cannot survive for more than a few days. Yet Gwen was in Miles' universe a week before the others arrived. How did she manage to survive for that long?
    • We do not really know how long a person of another dimension can survive in a foreign universe, it could be a couple of weeks, it could be more, at the end of the movie neither seems to lose strength or mental agility even though the moments when glitching are more and more frequent. Surely they still had a few days left, although Gwen would undoubtedly be the first to die...
    • Maybe the glitching only happens after the original point in time has passed, so Gwen, having gone back a week, was safe from it for that duration.
    • Another possibility is that the stability of the person is correlated to the amount of divergence they cause (Peter B is in a universe where "he" is dead, Peni, Porker, and Noir are from radically different universes, but Gwen's seems to be fairly close). So because her presence isn't causing as much of a distortion, her presence is more stable.

     The truck 
  • So is Dr. Octopus dead or not? Because it'd be pretty impressive if she survived that. Not even the Green Goblin could survive falling rubble
    • Unless the word of God confirms something, we'll have to wait for the sequel ...
    • They take the time to establish a heck of a lot of things about her character that have no pay off by the end of the movie. Her removal from the scene is anticlimactic as a bit of a joke, but it's also very obvious that all the other villains and henchmen are accounted for at the end of the movie, except her. General rule is 'no body, no death' and given that she was surrounded by her incredibly strong mechanical arms, I don't see it being unbelievable that she's still alive. Especially when they could easily have shown her mangled tentacles in the wreckage at the end if they wanted to be conclusive.
    • The "Alternate Universe Mode" cut of the movie shows that after she gets hit by the truck she is still alive. Once Miles throws Kingpin to turn off the collider and everything starts to collapse in she decided to jump in the portal because of the power it had.

    Just tell Kingpin 
  • Why does no one tell Kingpin that his plan won't work? Doc Ock and Miles both know about the atomic collapse problem. Ock is going to bring back Kingpin's family just so that they can die painfully over the next few weeks while he watches. This strikes her as a good career move? Miles is having a hard time fighting Kingpin, and takes time to talk, but doesn't mention the thing that could plausibly make Kingpin switch sides.
    • Ain’t exactly easy to say no to Kingpin on a normal day already when he really wants something. A grieving Kingpin wanting his family back is almost impossible to talk down. Also, Doc Ock tried to tell that to Fisk, when Miles and Peter B. infiltrated Alchemax; he just didn’t wanna hear it.
      • Also, if he isn't willing to listen, Doc Ock is shown to not really mind getting to analyze people from other universes slowly deteriorating in her dimension up close.
    • Blond Peter told Kingpin it wouldn't work and then was brutally murdered for it.
      • Note that it wasn't a "it won't work because science mumbo jumbo". It was a "it won't work because, even if you could get alternate dimension versions of your wife and son, they are not them; they'll still be dead and you'll always know that".
    • There is no way that Kingpin would listen to his enemies. As for Doc Ock there are a couple possibilities. She may have already told him and he told her to do it anyway, or said you'll fix them if that happens. We've seen that she's pretty meek in front of him, although how much of that is an act. She also may have had plans to fix the problem once she had a chance to actually see the problem at work (she was excited to watch the process happen to Peter B.)
    • If she told him, and he refused to listen, perhaps she will do it, knowing that Vanessa and the kid will die, and then will triumphantly say "I told you!"
      • ...from a safe distance, of course.
    • She specifically mentions getting him "all the families he wants". Given Kingpin's pure selfishness (he wants his wife and son back, and doesn't care that's he's stealing them from a completely different world), if they make the process work once, they can do it again and again and again.
    • We don't know that atomic collapse is an inevitable consequence of being extracted by the Super-Collider. The Spider-Gang was pulled from the multiverse due to an unplanned event (ie Blond Peter being forced into the stream by Goblin). It's quite possible that a controlled extraction bypasses that problem.
    • Doc Ock is a bona fide Mad Scientist. Kingpin is doing this to get his family back, but she's doing this purely For Science!. She's deliberately keeping it from him because if Kingpin knows that the plan won't work, he might call it off or try something else. (Unlikely, given how most villains are, but why risk it?)

