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"From the strangest corners of the internet, here to bring you opinions of the world from an altered perspective, The Drunken Peasants!"
—The current intro of the Drunken Peasants

Drunken Peasants is a podcast hosted on several platforms, primarily YouTube, and is currently hosted by Benpai and Billy the Fridge with a rotating cast of regular guests. The show was originally founded/hosted by Benpai and TJ Kirk until TJ parted ways with the show in 2017. The show has regularly featured people like Pauls Ego, Scotty Kirk, Pimpmunk, Hellbent, Girl Does Rant, Jeff Holiday, Dusty Smith and more.

The general format involves the hosts providing commentary on news, entertainment, and politics, in addition to responding to and/or mock the occasional YouTube video, and get into online altercations with various people such as Brett Keane, G Man, and Ryan Wiley. Initially called the No BS Podcast, the show lasted for one episode under that name, before officially changing its name to the Drunken Peasants, referring to the fact that the hosts get drunk while doing the show (plus a podcast under that same name already existed).

    Recurring Segments 
  • Information Segment - A segment added when fans complained about the show not being educational enough. The hosts look up a random article on Wikipedia or their own fan wiki and read it to the audience.
  • Troll or Not a Troll - The hosts and possible guest watch a video and determine if the video is real or just someone trying to troll their audience. Usually the first segment featured in each episode.
  • Crazy People - The hosts respond to internet videos on various topics they disagree with, find unreasonable, or hilarious. Figures that have had drama with DP tend to be featured repeatedly in this segment.
  • DP Action News (formerly Political Shit & News Segment) - A section of the show where the hosts respond to relevant news stories.
  • Crazy Craigslist Ads - The hosts take turns reading sexually provocative and weird advertisements they pull off of craigslist in various goofy voices or impersonations. If a guest is on the show, they can participate as well.
  • Story Time with Paul - A segment added to the show around the time close friend of the podcast Pauls Ego became an official weekly guest for the show. Paul uses this segment to tell personal stories he has experienced in his life, both humorous and disturbing.
  • Stupid Ads - A rotated segment where the hosts watch clichéd and horrible infomercials and commercials covering various products, from the ridiculous to the unnecessary. Typically a segment that ends a Friday show. used the be a regular segment, though it has become rarely used as the show has grown.
  • Q&A Segment - A rotated segment where the hosts answer video questions sent in by fans. Used to be a regular Friday segment in the early days of the show. Now has been mostly replaced with Stupid Ads and Story Time with Paul.
  • The Indivijul Brett Keane Segment Situation - Wherein the Peasants mock yet another of Brett Keane's failed attempts to troll them.
  • Pokemon Hotline - A call-in hotline set up to help people find Pokemon, although strangely, a DP member is always absent during the call, and the caller always has some weird, scandalous information about Brett Keane.
  • Cringe Raps - A series of raps of varying quality played for the goal of amusing Billy.

The show occasionally featured big-name YouTubers and others as special guests, invited to provide additional commentary and sometimes even interact with the show's various Sitcom Arch Nemesises. Guests include:

    List of Guests 

They also have an infrequently updated gaming channel called Rage Feed, where they do Let's Play videos and gaming reviews.

After running for almost four years, show suddenly ended in December 2017. The series returned in February 2018 with Ben and Billy the Fridge as the main hosts. TJ, Scotty, and Paul moved on to make Deep Fat Fried, a podcast where they cover a large topic or two per episode.

And now here are your hosts, Ben and TJ! note 

  • Aborted Arc: One segment that was featured in a couple early episodes was "Reenacting Rush", where Ben and TJ read from a transcript of Rush Limbaugh speaking with someone else. The segment was dropped, but Rush Limbaugh was still occasionally featured, and TJ even commented that they should bring the segment back.
    • In episode 192 a "Recreational Drug of the Day Segment" was attempted, in which TJ educated the audience on alcohol. It never made another appearance.
