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Yandere High School is a YouTube series based slightly off of Yandere Simulator. Its creator is Samgladiator, along with many friends of his from Minecraft. The first season ran from August 1th, 2015 to December 14th, 2015, and season 2, under the name Tokyo Soul, ran from December 19, 2015 to June 24, 2016. It can be found here: It does not have any specific genre, but is generally comedic in nature. It is a Minecraft roleplay of two roommates, Samgladiator and Taurtis (with a third friend Grian being added later on), and their wacky adventures in high school in Japan.


There's also a prequel series, simply called Yandere.

Yandere High School contains examples of:

  • Abhorrent Admirer:
    • Kawaii Invader, a girl with blonde hair and a black beard, is this for Sam. What makes her more abhorrent is her possibly Yandere behavior towards Sam, especially since her Stalker Shrine for him contains items like his saliva.
    • In Tokyo Soul, Sam learns that in another dimension, he's this for Invader and she despises him instead of the other way around.
  • Absentee Actor:
    • Taurtis doesn't appear in Tokyo Soul for a while because he supposedly died. He doesn't appear until the last few episodes because he was learning how to speak Japanese.
    • After Grian is introduced, he disappears for a few episodes. They sometimes justify it by saying that he's gone back to the UK.
  • Adult Fear: In a few episodes of the prequel, Yandere, Silly decides to hide out in a toy store from her mother, Okami. Cue Okami desperately searching for her while Sam withholds the fact he knows where she is.
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  • The Alcoholic: The first episode has Sam drinking right before school.
    Taurtis: Why are you drinking before school, Sam?
    Sam: Because I need a little buzz before school gets started.
    Taurtis: You have a problem, I think we need to talk about this.
    Sam: What's the big deal? I don't see what the big deal is, Taurtis.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Dom has feelings for Kawaii Invader, who has a crush on Sam, who has a crush on Sookie.
  • Alternate Universe: Sam, Taurtis and Grian journey into a different timeline when they get the Necronomicon for Mr. Chupa. They learn that in the alternate timeline, Sam is more of a Villain Protagonist than his current Anti-Hero counterpart who killed Invader's mother. As a result, Invader has a crush on Grian instead of Sam, much to the former's dismay.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Ellen, much to Grian's chagrin. DaPieLord as well.
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  • And I Must Scream: The season finale for Tokyo Soul ends with Sam, Taurtis, Grian and Jerry returning to their universe and finding out that everything is gone except their house. Literally, there's nothing in the house at all: no beds, no books, no computers, no TVs and no couches. There's no one else there except for the four of them. They also learn that they won't age and they can't die no matter what they do. In short, they're basically stuck in purgatory for the rest of eternity.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Sam and Taurtis, both to Dom and Sookie, who actually accepts Sam's affections for once as "Samantha".
  • Badass Teacher: Rowan, and, as late revealed, his wife Okami, as they and their daughter Silly are a SWAT squad.
  • Big Bad: Yuki is revealed to be this for YHS. She killed Gareth's wife, leading to his haunting of the school, because Taurtis jokingly had an interest in her. She also framed Chan-Yandere for running over Salex, Taurtis' girlfriend, and led her father's yakuza against Sam and Taurtis in the first season's finale. The showdown resulted in Sam, Taurtis, Grian, and Dom having to go into the witness protection program and move.
  • Black Comedy: Starts to become this shortly after Gareth's suicide. Sam often reminds Taurtis about his girlfriend's death, laughs at Sookie when she wears a neck brace (which he inadvertently caused, by the way), wears a dead character's head, etc.
  • Bland-Name Product:
    • Lots of things are made by "Crab Co.": Gamecrab, Youcrab, Nexus Galaxy Crab... Subverted with iPhone in the first episode, then jPhone later. Fumblr.
    • Taurtis attempts to sell a mock product of Doritos. This leads to a lawsuit from Doritos and Invader getting violently sick after eating it.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • Stormforce claims that the drugs that he's selling are "special sugar".
