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Star-Shaped Coupon

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"...And it is ALWAYS Stars."

A Plot Coupon (not just an arbitrary Power-Up) that is shaped like a star — symmetrical, five-pointed, and shiny. Floating, spinning, twinkling, shooting, and granting Three Wishes are optional.


  • Scribblenauts has Starites.
  • Braid: the super top secret 'what-do-you-mean-there's-hidden-stars' hidden stars.
  • Night Sky has similarly hidden stars (but at least you get a mark on the map screen to show you where in the world they are).
  • In Glider PRO, the goal of the game is to find all the spinning Magic Stars.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
  • Kirby games:
  • Elans in WireWay.
  • Bragging Rights Reward in The World Cup. Quite common for any victorious soccer team as well.
  • Guitar Hero has five available per song (sometimes per difficulty as well) though only some of the games in either series actually require them to advance the story. Guitar Hero 5 awards a sixth star for a perfect performance, and Warriors of Rock lets you earn up to 40 stars in certain modes.
  • Rock Band, being extremely similar to Guitar Hero, also has stars as a measurement of your performance. Perform exceptionally well and you get five golden stars!
  • In the Groove has stars representing the very highest grades, which wouldn't count except it also keeps count of how many stars you have, and getting them again on the same chart doesn't increase the number.
  • The entire point of Hoshi Saga is to find the stars hidden in each level.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (a more minor example): the key that grants access to the second dungeon.
  • In Mayhem in Monsterland for the Commodore 64, Mayhem has a quota of magic stars to collect in each "happy" level, with each large star being worth as much as ten small ones.
  • In The Talos Principle, collecting all stars are required to access the areas where the white sigils can be collected, which is required for the Blessed Messenger ending. Some of them are notoriously hard to get, as it requires lateral thinking.
  • Nobody Saves the World Nobody collects Star Charges for his wand by completing side quests. The Star Charges are turned in to access plot-important dungeons.
  • Spy X Family has Stella Stars, badges awarded by Eden Academy to students who get exceptional grades or perform good deeds outside of school. Anya's goal is to obtain eight of them so she can become an Imperial Scholar and her parents will be invited to an exclusive meeting where the reclusive antagonist Donovan Desmond will make a rare appearance.


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