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"Hello! This is Stampy, and welcome to another Minecraft Let's Play video, and another video inside of Stampy's Lovely World!"
Stampy's Lovely World is a series on the YouTube channel of Stampylongnose, as well as his most well-known and popular series. Episodes 1-31 were unavailable on his channel for years due to the fact that they were not child-friendly. However, Stampy has reuploaded them under the title Lovely World Classic with things like the swearing edited out. The series currently has over 680 episodes and is currently running. The episode playlist of the series can be found here. A spin-off series, Stampy's Funland, involves Stampy playing minigames against his Helpers, sometimes current and occasionally former; and the world tour of Stampy's "Lovelier" World features a revamped and improved version of the original Lovely World.

The Lovely World series contains examples of the following tropes:

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  • Abnormal Ammo: The SS Stumpy has snowball cannons, to reflect the Lovely World residents' more peaceful nature.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal: Several minigames and shops are named this way.
    • Alliterative Title: Stampy is oddly fond of this as well. 112 of the titles of the first 400 episodes alone have alliterative titles.note  Stampy lampshades this in Episode 678, Dangerous Day.
      Stampy (explaining that the episode's adventures are too dangerous to have a dog accompany him): That's right. That's right, we're having a dangerous day. [laughs] Oh, that sounds like one of the titl— is that the title of this video? Is it called Dangerous Day? That's— that's the sort of title I would give, I like the alliteration.
  • Adult Fear:
    • The main plot of Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy, involves the protagonist falling victim to a drugged cake. Considering the trope can easily occur in real life as well
    • The climax of Episode 670, Hacked. The Helpers enter the Nether to fight Hit The Target and Veeva Dash, while Stampy is forced to remain off the battlefield due to trying to defy becoming The Load. Switch around things a bit — your kids are going off to war against very dangerous enemies while you, the more experienced adult/parent/mentor, are forced to stay back, not knowing what is happening on the battlefield and if everyone is okay... which hits even worse as it has been established that Stampy is basically the Team Dad.
  • After the End / Zombie Apocalypse: One of the scary movies watched in the 2017 Halloween Episode, Block of the Dead, takes place in such a setting.
  • Aliens Steal Cattle: Cows could be found on top of buildings up to the episodes leading up to Episode 110, Lunar Friends. Stampy theorizes that the tractor beam of the Lunar Friends' UFO wasn't strong enough to lift them up, which was how they ended up on top of buildings all over the place.
  • Alien Episode: Whenever the Lunar Friends are involved in an episode, it automatically turns into this.
  • All Myths Are True: Santa Claus? Exists! The Easter Bunny? Exists! The Tooth Fairy? Exists! Extraterrestrial life? Exists! Hell itself? Exists!
  • Alternate Universe: An In-Universe example. In Episode 658, Mirror World, HitTheTarget sends Stampy to one of his Lovely World and sends its equivalent of Stampy back to the original SLW. The alternate Lovely World replaces the Love Garden with the "Potato Garden", exchanges the lava in the mob trap/grinder with water, gives the wolf pack different names, and is complete with alternate Helpers — Gillian Capybara, Peggy Reindeer and Dizzy Narwhal.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: The hostile mobs, or as Stampy prefers to call them, googlies. They attack all players, both heroic and villainous.
  • Animal Motif: Several characters have this — Stampy Cat, Lee Bear, iBallisticSquid, Sqaishey Quack (though they have to use a chicken skin instead of a duck one due to version complications), William Beaver, Polly Reindeer, Fizzy Elephant...
  • Amazing Technicolor World: The Lovely World is built to be bright and colourful. Even though there are buildings made out of varieties of stone and wood, Stampy almost always ends up incorporating a splash of colour to the design so that the building doesn't appear dull. Just try looking out over the Lovely World from a high place at night. It's stunning.
  • Animal Espionage: Hit The Target's parrot serves at this up until Episode 624, Helpless.
  • Anti-Air: A particularly horrifying example in Episode 541, I Lost, where Stampy gets ambushed in his personal civilian helicopter with the use of one of these in cannon form by HTT, who uses this to shoot him down.
  • An Asskicking Christmas: Whenever HTT decides to attack on the Christmas Episode. So far, this has happened in Episode 261, Christmas Rescue and Episode 580, Uninvited Guests.
    • Saving Christmas: Adding to the above episodes, Episode 154, Saving Santa, involves Santa crashing his sleigh and Stampy has to heal him. This also happens in Episode 261, Christmas Rescue, but is overshadowed by the recovery of Lee Bear.
  • April Fools' Day: Between 2014 and 2017, Stampy released an April Fools' prank episode every year.
  • Arc Symbol: Many attacks by Hit The Target — or encounters involving him, in one case — is foreshadowed by motifs and items leading up to the attack.
  • Wither skulls — which are used to build Withers — and splash potions of poison/harming are a recurring motif between Episode 344, I See You and Episode 355, Friends and Foes, showing that Veeva Dash has more malicious intentions than helping Stampy build the Lovely World, as well as symbolizing corruption/destruction.
  • The "laser satellite" sometimes makes cameos in the sky in episodes leading up to Episode 455, Revenge, symbolizing the upcoming destruction which was bound to follow in its wake.
  • From Episode 612, Mystery Parrot, the red parrot symbolizes espionage up until Episode 624, Helpless.
  • Artistic License – Engineering: The runway of the airport is short to the point that the plane would realistically be unable to take off and land on it, a fact which is gleefully lampshaded on the fan wiki, and even Stampy remarked in Episode 539, Helicopter, that the runway was relatively small compared with one in Real Life.
  • Artistic License – Geography: During the Christmas specials North Pole (Episode 367) and Santa's Surprise (Episode 686), the North Pole is depicted to have normal sunsets and sunrises, but in actuality, the sun only rises and sets once a year in a place so far north — sunrise is around the spring equinox, while sunset is around the autumn equinox, therefore all the Christmas specials which involve visiting the North Pole should realistically take place entirely at night.
  • Artistic License – Paleontology: In Episode 100, Cat to the Future, Stampy travels back in time so he can eat the most delicious cake, and ends up travelling 5 million years backwards and running into a pack of dinosaurs, although the time he traveled to was in the Pliocene, when dinosaurs have been long extinct.
  • Back from the Dead: Barnaby, in Episode 500, Memories, because of rewinding.
    • Also any player who dies can come back, because respawning is possible in Stampy's Lovely World. This becomes a plot point in Episode 658, Mirror World, where Stampy has to die in order to respawn back in his Lovely World, after being forcibly swapped with an Alternate Universe version of himself.
  • Ballroom Blitz: Hit the Target and Veeva Dash become the eponymous gate-crashers of the party at "Fizzy Fun" in Episode 472, Gate Crashers.
  • Bank Robbery: A gang of pigs attempt this in Episode 230, Pig Problem, but their attempt was thwarted successfully.
  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Nobody who has visited the moon has had any difficulty breathing or used a spacesuit. Stampy tries to justify this by explaining he's good at holding his breath, but that doesn't explain how the others are able to walk around just fine (and as mentioned on the main page for this trope, holding your breath could actually rupture your lung, making things worse).
  • Battle Discretion Shot: In Episode 670, Hacked, where Stampy, who provides the viewpoint, stays out of the battle of the episode due to him trying to defy being The Load in the fight, having lost his permissions.
  • Bears Are Bad News: In Episode 472, Gate Crashers, it is revealed that HTT and Veeva Dash keep a polar bear and her cub in their fortress as guards, exploiting the Mama Bear trope.
  • Beneath the Earth: In Episode 380, All Mine, Stampy, William and Polly spend the entire episode exploring a large and elaborate cave system under the Funland and collecting resources from it.
  • Big Damn Heroes: This regularly occurs throughout episodes involving HitTheTarget and his nefarious schemes.
    • In Episode 92, The First Cake, future Stampy from Episode 100 (Cat to the Future) arrives Just in Time to distract Hit The Target from Ep92!Stampy.
    • In Episode 124, Sinking Feeling, "the Kraken" note  shows up to help Stampy and Lee.
    • In Episode 261, Christmas Rescue, the Lunar Friends save Stampy, Lee Bear and Barnaby from Hit The Target.
    • In Episode 291, Egg Hunt, the Easter Bunny stops Hit The Target from blowing up the "Hotel of Dreams".
    • In Episode 355, Friends and Foes, William Beaver shows up to help Stampy defeat the Wither that Veeva Dash and Hit The Target spawned.
    • In Episode 418, I Can't Win, the Wolf Pack chases Hit The Target away.
    • In Episode 438, Coffee Cup, Fizzy Elephant throws cookies around, causing Hit The Target and/or Veeva Dash to pick up the cookies, giving Stampy the chance to shoot arrows at them (giving him somewhere to aim).
    • In Episode 526, Saving the World, Fizzy distracts Hit The Target long enough for the rest of the Minecraft Helpers to arrive in time to help Stampy chase Hit The Target away.
    • In Episode 542, Hero Helpers, William, Polly and Fizzy break into Hit The Target and Veeva Dash's fortress to rescue Stampy.
    • In Episode 580, Uninvited Guests, Polly-bot arrives Just in Time to scare the Evil Duo into running away.
  • Birthday Episode: Fizzy set one up for Stampy in his debut episode, Episode 393, Fizzy Elephant. Subverted by the fact that he did a Celebration Miscalculation and got the date wrong note , but they have the party anyway.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy, ends with one. Stampy manages to escape from one of HitTheTarget's traps, but Barnaby got dognapped in the chaos.
    • Episode 339, Bye Bear, ends with Lee permanently leaving the SLW, but only after one last day of playing minigames in the Funland, leaving his secret cake recipe behind so Stampy can make his own breakfast.
  • Bizarrchitecture: The world is full of it. To start off, we have Stampy's Cool House, which has a whole tower above it, among other things.
  • Bizarro Universe / Level in Reverse: The Alternate Lovely World is this to Stampy in Episode 658, Mirror World, as everything is familiar to him but is alien at the same time, to the point that the mirroring made him feel a bit sick.
  • Black Comedy Pet Death: Fizzy kills William's pet chicken in Episode 651, Fizzy's Crime... in the episode where they were building a courthouse. Naturally, Stampy orders Fizzy to be placed on trial for murder the moment they finish construction.
  • Black Market: Played for Laughs in Episode 101, Chubby Kitty, where Stampy resorts to attempt a trade of this sort with Finnball in order to eat cake during the Diet Episode.