    • The TV and Gamecrab in Episode 37 are marked as "not stolen". (note: Sam and Taurtis's apartment was broken into and raided because Sam refused to give a special edition of Hunter × Hunter as payment).
  • Bus Crash: Hidden's journal reveals that Jts died in the war.
  • Butt-Monkey: Sam. The gym teacher picked him out the first day as especially weak, people mocked his teddy bear, and a teacher stole a cookie from him.
  • Character Death: There are several deaths that make things go From Bad to Worse. Warning, major spoilers.
    • Gareth was Driven to Suicide after his ex-wife's disappearance.
    • Salex was in a car accident and it's heavily implied that Yuki was behind it.
    • JtsTheDane is killed while fighting in the war in Denmark.
    • Stormform is shot by Okami and Pail Blart during a drug bust.
    • Karu, the Yakuza leader, is shot by Sam, Grian, and Paul Blart.
    • Paul Blart is decapitated by Yuki in revenge of her father's murder.
    • Rowan is stabbed by Yuki and drowns in the boys' locker room.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Doritos, which are seen as a running joke from the first episode onwards, become a larger plot point revolving around the invention of 'Tauritos', Taurtis' own brand remake.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Taurtis and Grian don't appear again in season two of Tokyo Soul. Nobody mentions what happens to them, much less the rest of the cast from the first season.
  • Clark Kenting: It's pretty obvious that Sam and Taurtis are dressed in girls' uniforms. Only a few seem to notice.
  • Class Clown: Taurtis, right off the bat when he makes a joke about the teacher's ex-wife.
  • Continuity Reboot:
    • Season 2 of Tokyo Soul resets everything, from the setting to all of the characters except for Sam. A few from the first season return later, such as Jerry, but the second season shares little in common with the first.
    • Yandere High School also has one. A few supporting characters return, such as Okami, but the map is entirely remade from scratch, and many other familiar characters are notably absent.
  • Cool Teacher: Okami. She has a game crab in her classroom, she likes to read manga and she celebrates certain events with fireworks.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy:
    • The reason for Dom's initial hatred towards Sam was because Invader liked him.
    • Sam's jealousy of Soul escalated so much that he attempted to poison her... only for it to backfire and accidentally poison Sookie.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: When Taurtis is dressed as Saitama, he tries to punch Cthulhu who has possessed Igbor, but he fails.
  • Disney Death:
    • Anytime one of the characters dies in the roleplay. Since it's a Minecraft roleplay where the characters spawn back, it makes since that this happens.
    • In the Christmas Episode, Hidden, Mr. Dorito, Taurtis and Grian are fed to the giant Snowman. After the Snowman is destroyed, everyone survives.
  • The Ditz: Taurtis. In the first minute of the series, he doesn't know what day it is. He stays up all night gaming on a school night, doesn't know they have two televisions, and thinks "weird" is a cute nickname. It becomes more serious later on, when he pays too much money for things, gives away their only house key to their gym teacher, and tries to switch sides in the middle of the season finale battle.
  • The Fellowship Has Ended: In a meta example, Taurtis and Grian are not expected to reclaim their roles in the latest reboot series. The exact reasons aren't known, but in response to a comment asking why Taurtis couldn't come back, Sam confirmed that he and Taurtis are no longer friends.
  • Funny Animal: Soul is an owl, Carl is a crabman, Pete, his daughter Patty, and Henry (in the second season) are pufferfish. Freddy is a miscellaneous fish.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop: Sam decides to do this with Taurtis and Grian when they arrest Yuki. Sam tries to play the good cop and Grian plays the bad cop very effectively.
  • Gym Class Hell: Rowan's gym class is this. He sets up a difficult obstacle course, has the class play dodgeball a couple of times, and sets up an arena for students to fight one another.
