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Dietzel is a Golem
He's far too smart and communicative to be an ordinary dog. I mean Charades? Seriously.

Tina 1.0 was fully aware, of her planned death, was willing to go along with it, and even used it to her advantage.
Tina 1.0 died in a car crash arranged by her demons under the orders of a past Brandi. However, because a person's demons are a part of them , there is a fairly good chance that she knew about it. We know that Tina's father was a Mexican drug lord, and she clearly wasn't happy about that, judging by the fact that she was willing to testify against him. However, maybe she was so consumed by guilt from the knowledge that much of her childhood comfort, and probably her education were paid for through crime that she was suicidal. In that case, she would willingly go along with a plan that killed her. On top of that, maybe she tried to slip in one last screw you to her father. She knew what he was up to, but didn't have enough evidence for the courts, so she volunteered to testify against him knowing full well that she would die in a car accident before she got the chance to appear in court. People would look at that accident and conclude that it couldn't possibly be a coincidence, directing more unwanted attention towards her father.