    • The feud with Ryan Wiley came to a close rather suddenly. Likely due to Ryan not being as entertaining as, say, G-Man, as well as Ryan's refusal to come on the show live.
      • The Ryan Wiley feud has started back up again, and all contestants are angrier then ever. Cage fight.
  • Ascended Extra: Paul's Ego went from a Large Ham fan favourite to a full-blown peasant who'll show up every Friday show. As of 2016, Paul appears regularly every episode.
  • Ascended Meme: The "Dorn's a tranny" hashtag, A reference to Brett Keane's wife Dawn (with Dorn being a joke about Brett's Verbal Tic that prevents him from ever pronouncing a soft vowel) was thrown around the chat for a while before being incorporated into the Pokemon Hotline segment
  • Animated Adaptation: Fans have taken bits and pieces of audio from the podcast and set them to animations, often depicting a situation that the hosts are discussing and speculating. A few good examples include Ben's Suicide, Satan's Moose, The Official Gospel of Harry and the fourth Drunken Peasants intro.
  • Arch-Enemy:
  • A Wild Rapper Appears!: G Man, the evangelical Christian YouTube minister and rapper. Too bad his rapping is less than stellar.
  • Berserk Button: John Cena is one for Ben, and one that TJ (as well as Scotty whenever he's present) enjoys pressing simply to get on Ben's nerves.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Ben is (comparatively) the most even-tempered and easygoing of the three hosts, usually the first one to say something nice and the least likely to heckle a guest, but if you piss him off sufficiently (such as, for example, claiming that he doesn't know how to run the podcast), he will unleash a vituperative spray of verbal ass-poundings that will flay the skin off your very soul and leave your ego a shuddering mess of blood and teeth on the floor. Then he will thank you for watching his podcast.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": During the rematch debate between the Drunken Peasants and the Brett Keane posse, Paul delivers a satisfying and well-deserved one towards NephilimFree.
    • Dusty gives another well-deserved one to G Man in Episode 43, shortly before G Man denies the existence of starving children. Combined with Atomic F-Bomb.
    Dusty: Dude, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
    • And yet another one in Episode 88, this time from TJ in response to Ryan Wiley.
  • Boring Insult: The worst insult that the Peasants can throw at somebody is that they're "boring", because while people like G Man and Gail are complete idiots or batshit crazy, they're at least entertaining in their inane and psychotic ramblings. If you're stupid and boring? We'll then you're really not much good for anything, as far as they're concerned.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: Scotty, the Annoying Younger Sibling.
  • Butt-Monkey: Scotty, who gets the most amount of belittlement from the hosts and audience.
  • Catchphrase: "Smoke Pan Every Day", best known as their most popular t-shirt tagline.
  • Cool Mask: Since Ben started appearing on camera, he has taken to wearing these. His first mask was a black hockey mask, but then he changed it out for a silver and red Luchador mask, before finally settling on a black and silver Luchador mask that left the bottom half of his face uncovered. Recently, he switched to a red and yellow Luchador mask.
  • Creepy Doll: The John Cena doll that TJ and Scotty got Ben on his birthday. It occasionally "substitutes" for Scotty whenever he isn't around.
    • And then there's "Scotty Cena"note ...
    "I'M GONNA FUCK YOUR ASS... and then you're gonna be humble!"
    "I'll fuck your wife, I'll fuck your daughter, and I'll fuck your son!"
  • Cloud Cuckoolander:
  • Cluster F-Bomb:
    • An audio clip taken from this video from TJ's channel (itself containing audio clips from a segment of Opie & Anthony) is commonly used on the show, mostly before the hosts take a break mid-show:
    in overwhelmingly thick Boston accent: "Fuck you, Bill Maher! Fuck you, Bill Maher. FUCK YOU! Fuck your mother in her fuckin' asshole. Go fuck yourself! That cunt is a douchebag and I fuckin' hate him! He gets on his dumb-fuck show and talks shit like that all the time!" "FUCK YOOO! FUCK YOOO! Oh, FUCK YOOO! FUCK YOOO!"