     Aaron Davis and the Apartment 
  • I wonder how much it pays to be an assassin for hire for Wilson. Maybe even one of his co-dragons. Because Aaron seemed to live quite modestly for such a position. Rent for an apartment can be expensive depending on location and content but the particular apartment Aaron resided in struck me as a low-rent dive that got spruced up with Aaron's hip-hop taste and purple which seems to be his favourite colour. You would think that being a lieutenant for NY's resident crime lord who also has a side business as an entrepreneur would afford something larger with enough space for a high-powered sports car.
    • He might have chosen to live modestly to keep his connection with the Kingpin a secret.
    • Beat me to it. It's implied that he bounces from job to job and that at the moment of the film he's unemployed so him suddenly being rich is gonna raise a lot of questions.
    • At the start, someone told Miles, who just moved to an expensive school, "Remember where you came from" (or something similar). Aaron is probably familiar with the idea. Even if he got a job that made him rich, he would probably not like living as a spoiled rich guy, like a Mr. Burns in a mansion with a servant.
    • Someone living well-off is someone who is going to attract attention simply because of where and how they live even if they try not to be flashy. Someone living in a smaller apartment, so long as the rent is paid on time, is less likely to be noticed disappearing at odd hours for extended hours than is someone whose expensive sports car is seen leaving the driveway. There's also the implication that he must have some other place as a base for his "work". That motorcycle is stored somewhere out of sight.
    • Al Capone was famously jailed for tax evasion on the basis that the IRS could prove that he was living well beyond the means of his reported, i.e. legal, income. Being richer than they should be is a good way to draw the kind of attention that a criminal definitely doesn't want.
    • It's also possible that Aaron got into working for Kingpin in the first place because he'd fallen really deeply into debt to Fisk's organization. In which case, he wouldn't be getting paid much actual liquid cash for his kills, because most of his "payment" would be having that piled-up debt chipped away at.
    • Aaron might even have another residence that we never saw. He wouldn't want his nephew or his cop brother dropping by to visit him at a fancy place they'd consider out of his price range, after all.

     The nurse's idiocy re: Gwen's hair 
  • Why did the nurse who cut Gwen's hair cut so close to her hair, ruining her hair, when there were massive strands hanging off Miles' hand? They could have cut closer to Mile's hand, and Gwen could have possibly retained her hairstyle!
    • It's possible when Gwen flipped Miles, his hand was pushed closer to her scalp, causing more of his hand to get stuck. To loosen his hand, the nurse would have to cut bits of Gwen's hair off before just shaving it all off in the end. The massive strands could be the parts that were loosened off before everything else was shaved.
    • Also, the nurse didn't cut Gwen's hair. They ducked into the nurse's office, but it appears that Gwen cut her own hair since there's no nurse in the room with them in the scene.

     Miles' interactions with his dad 
  • Why would Miles say "I know" and interrupt his dad when his dad was going to tell him about Aaron? I know it would have been painful to let him say it but there's no way for Miles to know about Aaron's death and it could be a pretty big problem if his dad winds up mentioning to Miles' mom about her telling Miles and then she said she never told him and then his dad following the only logical conclusion for that. That was a pretty big misstep on Miles' part.
    • Miles, during the scene in question, is a traumatised, exhausted child who's still dealing with the complicated emotions related to Aaron's death. He has just spent the 48 most stressful hours of his life bouncing from crisis to crisis, getting into fights with supervillains twice his size. On top of this, he has basically no experience maintaining a secret identity, as is proven almost immediately afterwards. And on top of that, it's practically a Spider-Hero tradition to lead with your heart, instead of your head. So it may have been a misstep, in the hypothetical situation you outline (which isn't guaranteed to happen), but it's exactly the sort of misstep that a lot of people would make in that situation, particularly people who - as mentioned - have just spent two days stuck on an emotional rollercoaster.
    • Miles was closer to Aaron than his dad was. He He will likely just assume that Miles learned from somebody else. Maybe one of Aaron's friends told him, or he just heard it through the grape vine. Unless he becomes suspicious of Miles, his dad isn't going to start looking for details.
  • Given Miles's conversation with his dad as Spider-Man at the end of the movie ("I love you"), he doesn't seem too intent on keeping his identity secret from his dad.
    • Miles is just a kid and still new at the whole superhero thing. He's also just been through a rough, life-threatening fight that not only would've killed Miles, but also his dad — remember, Miles saw his dad in ruins of the computer room. The last scene in the fight area is of Miles clinging to a web-thread in the ruins of Alchemax (which look unnervingly like the inside of the WTC lobby after the planes struck), and Miles doesn't see his dad there. When Miles gets outside and sees his dad alive, Miles just grabs him in overwhelming relief and joy, and I'm betting Miles needed a major hug, too. He does catch himself and try to play it off after that initial instinctive glomp.

