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  • Rokuro made the mistake of stealing Kakashi's body in order to infiltrate Konoha and assassinate the Hokage. Incidentally, Kakashi had memorized Icha Icha Paradise and was positively eager to have a captive audience to recite it to...
  • Hiashi has a habit of drawing his sword on Naruto, whether it's to defend Hinata's honor, or to emphasize his instructions regarding Naruto's treatment of Hinata, and even once by accident because Neji, the real target of Hiashi's wrath, just so happened to hide behind Naruto.
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  • It's subtle, but anyone who angers Sakura immediately hides behind Naruto. Perhaps on the assumption that she's hit Naruto a lot so he's pretty good at taking it.
  • Gaara is not exactly the fun-having type of guy, and feels lost on vacation. So he asks a little girl if building her little sandcastle is "fun"... and then, with her encouragement, Gaara of the Sand builds a sandcastle. With style.
  • Sasuke pantomimed a cracking whip while watching Hinata sweet talk Naruto into getting his head injury checked out... right in front of Sakura.
    Sakura: *level stare* Whipped. Really?
    Sasuke: Er, you see...
    Sakura: Let's go, Sasuke.
    Sasuke: *hangs head and follows quietly*
  • Naruto and Hinata apologize to Kushina for their absence while they work out their differences over wedding catering. Kushina waves it off, it gave her a chance to make the bed. It takes a few moments for Naruto and Hinata to realize why Minato and Kushina would have to make the bed, again, in the middle of the afternoon.
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  • During Tenten's bachelorette party, Naruto jutsu winds up controlled by a member of the Kyouko clan, who uses Naruto's shadow clones to attack the rest of the party. Everyone else has a moderately difficult time. Except for Sakura, who dusts multiple clones at a time, with a small happy smile on her face.

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