    • Episode 45 featured a special guest appearance by none other than Venom Fang X, TJ's old Arch-Nemesis from the early days of YouTube. Venom Fang agreed to come on the show and debate TJ only on the condition that the hosts try to keep the swearing to an absolute minimum. To TJ's credit, he actually managed to avoid swearing throughout the majority of the episode (only slipping up and saying "shit" once, then quickly apologizing), but everyone watching could tell that he was making a tremendous effort to keep it clean. When Shawn had to leave the call for a bit to attend to a personal matter, TJ unleashed a litany of rapid-fire swearing that had been building up throughout the entire debate, milking the short break for all that it was worth. As soon as Shawn returned, he promptly went back to not swearing again.
  • Crossover: Hannah and Jake of The Bible Reloaded guest-starred in two episodes. TJ later returned the favor by guest-starring in one of their Chick Tracts videos.
  • Dark Messiah: The Peasants have commented that Onision is basically a cult leader, commanding an army of teenage Fangirls.
  • Deep South: Plenty of the videos they cover involving religion tend to fall into this setting, such as Wild Bill for America.
    • TJ and Scotty will sometimes speak in stereotypical redneck accents when covering religious videos and news stories in order to mock those who promote the views.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Tim the Bartender and the Drunken Peasants had a pretty epic fight consisting of Tim uploading videos dissing them and the Drunken Peasants responding to the video on the show. Finally Tim broke down and surrendered, agreeing to come onto the show (helped in part by the guys publicly condemning DP fans who flagged Tim's videos for no reason). Once Tim was on the show, he and the Drunken Peasants really hit it off, and he was even invited back on the show a second time.
    • Of course, this may be a Subverted Trope with Tim's recent video dissing TJ and the Drunken Peasants just as he did before after they recently criticized his video discussing the Chapel Hill killings and blaming it on "atheistic terrorism", which specifically mentioned The Amazing Atheist by name.
  • Didn't Think This Through: In Episode 18, TJ tells a story of how when he was a kid he was forced to stay at an after-school thing he didn't want to attend. The teacher said that if any of the students misbehaved, they'd be kicked out, so TJ said (in the most cartoonishly-evil manner possible) "I know! I'll just misbehave and get kicked out! That's the ticket! MWAHAHAHA!" Problem was, he was in the hallway when he said it, in plain view of the teacher. The teacher promptly replied with: "If you misbehave, you have to stay longer. THAT'S the ticket." The young TJ behaved himself after that.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: The Beast claims to be this when it comes to women, but anyone who watches his rants can clearly see this is something else entirely.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Early episodes of the show lacked the TJ and Scotty cams and simply showed pictures related to the news stories instead of playing videos. After a short test video where the hosts tore apart a video from StateOfDaniel, the video playing and cams were implemented with Episode 18.
  • Evil Overlord / A God Am I: Scotty usually presents himself as this. Sometimes the other hosts will play along and pretend to be his minions. Whenever a question video addresses Scotty with the proper "respect", Scotty will give a brief nod and make a Pope-like hand gesture, as if he is "blessing" the fan with permission to ask the question.
  • Everyone Has Standards: If there's one thing that the Drunken Peasants don't support, it's their fans flagging videos made by people who've responded to them.
    • In Episode 81, while watching a funny video of an 8-year-old freaking out because his mom told him she was an atheist, Scotty comments that he would smack the kid if he was his. TJ and Ben quickly point out that Scotty does not actually have children, and Scotty is quick to defend his position as not advocating for child abuse. The conversation grows really awkward, and even TJ seems a bit disturbed by Scotty's rationale of "sometimes kids need to be slapped". The subject is brought up in later videos as a What the Hell, Hero? moment for Scotty.