     Miles' spider 
  • Why was Miles' spider glitching? And how did touching it teleport him to the super-collider?
    • It's possible that this spider was experimented on for the collider as you can see in the beginning scene's it's marked with the number 42, which is why it was glitching out of realities. There was going to be more backstory on the spider to show that it was experimented on, but due to the time and amount of story they're already telling, it was cut. It didn't teleport Miles to the collider, its bite just changed his DNA and granted him the usual spider abilities plus the venom strike and invisibility.
    • I kinda assumed that it was supposed to be from another Universe (Perhaps Miguel's?)
    • Then how did Miles end up at the collider the first time?
      • Same way the spider got to the room: normal movement. The two rooms appear to have been right next to each other.
      • It's heavily implied that the "engineering project" that uncle Aaron was working on was the Collider itself; Aaron was probably there as muscle during its construction or testing.

     Are the alternate Spider-People the same as their comics counterparts? 
  • Obviously Miles, Peter, and Peter B. are original to the movie, but are Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, and Peni Parker the same as the ones in the comics? There aren't really any major deviations aside from Noir having a vastly different personality and design, but I think Gwen has been Spider-Woman for more than two years in the comics.
    • The short answer is no. This Peni Parker, Peter Porker, and Gwen Stacy, a long with everyone else, are separate incarnations from the comic version. For an analogy, comic Peter Parker, MCU Peter Parker, Raimi Peter Parker, and Disney cartoon Peter Parkers are separate incarnations. Even the original Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon comics treat them as separate individuals.

    Who's Miles' roommate is supposed to be? 
  • Just personal trivial question here, but since Miles decided to reveal his identity as the new Spidey to his roommate in the ending, is he supposed to be some important character from Miles' comics? Haven't read much comic so I wondered who that was.
    • Miles' roommate is Ganke Lee, who in the comics is Miles' best friend, and assists him when Miles takes up the mantle of Spiderman. Another version of this character you might be familiar with is Ned Leeds from Homecoming.
    • In other words, remember Ned Leeds, from Spider-Man Homecoming? In comics, he's called Ganke Lee, and he's with Miles, not Peter (the MCU took some liberties in the adaptation).
      • Actually, Ned exists in the comics (and is even one of the people to become Hobgoblin). The MCU version specifically is sorta based on Ganke.
    • Oh, okay. Thank you for both answers. Will have to look up some comics featuring Miles Morales soon.
    • Incidentally, here is an article where they accuse Spiderman: Homecoming of stealing many elements of Miles's story, not just Ganke, and apparently the creators of Spiderverse wanted to give Ganke a more important role, but they feared being accused of too similar to Ned (also, too many spider-people present).