  • Board Games: Several minigames are based on these. For example, the "Ding Dong Game" (officially known as "Ambush") is based on Chess and Battleship, and "Tool Trade" is recognized to be based on board/card games as well. "Wiggly Worm" is also explicitly stated to be based on Battleship, and "Fire and Water" is played like a board game.
  • Bookcase Passage: In the library of Stampy's House, there is a secret passageway behind his fireplace which leads to his treasure vault of diamonds and gold.
    • HitTheTarget also had one in his house which connected to an underground lair, where he imprisoned Stampy's dogs after kidnapping them. Stampy discovers this in Episode 92, The First Cake.
  • Bowdlerise: The first 31 episodes are re-uploaded eight years after their initial release under the title Lovely World Classic, with the swearing edited out.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Both Stampy and Hit The Target wield both a sword and archery equipment. However, the former possesses an enchanted diamond sword and the latter uses a stone sword (sometimes plain diamond but rarely).
  • Brick Joke:
    • In Episode 47, Ship Shape, after being forced to Walk the Plank, Longbow builds an underground house under "SOS Island", which is then accidentally revisited in Episode 229, Vault of Treasure, during the construction of the "Piggy Bank". Sadly, the house had to be destroyed to make room for the vault, and the town expansion eventually covered up the island.
    • In Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy, Stampy eats a cake infused with a sleeping potion, and warns Lee Bear not to touch the slice he hadn't eaten. At the end of Episode 355, Friends and Foes, William Beaver eats the last slice before Stampy could warn him and falls asleep.
  • Butt-Monkey: In Episode 250, Disco Domain, the occupant of "Water Wonderland" room of the "Hotel of Dreams" is regarded as this.
    Stampy: The only problem is if you're in the room next door [to the "Disco Domain" room], it's actually gonna be really rubbish if you're in the "Water Wonderland, 'cause underneath you, you've got all the animals [in the "Amazing Animals" room] being noisy, then next door you have the "Disco Domain" [with the flashing lights and the music].
  • The Casino: The "Fortune Fountain" casino is this.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": The rose (now the poppy) was referred to as "Lovely Jubbly Love-Love Petals" and the dandelion was called the "sunkiss" flower. Sheep were also called "woolies" back in the day, with cows and pigs being referred to as "moo moos" and "piggy wigs" respectively.
  • Capture the Flag: The minigame "Flower Power" is based on this. "Spleef Chief" also has similar themes, but is combined with the popular Minecraft game "Spleef" instead of PVP.
  • Cats Hate Water: Averted, because Stampy seems to have no particular dislike of water, nor do any of his actual pet cats.
  • Caught on Tape: Part of Stampy's evidence in favour of ruling Fizzy guilty of his crimes in his trial during Episode 653, Trial, is that the entire thing was caught on Lovely World episode footage two episodes previously. The episode then proceeds to do a Flashback Cut to show the footage.
  • Celebration Miscalculation: Fizzy sets up a birthday party for Stampy in his debut Episode 393, Fizzy Elephant, which was released in March. Stampy's birthday is in December, so he naturally comments on this in the episode, but decides to have the party anyway.
  • Cerebus Retcon:
    • In Episode 124, HitTheTarget was forced to Walk the Plank, which was portrayed in a fairly positive way and was celebrated in the episode as it signified his defeat. He ended up surviving and proceeded to build an elaborate underwater base for future scheming, which comes into play in his next attack about four months later in Episode 165, Ocean Adventure.
    • Doubles as Foreshadowing in this case. In Episode 316, Alligator, Amy ate an apple which Stampy gave her and fell asleep, assumed at the time to be from exhaustion. Two episodes later, in Episode 318, Investigator, Lee ate a pie (also given to him by Stampy) and also fell asleep, which was also written off to be from exhaustion. And finally, in Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy, Stampy eats a mysterious cake and falls asleep, which is clearly stated in the episode to be the result of Slipping a Mickey.
  • Cheesy Moon: In the universe of the SLW, this is very much the case, as Stampy discovers. Apples made from lunar cheese note  become a plot point in a couple of episodes as well.
  • Chekhov's Boomerang:
    • In Episode 16, My Lovely Tower, Stampy discovers Hit The Target's secret underground base and has suspicions that HTT is plotting against him. By Episode 42, Unexpected Drama, Hit The Target started an attack on the Lovely World, and Stampy ends up blowing up his castle after defeating him, but never destroyed the underground portions of the fortress. In Episode 261, Christmas Rescue, the underground part of the fortress was re-used by Hit The Target as his base of operations after kidnapping Lee Bear.
    • The World's Tastiest Cake was the catalyst for Stampy's time-travelling shenanigans in Episode 100, Cat to the Future, then was made again in Episode 110, Lunar Friends, to give to the Lunar Friends to power their UFO back to the Moon.
    • In Episode 255, Lee Bear supposedly leaves a cookie for Stampy after going on vacation, which Stampy gifts to Santa for Christmas. After it turns out that Lee was kidnapped by Hit The Target all along, it was subsequently discovered that the cookie was poisoned, and Santa got poisoned as a result.
  • Chekhov's Gag:
    • The Rewind Gags leading up to Episode 500, Memories, turn out to be very important to the plot behind the episode in question.
    • The sudden mutings via Remote Mind Vocalizers starting from Episode 513, Cart Count become very important in Episode 526, Saving the World.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Several Minecraft Helpers are given shout-outs in the Love Garden before they officially appear, such as Lee Bear and Sqaishey.
    • Starting from Episode 612, Mystery Parrot, a red parrot starts appearing all over the SLW. It turns out to be a Voice Changeling crucial to HTT's next plan.
  • Christmas Episode: Excluding the hiatus, this happens once a year, usually in the form of an episode preparing for Christmas and the next celebrating it.
    • 2012: Episode 45, Christmas Day.
    • 2013: Episode 153, Frosty Long Nose and Episode 154, Saving Santa.
    • 2014: Episode 260, Building Snowmen and Episode 261, Christmas Rescue.
    • 2015: Episode 366, Christmas Traditions and Episode 367, North Pole.
    • 2016: Episode 473, Feeling Festive and Episode 474, Christmas in Space.
    • 2017: Episode 578, Snow Home and Episode 580, Uninvited Guests.
    • 2018: Merry Christmas, a short video made during the hiatus.
    • 2020: Episode 685, Frosty 'Longer' Nose and Episode 686, Santa's Surprise.
  • Christmas Town: The North Pole, Santa's place of residence and where Polly Reindeer hails from. Stampy visits this place in Episode 367, North Pole and Episode 686, Santa's Surprise.
  • Circus Episode: In Episode 144, The Big Show, the characters put up a circus act as part of the week-long 500K Subscribers Special.
  • City of Gold: Very, very much downplayed — the floor of the "Clay Oven Pizzeria" is made of iron ore blocks.
  • City on the Water: Many of the expansions of the Town are constructed over the sea between the start of the Town and the borders of the Funland, to the point that reclamation has caused the Town and the Funland to eventually link up. Tragically, Spring the dog also ended up drowning in the sea under the Police Station because of this.
    • Parts of the Funland are also built over a frozen lake.
  • Cliffhanger: Episode 541, I Lost, ends with this.
  • Clock Tower: Though the clock part is purely aesthetic, the Clock Tower stands as a landmark of the Lovely World to this day and is one of the tallest structures in the entire SLW, at 110 blocks tall.note  It houses the "Tick Tock Clock Shop" at the base and the "Tea Time Tea Shop" near the top, and the top of the clock tower is said to be the best lookout spot across the town. It took Stampy and his Helpers seven episodes (Episodes 319-325), two kidnappings, numerous deaths and a vertical parkour race to build the entire thing, and even after construction, several climatic moments in the series have taken place on the clock tower.
  • Clone Army: In Episode 184, Clone Calamity, HitTheTarget tried to use this tactic to distract Stampy and Lee.
  • Clucking Funny: Ester the chicken once stole the cakes from the SLW to share with her friends at the "Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop".
    • William Beaver had a pet chicken in Episode 651, Fizzy's Crime... which Fizzy killed because it took William much longer than usual to lead the chicken to the building site.
    • A chicken, which Stampy named "Barry", tried to swim up Stampy's fountain in Episode 687, Frosty 'Longer Nose'', but then drowned, then another chicken proceeded to walk away from the fountain, prompting Stampy to give a narmy commentary on what the second chicken — "Barry's friend" — was thinking as it was walking away.
  • Colour Motif: Stampy often builds things in orange and white, as that is the colour of his Minecraft skin, and by extension the colour of his Lovely World's flag.
    • HitTheTarget and Veeva Dash have taken red and black as their colours, which is lampshaded in Episode 418, I Can't Win.
  • Company Cross References: Back in My Story Mode House, a collaboration with StacyPlays in 2017, the two did an experiment to see whether hay bales really could break one's fall. Three years later, in Episode 686, Santa's Surprise, Stampy and Polly use hay bales to get down from the North Pole.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: The jails in the Playful Popo Station are playrooms, where the detainees are trapped inside to play non-stop until their sentence is up.
  • Cool Boat: The SS Stumpy. HitTheTarget also eventually builds one (which Stampy notes as an impressive build before realizing it was HTT's), which naturally results in a naval battle in Episode 124, Sinking Feeling.
  • Cool House: Stampy's House is a Big Fancy House made of oak wood and sandstone, and there is a large tower with water streams connecting the house with the farm and the lake, which is also home to his not-so-Secret Base. It also has an underground Nether portal and if Wonder Quest was anything to go by, there is also a portal to the world of Wonderberg in the basement. It also happens to be the largest house in the neighbourhood, especially when most of his Helpers either sleep at his house, especially in earlier episodes, or have far more humble abodes, e.g. Polly's stable.
    • In the North Pole, though, Polly's stable is also significantly larger in size when compared with everyone else's.
  • Contemplation Location: The Inspiration Room in Stampy's House served as this to him, to think of new build ideas. He notes in Episode 600, Town Tour, that he no longer uses it as the room was supposed to contain all the blocks one could have in Minecraft, and since its construction... a lot of blocks have been added to the game.
  • Courtroom Episode: Episode 653, Trial.
  • Creator In-Joke: The train of thought behind the naming of Joe's Arcadenote .
    • The "Days Since Stampy Left Me Here: 131290" sign note  in Episode 680, Turny Journey.
  • Crop Circles: One had appeared beside the Funland sign and could be seen in the episodes leading up to Episode 110, Lunar Friends, where Stampy discovers the source of the crop circles.