    • They're generally anti-police and emphasize people knowing and expressing their constitutional rights, but in Episode 97 while watching a video from a guy who refused to show his ticket stub to verify that he paid for his bus fare (citing the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution as his defense) and holding up the bus for no reason other than to be difficult and make some poorly-defined "point" about his rights, even the Peasants admitted what a prick he was and screamed for the cop to kick his ass or shoot him.
    • Apparently, Ben got genuinely upset over TJ (even jokingly) calling him a pedophile on the show, and asked him not to do it again. Surprisingly, TJ complied...for the most part. (Though to be fair, he still doesn't exploit the joke that often, and doesn't really go too far with it.)
  • Evil Sounds Deep:
    • TJ tends to put on a deep voice whenever he's acting as the Devil, or just when he's trying to sound evil.
    • PaulsEgo goes one step further, using voice-editing software to alter his voice.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Tim Black (aka Tim the Bartender), a nemesis of the Drunken Peasants who eventually befriended them, has since gone back to being against them and making more homophobic remarks about TJ after they criticized his video talking about the Chapel Hill killings and calling it "atheistic terrorism". He even revoked their black cards. This was mainly due to a misunderstanding Tim had of something TJ said, which was that the victims didn't have promising futures anymore because they were dead, which Tim misinterpreted as a callous joke but was actually just TJ correcting Tim's statement. This was Lampshaded by the Drunken Peasants themselves, who even called it a "heel turn".
    • Jaclyn Glenn, who was a friend and frequent guest of the Drunken Peasants, until episode 158, when she came on to discuss allegations of plagiarism, which she said was limited to one video that she apologized for. Jump to episode 164, when the Peasants played another video showing multiple Jaclyn Glenn videos where she was outright reading off Facebook and YouTube comments and passing them off as her own work. Due to this, and Jaclyn's unapologetic nature (including chastising TJ for daring to show the videos of her ardent scumbaggery), the two parties have split with no foreseeable reconciliation in the future.
  • False Confession: TJ gives one for the Benghazi situation out of desire to see the issue put to rest.
    TJ: Just so this can fucking be put to an end, I take responsibility for Benghazi. I'm sorry. Yeah, I was behind it, so Rand Paul, you got me! You can lock me up, buddy. There, now the Benghazi situation has resolution, so come put the cuffs on me, buddy. I did it.
  • Freudian Trio: Though they will sometimes change roles, usually the three hosts are:
  • Friendly Enemy: A lot of the guests they have with opposing viewpoints will still go out of their ways to be nice and amiable with the hosts, but the most notable examples are G Man (whose less "fire and brimstone"-style barbs against the Peasants come across more like good-natured teasing) and Adam Kokesh (who agreed with the hosts on many issues more than he disagreed, joined in their banter, and generally came across as an all-around Nice Guy). Notable aversions are the feminists Ryan Wiley and Jenny McDermott (the latter of whom actually threatened to false-DMCA the show and did actually false flag it) while perhaps the biggest subversion is Brett Keane, who acted with disingenuous Sugary Malice when he was on the show (but wouldn't even confront them directly, instead letting his little posse do most of the debating for him) and continued to attack them from his own channel long after they said he wasn't allowed to come back, to the point that the hosts actually revoked their ban out of sheer annoyance at his perpetual shit-talking. Predictably, Brett refused the invitation, but continues to talk smack on his own channel.
    • Played somewhat straight with Brett Keane in the later TJ years. While they were never exactly cordial, both sides would come to develop a begrudging mutual appreciation for one another. The show would give Brett the attention and notoriety that he was so addicted to, and Brett would give the show hundreds of hours of content to mine.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: A few of the guests that have appeared on the show have an aversion to swearing. The most notable example is G Man, although there was that one episode where he kept screaming "fuck it" throughout one of his raps. In reality it was Ben using a soundboard to troll the bejeezus out of him.
    • TJ was forced to resort to this when Venom Fang X guest stared. Shawn wouldn't stay on the show unless TJ cleaned up his potty mouth for the debate.