    Peter and Gwen 
  • Peter B doesn't seem disturbed, surprised, or reactive at all that one of his new teammates is a version of a woman he famously couldn't save. Even if Gwen is still alive in his universe, he never comments on the resemblance. Meanwhile Miles' Peter doesn't treat the Goblin as anything other than a big angry Mook, considering he may have killed his own Gwen, who never shows up to mourn his death. Does Gwen Stacy even exist in these dimensions?
    • Probably the latter. Both Miles' Peter and Peter B. seem to be based on Sam Raimi's Peter Parker, who only really falls for Mary Jane, and while Gwen Stacy does appear in Spider-Man 3, she's just a supporting character who never really plays a big role in the story and thus Raimi's Peter doesn't have a reason to care about her. If Miles' Peter and Peter B. are really based on Raimi's Peter, then yes, maybe both of them don't even know or remember who Gwen Stacy is. Adding to the fact that the only Gwen Stacy we see in the film is the one from the universe where she's Spider-Gwen, that implies Miles' universe doesn't have a Gwen Stacy.
    • When Gwen introduces herself, Peter B does seem to recognize the name, which prompts Peter B. to give Miles a "atta boy!" reaction, so I'd guess Gwen does exist in Peter B's universe at least, but it's possible she never died in that dimension and thus he has no reason to mourn her.
      • It's Miles who recognizes her. Peter's reaction could be either that he recognized her as well, or that he was teasing Miles because he clearly already knew the mystery Spider-Woman in her civilian identity. Remember that the Gwen Stacy of Spider-Man III was not exactly a high school student, so he probably wouldn't have recognized her as Gwen Stacy anyway even if he saw her in the street.

    Aaron and Miles' hangout place 
  • So Aaron Davis aka The Prowler shows his nephew Miles a new hangout place underground where he could paint the walls however he likes. However, this hangout also happens to be located very near Kingpin's underground facility as well. Why would Aaron let his nephew hang out so close to the base of operations of the most dangerous man in New York City, as well as the boss of his criminal job? Sure, he might be keeping an eye on Miles and makes sure that he doesn't stray to somewhere he shouldn't, but there's still a chance that Miles could return to the place without his supervision and risks stumbled into the secret facility, which is exactly what happens in the film?
    • Because all that mess took place while they made the experiment. Any other place, the place must be abandoned, so who cares if some guy goes around and paints walls? In fact, probably there are some guys already living in the sewers, such as the Morlocks.
    • That would make sense, but still, the two places are literally next door to each other. It takes Miles walking through a veil leading to a nearby room to find Kingpin's lair. You'd think that with his wealth and influence, Kingpin would've made the whole facility more secure than he did, especially if he could afford that large chamber that housed the super-collider machine itself. At least put some metal walls to cover the openings to the main public underground area or something.

    The spider that bit Miles 
  • The genetically-engineered spider that bit Miles is shown to be 'glitching' several times just like the alternate Spideys, implying that it also came from another dimension. That means that when the spider bit Miles, the powers that he gained have origins from another dimension as well, yet there is no side effect at all, and Miles doesn't 'glitch' like the other alternate Spideys. Why's that?
    • Because it's the spider, not himself, who is from another dimension.
    • You do see Miles glitch out several times during his final fight with Kingpin.
    • That's him trying to activate his cloaking power.

    Kingpin is stupid with priority gunshots 
  • In the span of ten seconds, Kingpin goes from his car, to shooting Prowler when he fails to kill Spider-Man. Spider-Man, who was two feet away from Prowler, unable to move, and the one that Kingpin *actually* wanted dead. Why he didn't just shoot Spider-Man and deal with Prowler later makes no sense.
    • You Have Failed Me moment in full play here. The Prowler promised Kingpin earlier that he'll kill the new Spider-Man as soon as he finds him, but after realizing who he actually is, he hesitated and openly defied Kingpin's order by refusing to kill Miles. Kingpin took this as a betrayal and decides to shoot him. He probably doesn't even care who the new Spider-Man is unless he gets in the way of his plan, all he cares is for his subordinates to follow through his orders.
    • By defeating Spider-Man then sparing him, Prowler demonstrates that he is more dangerous than Spider-Man and doesn't want him dead. So if Prowler would be the worse enemy and would likely react poorly to Spider-Man being killed, why wouldn't you shoot him first? Especially when the plan was clearly 'shoot one, then the other.'
    • Also, the Prowler was probably heavily involved in a lot more aspects of Kingpin's criminal enterprise than just the Collider project. This new Spider-Man is a problem, but a kind of problem Fisk has been fending off for years without being stopped; he may want the guy dead, but he can function all right even if he doesn't get what he wants. An apparent Heel–Face Turn by Prowler, on the other hand, is a direct risk to all the Kingpin's operations, because of all the secrets he knows.