  • Cue the Sun: Episode 158, Bouncy Boats, starts with Stampy going up to his "Music Tower" to watch the sunrise.
  • Damsel in Distress / Distressed Dude: This comes up practically every other episode which involves HitTheTarget.
    • In the episodes leading up to Episode 92, The First Cake, the entire wolf pack sans Barnaby gets gradually kidnapped.
    • In Episode 162, Missing Mittens, Mittens the cat gets kidnapped, but is rescued three episodes later in Episode 165, Ocean Adventure. In the latter episode, Stampy also falls for a cake trap briefly.
    • In Episode 212, Fight in Flight, Barnaby is kidnapped by hot-air balloon. Previous episodes show that HTT had been trying to kidnap other dogs with the same method for a while.
    • In Episode 255, Bees and Bears, Lee Bear claims to have gone on vacation, but was discovered to be kidnapped in Episode 261, Christmas Rescue.
    • In Episode 320, Stampy himself gets in on the action by falling for another cake trap, and ends up getting captured. He escapes but Barnaby had been kidnapped in the chaos. He was only rescued in Episode 338, Hot Spot.
    • In Episode 386, Brain Wave, HTT briefly holds Polly hostage but Stampy manages to bluff his way out of the scenario to scare him and Veeva Dash off.
    • In Episode 438, Coffee Cup, HTT and Veeva Dash briefly get their hands on the entire wolf pack and splashes them all with an Invisibility potion to try to get away, but that plan was foiled very soon and all the dogs are recovered quickly.
    • In Episode 472, Gate Crashers, the Helpers and the dogs all get captured. Stampy has to go Dressing as the Enemy to save them.
    • In Episode 526, Saving the World, Stampy briefly becomes this before the Helpers show up, though Stampy figures out how to get help even when being all but held hostage by HTT.
    • In the Episodic Arc 541-542 I Lost and Hero Helpers, respectively), Barnaby is kidnapped and held hostage and Stampy is disarmed and forcibly held captive until the Helpers arrive to free them.
    • In Episode 551, Parkour Race, Polly Reindeer gets kidnapped and replaced by Polly-Bot, a robotic replica. Stampy tries to save her in Episode 575, Polly-Bot, and it takes him some quick thinking and Loophose Abuse to convince Polly-Bot to do a Heel–Face Turn.
    • In Episode 624, Helpless, Stampy gets tricked into a trap but manages to get out.
    • In Episode 670, Hacked, the entire wolf pack gets kidnapped in the chaos of Stampy visiting the Nether and having his account hacked.
  • Darker and Edgier / Unexpectedly Dark Episode: While by no means dark, the HitTheTarget episodes are far more intense and action-packed than the usual relaxing episodes of Lovely World. In addition, some of HitTheTarget's plans, such as attacking Stampy's dogs, are darker than the usual tone of the series.
    • Even among the HTT attack episodes, Episode 541, I Lost is one of the darkest, as it is the only episode where the attack ends with a bad ending. Despite the events of the next episode, many fans reported getting chills from watching the episode.
  • Darkness Equals Death: Like most other Minecraft worlds, hostile mobs spawn in dark places and especially at night. HTT and Veeva Dash invoke this in Episode 683, Darkness to cause a huge number of googlies to spawn in the middle of the day, likely to distract Stampy and/or make them do their dirty work to kill him — which would be a distraction anyway due to respawning mechanisms existing. Thankfully, Stampy is, for once, Genre Savvy enough to figure out their plan and get his dogs to safety before anything drastic happens.
  • Dateless Grave: All the dog graves scattered around the World do not state the birth/taming dates of the dogs or their death dates.
  • Deadly Euphemism: HTT's Drowning Pit in Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy had a sign next to it which said "Pull to eliminate prisoner".
  • The Dead Have Names: The "Top Paw Dog Assault Course", on top of being a Dog Assault Course, doubly serves as a memorial to remember the deceased dogs of the Lovely World. Each deceased dog's name is listed, along with a symbolic item to represent them and/or their death.
  • Dead Person Conversation: One occurs between Stampy and the currently dead Hit The Target in Episode 76, Revelation.
  • Death as Comedy: It happens every so often between the old Helpers — usually involving someone killing someone else, with Stampy trying to act as the mediator between them. The new Helpers — especially Fizzy and his shenanigans — can cause this to occur too, though far less often than their older counterparts.
  • Death Is Cheap: This being Minecraft with a respawn mechanism, it is to be expected. Many minigames involving PVP have the players set their spawns before going off into the arena to kill each other.
    • This is exploited in Episode 658, Mirror World, where Stampy jumps off the clock tower in the Alternate Universe of the SLW to return to his spawnpoint in his own Lovely World. The Other Stampy Cat also ends up returning home this way after dying in combat.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Episodes involving Hit The Target are usually edited to have desaturated footage, instead of the normal bright, colourful, happy episodes, as shorthand that the episode in question is going to be Darker and Edgier and considerably more suspenseful.
    • The nightmare sequences in Episode 351, Nightmares, are also presented with desaturated footage.
  • The Dentist Episode: In Episode 235, Loose Tooth, Stampy and Lee build the Loose Tooth dentist's office and get dental check-ups.
  • The Determinator: Hit The Target has never quite given up on his goals, nor has Stampy permanently given up on defeating him.
  • Diet Episode: After eating the World's Tastiest Cake, Lee Bear makes Stampy go on a diet, but Stampy manages to win his cake privileges back after beating Lee at the "Fish Me a Dish" minigame.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • In Episode 117, Belly Dance, Squid pushes a pig off a cliff (it didn't die, thankfully), so Lee shoots him dead. Stampy lampshades this in the episode.
    Stampy: Lee! Come on! I know he hurt the pig, but that was a bit harsh.
    • In Episode 651, Fizzy's Crime, Fizzy killed William's pet chicken because it took him much longer than usual to lead the chicken to the building site.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Sqaishey's Feather Adventures can be seen as this to the Lovely Worldnote . However, despite many similarities, Feather Adventures never has a driving force of evil behind an ulterior plotline.
  • Distress Ball: Stampy is handed this in Episode 541, I Lost, when he decides to try to spy on HitTheTarget in his helicopter and ends up getting shot down with an Anti-Air cannon. However, if this trope were averted, he would have still returned home to a missing Barnaby and would have to launch a rescue mission for him regardless.
  • Doomed New Clothes: In the episodic arc 678-680, Stampy makes and enchants a new set of armour, and finds a new enchanted diamond chestplate in an End City chest. He loses all of it by falling into the Void.
  • Downer Ending:
  • Dreaming of a White Christmas: The SLW takes place relatively up north (since much of the world used to be a cold taiga, and according to the episodes, is quite close to the North Pole geographically) and usually there's snow and ice year-round at least somewhere in the World. Snowmen are built every year. It certainly helps that snow doesn't melt as easily in Minecraft as it does in real life.
  • Dream Episode: The 2015 Halloween Episode, Nightmares (Episode 351), involves three nightmare sequences.
  • Dream Team: Stampy and Lee work very well together in the team minigames. For the minigame "Road Hog", the two form the "Prized Porkers" team, and they work so well together at "Bouncy Boats" that they decide to split up for the tournament in Episode 158, Bouncy Boats so that Daisy and Rosie stand a chance.
  • Driven to Suicide:
    • In Episode 42, Unexpected Drama, HitTheTarget lights his escape tunnel on fire to delay his enemies while they storm his fortress, and ends up burning himself to death in the process.
    • In Episode 658, Mirror World, Stampy exploits the Death Is Cheap mechanic by jumping off the Clock Tower in the Mirror World, in order to respawn in and return to his own Lovely World.
  • Drowning Pit: In Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy, Hit The Target traps Stampy in an obsidian pit and tries to drown himnote . Stampy manages to breathe using a redstone torch, and escapes using an empty water bucket in the dispenser.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The very early episodes of Lovely World are more survival-based than building-based, with some of them not even taking place in the Lovely World. For many of them, Stampy is also alone, without his usual group of Minecraft helpers. Stampy's personality comes across as being quite different too; he's much quieter and doesn't sound as cheerful. On top of that, he actually swore on a few occasions, as the series was originally aimed at older viewers. He stopped this once he found out that younger viewers were also watching his videos. This is parodied in one of his April Fool's Day specials.
  • Easter Egg:
    • In Episode 670, Hacked, Stampy's world selection screen after being kicked out of his Lovely World shows a world named "Building Time Season 2?" and the save screen of the world saying "NO". Ironically, a Christmas Special for the series was announced just a couple of days before Christmas, i.e. several weeks after the episode's release.
      • Another one of the worlds on display is one in Creative Mode named "My Cake Retreat". To have a whole world made of (judging by the icon of the world) and dedicated to cake...
    • Over three years after Episode 541, I Lost, in Episode 683, Darkness, the ruins of Stampy's helicopter shot down by HTT are still left at the base of the fortress. The rubble not being cleared in the months following the attack is somewhat understandable, but it still being there after the hiatus of almost two years is getting kind of ridiculous.
  • Egopolis: Technically, the world's name is Stampy's Lovely World, but the series is usually just referred to as Lovely World.
  • Edible Bludgeon: The minigame "Broth Brawl" involves knocking people into the "broth" (water) with pieces of food, which includes and is not limited to potatoes, carrots, fish, mushrooms and loaves of bread.
    • In Episode 450, Fizzylympics, one of the events in the eponymous tournament is knocking competitors into the sea with cookies, much like in "Broth Brawl".
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: In the minigame "Fire and Water", the player on the water side can use a bucket of water to block and extinguish the moves of the fire side.
  • Embarrassing Password: Apparently Stampy's Minecraft account can be accessed with stampyrules123... according to Episode 670, Hacked, anyway. Naturally, this is lampshaded in the episode.
  • Epic Ship-on-Ship Action: Episode 124, Sinking Feeling, involves a naval battle between Stampy and HTT.
  • Escaped Animal Rampage: Several times, farm animals end up escaping their enclosures when transporting them to a different location, and the cast are forced to round them back up. This has become much rarer in later episodes due to the addition of leads to Minecraft.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Type 3 occurs. When Veeva Dash, a trusted Minecraft Helper, betrays Stampy in Episode 355, Friends and Foes. At the end of the episode, he expresses much shock and disbelief for her betrayal.
  • Everything's Better with Cows: The presence of Daisy, a Helper who appears as a cow, as well as the "Crazy Cow Milk Bar" in itself.