  • Grand Finale: Episode 23, titled "The End of Brett Keane" and featuring PaulsEgo, serves as this for the clash between Brett Keane and The Drunken Peasants, as well as his clash with TheAmazingAtheist and PaulsEgo that has lasted for several years.
    TJ: Ok, the reason that we've done this, this marathon review of everything that's happened since we got involved with these people, the BK Posse as I like to call them, is like, we wanted to show you guys that these people, like, since knowing us have destroyed themselves, and it's kinda beautiful, and it's kinda tragic, and it's kinda funny… but we're done with it. We did a show about Brett Keane so we would never have to fuckin' talk to him or address him again. So, you know what? Brett Keane can sit around making fucking videos against the Drunken Peasants and me and Ben and PaulsEgo and Dusty. He can make those fucking stupid videos until he's blue in the face… we're done. We wash our hands of Brett Keane. Short of Brett Keane, like, getting caught fucking raping a billy goat or something, we're not talking about him anymore.
    Ben: This is the last night we'll even acknowledge his existence unless, like TJ said, he rapes a billy goat or something.
    TJ: Or he might come up in conversation, we might mention him in passing or something, but we're never doing more shit with Brett Keane, short of him doing something that's just extraordinarily horrible that we can't possibly pass up the opportunity to talk about, failing that, we're done.
    Paul: So get to work. Find a billy goat, Brett.
  • Heh Heh, You Said "X": The hosts get a lot of mileage out of the fact that the initials for their show are the same initials for "double penetration".
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The peasants comment that Onision did this on episode 315. When trying to disprove allegations that he allowed inappropriate photos on his website, he points out how he changed the rules so they forbid posting inappropriate photos. However, he also shows that he only changed them oon December 26, 2016, which was days after the allegations first came out.
    Ben: He just totally fucked himself there.
    TJ: You just admitted that you only changed it the day after these criticisms had already happened.
  • Hot-Blooded: Surprisingly, considering who one of the hosts are, the one who is quickest to anger (and the quickest to threaten or resort to violence) is actually Scotty.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Frequently. Perhaps the best example was when they first played a Ryan Wiley video on the show, the hosts and guests (Hannah and Jake of The Bible Reloaded) all made fun of the fact that Ryan Wiley was wearing a collared shirt. In the next video they played on a later episode, Wiley ditched the collared shirt in favor of a t-shirt. They all immediately began to joke about how they just couldn't take him seriously anymore without a collared shirt.
  • Idiot Ball: In Episode 18, TJ tells a story of how when he was a kid he was forced to stay at an after-school thing he didn't want to attend. The teacher said that if any of the students misbehaved, they'd be kicked out, so TJ said (in the most cartoonishly-evil manner possible) "I know! I'll just misbehave and get kicked out! That's the ticket! MWAHAHAHA!" Problem was, he was in the hallway when he said it, in plain view of the teacher. The teacher promptly replied with: "If you misbehave, you have to stay longer. THAT'S the ticket." The young TJ behaved himself after that.
  • Initiation Ceremony: In order to become a full fledged drunken peasant Paul has to sign a contract, which includes getting anally fisted by TJ live on the show.
  • Insistent Terminology: Because the hosts noticed that news reporters often call marijuana "pot", since their first episode, they refer it to "pan".
  • It Amused Me: Often TJ's only real reason for saying half of the horrifically-offensive stuff he says is because he finds it funny to see how Ben and Scotty will react to it.
  • Jerkass:
  • Large Ham: Well when one of the hosts is The Amazing Atheist, this is to be expected.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Ben, who at one point in his life dressed in drag as an act of rebellion, and was apparently told by a lot of people that he looked like a very attractive young woman. Even today, he's still the most conventionally-attractive of the hosts (well, what little we can actually see of him looks attractive, at any rate) despite being the oldest member of the group.
    Ben: I am the hottest peasant
    TJ: Yes, in the land of the 3s, the 4 is king!