  • The Hero: Samgladiator. However, the story flip-flops between him really being an Anti-Hero or Villain Protagonist.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Taurtis and Sam. Some Homoerotic Subtext can be found, such as kissing each other's wounds.
  • High School: Each series centers around a high school.
  • Honorary Uncle: Taurtis is this to Patty after he adopts several of her siblings that her father, Pete, disowns. Unfortunately, they die because Taurtis doesn't know to keep them in water.
  • Incompatible Orientation: Unfortunately for Sam, Sookie is into girls.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: Invader, mostly because of her beard. Subverted when she shaves it and she looks more like a girl than before.
  • The Lancer: Taurtis, to Samgladiator.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Sam, albeit zigzagged. He is either half-bunny, or a guy with a bunny hat. When his father comes to school, he also has bunny ears, which doesn't clear it up any further.
  • Minor Living Alone:
    • Just about every character is a teenager who lives in their house/apartment. In Yandere, Sam's father is shown in the house, implying that he originally owned the house before Sam and Taurtis took over the rent.
  • The Moving Experience:
    • After a lawsuit from Doritos and being evicted from their first house, Sam and Taurtis are forced to move to another town. They still go to the same school, but they have to take more time to get there.
    • Sam, Taurtis, Grian and Dom are all forced to move to Tokyo in Tokyo Soul where they go to a different school.
  • Murder, Arson, and Jaywalking: Grian and Taurtis list reasons why Sam should break up with Yuki: she still wants to go out with Sam even after knowing that he killed her father, she's killing people in town (which includes their friends), she wants to kill Grian, and she stole Taurtis's favorite pillow.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: If Sam and Grian hadn't been searching for Taurtis in the TS season finale, the Zombie Minions wouldn't have gotten in their dimension and the whole universe wouldn't have ended.
  • No Sense of Direction: Taurtis. He doesn't know where the school is in the second episode.
  • Old Hero, New Pals: Most noticeable in the reboot of Tokyo Soul. Sam is still the main protagonist, but much of the supporting cast is different. Some of the new characters are played by the players of former characters.
  • Only Sane Man: Grian is the only one willing to point out how messed up each town is.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise:
    • Zig-Zagged. When undercover from the Yakuza, Sam, Taurtis and Grian put on novelty glasses. Sam and Taurtis forget Grian, to the point where he introduces himself as Grian, and they still don't make the connection. He just rolls with it, pretending that "Grian" tells "Grian the wizard" things, and sometimes that he has wizard powers. Earlier on, Grian was forced to dress up as Taurtis by Sam, who then forgets that Grian isn't Taurtis. Taurtis then shows up as an amnesiac, who gets dubbed "Jerry". Hilarity Ensues.
    • The Yakuza do this when Sam and his friends are in hiding. They wear clothes that are obviously too small for adults.
  • Peeping Tom:
    • Taurtis occasionally spies on girls. At one point, he recorded Yuki in the bathroom and watched the video later.
    • Yuki is always seen going into the boys' locker room. It gets to a point where a sign is placed outside the locker room telling her to stay out.

  • Poltergeist: After Sam, Taurtis and their dates get out of the haunted school, they stop by the store to take shelter from the rain. Suddenly, the lights start flickering and the door starts opening and closing by an unseen force.
  • Pool Scene: The first series features a couple of episodes by the school's pool.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: In-universe. Taurtis and Sam's classmates pair Sam with Kawaii Invader, calling it Invadiator.
  • Prequel: Yandere takes place before the events of Yandere High School when Sam and his friends are all in elementary school and Gareth's wife, Jane, is still alive.
  • Put on a Bus:
    • Jts goes back to Denmark for war.Then it's revealed that he died on the battlefield.
    • A majority of the Yandere High School characters don't appear in Tokyo Soul.
  • Rugged Scar: Jts the Danish exchange student has one because he was involved in a fight with wolves.
  • Robot Maid: Mezaka to Pete and Carl's store.