    Not much of a reaction after killing his arch nemesis 
  • I'm assuming Miles's universe version of Peter Parker/Spider-man has been a thorn to Kingpin's side for many years. You would think an egomaniac like Fisk would be literally skipping for joy after finally ridding himself of his arch nemesis. He has an "Oh well, better get back to work" type of look on his face. No gloating, or a hammy speech.
    • Kingpin is clearly more obsessed with getting his family back than killing Parker. Throughout the film he has been constantly upset that his first attempt to activate the collider failed thanks to Green Goblin. For what it worth, he pisses on Peter's grave by using his memorial as a front for criminal acts.

     "My friends call me Liv" 
  • So what the heck was up with the intentional set-up of Aunt May and Olivia having history and being friends? Unless it's somehow relevant to the sequel, it seems like such an oddly pointed thing to take time out of the movie to set-up and recall, then not to actually pay off. I don't think there's a single other thing in the movie that they take such care to establish only to not doing a single thing with, and this is a movie chock full of planting/payoff, Easter eggs and references.
    • Man, everybody is making way too much importance out of what is obviously just a joke. "Oh, it's Liv," is a funnier reaction for Aunt May than, "It's Doctor Octopus!" That's it, it's a callback to their conversation. If you absolutely need an in-universe justification for it, then Peter B. told Aunt May about meeting her offscreen.
      • Nah these lines are intentional set-up and recall in a movie filled with intentional set-up and recall.
        Peter B. Parker: "Can I assume that your friends call you Doc Ock?"
        Olivia: "My friends actually call me Liv. My enemies call me Doc Ock!"
        (several scenes later and during a crucial meeting of characters)
        Aunt May: "Oh great, it's Liv".
So it would have made sense for Aunt May to exclaim "Dang, it's Doc Ock!" (despite it being a redundant line, as we, the audience, already know this), but the fact that the script specifically has her exclaim "Oh great, it's Liv", intentionally tells the audience two things: 1) That Aunt May knows Doc Ock's civilian persona, something that is not public knowledge and something that her Peter likely didn't even know given that Dr Olivia Octavius is a famous quantum physicist with a dorky/cuddly public reputation (her upbeat 'Bill Nye Science Guy' style education videos are being played in high schools). And 2) That not only does Aunt May know her civilian persona, she knows her well enough to refer to her intentionally as "Liv". This was set-up as being a name that only Olivia's friends call her. So yes, it is significant in that's pointedly included in the script. Also the fact that this universe's Aunt May is a robotics genius herself means that them having known each other in a close capacity while coming up in the field is not a reach at all. What is odd is that they leave that juicy nugget just hanging there. But it's possibly something they'll use in any sequels that happen if they're planning on bringing her back.
  • Not public knowledge? With that hair and most of her face uncovered? (Then again. This is a comic book movie) As for Aunt May seemingly knowing her. I just took it as a Shout-Out to Doc Ock's relationship with her in the comics. Though that was romantic. Here, it's unclear exactly what nature the relationship is.
  • She never says "Anybody who calls me 'Liv' is my friend" or even "ONLY my friends call me 'Liv'". May isn't really a friend or enemy, she just knew who she was because her nephew probably told her about the crazy Octopus lady named Liv Octavius he was always fighting.
  • You're looking at it the wrong way round. The set-up is "My friends call me Liv", the pay-off is "Oh great, it's Liv." It's a joke, and the implied lore of May using her casual name is part of the joke (and another reminder we're in a weird universe situation). This movie already spends more time than the average Marvel movie on humour, so it's not as earth-shattering as you make it sound. It's the Lego Batman of Marvel. Even if they do use it in sequels, the "juicy nugget" paid off already as a one of the movie's many, many throwaway gags.
  • Occam's Razor is that Liv and May could have been classmates in high school or college; maybe May remembers Liv as the annoying overly-excited dork or Insufferable Genius in their lab, for example. This movie's Aunt May is smart enough to support Peter building a secret lair underneath her house and engineer some web shooters for Miles, so having their paths intersect casually is not a stretch.
  • The real Occam's Razor is that Peter told her about the "Liv" thing earlier.
  • An even better Occam's Razor is that you're all overthinking a throwaway joke.