  • Malevolent Masked Man: Averted in the case of Ben who, while just as much of foul-mouthed stoner as the rest of them, is a lot more calm and affable when compared to Scotty and TJ.
  • Malicious Misnaming: John Boehner's name is pronounced "Bay-ner". Ben insists on pronouncing it as it's spelled (i.e. "Bo-ner").
  • Manchild: TJ. As if that wasn't already well-established.
  • Manipulative Bastard: This is what makes Brett Keane such a vile person in the hosts' eyes. He's a disingenuous, manipulative liar with a long history of throwing allies under the bus, using his family and "health problems" as a shield against criticism, using dirty tactics to win internet feuds, and flip-flopping on his own principles. The bad thing is, he isn't even that good at it. He just refuses to stop. He also exhibits a remarkable Lack of Empathy, as well as a lack of ethics, standards, manners, character, and conviction. All of this on top of being a MASSIVE Jerkass, and is it any wonder why the hosts (especially TJ, who was inspired by Brett to create his YouTube channel years ago, and even worked with him and saw him as an ally in the early part of his career) treat him with such disdain?
  • Motor Mouth: This is part of what made NephlimFree a pain in the ass during the Brett Keane rematch debate. He refused to shut up and kept talking over the others, to the point of eliciting a well-deserved Big "SHUT UP!" from PaulsEgo.
    • This seems to be a common trait with many of the Christian apologist guests in general (excluding Brett Keane, who speaks so slowly and lazily that you'd be forgiven for assuming he's doped up on opiates most of the time) such as G Man and Ran Campbell, who all seem to think (not entirely without justification) that debates are won by spewing as many words as possible in a rapid-fire manner without so much as a pause.
    • Most of Josh Fuerstein's videos invoke some obnoxious form of this.
  • Mood Whiplash: In Episode 100, G Man brought in some people to debate the Peasants, one of whom was Ran Campbell. The whole affair was pretty jokey and lighthearted on all ends, but then Ran decided to talk about his excessively-dark past (his mother killing his father right in front of him when he was four, then getting out and killing another man, then him going to an abusive orphanage and being a homeless teenager in and out of prison) which led to him finding Jesus and becoming the person he is today. As soon as he brought all that up, all the fun and humor was visibly sucked from the room as everybody (even the trolls in the live chat, which was turned on for the occasion) acknowledged how fucked up and depressing Ran Campbell's life story was.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: ...and Scotty.
  • Nerds Are Sexy:
  • Nice Guy: Ben, especially in contrast to his chosen environment.
  • No True Scotsman: The Vigilant Christian's trump card against anything he doesn't like. Humorously Paul's Ego came out with a rebuttal in the form of the the True Scotsman, who is the embodiment of the fallacy.
  • Only Sane Man: Scotty and Ben usually divide this role among themselves when dealing with the commentary of TJ, although there are times (particularly when trying to antagonize TJ) when Scotty will reveal himself to be Not So Above It All.
  • Overly-Long Gag: The "Is that Kane?" bit where they pretend to be surprised that the wrestler is running for mayor for thirty minutes straight.
  • Pedo Hunt: The Beast, one of the DP antagonists, was revealed to have been arrested for possession of child pornography. Since Canadian law forbids those convicted on child pornography charges from using the Internet, Its' safe to say we won't be seeing The Beast anymore.
  • Police Brutality: A lot of the stories covered involve paranoid or power-hungry cops abusing their power and people getting either severely injured at the least or outright dying as a result. Ben has joked that there are enough police brutality stories out there for the show to cover at least Once an Episode.
  • Political Correctness Is Evil: A lot of the videos covered, mostly feminist related ones, have this theme in full swing such as videos from Rebecca Watson or the news story about feminist claiming Bud Light promotes rape culture.
  • Precision F-Strike: Ben will sometimes play audio clips of Bill O' Reilly's infamous teleprompter rant.
    "Fuckin' thing sucks!"
