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Door Fu

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"Let's show our friends the door."
Braum, League of Legends

In Real Life doors are big, sturdy, unwieldy, heavy, and often securely fastened to their hinges. They are used to block or allow entry to different parts of a structure, and their use as weapons is generally not even considered beyond slamming them in someone's face in a fit of anger.

In fiction-land, however, those same traits above lend doors to be perfect Improvised Weapons for The Big Guy or other characters with Super Strength: They're big, so they are not so easily dodged; they're sturdy, so they aren't going to break after short use and make for excellent improvised tower shields (Some doors are outright Made of Indestructium); They come with handles to alleviate the whole 'unwieldy' aspect (and unlike Real Life, these handles almost never break); they are heavy, so you can make sure any blow you strike inflicts just as much blunt damage as a bona-fide Shield Bash; and so omnipresent that if you are in any location with a building, you can be assured there's a door within reach should you need a weapon.


Compare The Door Slams You, which is comedic and unintentional for the characters; Door Judo, which is when a character tries to break down a door by charging at it only for the door to open and leaving said character Too Fast to Stop; and Tae Kwon Door for when a door isn't wielded, but still recognized for its ability to inflict damage.


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     Comic Books 
  • Lanfeust: Hebus the troll tries to break open a steel porticullis, and when that fails, to bend it. Cut to a guard leaning against the gears smugly mentioning he'll never get through, then back to Hebus simply grabbing and then lifting the grate, pulling the unfortunate guard's body into the gears as the mechanism is reversed.

     Films — Live-Action 

  • This happens one time in the Codex Alera series when some characters are trying to hold a room against some taken Canim (giant zombie wolfmen), they are about to break through the door, so one character decides to break the door down in such a way that it falls outwards and crushes one of the Canim.

     Video Games 

     Web Comics 


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