    How old is Peter (A) Parker? 
  • They say he's 26 but his gravestone says 1991-2018.
    • If he was born in 1991, he would turn 27 in 2018, but not the moment 2018 started. In other words, his birthday was probably not until later that year.
    • The Marvel wiki says he's a Libra, which means he was born in late September-early October. A date in Miles' classroom says the movie takes place in "Decembruary." Given Miles is starting the semester there, it's likely to be right after the new year.
    • And a date in Miles' room says December, so apparently "Decembruary" was him trying to sound dumb on the test.
      • Or it's an old poster he just likes the look of.

    How old is Peter (B) Parker? 
  • Is he somewhere between 35-40? I don't believe they mention his age.
    • They don't say his age exactly, but they do say that he has been saving the world as Spider-Man for 22 years. Assuming that he was bitten at the same age as Peter A, which, given that Peter A was 26 when he died and he mentioned being Spider-Man for 10 years, would be 16, that would put him at 38.

    Gwen knowing Miles' age 
  • How does Gwen know that she's 15 months older than Miles? I've seen the movie twice and I don't recall any dialogue between them where their ages were brought up.
    • They had a bus ride back from Alchemax to meet and learn more about one another. Maybe they figured it out there.
    • She may also have done some snooping in the school's records.

    Miguel on Earth- 67 
  • In The Stinger Miguel, Spider-Man 2099, travel's to Earth-67, the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon. When he arrives he assumes the same animation style as the cartoon. From a production perspective it makes sense, the slick 3D model of Miguel that appears before the jump would be really out of place. However it completely goes against the way it worked in the film. Peni resembles an Anime character, Porker was cartoon like and Noir was monochrome in Miles' universe, clearly matching their own earths, despite not matching the one they'd entered, so why did Miguel's appearance change to Match Earth-67?
    • A. It's for the joke; B. The mechanism was different — the Spider-People in the main part of the movie were accidentally tossed through an unstable, experimental device, causing them a ton of pain and degeneration because they clashed so much with the world they'd jumped into. Miguel's device, however, works deliberately — possibly, it was designed to compensate for the clashing that caused the others to start degenerating, which would manifest in matching the animation style of wherever he landed.

    Peni’s Robot 
  • Why did Peni’s robot simply die from getting it’s arms ripped off? I know of various humans who can survive that, especially in fiction. And why did Peni assume her friend died? And will the SP//dr robot be the same or different? Why did Scorpion kill her only friend?
    • "Arms ripped off" is probably not the only damage. Peni doesn't assume anything, the robot clearly indicates it's dying. Who knows? The movie doesn't tell us and they haven't released any information. And because he's a villain fighting against her. What makes you think Scorpion cares one whit about his enemy's friend or even knows?
  • How come Peni could not fix the robot? It looked fixable? And was this scene meant to emphasize the “You can’t save everyone” moral?
    • Apparently it wasn't. And who knows, maybe?
    • She has fixed it (or was in the process) during the in-credit scene.
  • The robot isn't her friend its the spider controlling it, she was sad from the fact that the last piece of her father's work was gone.

    Goober port 
  • Why is there a usb-port hidden behind a fixed panel on the ceiling of a huge chamber? What was its original function? Ok, there was a shat nearby so I guess Olivia could've reached it, but she'd still need to pry the panel open, which doesn't look like a sound technical solution, so what gives?
    • It's sort of an old comic book/action movie cliche, it gives the heroes a way to fix the impending problem, but still making it hard for them to actually achieve it. It also is a decent way to show how much Miles has grown throughout the movie, at first not being able to help Peter because he wasn't sure of his powers yet, but by the end of the film, he has fulfilled his promise and is ready to be Spider-Man.
    • Ock is possessive of the collider, so building an access port that only she could easily reach makes sense. Since it's her port she probably wouldn't have to break it open to use it and it would give her access in case Kingpin turned on her for whatever reason.

