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In-Character Commentaries

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Cast from a show or movie are giving commentary using the characters they play as their voices.


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     Animated Films  



     Live-Action Films  

  • In Muppets from Space, Gonzo, Rizzo, Kermit, and Tim Hill give a commentary. Also similar to MST3K.
  • In Tropic Thunder Kirk Lazarus, an extreme Method Actor, claims to never break character until after he's recorded the DVD Commentary. When Tropic Thunder came out on DVD Robert Downey Jr. (who played Lazarus) did his commentary in character as Lazarus in character as Osiris, his character from the Show Within The Show.
  • In the Return of the King extended DVD, Andy Serkis is joined in the commentary by Gollum and Smeagol, and acts as the sort of balancing ego to their respective id and superego.
  • One DVD release of Space Jam has commentary by Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
  • The "Two-Disc Snuff Edition" of August Underground includes a commentary by the leader of the film's two killers. Going by the background noise, he's doing it while in the middle of torturing someone.
  • One of the special editions of This Is Spın̈al Tap features in-character commentary from the band members, starting right off with the main menu.

     Live-Action Televsion  

  • The Freaks and Geeks DVD set has two of the teachers give commentary on one episode in character.
  • A few episodes of Tales from the Crypt has commentary from the crew of the show as well as the Cryptkeeper.

     Web Original  

  • Homestar Runner:
    • "The King of Town" has commentary by Strong Bad. "The Search for the Yello Dello" has commentary by Strong Bad, Homestar, and Strong Sad. "Experimental Film" has commentary (hidden as an Easter Egg) by the directors Strong Sad and The Cheat... and Strong Bad and Homestar show up to crash it.
    • Many, many of the shorts on the DVDs feature commentaries from a variety characters primarily Strong Bad and Homestar.

     Western Animation  

  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    • "Store Wars": Mac, Bloo, and Frankie give a commentary; Mac and Frankie attempt to get Bloo to sign an apology letter for the incident(s) in this episode for Frankie to go back to shop.
    • "Mac Daddy": Cheese gives a commentary throughout the episode "Cheese Spills the Beans".
  • Most of The Muppets' movies have the characters providing commentary.
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "SpongeBob vs. The Big One" Plankton gives a commentary titled "Plankton's Special Sinister Commentary". Also similar to MST3K.
  • Phineas and Ferb: .
    • "Flop Starz"— Doofenshmirtz and Norm
    • "The Ballad of Badbeard" — Candace, Linda, Stacy, Doofenshmirtz, Norm, Monogram, Carl, and Perry
    • "Attack of the 50-Foot Sister" — Monogram and Doofenshmirtz
    • "The Chronicles of Meap" — Monogram and Doofenshmirtz
    • "No More Bunny Business" — Buford and Baljeet
    • "Perry Lays an Egg" — Monogram and Carl
  • In an episode of American Dad!, Klaus pretends his life is a DVD and he's supplying the commentary track. Late in the episode, he starts talking over a scene he's not actually in.
  • At least one episode of The Boondocks has commentary by Uncle Ruckus. Doubly hilarious because it's "Return of the King", the anvilicious MLK episode, and consists mostly of Ruckus doubling down on everything he said during the episode.
  • Making Fiends: In the DVDs of the web series, there are alternate versions of each episode. A few of them have commentaries by characters.
    • "Charlotte's Fist Day Part 1: New Student" by Charlotte and Vendetta.
    • "Charlotte's First Day Part 2: Show and Tell" by Marion.
    • "Shrinking Charlotte" by Vendetta and Grudge.
    • "Substitute Teacher" by Mr. Milk.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! has a DVD bonus feature in which Iron Man, Captain America, The Mighty Thor, and the Incredible Hulk comment on "surveillance footage" of some of their adventures.
  • The first three 3-2-1 Penguins! episodes have commentaries by Ron Smith, Zidgel, Midgel, Fidgel, and Kevin.
  • Several episodes of the first season DVD of King of the Hill had commentary from the cast: a few were from Peggy and Bobby Hill, and others were from Dale and Bill.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show had episode commentaries of "Circus Midgets" and "Big Flakes" by both Ren and Stimpy in the DVDs of the Games Animation seasons.
    • Similarly, an Easter Egg on the Season Five and Some More of Four DVD had a brief 4 minute commentary of "Stupid Sidekick Union" with George Liquor joining Ren and Stimpy.


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