  • Running Gag:
    • Taurtis "looking both ways" in the middle of the street, and various other versions of "Why aren't you using the crosswalk?" Harsher in Hindsight when Taurtis' girlfriend Salex gets run over by a car.
    • Taurtis using Doritos to solve everything. Except for Gareth's problems. It makes him even more depressed.
    • People pairing Sam with Kawaii Invader and him repeatedly saying, "She's Not My Girlfriend".
    • The movie poster changing every morning.
    • JTheStar showing off a different car at least once a day.
    • Just about every morning, Sam buys a train ticket and Taurtis (and sometimes more people) steals a ticket that he bought.
    • Sam raiding graves for clothes and for ingredients for his salex.
    • In Tokyo Soul, Taurtis repeatedly takes things from Sam's locker.
  • Sadist Teacher: Rowan. He yells at his students, beats them, ogles them, and jumps into the bath with them.
    Sam: I feel a little violated, Taurtis.
  • Sailor Fuku: The female uniforms.
  • School Sport Uniform: Each school has designated uniforms for gym class. Sometimes, Taurtis ends up wearing the girls' uniform.
  • School Nurse: One of PufferFishPete's jobs is this.
  • Sensei-chan: Okami. Subverted in that she is married to the gym teacher, Rowan, and they have a daughter together.
  • Share the Male Pain: Taurtis is eager to "help" Sam get with Sookie by giving him a little chop-chop.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Sam -> Invader. Taurtis keeps trying to "help" them, though.
  • Shipping Torpedo: Dom, see She Is Not My Girlfriend.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The start of the series, some of the music and one of the classmates are one big shout-out to Yandere Simulator.
    • KawaiiInvader's father is Paul Blart.
    • The second season's name, Tokyo Soul, is similar to Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Stalker Without a Crush: After a bad first impression in class, Gareth decides to stalk and harass Taurtis. This behavior eventually diminishes, mostly because Gareth kills himself.
  • Sweet on Polly Oliver: Dom kisses both Taurtis and Sam both who were disguised as girls. Once he learns the truth, this causes him to question his sexuality.
  • Unfazed Everyman: All sorts of weird things occur throughout the series (characters become ghosts, anthropomorphized animals go to school and have jobs, Taurtis has several clones made, aliens invade Earth, etc.), but Sam doesn't treat it like any of it is strange.
  • Unsettling Gender Reveal: See Sweet On Polly Oliver.
  • "Which Restroom" Dilemma: When Sam and Taurtis are dressed as girls, they have this when deciding where to go to change for gym.
  • Verbal Backspace: In the pilot, Taurtis casually mentions murdering someone. It's never stated if he was joking or serious.
  • Very Special Episode: This series has a few of these. They include holiday episodes (Christmas Episode and Halloween Episode), a Beach Episode and other specials like a Birthday Episode and a Star Wars special. By the way, all of this episodes, except the Beach Episode, are separate from the main storyline and are just done for fun.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: See Verbal Backspace.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • When Sam breaks up with Invader, students at the table call him out for it. Either they didn't realize that Sam really didn't like Invader or they were calling him out on how he started the conversation.
    "I've never liked you."
    • Sam and Taurtis are occasionally called out by other characters for things like lying, ripping off a product, crossdressing, being insensitive to other people's needs, killing people and other things.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Let's see, the series features Funny Animals, oddly skin-colored people, ghosts, a creature called "The Drinch", a man-eating snowman, genetic cloning, Cthulhu, aliens, Minions, dimensional travelling, and other strange things.
  • Wrong Name Outburst:
    • While Taurtis is suffering from amnesia and is going under the name "Jerry", Sam calls him by his real name rather than "Jerry".
    • Sam also calls Okami "Amy", which may be the name of Okami's user.
  • Yandere: It's in the title for a reason.
  • Sam initially had Adorkable attempts when he tried to talk to Sookie, but he soon turned into a Stalker with a Crush who refuses to give up his crush after she came out of the closet. He once attempted to poison Soul to be with Sookie.

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