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As a member of the Fiction 500, you own an awesomely cool car, boat, planenote , and a garage to keep them in, but where do you get your mail delivered? Where do you hang out when not on amazing adventures? A Big Fancy House? No, too normal. It must be a Cool House.

To be a Cool House, the standard suburban mansion, Sleek High Rise Apartment or Big Fancy House just doesn't cut it. The Cool House is Wish Fulfillment in real estate form. It might look like an ordinary home or something that wouldn't normally be used as a house, but in either case the briefest of tours of its features will reveal that it is no ordinary home.


To qualify for Cool House status a dwelling should be sufficiently unique that any "normal" person aware of its full capabilities would be either in awe, concerned about the owner or designer's sanity, or concerned lest the house fall into the wrong hands. Thankfully Cool Houses are often protected by a Weirdness Censor.

In addition, it should have at least several of the following:

  1. Features that no sane, mundane person would expect to have in their home.
  2. A feature that no mundane person would be ABLE to have in their home.
    • Alien tech.
    • Magic portals.
    • An object that is unique in the world, illegal for others to own, etc.
    • A physical Weirdness Censor.
    • Surrounded by a yard with grass, trees, pool, etc., in a location where construction or normal survival would be impossible, for example, at the north pole, inside a volcano, on top of Mount Everest, etc.
    • Sentience.

Not to be confused with a popular television doctor.

There are a lot of Zero-Context Examples that have been commented out.

Examples, from least cool to coolest:

A house that looks completely ordinary, but is actually heavily automated, often resulting in trouble

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     Anime and Manga 

     Live Action TV 
  • SARAH from Eureka (as normal looking as any underground bunker/house can look).

A house that looks completely ordinary, but hides such features as the roof pivots on a hinge to release an airship larger than the house, or some other equally unlikely thing

     Western Animation 

  • Skeeve's flat on Deva (Myth Adventures) looks like a small tent on the outside, but the inside is in a slightly different dimension, and is much bigger. Of course, he has vampires living in his back yard, so that's a little less cool.

A house that looks spooky or odd, presumably the home of an eccentric at best. When you enter, you realize that the exterior of the house is the most normal thing about it

     Live Action TV 

     Western Animation 
A Big Fancy House that is really a front for an Elaborate Underground Base, PLUS it has additional gadgets

     Comic Books  
  • Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Which is actually an extremely upgraded mansion. Whenever the student body gets too large, two extra mansions are added on the grounds.
  • Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Ordinary New York brownstone on the outside; base of operations for a very busy wizard and his assistant on the inside.. plus it may be alive.

  • In Help!, The Beatles have a variation on this; they appear to live next door to each other in four rather humble houses on a terraced estate, but it's revealed that the interior walls have been knocked down to make it one large mansion inside with separate color-coded areas (Ringo = blue, John = red, Paul = white, George = green) full of cool stuff inside (Ringo's got several vending machines for snacks, John's got a spinning bookshelf, Paul's got an organ brought up from the basement, and George's got a lawn with a live-in gardener).
  • In Ex Machina, Nathan's home looks like a few wooden buildings from the outside, but it's largely a spacious subterranean compound. Nathan describes his home as being primarily a research laboratory, but it has all the comforts of a futuristic mansion. There is an elaborate security system and a huge amount of advanced technology in the labs. He also owns the vast tracts of pristine forests and mountains around it, such that two hours of the helicopter ride are spent flying over them.

  • First-time visitors to the Dominator's island may think it's just a mirrored-steel Big Fancy House with lasers on top. There's a weapon embedded in every wall, jets hidden under the grass outside, and an elevator that goes down to a massive basement with its own pool, video arcade, library, enormous warehouse of weapons...

