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Characters / Wonder Quest

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Stampy Cat

Actor(s): Joseph Garrett

A curious and optimistic ginger cat from Stampy's Lovely World who is ready to learn new things in the world of Wonderberg.


  • Big Eater: One of Stampy's most recognisable traits is his gluttony.
  • Cats Are Superior: Inverted, since Stampy can have quite strange ideas and is entirely dependent on Wizard Keen to get himself back on task and back into reality.
  • Cloudcuckoo Lander: Stampy can have the strangest ideas about how things work (despite being a full-grown adult), like talking to trees to find out how they grow, suggesting building a monkey-shaped bridge to cross a ravine, and crying over losing his last cake.
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  • Cuckoo Snarker: Even if he can be a bit of a ditz, he can still have his snarky moments.
  • Purity Sue: The rare male version, where Stampy only has two flaws: being clueless and his gluttony. The rest are just positive traits.
  • Trademark Favourite Food: Cake. Just cake. note 

Wizard Keen

Actor(s): Adam Clarke

A humble and


Lord Heinous

Actor(s): Shay Carl Butler

Wizard Keen's evil brother who has a weak sense of humor and a short temper. He once attempted to steal the Wonder Gem so that Wonderberg would lose its power, but he accidentally broke it into five pieces that were scattered across Wonderberg. He is the main antagonist of Season 1.



  • Big Bad Wannabe: Despite being the villain, Heinous is a lot more petty than evil and isn't very good at planning.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: He is a terrible joke-teller.

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