  • Everything's Better with Llamas: Ever since llamas began to spawn in the Lovely World, the Helpers started to play around with them. For example, a greyish white llama wanders up to the Minecraft Helpers when they are building their snowmen in Episode 685, Frosty 'Longer' Nose. Polly proceeds to adopt it.
  • Evil Tower of Ominousness: Hit The Target's second and main fortress is this, being built out of nether brick and themed around Fire and Brimstone Hell.
  • Exploring the Evil Lair: Stampy does this during some HTT attacks, as his fortress develops into a more and more dangerous place.
  • Extended Disarming: Episode 100, Cat to the Future has Stampy forcing Hit the Target to drop all forms of weapons he has. Granted, it’s Minecraft, so it doesn’t really give the impression of him carrying a ridiculous amount of items, but this scene was no doubt inspired by this trope.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In Episode 670, Hacked, Veeva Dash removed all of Stampy's permissions by hacking, but forgot to do the same to his Helpers, who then exploit this.
  • Faux Flame: Due to Hit The Target's death by burning himself alive in Episode 42, Unexpected Drama, his ghost is surrounded by these — Stampy is able to walk through them without getting hurt.
  • Finale Title Drop: An episode-specific one occurs in Episode 541, I Lost.
    Stampy: I think that, for the first time ever, in any of my battles against HitTheTarget... I lost. [To Be Continued]
  • Fishing Minigame: The "Fish Me a Dish" minigame is based on this.
    • The "Flying Fish" sushi restaurant relies on fishing and redstone to get the food to the table, and the Employee of the Month minigame is based around fishing as well.
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing:
    • Episode 212, Fight in Flight: Before the unarmed gentlemen's duel on the bridge, Stampy tells HTT to throw his sword off the edge of his hot-air balloon, but neglected to tell him to throw off his bow as well. Naturally, HTT tries to cheat during the duel using his bow and arrows.
    • Episode 261, Christmas Rescue: For Christmas, Stampy receives a present from "greeny long head" — an arrow, and the one from "slippery blue face" is a piece of TNT. The third present — wrapped in red and black and "from an old friend" — has Hit The Target hiding in it.
    • Episode 375, Evil Plan: The buttons of the teleporter have been changed from stone to wood, as one can see when Stampy first enters it, signifying that it has been hacked. About ten seconds later, once he has activated the teleporter... yeah.
    • Episode 541, I Lost: Veeva Dash makes a brief cameo at about the 7:05 mark as she is sneaking into the Doghouse while Stampy is flying over his house. Later in the episode, Stampy noticed something weird had been built on HTT's fortress in his helicopter, who then shoots him and his helicopter down with said weird thing (read: an Anti-Air cannon).
    • Episode 575, Polly-Bot: In the middle of the episode note , the sound of glass breaking can be heard, and the only glass in the vicinity of the build site are the glass window panels on the ceiling. About 30 seconds later, lava starts dropping down from the ceiling, signifying the start of Hit The Target and Veeva Dash's next plan.
    • Episode 670, Hacked: Stampy receives a message that someone else was able to access his account, which he ignored. About 15 seconds later, he lost all of his permissions to interact with his Lovely World.
  • Foregone Conclusion: Tying in with the Spoiler Title, Episode 541 was titled I Lost. You do the math from there.
  • Foreshadowing: Before HitTheTarget attacks, there are often signs such as arrows on the ground and the dogs being upset, which Stampy sometimes lampshades.
    • In Episode 612, Mystery Parrot, Stampy finds a parrot and tries to tame it, but it wouldn't accept any seeds and it wasn't any of his Helpers' either, so he writes it off as bugged. It turns out that the parrot belonged to HitTheTarget, who Stampy likely forgot was in his World.
    • In Episode 683, Darkness, Stampy comments on the nether brick towers built all over his town (which he had first noticed the other day) about five seconds before the mechanism behind the towers got activated to cover up the sky.
    • Other than in the episodes themselves, supplementary material — the Twitter accounts of the newer Helpers and Veeva Dash — often provide World Building for what goes on in the Lovely World behind the scenes and hints towards upcoming episodes.
  • Found Footage Films: What Is This? from Episode 564, Scary Movies, is this, and features a Surfer Dude named Brick vlogging his journey to find Stampy.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: The Love Garden and the Helpers' social media accounts function as this.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Ultimately all the minigame competitions function as this.
  • Funny Background Event: In the last ten or so seconds of Episode 528, Fire and Water, Sqaishey (who hadn't been seen in the series for at least a hundred episodes) makes a brief cameo playing in a duck pond in the distance as Stampy waves goodbye to the audience.
  • Furry Confusion: Stampy refers to himself as a cat, but has a pet cat called Mittens. Justified as he is just wearing a Minecraft skin that looks like a cat.
  • Futureshadowing: In Episode 92, The First Cake, Stampy sees a future Stampy save himself from Hit The Target, which becomes one of the conflicts in Episode 100, Cat to the Future.
  • Games of the Elderly: Discussed in Episode 629, BINGO!.
    Stampy: I'm looking forward to this! Because we spent so long building this thing and I know... I know... like, Bingo is the thing that your nan plays on weekends, I get it — it might not seem like the most exciting thing, butbut it's cool that it works in Minecraft and I have kind of twisted and changed the— the rules a little bit ju— just to play around with things.
  • Get Back to the Future: The main plotline surrounding Episode 100, Cat to the Future, revolves around this trope.
  • Ghost Pirate: The protagonist of the Headless Ghost story from Episode 657, Terror Trio.
  • Grayscale of Evil: Dizzy Narwhal from the Alternate SLW (which is Ambiguously Evil) prefers to use a greyscale of colours, while his counterpart, Fizzy, has a bright colour scheme.
  • Gray Rain of Depression: In Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy, it is raining as Stampy escapes from HTT's captivity and discovers that Barnaby got dognapped, though he manages to keep an optimistic tone for the outro.
  • Greasy Spoon: The "Kitty Kitchen" built for the "Fish Me a Dish" minigame is said to be styled like "an old American diner", according to Episode 101, Chubby Kitty.
  • Grim Up North: According to the directions on the laser satellite in Episode 455, Revenge, HTT's fortress is to the northwest of the bulk of the SLW, but this is proven otherwise in the world in actuality (unless, of course, the sun sets in the west in the SLW), where their world are actually in the southeast of the world upon closer inspection.
  • Hailfire Peaks: The villains' main fortress is located in a cold biome surrounded by an icy ocean. The fire part is from the lava moat surrounding the fortress. Veeva Dash complains about this.
    Veeva Dash (tweeting): The castle is boiling hot and surrounded by ice. I am either melting or freezing here! We have to move once this world is ours.
  • Halloween Episode: Excluding the hiatus, these have occurred once a year, which usually invoke the Rule of Three as spooky stories are told.
    • 2013: Episode 133, Pumpkin Party.
    • 2014: Episode 243, Ghost Stories.
    • 2015: Episode 351, Nightmares.
    • 2016: Episode 458, Secret Stories.
    • 2017: Episode 564, Scary Movies.
    • 2018: Episode 657, Terror Trio.
    • 2020: Episode 670, Hacked, which was released on Halloween but nothing particularly Halloween-related happens other than visiting the Nether... until HTT decided to attack.
  • Haunted House: "Googlies Manor" in the Funland serves as this.
  • Hellish Copter: In Episode 539, Helicopter, Stampy builds a personal helicopter. Two episodes later, he crashes it. It was not an accident. Let's just leave it at that.
  • Heroic Dog / Noble Wolf: Stampy's entire wolf/dog pack. Notably demonstrated in Episode 418, I Can't Win, in which the entire pack chases HitTheTarget away. Also demonstrated in Episode 438, when the dogs/wolves teleport to Stampy to warn him that HitTheTarget and Veeva Dash are up to some other nefarious plan again.
  • High-Altitude Battle: The Climax of Episode 212, Fight in Flight, involves Stampy facing HTT off in a gentleman's duel high above the town.
  • Holiday Ceasefire: In the 2017 Christmas Episode, Hit The Target and Veeva Dash show up at Stampy's Clubhouse for the holiday. Quickly subverted after Stampy discovers that they are robotic replicas and the real ones were out to kidnap the dogs during the holiday season.
  • Horror Doesn't Settle for Simple Tuesday: Several times, HTT attacks on special occasion days. The specials involving HTT attacks will be listed below:
    • Hundredth Episodes: Episode 100, Cat to the Future, Episode 400, Horsing Around and Episode 500, Memories
    • Christmas: Episode 261, Christmas Rescue and Episode 580, Uninvited Guests
    • Easter: Episode 291, Egg Hunt
    • Halloween: Episode 670, Hacked
  • Horse Archer: Most of the battle throughout Episode 400, Horsing Around is Type 1 — fought on horseback using bows and arrows in a chase. It doesn't work out as well as one would expect, for numerous reasons.
  • Hostage Situation: Hit The Target and Veeva Dash delve into this territory very often, usually with Barnaby or the Helpers. For example, in Episode 386, Brain Wave, they use Polly Reindeer as a hostage — if Stampy attacks them, they would hurt Polly. Stampy successfully gets them out of the situation without anyone getting hurt by using some very good acting skills.
    • Stampy attempts this once in Episode 438, Coffee Cup, holding Veeva Dash hostage in an attempt to trade her for the dogs. Hit The Target refuses to do so, and he and Veeva flee using invisibility potions.
  • House Fire: In Episode 338, Hot Spot, HitTheTarget sets Stampy's Cool House on fire.
    • In Episode 455, Revenge, HitTheTarget uses his laser satellite to destroy Polly's house just after its construction is completed, causing an explosion and a fire in the remains of her house.
  • Human Chess: "Ambush" is basically Chess and Battleship with human players as pieces to navigate the board.
  • Human Popsicle: In Episode 100, Cat to the Future, Stampy freezes himself in ice to return to the present day. It doesn't work out as well as he had planned, but he still managed to get back to a time close enough to the present to time-travel there via time machine.
  • Hurricane of Puns: Practically half the buildings in the Town have a pun based on their names and sometimes even designs, if not Added Alliterative Appeal or Rhymes on a Dime.
  • Impossible Theft: William Beaver manages to steal HitTheTarget's netherite armour off of him in a battle... while he is wearing it. How this is done is not elaborated on or explored.
  • Indy Escape: Stampy is forced to pull this off in Episode 418, I Can't Win, after trying to fight a HitTheTarget who has full enchanted diamond armour and Status Buff potions continuously splashed onto him by Veeva Dash.
