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Title of the Dead

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"Whoo! The dance of the living dead!"
Al Czervik, Caddyshack

Titles including the phrase "of the [Living] Dead". You can almost always expect zombies to be involved.

A Sub-Trope of The X of Y and The Joy of X. See also Tropes of the Living Dead and Episode of the Dead.

Compare with Doomy Dooms of Doom.

Examples of the Dead:

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    Anime & Manga of the Dead 

    Fan Works of the Dead 

    Films — Animated of the Dead 

    Films — Live-Action of the Dead 

    Literature of the Dead 
  • The Book of the Dead, an ancient Egyptian funerary text.
  • Fairly new is the mash-up A Christmas Carol of the Living Dead, which is just what you think it is: zombies vs. Scrooge (but done seriously).
  • "Dance of the Dead", a short story by Richard Matheson.
  • Dance of the Dead, a Ravenloft novel by Christie Golden.
  • Dance Hall of the Dead, a Joe Leaphorn mystery by Tony Hillerman
  • Lucian's Dialogues of the Dead, making this Older Than Feudalism.
  • Eaters of the Dead, a novel by Michael Crichton, which was adapted into the film The 13th Warrior.
  • Galaxy of Fear: City of the Dead. The zombies don't show up until late, but it does take place on Necropolis.
  • Isle of the Dead, the third book in the Deltora Quest 3 series.
  • ''Junior High Of The Dead' a tragedy/drama novella by Todd Dawson-Cooper.
  • The Naming of the Dead, a crime novel by Ian Rankin.
  • The Necronomicon (Greek: "image of the law of the dead", sometimes translated "book of the names of the dead"), a fictional grimoire that appears in stories by H. P. Lovecraft.
    • Terry Pratchett's Discworld parodies this with the Necrotelecomnicon, or "phonebook of the dead".
  • Plague of the Dead, a novel by Z.A. Recht.
  • Speaker for the Dead.
  • Twilight of the Dead

    Live-Action TV of the Dead 

    Music of the Dead 
  • "Clothes of the Dead," a song by Bongo Bass & Bob (aka Penn & Teller and Steven Banks).
  • Horror Punk Rock band The Misfits have songs titled "Night of the Living Dead" and "Day of the Dead."
  • Metal band Lordi has a song called "Night of the Loving Dead."
  • Exciter song "Rising of the Dead".
  • Rage album Speak of the Dead.
  • Grave Digger song "Sorrow of the Dead".
  • The Doom Metal band Mistress of the Dead.
  • The Cirith Ungol album King of the Dead.
  • "City Of The Dead" by The Clash.
  • Emmure album Speaker of the Dead.

    Radio of the Dead 
  • The syndicated '40s mystery/horror program Adventures by Morse had the serialized multi-episode stories "City of the Dead" and "Land of the Living Dead".

    Tabletop Games of the Dead 

    Video Games of the Dead 

    Web Comics of the Dead 

    Web Videos of the Dead 

    Western Animation of the Dead 

    Real Life of the Dead 
  • Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos), a Mexican holiday.
  • Names of the Dead, a list published by the US Department of Defense following combat action.

Alternative Title(s): Title Of The Living Dead