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From chaos rises chaos.

Space is largely based upon six games of Hegemony(Trope Needed), most heavily on Archimage's Hegemony(Trope Needed), in which Japan launched an anthrax bombing campaign against Turkey and Italy, which snowballed into the near-total destruction of human civilization in five out of seven continents.

The complete history, however, begins in the Napoleonic Era, as a result of Dusty's Hegemony(Trope Needed), in which Napoleon rose to power ten years earlier than in accepted history, Britain and America fought an extended Civil War, and Catherine the Great lead a pseudo-communist peasant revolt against the entrenched Russian nobles.


Despite the massive upheaval and history altering events in the Napoleanic era, the world apparantly returns to relative normalcy by the 1990s, as part of an inside joke that the world is both real and fake and that history always seems to return to normal despite various outside influences from another world.

"2075: The UN gets back after their internet went down and apparently will go down again for a fewyears." Lampshading the fact that a lot of things don't make much sense. A running theme within the Tavern.

The game itself is set between 2076 and 2098, with a rough narrative guide of 1 month to 1 session, with 7 year stasis periods interspersed as the crew travels between systems.This allows the Moderator/GM to keep the world advancing, ensuring that there is always something new going on.


Character Creation is built on four classes:

Engineer gives you access to the ships parts stores and engineering consoles, as well as knowledge about any technical stuff.

Tactical gives you access to the ships armouries and tactical consoles, as well as knowledge about combat.

Science gives you access to the labs and science consoles, as well as knowledge about physics and such.

Medical gives you access to the ships medical stores and science consoles, as well as knowledge about surgery and the like.

However, within three sessions the class distinctions had more or less disintergrated with access to all systems being granted indiscriminatly, and lack of knowledge is usually bypassed by asking the A/SI for advice.The break down of the chain of command repeats constantly thoughout the game.

Character Creation also features a ten point questionaire, which is then processed into a Psyche Evaluation by the A/SI. This is mainly to help players create their characters, as well as keep the humour of the game, and lampshade the fact that none of these people should be allowed within 500 miles of a spacecraft.


From these humble beginnings the characters are thrown into the deep end of a world where people who should not be allowed within 500 miles of politic office, rule their countries indefinitely. From on board the sole Warp Capable Vessel, The Unity, the crew fights against itself as some race to stop the deadly British Death Star Program while others try to protect the British Defensive Laser program.While others attempt to gather a fandom within Fox's latest hit TV show 'Astronuts', a reality show set aboard the Unity.

But, with all of the instability, it is not surprising that within a few short months the Crew is fleeing the Sol System following a botched effort to hijack the American Space Station. Returning some 16 years later.From here things only get worse, the betrayal of the Russians to Aliens bent on consuming our reality, to the destruction of Earth, and, finally, to the dregs of humanity fighting over precious few resources. The Unity, and the Space Station, Asgard, take on the role of a minor power, with some 200,000 Humans under their protection.But, as things finally start to look up, with a new planet being seeded, food finally turning from scarce to uncommon and prosperity on the horizon...Captain Nero, PC, returns.With his Captain's Authority he blows the entire food budget on building a brand new ship and then, once completed, attacks and cripples the Unity and sets off to reforge the Terran Federation.The Unity is once again forced to flee into the unknown, taking Asgard with them, leaving Nero and the TFS Germanicus to have their way with the Sol System.

Considering the editors of this page, when it comes to character references, YMMV.

Not to be confused with the band of the same name.

Space provides examples of:

  • Arm Cannon: Faust's BLITZ Array, the Kinesis Gear's VOL.
  • Cool Sword: At one point the Unity Crew had a contest to make the ultimate sword, but Earthsage's Gravity Sword still takes the cake. The first test had it suck most of the vital organs out of an opponent with a single hit, and Faust liked to use it for slicing through Space Station walls as a shortcut.
  • Crapsack World: The Sol system, after the Russian Betrayal wiped Earth from existence. Survivors included a few million Australian Commonwealth citizens, the British Space Fleet, an American Space Station, and the Terran Federation Mars Base. EVERYTHING was recycled into food (including the many corpses produced by disease and starvation), the Commonwealth and Brits were at war, and psionic-drug-abusing, extorting, warring gangs were the closest thing to a government on the Asgard.
  • Depleted Phlebotinum Shells: Theros's alternate plasma-tipped railgun ammunition. Had a tendency to explode when coming out of the barrel, because Awesomeness is Volatile.
  • Hand Blast: Faust has a sort of Psionic-powered electricity generator implanted in each palm. He rarely had a chance to use them, though during the fight with the Germanicus he hijacked the ship's power supply and destroyed hundreds of combat drones.
  • Mecha-Mooks: Theros's robot squad has this trope written all over it. Which is also an example of We Have Reserves.
  • Punched Across the Room: Jacques, when he drew his sword on Peri.
  • Reverse Polarity: Parodied in the Unity psyche evaluation test.
  • Tank Goodness: When Nero saw the Unity Crew's issues with the belligerent Asgard colonists, he made a tank to help. A very BIG tank. Loaded with EVERY WEAPON IN THE UNITY ARMORY.
  • The Law of Diminishing Defensive Effort: The idea of a 'Massive Psionic Expenditure' capable of crippling Faust at the peak of his powers. By that point, he had revived himself on the spot after his spine was shattered, torn holes in several dimensions, and short-circuited the entire American Space Station. ''With his mind''. Considering none of that so much as phased him, what action would require such a 'Massive Expenditure'?
  • The Paragon Always Rebels: Gavrill essentially quit the game after defecting to the (usually antagonist) Russians about halfway through the game. Cue SI turning him into the leader of the Russian/Alien forces and the Big Bad of the week.
  • We Have Reserves: The mindset of just about every player, since the Unity Crew is composed entirely of Expendable Clones.

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