  • Inherently Funny Words: "Spruce", or should we rather say, "spurr-ruce"?
  • Internal Homage: The entire "It's a Lovely World After All" ride serves as this.
  • Interspecies Romance: Implied. His cat Mittens has had ship tease with his dog Duncan, but nothing has been outright confirmed beyond the occasional teasing.
  • Invisibility: This is the basis of HTT and Veeva Dash's plan to kidnap the dogs in Episode 438, Coffee Cup, and the episodes leading up to it.
  • In-Character Commentaries: The non-canonical Recap Episode Stampy Vs Hit The Target - The Story So Far functions as this.
  • In-Series Nickname: Stampy calls the Minecraft mobs 'googlies'.
  • Irony:
    • In Episode 42, Unexpected Drama, Stampy brings Lucky into battle with him because "Lucky's lucky", but Lucky is the only dog to perish in the battle.
    • In Episode 526, Saving the World, HitTheTarget assumes that Stampy has a massive ego, but just minutes later in the same episode, it is implied that he's far from it, to say the least.
  • It Tastes Like Feet: Early attempts made by Stampy to bake his own breakfast cake resulted in cakes that tasted like (among other things) dog fur, doorknobs, fish, and soggy newspapers.
  • Jerkass Genie: In his 2014 Halloween special, Stampy tells the story of an evil pig who transforms into a zombie pigman by night called Mr. Porkchop. He was originally a human pig shepard who was trying to raise the largest pig in order to win a competition. A witch offers to grant his wish for a pig larger than every other in exchange for all his other pigs. When he agrees, she just turns him into a Pigman and takes all his pigs.
  • Jump Scare: The climax of the short movie What Is This? in Episode 564, Scary Movies, features this from an enderman.
  • Kangaroo Court: Stampy jokes that he would be a corrupt judge in Episode 651, Fizzy's Crime, because minor crimes which directly affect him would be seen as more severe to him than major crimes which didn't directly affect him.
    • During the trial itself in Episode 653, Trial, the trope is subverted as Polly Reindeer serves as the judge instead. Then it is zigzagged as Stampy acts as part of the jury and points out that the entire thing was caught on camera, the same thing that he said as William Beaver's lawyer. Ultimately it is averted as... well, like Stampy said, the entire thing was caught on footage and viewed by thousands of people.
  • Kill the Lights: Hit The Target and Veeva Dash attempt this as part of their evil plans in Episode 683, Darkness, by covering up the entire sky to block out the sunlight over the SLW. However, they didn't account for the many street lights and torches scattered all over the world, which manage to make the plan less effective than it would have been if the town wasn't so well-lit.
  • Lame Pun Reaction: In Episode 342, Optician, When Amy hears that Stampy is naming the optician they were building in the episode "iC", which involves three puns in its name, she immediately digs into the ground and jumps in the hole. Stampy first interprets her as needing water to stop herself from drying up, since she ultimately dug into some water that had been covered up.
    Stampy: And there is three puns with this word and uh, with this title.
    Amy: [digs a hole into the ground to hide in it]
    Stampy: Well, it's a goo— no, it's a good pun, Amy! It's a good pun!
    • Then when Stampy explains the punnote , Amy jumps into the hole again.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler:
    • The prominence of the new Helpers mean that their eventual appearances all become this, especially for William Beaver, who first showed up in the middle of a Wither fight. At the same time, it also means that Veeva Dash's true allegiance is also this.
    • Episode 542, Hero Helpers, starts with Stampy doing his intro in HitTheTarget's castle rather than in his bedroom, and he blatantly spoils the ending of the previous episode in the first minute or so.
  • Leaving Food for Santa: Stampy does this every year, with a cookie and milk for Santanote  and apples for the reindeer.
  • Let's Fight Like Gentlemen: In Episode 212, Fight in Flight, Stampy throws down the gauntlet to challenge Hit The Target to an unarmed gentleman's duel above the town. Subverted when Hit The Target pulls out his bow and tries to cheat.
  • Lighthouse Point: A lighthouse was constructed near the spawn of the world in the early episodes. Stampy visits it occasionally, and it even becomes crucial to the plot in Episode 386, Brain Wave.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Stampy, the old and new Helpers, all of the pets, antagonists like Hit The Target and Veeva Dash, fictional characters like Renna and BrickIt, mobs like Fred, Hilda, and Henry...the list goes on. Justified given how long the series has been around for.
  • Logic Bomb: Downplayed. Stampy accidentally uses this to break the control panel of the machine which was used to cover the world in darkness. He pressed to "close all" when the world was already "closed", causing the machine to glitch and malfunction, and thus open most of the sky covering. Stampy lampshades this, naturally.
    Stampy: I think I broke it! I tried closing it when it was closed and it— it kind of... opened it? I guess two negatives do make a positive, and look at my [now bright and sunny] world now!
  • Long-Runners: For a Minecraft series, it definitely classifies as one, running from not long after the release of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 in 2012 (that point in time when the hunger bar didn't exist yet!) to the present day. Even after the Console/Legacy Console edition of Minecraft was discontinued, Stampy goes on to put the world on Bedrock Edition on the PC so as to continue the series and keep his Love Garden (which had so many signs it lagged the game).
    • It's so old that Stampy repeatedly stated that he couldn't fight the Ender Dragon in his Lovely World because the world was first generated when the Ender Dragon wasn't even added to the Console version yet, and had to rely on Christmas presents delivered by Santa to get new materials for building like jungle wood. This is finally overturned once he switches versions and can receive regular updates, and proceeds to defeat the Ender Dragon at last in the World in Episode 679, Enderman Horde.
  • Look Behind You: Stampy invokes this against William in Episode 450, Fizzylympics, by telling him there was a zombie behind him, in order to distract him for long enough to knock him into the sea. To be fair, there was a zombie behind him, just not close enough to pose a threat. Stampy lampshades this, naturally.
    Stampy: [laughs] I can't believe the "Look Behind You" trick actually worked. [laughs some more]
  • Loophole Abuse: Stampy weaponizes this trope against Polly-bot in the episode of the same name, telling it that its programming is contradictory, as it can't get his dogs away from him while also pretending to be the real Polly, and Stampy also states that cannot let Stampy hurt its creators, but he points out that it doesn't mean it can't hurt them.
  • Lost Pet Grievance: This happens a lot in older episodes, especially since Stampy's dogs had a tendency to die from a variety of reasons. It happens again briefly in Episode 500, Memories, after Hit The Target kills Barnaby.
  • Lured into a Trap: In Episode 355, Friends and Foes, Veeva Dash leads Stampy to HTT's fortress, only to give HTT the last wither skull he needs to summon the Wither on Stampy.
    • In Episode 624, Helpless, Stampy's dogs go missing and he tracks down barking in a building near HTT's fortress, only to fall into a trap involving a Voice Changeling parrot. The dogs were hidden behind the Doghouse all along.
  • Match-Three Game: The minigame "Swapsies" is based on Connect 3.
  • Meaningful Name: Stampy's snowman 'Frosty Long Nose'... indeed has a very long nose.
  • Meaningful Rename: The entire Alternate Lovely World has different names when compared with the original Lovely World, which helps establish how alien the Alternate Lovely World is to Stampy — the dogs have completely different names, the Helpers have names and in two cases, even species similar yet different to their original SLW counterparts, even the shops have different names.note 
  • Metal Detector Puzzle: The "Bury Berry" minigames function as this.
  • Minigame: The Funland is primarily filled with these, though there are also a few rides. There also used to be Employee of the Month minigame tournaments for shops and some which were played as part of the Morning Routine.
  • Mini-Golf Episode: There are a few episodes spent at the "Golf Course", which works much like mini-golf. Examples include Episode 43, Lovely Day for Golf, Episode 146, Fellow Feline, and Episode 218, Spot of Golf.
  • Mixed Animal Species Team: Usually team minigames involve this whenever teams are required, as Lovely World residents (former or current) comprise of practically every other type of animal in existence.
  • Mockumentary: Beyond the Blocks: Far From Lovely (from Episode 564, Scary Movies) serves as this and discusses some of the hauntings in the Lovely World.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Oh, the humble lead, used to harness animals and drag them where you want them to go... said animals including the villain's horse, therefore incapitating the villain temporarily.
    • The creation of many of the builds can also be attributed to this trope — even placing the final block in a build can become as dramatic as a vertical parkour race up the build, and the minigame "Risk It" is based around eating chorus fruit, of all mundane things.
  • Mundane Object Amazement: After his Minecraft hiatus, Stampy has missed out on several game updates, and spends many of his post-hiatus episodes building out of materials added during the updates, like using variations of warped and crimson stem for the minigame "Fromple Domple", and constructing a blacksmith with of campfires and blackstone just so he can 'sell' like stonecutters and grindstones. He also takes a bell from the village above the stronghold in Episode 678, Dangerous Day, purely because he hadn't seen one before.
  • Morning Routine: In this series, Stampy eats a cake for breakfast (usually), adds someone to the Love Garden, chooses a dog. Some earlier episodes also involve a small minigame.
    • Even this manages to be a plot point in Episode 658, Mirror World, where he invokes this in the middle of the night to summon the Helpers of his alternate self for help.
    Stampy (as a distorted version of the intro jingle plays in the background and the episode title is written in mirror writing): Hello! This is Stampy, and welcome to another Minecraft Let's Play video, and another video inside of... this... [laughs] weird mirror world where everything is in a different place and— oh!
  • Movie-Theater Episode: Episode 431, Film Premiere and the Halloween Episode Scary Movies (Episode 564) all primarily take place in the "Movie Magic" cinema.
  • Multi-Part Episode: The episodic arc 541-542, I Lost and Hero Helpers serves as this.
  • My Local: The "Crazy Cow Milk Bar" is described to be like an "old, traditional English pub", but it serves milk instead of alcohol. It even looks like an old, traditional pub, with the only weird thing in its design being the "crazy cow" face on the front of the bar.
  • Never Bring a Bow to a Fist Fight: During an unarmed gentlemen's duel in the climax of Episode 212, Fight in Flight, Hit The Target pulls out a bow in the middle of the fight, only to be knocked off the impromptu floating bridge between their respective hot-air balloons by Stampy. Justified in this particular scenario as it takes time to nock an arrow, even in Minecraft.