    Season and the forest outside Alchemech 
  • What season is the movie supposed to take place during? It seems like winter, and yet in the forest that Miles and Peter escape through all the trees are covered in red leaves, so its mid-to-late autumn? Meanwhile the trees seen in the city are all bare... and the shrubbery outside Aunt May's house is verdant green. I'm so confused!
    • It is around December in Miles' universe (since on his test paper he wrote Decembruary probably as a way to get more points docked off), and there is a lot of snow when Miles visits Peter's grave. At Alchemax, maybe the leaves were just that color as a stylistic choice, and maybe it's not as cold around the rest of the city so there's no snow? It is definitely winter in this universe, but maybe the other places that don't have that much snow look like that out of a style choice, or because it only snowed on that day.
    • Reminder that this is an alternate universe. The seasons could work differently in Miles' universe.
     Kingpin’s Plan 
  • Why would a simple request to revive dead family members cause an apocalypse? And why would the wife be stupid enough to speed past a stop sign, killing her and her child?
    • It's not a "simple request." It's tampering with the fabric of reality with a doomsday machine. And you're acting like Vanessa willfully and knowingly chose to do that. She was panicking because her husband is a supervillain who was fighting Spider-Man and just focused on getting away. Do you really think in her head she was thinking, "I know what's a great idea! I'll run a stop sign!" Of course not.
    • It's also not a request to "revive" his family. It's tearing a hole in reality to yank two people from another universe into this one. As to Vanessa, as mentioned she was in a panic, and it's not like real people don't blow through stop signs all the time.

     Miles' Spider Sense not going off when Prowler gets shot 
  • Am I the only one confused why Miles Spider Sense didn't kick in right before his Uncle got shot? I mean I would write it off as him being in an emotional space, but that didn't exactly stop him before. Granted I understand him being inexperienced, he probably wouldn't have been able to save him, but I guess a "Watch out Uncle" before Fisk shot the gun would have sufficed.
    • Spider-Senses only tingle if the Spider-Person was in danger, not if their allies were in danger.
    • Is the Spider Sense actually precognitive in nature? Can it tell if the man pointing a gun almost directly at you is actually aiming for the dude right next to you? Also, I can't remember any actual examples, but I definitely feel like there have to be some cases where the Spider Sense warned of something that didn't directly endanger the relevant Spider-person. Specifically in this movie, its function is vague enough that it helps the different Spider-people recognize each other's Spider-ness.
      • Evidently the Spider-sense is precognitive, since it told Gwen to enroll in Miles' school. You can chalk it up to a stressful moment and Miles still being inexperienced.
      • Notably, though, only Gwen seems to have the Spider-sense act as a sort of intuitive precognition. Perhaps this version's Spider-Gwen has a slightly altered power set similar to Miles and Miguel's, hers being a slightly altered form of Spidey-Sense.
      • Miles' Spider-Sense is as precognitive as Gwen's is, but not as powerful. This fact is evident as when his Spider-Sense tingled for the first time, he started to get visions that we the viewers get to see, and right before the window behind him crashed, he heard voices from the future. Voices of the future Spider-People.

    How'd he get in? 
  • The only entrances seen to the supercollider were through the subway and Fisk's private elevator. How did someone as enormous as Milesverse's Green Goblin get in there?
    • If the Goblin is still Norman Osborn, it stands to reason he wasn't always that big. This version of Green Goblin might still be normal sized most of the time, but grow to huge proportions when he becomes the Goblin.
    • Presumably there's a large freight elevator or other means of bringing Goblin-sized pieces of equipment into the Collider chamber, since many of its components are also too large for the subway or Fisk's elevator.

    The Security Tapes 
  • At the end of the scene where Miles is hiding from Aaron/The Prowler in the latter's apartment, Aaron calls Kingpin to confirm that he is about to run the security tapes from the night that the original Peter Parker died. Given that Miles was in the room without a mask, and that he has several conversations with Original Peter, wouldn't Aaron recognize him?
    • Security tapes are not high quality. Also, Miles was at the outskirts of the room and roaming around in debris, places the security tapes may simply not have had a good view of.
    • Prowler then immediately chased Miles to Aunt May's house. He never actually had a chance to watch the tapes.

     Other People In The Photos 
  • In one scene, there are a bunch of other villains(?) shown as being linked to Kingpin. Minus Kingpin, The Prowler and Tombstone, does anyone here know who the rest are supposed to be?
  • Top right looks like Hammerhead. Bottom right is likely the Rose. Left (above Tombstone) is harder to make out, but judging from how the picture seems to show at least 2 people, one in a cowboy hat, perhaps the Enforcers? All of these traditionally serve as muscle or are otherwise connected to the Kingpin, so it makes sense that they would show up here.