  • The Dog Bites Back: After 4 years of (arguably well deserved) humiliation and belittling by the peasants, the podcast was finally ended by a video created by Brett Keane himself.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: In Episode 88, after sitting through a Ryan Wiley video bashing a recent The Amazing Atheist video he made, getting visibly more agitated as the video goes on, TJ finally ends up throwing a pretty epic Cluster F-Bomb-filled rant at Ryan Wiley when Wiley decides to give a disingenuous and misinformed critique of TJ's statements regarding the wage gap. The guest can even be heard clapping once he finishes.
    TJ: Hold on, SHUT THE FUCK UP, you stupid, miserable sack of shit! Cause if you'd actually watched my video you'd see that I said that gender discrimination is a problem. All I said was that the wage gaps figure that your fucking posse of people keeps touting is bullshit, and that it's misleading. And they shouldn't fucking use that anymore, because that's not the nature of the problem. The problem is, and I said this in the fucking video, that women are under-represented in certain high-paying fucking industries and that there are small wage gaps in certain industries. But even if you could find a way to address those at all, you have to address them on a case-by-case basis. You can't possibly make some rule across the board that says that we're going to even out the wages because that's not the nature of the fucking problem. If you're not even willing to acknowledge the true nature of the problem, how can you ever hope to fucking solve it!?
  • Recurring Character:
    • Scotty isn't present in every episode, but he's in enough that he can be considered an unofficial third host.
    • PaulsEgo is a frequent guest member. Since the announcement in Episode 151, he shows up every Friday.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: TJ and Ben, respectively, with Scotty exchanging Red and Purple roles with TJ.
  • Rule of Three: The first Brett Keane video covered in Episode 23 simply had TJ's face on the screen. Thus, Ben thought it was appropriate to give the audience a "triple dose of TJ".
    TJ: I'm actually three places on the screen right now. I have the TJ cam, I'm on the Scotty cam, and I'm in the actual video, just in case one or two TJs wasn't enough.
  • Running Gag:
    • TJ and Scotty are all too happy to exploit Ben's Berserk Button for laughs, often bringing up John Cena out of nowhere (bonus points if they also imply that Ben is secretly a John Cena fan).
    • Whenever mocking someone in a news story, TJ will often speak in a stereotypical redneck accent.
    • Ben employs a soundboard, with notable clips being the "Fuck you, Bill Maher" clip, as well as various quotes from Ed Wood and Casino.
    • The leaked video with TJ shoving a banana up his anus is constantly brought up, either jokingly by the hosts, or as fodder used by the show's arch enemies.
    • Calling someone "garbage", mainly TJ.
    • When mocking Brett Keane, the phrases "indivijul" and "situation" are often repeated, in reference to Brett using both phrases frequently.
  • Scary Black Man:
    • Averted with G-Man.
    • Tim the Bartender certainly seems threatening, though not enough to scare the hosts.
  • Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: In Episode 108, TJ speculates that the reason why a panel of Fox News Channel anchors were all sitting around and making really snarky and mean-spirited comments about Hillary Clinton eating at Chipotle was because they are simply what happens when high school bullies grow up and have to get real jobs. Then he says that if the ceiling collapsed and killed all of them nothing of value would be lost and nobody should be sad to see them die, even if they had families.
  • Self-Deprecation: The hosts will often jokingly poke fun at themselves as much as they poke fun at each other.
  • Sensory Abuse: TJ will sometimes blow into the mic for the sake of making loud noises, often to the chagrin of everyone else. In Episode 30, he did it to the point where Ben started to get noticeably pissed and told him to stop.
  • Shout-Out: One of their intros (specifically the one they used after DaveCreator (seemingly) went rogue and demanded they stop using the ones he made for the show) is made in the style of WWE Raw's "RAW is War" intro, even using a remix of the original intro theme.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis:
    • Brett Keane. He's one of the early atheist YouTubers from around 2006, and has the distinction of being the person who inspired TJ to make his TheAmazingAtheist account on the site. He has a well-deserved reputation for being a disingenuous liar, constantly flip-flopping between being an atheist and a christian, taking undeserved credit, and putting up his family as a shield against anyone who accuses him ("Stop attacking my family!"). He's also one of three people who Ben has said he'll never let back on the show (though that doesn't stop them from taking occasional jabs at him).