  • Never Recycle Your Schemes: Zigzagged. While several of HitTheTarget's schemes are relatively one-off in terms of how they are carried out — e.g. outright assault, sabotage, invisibility potions, etc, some recycle concepts used in previous attempts. For example, both Episodes 261, Christmas Rescue and 575, Polly-Bot rely on kidnapping a trusted Helper (the latter coupled with a robotic imposter to lower suspicion); both Episodes 291, Egg Hunt and 455, Revenge involve Stuff Blowing Up; both Episodes 418, I Can't Win and 670, Hacked have HTT getting a set of Armor of Invincibility; and from what we can see over the years, taking hostages always seems to work, whether it be a dog, a Helper, or Stampy's control over his own vocal cords.
  • Nightmare Sequence: The premise of the 2015 Halloween Episode, Nightmares, which happens on a Rule of Three.
  • Noodle Incident: According to Quack If You Wanna, Sqaishey's 100,000 milestone celebration song where Stampy is a guest star in, in the Lovely World, he didn't want to share his cakes with his friends and tried hiding them all away, and when his friends — likely including Sqaishey — found out, he ate all the cakes, confusing his friends.note 
  • Not Quite Flight: The "Swoop!" minigame is based around this, with the use of Elytra wings.
  • Not the Intended Use: Stampy utilizes this a lot in his builds — by using Minecraft items and mechanisms in all sorts of unconventional ways. For example, his first instinct on discovering the Lodestone, a block used to alter the direction a compass is pointing to, is to use it as the basis of the third "Bury Berry" minigame.
    • Even back in his oldest videos, he seems to support this. For example, in Episode 8, Inconvenient Death, he shows off his storage room, which had chests note  in the floor for both practicality and a decorative floor pattern.
    Stampy: […] Think about using materials that aren't really designed for what they are meant to do, you know, do something with… furnaces or something to make things look pretty.
    • In the "Cake Collector" minigame, a trident enchanted with loyalty is used for an in-game mechanic — to collect cakes on the floor while trying to avoid picking the trident back up after throwing it.
    • In Episode 670, Hacked, Stampy uses beds — which are Made of Explodium in the Nether — to help him find ancient debris to find netherite.
  • No OSHA Compliance: The water stream in Stampy's house connecting the top of the "Music Tower", the brewing room, the storage rooms and the nether portal isn't exactly safe, as demonstrated by the fact that Chicken the dog drowned there while it was under construction in Episode 49, Troubles Brewing. Finnball lampshades this in the honeymoon episode of Finnball's Kingdom, where he takes a visit to the Lovely World with his wife.
    Finnball: I'm surprised Health and Safety hasn't looked at this elevator.
  • Ocular Gushers: In the minigame "Bouncy Boats", the frog on the losing team's side would cry at the end of the game, producing copious amounts of 'tears'. This is because the dispensers with water buckets function as the eyes of the frog, and when activated, a large stream of water is produced.
  • Officially Shortened Title: The titles of the pre-hiatus episodes are in the format of "Minecraft Xbox - (episode title) [episode number]". Starting from Episode 659, Back to Business, the "Xbox" part was dropped, which is justified because the series is no longer on (Legacy) Console edition but Bedrock.
  • Official Couple: Stampy used to be in a relationship with Melanie Candy, but they had an Offscreen Breakup. In the re-uploads of the early Lovely World episodes, the portion with Stampy adding her to the Love Garden, for one, was cut out to avoid confusion with his current relationship. His aforementioned current relationship with Sqaishey, however, is not shown onscreen in the Lovely World series, even if it is teased and eventually outright mentioned multiple times throughout other series and social media.
    • Conversely, HitTheTarget and Veeva Dash serve as the opposing Battle Couple.
  • Off with His Head!: The Headless Ghost Pirate received this treatment in his backstory, according to the Headless Ghost story in Episode 657, Terror Trio. The reasoning behind it?
    Stampy (narrating): He sneezed without shutting his eyes, which I am sure you already know, causes your head to explode.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: The minigame "Ambush" is more often known as "The Ding Dong Game", since moves made in the game when the players hear ding—dong sounds.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Stampy, an Englishman, slips up several times when voice-acting for Surfer Dude Brick in the short movie What Is This? from Episode 564, Scary Movies.
  • Opposites Attract: The representations of the sun/day and moon/night (Sol and Mani, respectively), in the story Sol and Mani from the Halloween Episode Terror Trio (Episode 657) are this.
  • Orange/Blue Contrast: The "Stewpendus" restaurant is primarily built out of shades of orange and blue/cyan concrete and glazed terracotta.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different:
    • The ghost of Hit The Target could be seen remaining over where he died in Episode 42, Unexpected Drama. After the Nightmare Sequence in Episode 62, Lovely Waterfall, his Vengeful Ghost could be seen throughout the episodes leading up to their next encounter in Episode 76, Revelation.
    • On a more light-hearted note, in Episode 102, Kitty Kitchen, Oreo the dog could be seen in the skies above smiling down on the Funland as he was being mourned.
    • According to the Halloween Episode 243, Ghost Stories, Stampy's dead dogs would rise from their graves every night to dance in the Clubhouse.
  • Panda-ing to the Audience: A panda spawns in Episode 674, Sleepy Panda, and Stampy spends a portion of the episode fawning over it.
  • Parental Bonus: The Clubhouse in Stampy's house used to have a pole on a stage "holding up the ceiling"... hmm...note  It has long been removed, but still.
    • And then there is this quote from Episode 137, Naughty Helpers...
    Stampy: I was actually uh— speaking to Lee before we started the video, and he was saying about, ah— he was quite scared about growing the melon, so I told him that he should grow a pear.
  • Le Parkour: The minigame "Jump In" is a parkour racing game.
    • One of the security mechanisms for the bank is a parkour course.
    • The race up the Clock Tower in Episode 325, Clock Climb involves several different types of parkour, including ladder parkour and water bucket parkour.
    • As a matter of fact, there are a good several minigames, temporary (Employee of the Month minigames and ones which were part of the Morning Routine) or otherwise (Funland minigames), which have parkour as a key component.
    • This is a plot point in Episode 375, Evil Plan, where one of HTT and Veeva Dash's traps involve lava and parkour as the only escape route.
  • The Place: Many episodes are named after the build of the episode. Heck, even the series is called Stampy's Lovely World, the name of the world where most of the action occurs.
  • Platonic Declaration of Love: Stampy gives one to Fizzy in Episode 653, Trial.
  • The Power of the Sun: The mind-control antenna set up by Veeva Dash doesn't work at night, according to Episode 386, Brain Wave, as HTT and Veeva Dash came out of the mind-control trance which they were put into — via hacking — at moonrise. Stampy theorizes that the machine might be solar-powered.
  • Production Foreshadowing: A variation, as it takes place in Sqaishey's series rather than Stampy's, but since they're partners in both content creation and real life, it might as well be this trope. During Stampy's guest appearance in Feather Adventures Episode 309, Forest Fight!!!, he discovered a mechanism involving gates which allows players to 'swim' on land, and confirms in the episode that he had a stroke of inspiration. He eventually utilizes this in the Lovely World in the form of the minigame "Ground Control". Sqaishey even lampshades this in the episode.
    Sqaishey: Oh, is this the start of Stampy coming up with a new Minigame? I feel that it is. I-I need your help on it if you wanna make it in Feather Adventures.
    Sqaishey, half-laughing: Yes, definitely, he's definitely thinking [up] something.
  • Pungeon Master: Stampy himself is this, with a tendency to give half the buildings in his Town a Punny Name. In Episode 49, Troubles Brewing, he even added someone to the Love Garden for a very punny comment they made.
    • This goes to the point that Stampy originally names the court house the "Court House" but ended up challenging Polly Reindeer to come up with a better name. Its name is now the "Court of Paw".note 
    • It is implied that the Other Stampy from Episode 658, Mirror World is this too, judging by what he named the buildings in the Mirror World.
  • Purple Is Powerful: The "Fancy Pants" restaurant is decorated with purple flags and carpets and has a dress code of purple trousers. Why purple? Because purple symbolizes wealth and power, of course!
  • Quirky Town: This applies to the entire world sans the corner controlled by HitTheTarget, especially since a good chunk of the population are quite odd as well. For one, the animal population far outnumbers the human population, and the Town is filled with Bizarrchitecture.
  • Racing Minigame: The Funland has many of these (usually in the form of "first to get an item or a certain amount of items"), each of them with their own twists. The straightest examples are "Crystal Rapids" (with boats), the "Top Paw Dog Assault Course" (which records the amount of time a dog needs to complete the course, while being guided by their owner), "Water Rush" (which works a lot like Wipeout if you're not the Shark), "Tumble Tower" (using trapdoors), and "Maze Master" (in an "invisible maze").
    • Stampy also used to have races to the Doghouse at the beginning of the episode with his Helpers, usually Lee.
  • Rainbow Pimp Gear: The "Rainbow Robes" outfit from "Stampy's Overwear" consists of a diamond helmet, an iron chestplate, golden leggings and leather boots. In Episode 184, Clone Calamity, Stampy goes into battle wearing these.
  • Reality Ensues: Fizzy's trial in Episode 653, Trial, ends very quickly once Stampy points out that since this is a Let's Play series, he records everything, and in doing so caught Fizzy killing William's chicken on camera.
    • More of a case of "Game Rules Ensue," but when asked why Hit The Target doesn't just kill Stampy, Veeva Dash responds by saying that since the SLW isn't a Hardcore world, he would just respawn.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Hit The Target gives Stampy one in Episode 526, Saving the World.
  • Recap Episode: The non-canonical episode Stampy Vs Hit The Target - The Story So Far gives a brief recap on every Hit The Target attack up to Episode 658, Mirror World, utilizing a Clip Show format.
  • Recycled In Space: The minigames "Bury Berry 2: In Space" and "Bury Berry 3: Back to Berries" are this to the original "Bury Berry". All three games involve hiding "berries" underground then racing to track the opponent's “berries” down.
  • Recycled Title:
    • Both Episodes 132 and 396 are titled Sushi Restaurant.
    • Both Episodes 152 and 210 are titled Fun and Games.
    • Both Episodes 298 and 577 are titled Fast Food.
  • Rescue Arc / Roaring Rampage of Rescue: The premise behind Episode 542, Hero Helpers.
  • Rewind Gag: The episodes leading up to Episode 500, Memories, feature this. This becomes a plot point in the episode, as their occurrence was invoked by Veeva Dash and HTT, where Stampy learns to exploit the rewinds as a Reset Button to try different plans to stop the machine.