     Video Games 

A house that doesn't even look like a house, but it sure is cool


     Comic Books 

  • The Aerie, the Colorado cabin in Aunt Dimity Goes West, is one of these. It seems to have grown organically from the mountainside, and it features a variety of decks and windows in many shapes (including portholes and stars). The place also has a variety of luxuries (a massive indoor play fort in the boys' bedroom suite, sauna, hot tub, arcade game room, home theatre, library, outdoor firepit, indoor fireplaces, and so on). One of the characters calls it the owner's treehouse, explicitly stating that he was forbidden a treehouse while growing up and used his wealth as an adult to live the dream. The local pastor's wife comes for a visit and is visibly impressed with the place from the moment she enters.
  • Jasper Fforde's Sergeant Mary Mary lives in a re-purposed plane, specifically a Short S.25 Sunderland, a British flying boat patrol bomber. Thursday Next lives there while in hiding during her first pregnancy, and the location also features in one of the Nursery Crimes books.

     Live Action TV 
  • The TARDIS on Doctor Who, the ultimate mobile home.

     Western Animation 

  • The house Marvin (John Malkovich's character) in the film version of Red has certainly qualified. The house you see is a front. The real house is entered through the broken down trunk of a car. It has no electronics or phone; Marvin is a Cloud Cuckoo Lander who is almost always 'right' about his conspiracy theories. Inside is a full house, including an old-style safe vault with all the secrets he's collected.

A house with most (if not all) of the above

    Anime and Manga 

  • Artemis Fowl's home. He has any technology you can imagine, awesome visitors, and it's basically a friggin' castle. A wine cellar, a holding room, and a room dedicated to watching news. Here's one of the elevator things. Fowl Manor = Win.
  • Nanaki's house in the Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note novel The Youkai Computer Knows to the point it looks quite jarringly fantastic for a premise within realistic Greater Tokyo backdrop. Not only Nanaki uses his AI skills to manage a Big Fancy House while in the state of Minor Living Alone, including driverless cars, robotic servants, and large numbers of sensors to reporting literally everything in the house (to the point of precision agriculture). It's also self-sufficient in terms of food production, involving a fish farm and what the novel refers as miniature farm animals. On top of it it's egg-shaped, highly unusual in Japan where strict building codes mean most houses are pre-fab.

  • Ninja Sex Party: The song "Mansion Party" takes place in a house with such features as a diamond fridge that costs more than the entire country of Peru, an entire battle arena just for watching pandas engage in gladiatorial combat, and a tiger. It's so huge that just getting to the dance floor requires elaborate directions and possibly a horse.
    Hey, girl, heard you couldn't find the dance floor
    Just walk right past the garden, go through the Spanish French doors
    Turn right at the seventh bathroom, then a left at my laser car
    You can ride my purebred stallion, if you hit my moat you've gone too far
    (You've gone too far)
    Take an upside down left at the M.C. Escher stairs
    Okay, you're almost halfway there

     Video Games 
  • Tomahna is revealed to be this in Myst IV: Revelation, while only hinted at in Myst III: Exile. They even have an elevator. Bonus points for it being written into Earth by its patriarch, Atrus, your friend and Mr. Exposition from the first games.
  • Nikifor's house in The Sacred Rings , where the game starts. It has its own telescope, a secret room, and an elevator. With enough battery crystals, the house can even walk.

     Web Comics 
  • Repelista Jahad's floating castle with the Opera light house from Tower of God.

     Western Animation 
  • Steven Universe: Ladies and gentlemen, the home of the Crystal Gems. The wooden house part on the exterior is just Steven's room; inside that statue is a temple which the Gems themselves claim, a sprawling interior with long winding halls, floating platforms, and magic waterfalls.

     Real Life 
  • The White House in Washington, D.C. now has, or has previously incorporated, most of the features listed under category 1. Especially the security system. And the application process to move into the place is tricky, to say the least.
  • 10 Downing Street, residence and office of the UK Prime Minister, also arguably qualifies. From the front it's an unassuming 3-storey house on a small London side-street. Inside it has over 100 rooms and offices. The door is bomb-proof steel and cannot be opened from the outside, only from inside.


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Inside the Beatles' house in Help!. From outside it looks like four houses, but on the inside it's one huge pad, with one section color-coded for each member and each with its own special attribute.

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