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"You know, sometimes I wonder if there are other worlds out there to explore: worlds full of excitement and adventure and new friends!"
Behold! The show you'll forget the name of in 10 minutes!

Wonder Quest is a web series from Disney’s Maker Studios. It is created by Joseph Garrett, a YouTube commentator who posts videos primarily set in the sandbox game, Minecraft.

Since its release in April of 2015, the series has garnered over 71 million views. You can watch the first season here......and the second season here.

To see the TV Tropes page for Stampy himself, you can find it here.

I wonder what the examples of this show are?:

  • Academy of Evil: The Henchmen Academy for Rough Meanies (H.A.R.M) is one of these.
  • An Aesop: Always keep WONDERING!
  • Educational Song: Episodes 2,3 and 8 all have educational songs. note 
  • Edutainment Show: Not only does this show teach subjects like the solar system and how plants grow, but the overall message of the show is to stay curious so you can learn.
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  • "Fantastic Voyage" Plot: Episode 6 had Keen casting a shrinking spell on Stampy and himself to see how plants grow.
  • Fast-Forward Gag: Used in Episode 22 when Stampy, Keen, Thomas Edison, and William Hammer do a variety of activities around the lab while waiting to see how long a lightbulb with a carbon filament can last.
  • MacGuffin: The Wonderments of the Wonder Gem, which keep the whole world wondering.
  • Plot Allergy: Rama, the main antagonist of the second season, is allergic to cats, and is even more allergic to wizards.
  • Space Episode: In Episode 4, Stampy and Keen set off into space to find the first wonderment (and find a stranded alien in the process).

And remember: always! Keep! Wondering!

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