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Jacky Boufroura, better known as Jacques Villeret (6 February 1951 – 28 January 2005) was a French actor.

Born in France from an Algerian Kabyle father and a French mother, he was best known for his rotund build, his balding and his roles of naive and clumsy but well-meaning guys, either in comedies or in dramatic films.

He passed away on January 28, 2005 from an hemorrhage following an hepatitis, at age 53.

Selected filmography:

Tropes & Trivia applying to his roles:

  • Nice Guy: Many of his roles were variations on this, with varying degrees of naivety and clumsiness.
  • invokedPosthumous Credit: The last four films he appeared in — Iznogoud, L'Antidote, Les Âmes grises and Les Parrains — were all released after his death.
  • invokedRole Reprise: He inaugurated the Francis Veber stage play The Dinner Game in 1993, and reprised the role of François Pignon in The Film of the Play in 1998 (also directed by Veber).