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After Forever (1995-2009) was a Dutch Symphonic Metal band. They started out playing Death Metal under the name Apocalypse, but had shifted styles by the time they released their first album in 2000. (They did continue to use death metal-style Harsh Vocals in addition to operatic female vocals.) They released five albums before disbanding in 2009, due to burnout.

Afterwards, Floor announced a new band called ReVamp and ultimately went on to join Nightwish as lead vocalist after Anette Olzon's departure.

Members (as of breakup:)

  • Floor Jansen (soprano vocals)
  • Sander Gommans (guitar, death growls)
  • Bas Maas (guitar, backup vocals)
  • Luuk van Gerven (bass)
  • André Borgman (drums)
  • Joost van den Broek (keyboards)

Previous members:

  • Joep Beckers (drums, 1995-2000)
  • Mark Jansen (guitar/death growls, 1995-2002)
  • Jack Driessen (keyboards, 1995-2000)
  • Lando van Gils (keyboards, 2000-2004)


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