  • Right Under Their Noses: In Epiosode 575, Polly-Bot, Stampy manages to hide temporarily from Hit The Target, Veeva Dash and Polly-Bot by hiding in the pond in front of the "Flying Fish" sushi restaurant. The pond is right next to the path, only about three blocks deep and has crystal clear water. They walk right past him without detecting him.note 
    • On the flip side, in Episode 624, Helpless, Stampy's dogs go missing yet again, and Stampy spends the entire episode trying to track them down. They were hidden behind the Doghouse.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Alongside Added Alliterative Appeal, Stampy uses this to name many of his shops and minigames, and at least once, he uses both. For example, in the Funland alone, there are the "Helter Skelter", "Fish Me a Dish", Flower Power, "Bury Berry", "Snow Throw", "Doggy Hockey", "Douse the House" and "Rule the Duel", all built within the first 300 episodes.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Stampy goes on one in Episode 500, Memories, after Hit The Target kills Barnaby.
  • Rule of Cool: Part of the reasoning behind some of the designs of some of Stampy's constructions, e.g. minigames.
  • Running Gag: Whenever Stampy adds Santa Claus (who is real in the series) to his Love Garden on Christmas specials, he always spells his name wrong on the signs, claiming to get it right each time. This gets to the point that in the 2018 Christmas short, Santa himself gets so fed up that he goes to the Love Garden to fix the misspelling himself.
    • Also, Stampy making about a dozen crafting tables per episode, which is made funnier by the fact that he made a crafting room in his Cool House, in the early episodes of the series. This goes on to be lampshaded and addressed many times in later episodes, to the point that Flippy was appointed as his crafting table janitor, responsible for clearing up all the crafting tables he made during episodes.
    • It is a Christmas tradition to build the snowman Frosty Long Nose's carrot nose a block longer every year, to the point that Stampy could jump from the nose to the balcony by the 2020 special.
    • In older episodes, giraffes built out of fences were scattered throughout the SLW, because they are Stampy's favourite animal. Moose statues built out of oak wood and brown wool were also scattered around for Lee Bear.
    • Also in older episodes, before the Tree Train system was constructed, Stampy's dogs kept running onto the minecart tracks and thus blocking Stampy from leaving the transport stations, meaning it took much longer than necessary to get to the Funland.
    • Between Episodes 340 and 366, Stampy continuously tries to bake cakes for breakfast with Lee Bear's secret recipe, but it tastes like something ridiculous every time. He finally gets it right in the Christmas Episode.
  • Scenery Porn: Whenever Stampy looks out over his World from above, usually at night.
    • Scenery Gorn: In Block of the Dead (in Episode 564, Scary Movies), a Zombie Apocalypse film set After the End, there is infamously a shot which pans out to the Lovely World in ruins and on fire (complete with the clock part of the clock tower being completely blown off), just before the title appeared onscreen.
  • Secondary Character Title: Among others, the episodes featuring the first appearance of the new Helpers have this — Episode 356, William Beaver; Episode 368, Playful Polly; and Episode 393, Fizzy Elephant. Stampy still serves as the main protagonist despite the episode being named after them.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Stampy, in Episode 500, Memories, multiple times, by exploiting the rewinds.
  • Severely Specialized Store: This is quite common in the Lovely World.
    • The "Crazy Cow Milk Bar" sells only milk, no pub snacks or any other drinks or anything.
    • "Harriott's Hats" obviously only sells headwear.
    • The "Hot Potato" only sells potatoes.
    • The "Stewpendus" restaurant only serves stew.
    • The "3 Z's" shop only sells beds.
    • The "Beetroutique" only serves beetroot, while the "Cookie Crumble" restaurant beneath it is for cookies.
    • "Now We're Cooking" serves chicken. Just chicken.
    • The "Big Apple" cafe/restaurant sells only apples and golden apples.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Episode 680, Turny Journey, ends up becoming one, with Stampy falling into the Void and losing the Elytra that took him three episodes to get.
  • Shaped Like What It Sells: The bakery, "Stampy's Hot Buns", is shaped like a cake.
  • Shared Universe: Implied. Though nothing is confirmed on the Lovely World end, several series make references to the Lovely World's existence.
    • The honeymoon episode of Finnball's Kingdom takes place in the Lovely World, as Finnball and Lily enter the World through a portal in Stampy's house in the Kingdom. Finnball's Kingdom was also mentioned by name by Squid in Episode 117, Belly Dance, concerning a glitch which caused all tamed wolves to disappear in console worlds.
    • According to Quack If You Wanna, Sqaishey's 100,000 subscriber special, the Lovely World and Feather Adventures (Sqaishey's world) are close enough that digging a hole is an effective way to travel between them.Timestamp  In a later milestone celebration song, FunBot 200,000, Sqaishey mentions that they put two FunBots in Stampy's world, one in Netty's, and one in LongShot's, implying that Feather Adventures takes place in the same universe as Netty's Dreamland, the Lovely World, and whatever LongShot's home world is. This is also helped by the Production Foreshadowing for the "Ground Control" minigame in a Feather Adventures episode where Stampy makes a guest appearance.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Several of Stampy's pets have names inspired from other popular media.
    • In Episode 14, Googlies Trap, the "Room of No Requirement" was constructed above Stampy's bedroom. He even acknowledges in the video that it is a nod to the franchise.
    • Episode 100 is titled Cat to the Future.
    • In Episode 110, Lunar Friends, Stampy notes that he should make a leaderboard for the Dog Assault Course, like in Top Gear. He then proceeds to name the building/minigame it takes place in the "Top Paw Dog Assault Course".
    • The "It's a Lovely World After All" ride is outright stated several times to be based on Disney's It's a Small World.
    • During the battle in Episode 184, Clone Calamity, Stampy has this to comment:
    Stampy: There's so many HitTheTarget clones, it's turned into Clone Wars!
    • The minigame "Pig Pong" (and eventually "Pigless Pong") is basically Pong played in Minecraft.
  • Shown Their Work: The markings on the airport's runway are fairly accurate to real life, down to the arrows pointing the direction of where to take off, which is pointed out in Episode 540, Airplane.
    Stampy: They do actually have things similar to that in Real Life, like, all of these markings are based on real markings, including — believe it or not — the arrows. So I kinda couldn't believe this, it was al— it was almost a little bit scary […] the fact that runways actually have arrows to say which way to fly the plane, and I think that if the pilot doesn't know which way to go down the runway, they shouldn't be a pilot at all, but real runways do have arrows to tell you which way to go, and so mine is— is the same; next time you go [on] a plane, look out for them and see if you can spot them.
  • Show Within a Show: The Helpers put on a play in the Theatre in Episode 69, The Show Must Go On, for Stampy's 4,000 subscribers special.
    • The TV shows on the "Telly Box" television broadcasting studio also function as this.
    • The stories for the Halloween Episode Secret Stories (Episode 458) are shown through plays at the Theatre as well.
    • The films Renna, Block of the Dead, What Is This? and Beyond The Blocks: Far From Lovely are premiered in the "Movie Magic" cinema.
  • Significant Birth Date: The dogs Chicken and Luna were both born on Christmas Day, albeit in different years (2012 and 2014, respectively).
    • Ester the chicken was born around Easter 2013.
  • Simple, yet Awesome: Stampy's bedroom has a fairly simple design, even for something first built in 2012, but has since become one of the most iconic and easily recognizable builds in Minecraftian history.
  • Sleek High Rise Apartment: The penthouse of the "Hotel of Dreams" is this, with glass windows overlooking the Town of the SLW, and naturally, Stampy is its main occupant.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: It's quite firmly on the idealistic end of the scale.
  • Slipping a Mickey: A variation. Veeva Dash poisons a cake with a sleeping potion and Hit The Target leaves it out as a trap in Episode 320, Sleepy Stampy. Judging by the title of the episode, I think we all know where this is going.
  • Soft Water: Since the series takes place in Minecraft, this is to be expected... and exploited fully in many, many minigames involving falling from high places, including and not limited to "Whale of a Time" and "Fall For It".
  • Something Completely Different: Every episode where HitTheTarget attacks, which tend to rudely interrupt Stampy's plans for a happy, fun episode.
    • The Christmas preparation videos also fall into this category; Stampy and his Helpers make snowmen in front of the balcony, decorate the Clubhouse, and build the Christmas tree.
    • Episodes 300 (Everything), 301 (Everything Else), 600 (Town Tour) and 601 (Funland Tour) are all extraordinarily long, the latter three all passing the one-hour mark in length, because Stampy celebrates the 300th and 600th episodes of the series, respectively, by touring the World. He also mentions planning to make these tour episodes for the 900th episode special.
    • Episode 380, All Mine, is a mining episode where Stampy and his Helpers gather resources from a vast underground cave system.
    • The arc of Episodes 678 to 680 (Dangerous Day, Enderman Horde and Turny Journey, respectively) involve him deviating from the episodic norm of building or playing minigames to fight the Ender Dragon and retrieve Elytra wings.
  • Space Episode: Episodes 85, Trip to the Moon and 474, Christmas in Space both involve travelling to the Moon.
  • Spiders Are Scary: There is a dungeon under HitTheTarget's current fortress with a spider spawner. The residents of the fortress proceed to exploit this by using the spiders spawned from the place as guards.
  • Spinning Out of Here: A variation. How Stampy's teleporter works involve him pressing a button to reappear in a different teleporter, i.e. a bit like a lift/elevator. The teleportation motion involves the user spinning in a circle.
  • Spoiler Cover: Most of the episodes involving HitTheTarget attacking would involve him or his plans on the thumbnail, sometimes blurred out and/or in the background, other times... smack in the front.
  • Spoiler Title: Several episodes end up having this, most notably Episode 541, I Lost and Episode 542, Hero Helpers. As a matter of fact, many episodes involving HTT tend to involve this, complete with Darker and Edgier thumbnails.
  • Spot the Imposter: The arc spanning Episodes 551 and 575 involves Polly being kidnapped and replaced by "Polly-bot", a robot version of her.
  • Stable Time Loop: There is one between Episode 92, The First Cake and Episode 100, Cat to the Future.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: The representations of the sun/day and moon/night (Sol and Mani, respectively), in the story Sol and Mani from the Halloween Episode Terror Trio (Episode 657). They usually cannot meet because the presence of one requires the absence of the other.
  • Stock Episode Titles:
    • Episode 69 is titled The Show Must Go On.
    • Episode 76 is titled Revelation, but the 'revelation' of the episode turns out to be a lie ultimately.