     Peter Porker's Uncle 
  • Wait a minute, so if Peter Porker was a spider bitten by a radioactive pig, and his uncle was a pig... Then how does that work? Is it a case of coincidental Random Species Offspring?

    • Just by adoption (or something close to it). The pig who bit him was May Porker, who effectively became his aunt. So his pig uncle would be May's late husband, Ben Porker.

     Staying behind 
  • One of the Spider-people has to stay behind to close the hadron collider. If somebody from another dimension stays, they'll die. Miles is native to this dimension, but they don't see bringing him there to close the collider as an option. Why?
    • If the others don't know, why aren't they ever told by Peter B. or miles.
    • Probably because at that point in time Miles wasn't exactly capable of fighting the Kingpin due to not being able to control his powers
    • They thought the mission was too much for him, and could possibly get killed. Also, they are spider-men (people), self-sacrifice is one of the biggest constants on every encarnation.

     Gwen's time travel 
  • Just why and how was Gwen flung back in time while being sent to Miles' dimension?
    • I don't think she was being literal.
      • "I was blown into last week, literally"
    • Given that Peter B. Parker is in his late thirties, and Peni Parker is from a distant alternate future, and Noir is from a completely black and white 20th century, it is safe to assume that the alternate realities are not all running different tracks of the same timeline, may experience time differently, and Gwen's time is the most similar to Miles'. She didn't actually time travel; her universe is just a week ahead.
    • But the spider-people were only pulled into Miles' universe on the night that universe's Peter died. And then Gwen somehow manifested a week before that despite being brought in by the same thing. Being from a different time doesn't matter because they were (or should have been) all pulled into the same time in a same universe.
      • Spiderstuff was clearly leaking both backwards and forwards into the timestream, for example the spider which bit Miles in the first place which came from somewhere in the Spiderverse.

     Gwen in the school 
  • How exactly did Gwen get to attend Miles' new school? Her counterpart might or might not be dead, and getting enrolled in a school when you're either officially dead or officially somewhere else and are presumably underage without any parents, should be hard.
    • This has already been discussed here before. "You'd be surprised how easy it is to actually infiltrate even a preppy private school. Gwen's a Spider-person, so she'd have a way to bypass any security checkpoints, and as long as she wears the right uniform and doesn't draw any attention to herself, nobody would have any reason to question why she was there." There's also no real indication that a Gwen exists in this universe, or that Gwen exists in this world at all. Also, keep in mind that Gwen went under a fake name. Either way, her Spider Senses had lead her to safely infiltrate the school, as shes a precog.

     Damage done to buildings 
  • When the portal opens, some buildings (and a street lamp) are affected, with the street lamp seemingly being covered in objects from the different dimensions, and the buildings having other smaller parts of buildings sticking out of them. Did the damage undo itself when everyone went back to their separate dimensions, or is it permanent?
    • Side note: I know that the damage was caused by the collider opening a portal and not the beings appearing from different dimensions, but would things have reverted back once there was nothing that wasn’t supposed to be in that dimension?

     Jumping off the roof 
Why the fuck did Miles just try jumping off a roof? He didn't even have the web launchers! How did he think he was going to land?
  • He was trying to jump across to the next building, but tripped slowing him down too much to reach it. He wasn't attempting to web swing yet, since obviously you'd want to at least know how to shoot web at all first.

     villains with good publicity 
  • Spider-man is shown to be loved by most of the public. Kingpin and Doc Ock also appear to be popular with the public. Why hasn't he exposed them for being villains? Or if he has and nobody believed him, how is he still liked when he would be seen as slandering among other people a well liked scientist who appears to be similar to Bill Nye based on her being used in school videos?
    • The obvious answer is that he hasn't done that. Spider-Man tells Miles that Kingpin has everyone in his pocket, so exposing him or his associates would probably get covered up. Taking it to the police wouldn't work either for the same reason. There's nothing to gain from doing that, so he never bothered.