    • To a lesser extent, there's G-Man, one of Brett Keane's "friends". His rap music videos have been featured and mocked on the show, and he was a part of the two religion debate videos between the Drunken Peasants and the Brett Keane posse. However, he's slightly more respected by the Drunken Peasants than Brett Keane.
    • TrueEmpiricism and NephilimFree, also friends of Brett Keane, and the other two people Ben mentioned as not allowed back on the show.
    • Ryan Wiley, who was first featured on the show in Episode 31 via one of his videos criticizing JaclynGlenn (coincidently, on the same episode where Hannah and Jake of The Bible Reloaded first guest starred), became these when more of his videos were played, and he came onto the show to debate JaclynGlenn and TJ after responding live on Twitter. The feud between DP and Ryan eventually ended in 109 when the latter decided to officially stop responding to them.
    • Jenny McDermott, one of DP's few recurring female antagonists who first appeared in Episode 47. Her antics have been featured on the show several times, one of those times have resulted in her threatening to false DMCA them because they apparently failed to interpret a video of hers where she made several wild accusations (some of which she defended as "satire"). She started to appear more often just as Ryan Wiley stopped being featured, and may be seen as a replacement.
    • Also Atheism-is-Unstoppable, who clashes with TJ over matters of race.
    • Paul has his own nemesis in Jim Ass.
    • The Peasants have also feuded with Tommy Sotomayor quite a bit. Recently, Tommy gained their ire when he false-DMCA'd their YouTube channel, forcing them to move their videos over onto TJ's channel until the strike went away. The Peasants are now pursuing legal action against Tommy for the false strike.
  • The Stoner: The hosts are rather candid about their liberal use of...pan.
  • Stylistic Suck: Some of the images from the "Draw PaulsEgo Ugly" and "Draw Tim the Bartender and TJ Rule 3" contests, to the point where a couple are simply MS Paint scribbles.
  • Take That!: Anytime they insult Brett Keane's family. They don't mean it seriously, but considering how many times Brett uses the "They're attacking my family" excuse to try and paint himself as the victim...
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In one episode, Gail, initially a simple Cloudcuckoolander, began actively calling for the execution of any Jesuits and the destruction of any country which refused to comply with this demand.
  • The Unreveal: Episode 82 ended with TJ about to confess...something. All we know for sure is that it happened in Atlantic City, that the families they did it to deserve justice, and that it apparently has something to do with Scotty's approval of corporal punishment. Whatever it was, it was bad enough that Scotty demanded Ben end the show and cut him off. Seeing as how the entire episode was based on references and shout-outs to Professional Wrestling, it was more than likely all staged in advance.
    • In Episode 42, TJ announced that if enough people signed up for's free trial program through their show, Ben would appear on-camera after a break, with many fans thinking that they would finally get to see Ben's face. Come the end of the break in question, Ben finally comes on-camera... while wearing a black hockey mask.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: The hosts. They're all just as likely to insult each other and make jokes at each other's expense (all in good spirit, of course) as they are to agree on the same topic.
  • We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties:
    • The show experiences its share of technical problems. Ben has stated that if they have trouble streaming on YouTube, they'll open a Google hangout and host the show there.
    • Sometimes, the live stream gets so messed up that the hosts have to stop the live stream, fix it, then continue the show on a separate video directly afterwards, splitting the episode into two videos. This problem however is extremely rare and only applies to at least three episodes.
    • This was the reason the rematch debate with the Brett Keane posse was cut short.
    • Hilariously, a couple news stories covered on the show occasionally fell victim to this, complete with lampshade hanging from the hosts.