    • Episode 124, Sinking Feeling, though it could be have a double meaning behind it.
    • Episode 212, Fight in Flight, is an allusion to the stock title "Fight or Flight".
    • Episode 351, Nightmares, features three nightmare sequences.
    • Episode 355, Friends and Foes, is also a play on the stock title "Friend or Foe".
    • Episode 455 is titled Revenge.
  • Story Branching: The Easter specials, sans the first one (Episode 72, Easter Egg Hunt), are all interactive, being 'choose your own adventure' type episodes. One notable example is Episode 291, Egg Hunt, where Hit The Target attacks.
  • Storming the Castle: The Climax of Episode 42, Unexpected Drama.
  • Strictly Formula: Many episodes play out this way — intro, Morning Routine, building something or playing a minigame, episode ends. HitTheTarget attacks in some episodes, which shakes things up a bit, but most end with the villains escaping or being scared into running away... which makes the episodic arc 541-542 all the more shocking.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Practically whenever a creeper shows up. This gets defied if the creeper gets killed before it explodes.
    • Following the first attack by Hit The Target, Stampy and his friends blow up his fortress to signify his defeat in Episode 42, Unexpected Drama.
    • In Episode 124, Sinking Feeling, Lee, Stampy and Squid blow up Hit The Target's ship after defeating him.
    • Stampy also eventually blows up the Helpers' Village to make room for an expansion of the Town.
    • Several minigames involve the use of TNT, such as "Bombs Away".
    • On a darker note, HTT uses his laser satellite in Episode 455, Revenge, to blow up Polly's house and Squid's house. Stampy retaliates by hijacking the satellite to blow up HTT's fortress.
  • Sub Story: Episode 165, Ocean Adventure, was supposed to be one, but then events took a turn for a worse when the crew find HitTheTarget's underwater base in the process and end up uncovering one of his evil plans.
  • Sugar Bowl: Most episodes are about Stampy and his Helpers building bright, happy, colourful things, or designing and playing fun games, but it sometimes gets Darker and Edgier when HitTheTarget (and later, Veeva Dash) are involved.
  • Surfer Dude: Brick in the short movie What Is This? (in Episode 564, Scary Movies) is this, complete with the ridiculous accent.
  • The Swear Jar: Stampy used to keep a "swear chest" in his house and had to pay a gold ingot every time he cursed, which started because kids were watching his videos. It has since been removed.
  • Sweet Tooth: Sweet foods tend to be the Trademark Favourite Food of many of the heroes. See below for examples.
  • Switching P.O.V.: Episode 542, Hero Helpers, is the only episode shown in this format, where the Minecraft Helpers receive A Day in the Limelight to show them executing their plan to save Stampy from HTT.
  • Tempting Fate: At the end of his 2014 Halloween Episode, after he has finished telling his viewers ghost stories, he tells them that he is completely safe in his world as the camera pans out and reveals Hit The Target just outside his house as Stampy goes to sleep.
    • In Episode 355, Friends and Foes, after Veeva Dash runs off to Hit The Target's island, Stampy hopes that he wouldn't be around the fortress. Naturally, since he made that comment, HTT was present for the episode to witness his girlfriend betraying Stampy in all her glory.
    Stampy: Luckily it looks like [Hit The Target]'s not here and—
    Hit The Target: [comes down the ladder into the room they are in]
    Stampy: [gasps] He is here!
  • Threatening Shark: In the minigame "Water Rush", the player operating the obstacle panel in the sushi restaurant usually dresses as a shark, and sets off the obstacles which the "dolphins" have to dodge or risk falling into the water below.
  • Throwing Down the Gauntlet: In Episode 212, Fight in Flight, Stampy challenges Hit The Target to an unarmed gentleman's duel above the town.
  • Time Out: During Episode 137, Naughty Helpers, Lee and Finnball started a fight, so Stampy made them sit in opposite corners of the crafting room while he added someone to the Love Garden, and told them to behave. He made Lee stay in his corner longer because Lee shot Finnball dead in the middle of the Love Garden sequence and it popped up in the kill feed.
  • Title of the Dead: The short movie Block of the Dead from Episode 564, Scary Movies.
  • Title Sequence: Each episode, excluding the earliest ones and a few specials, start in Stampy's bedroom. A title jingle plays and the title is shown on the screen as Stampy walks to his balcony to show his world to the viewers. Then, he greets his Minecraft Helpers of the episode and starts his Morning Routine.
    Stampy: Hellooooooo! This is Stampy, and welcome to a Minecraft Let's Play video, and another video inside of Stampy's Lovely World!
  • Time-Travel Episode: Episode 100, Cat to the Future, is precisely this.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: In a Nightmare Sequence in Episode 351, Nightmares, Stampy dreams that he is Hit The Target, which he notices after switching into third-person view.
  • To Be Continued: Episode 541, I Lost, ends with this.
  • To Hell and Back: This is done occasionally by Stampy and his Minecraft Helpers, mainly to retrieve resources from the Nether. HitTheTarget and Veeva Dash do this too, though usually for more nefarious purposes.
  • Trademark Favourite Food:
    • Stampy: Cake (obviously).
    • Lee Bear: Also cake.
    • Sqaishey: Pumpkin pie.
    • William Beaver: Carrots.
    • Polly and the other reindeer: Apples.
    • Fizzy Elephant: Cookies.
    • Santa Claus: Cookies. Stampy leaves one out for him every Christmas.
    • Veeva Dash: Baked potatoes.
  • Trapped in the Past: This accidentally happens in Episode 100, Cat to the Future.
  • Treasure Room: The secret room behind the fireplace in Stampy's library, which even has walls, floor and ceiling made out of gold and lapis lazuli blocks. Also, the treasure vault in the bank, containing gold, diamonds and cake.
  • Uncatty Resemblance: Stampy offhandedly mentions that his dogs sometimes take after him, e.g. Barnaby being easily distracted, Porky being a Big Eater, etc.
  • Underwater Base: The "Secret Base" is located in the lake under Stampy's House.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Many times, HTT and Veeva Dash construct blatantly obvious structures for their evil plans, but Stampy usually doesn't take notice of them until they attack.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: HTT and Veeva Dash have a tendency to make their escape when odds turn against them, as the main focus is to scare them off and foil their plans, but outright defeating them is less important in comparison.
    • Averted in his first attack in Episode 42, Unexpected Drama, as Stampy manages to kill him off. It doesn't stop him from coming back, though.
    • Also averted in Episode 500, Memories, where Stampy goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after HTT kills Barnaby, though this gets reversed and both are brought Back from the Dead due to the recurring rewinds.
  • Visual Pun: Many of the shops and minigames are built with this in mind. The "iC Optician" has ice for windows, for one, and the "Farmacy" is a pharmacy which is shaped like a barn.
  • The Voiceless: All of Stampy's Minecraft Helpers are silent throughout the video, though Stampy occasionally mentions talking to them beforehand. The villains are also usually voiceless, with the exception being HitTheTarget in a few select instances.
  • Void Between the Worlds: Other than the Void of Minecraft itself, Stampy briefly encounters HitTheTarget there after travelling there by portal, in Episode 658, Mirror World.
  • Walk the Plank:
  • Water Is Blue: The "Water Wonderland" room in the "Hotel of Dreams" is decorated in blue. The oceans around the SLW also had blue water, but this became subverted as biomes in the SLW changed over the years with Minecraft and the swamps had murky water and coral reefs had turquoise-tinted water.
  • Weapon of Choice: Stampy and Lee Bear and their enchanted diamond swords, HitTheTarget and his bow and arrows, Veeva Dash and her splash potions, and William Beaver and his diamond sword.
  • Wham Line: Surprisingly numerous for a series where (usually) only one person can talk.
    • From Episode 76, Revelation:
    Hit The Target: It's the evil Stampylongnose!
    • From Episode 526, Saving The World:
    Stampy being vocally controlled by Hit The Target: Hello, Stampy. Surprised to see me?
    • From Episode 541, I Lost:
    Stampy, in response to the cannon on HitTheTarget's castle firing: No, wait a minute, I've lost control!
    • From Polly's Twitter account:
    Polly (secretly either Polly-Bot, Hit The Target, or Veeva Dash): Everything is as it's supposed to be.
    • From Episode 670, Hacked:
    On-screen popup: Warning! New sign-in detected for your Minecraft account. If this was you, please ignore this message.
    On-screen popup: You were kicked out of the game.
  • Wham Shot: Since there is only one person speaking under normal circumstances, the Lovely World series heavily relies on these to convey plot twists, though it is usually accompanied by Stampy's narration.
    • Episode 184, Clone Calamity: The appearance of the second HitTheTarget clone.
    • Episode 355, Friends and Foes: Veeva Dash throwing the Wither skull to Hit The Target.
    • Episode 472, Gate Crashers: HitTheTarget and Veeva Dash entering "Fizzy Fun", which Stampy couldn't see In-Universe while his vision was obscured by a pumpkin.
    • Episode 575, Polly-Bot: Polly (actually Polly-Bot) running to HitTheTarget and Veeva Dash outside the "Fast Food" restaurant.
    • Episode 580, Uninvited Guests: HitTheTarget-Bot and Veeva Dash-Bot's rocket launchers activating to detonate on the side of the Clock Tower.
  • Wishing Well: One is constructed in the Lovely World in Episode 169, Wishing Well. It is then used several times throughout the series.
  • World of Funny Animals: Downplayed. About half the cast has an anthropomorphic creature as a skin. The others usually have a more human appearance, e.g. WeeWeeGaming, Chloe and Finnball.
  • World of Pun: Most of the time, if Stampy's various constructs don't involve Rhymes on a Dime or Added Alliterative Appeal, they definitely involve some sort of pun in the design and name.
  • Yellow/Purple Contrast: The exterior design of the "Fast Food" restaurant consists of yellow and purple concrete.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Cited to be how the Ghost Pirate in Episode 657, Terror Trio lost his head... which was caused by him sneezing without shutting his eyes.
  • Zerg Rush: In Episode 418, I Can't Win, Stampy invokes this with him and all ten of his dogs to try to intimidate Hit The Target wearing enchanted diamond armour and Veeva Dash into backing off with numbers. It works.note 
    • Later on in Episode 679, Enderman Horde, practically all the endermen in The End swarm Stampy and William Beaver when they were trying to defeat the Ender Dragon.

"But for now, I want to thank you all very much for watching, and I will see you all later! Bye!!"

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