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The Golden Raspberry Awards (and by "raspberry" we mean the big, loud, wet one), often shortened to the "Razzies", is an award ceremony in recognition of the worst in film; when you've made a movie that is uniquely terrible, this is exactly the sort of "award" you may be in for.

Created by John J.B. Wilson, whom staff of the Razzies refer to as "Ye Olde Head Razzberry", and Maureen "Mo" Murphy, the Razzies have been handed out since 1981, traditionally on the evening before the Academy Awards are handed out. Understandably, very few people ever show up in person to accept their Razzie, a gold-painted plastic statue costing "about $4.97". A few have, though, taking the suckitude of their movie in stride (which makes you wonder). A few actors and films have won both Oscars and Razzies, while a select few have been nominated for both awards for the same work.


There have, however, been criticisms of the Razzies' process. As Sandra Bullock pointed out when accepting her award for All About Steve, many Razzie voters don't even see the films they're nominating, instead choosing to hate on films just because they're popular to hate on (as seen as with films such as the Twilight franchise) or star somebody who has a rabid hatedom (as with Private Parts and Barney's Great Adventure). Along with some now-critically acclaimed films being nominated for Razzies such as The Shining in 1980, The Thing in 1982, Scarface in 1983, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1997, it's easy to see where some of the backlash lies. And even then some critically-acclaimed films did receive Razzies regardless of their reception, such as Beavis And Butthead Do America in 1997. There is also criticism towards the "Worst Actor" categories, since an actor/actress usually gets nominated for being in a bad film in the first place, regardless of their actual acting skill in a film. The backlash is also probably why the Worst New Star, Worst Original Song and Worst Musical Score awards were discontinued. Nevertheless, the Awards still go on, despite little-to-no respect from cinephiles, making some wonder how the Golden Raspberry Award is still a thing. What doesn't help is that John J.B. Wilson is somewhat of a recluse, making it impossible for anybody to ask him why the Awards are still going on to this day. The Golden Raspberry Awards are also seen as a bunch of bullies by some, but they have denied this accusation and claimed that the whole ceremony "encourages filmmakers to own their bad" and for them to "embrace" their awards. This is to the point where a user named Mjanm1 (who was probably a Golden Raspberry Award Foundation staffer) edited the ceremony's page on The Other Wiki and changed several sections to make them appear far more positive, even going as far as to change the introduction to hide the actual motive of the Razzies - ridiculing movies based on other critics' or incredibly vocal hatedoms' opinions.


In 2005, Wilson published The Official Razzie Movie Guide, which besides the actual award honorees, also extensively covered films released in the decades before the awards began.

Starting with the 2015 awards, a new category, the Razzie Redeemer Award, has been handed out to a past nominee or "winner" who has moved onto a more critically successful movie.

You can find a list of winners of the various Razzie categories here.

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  • To date, only one actor has ever won both the Razzie and the Oscar in equivalent categories in the same year (albeit for different films), in 2010 — and Sandra Bullock actually did turn up to collect both (the Worst Actress Razzie for All About Steve, the Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side); Bullock even "gifted" the Razzie audience with Blu-Rays of the former film. Two others also won simultaneous awards: composer Alan Menken (Oscar for Score and Song in Aladdin, Razzie for Worst Song in Newsies) and screenwriter Brian Helgeland (Oscar for the L.A. Confidential adaptation, Razzie for The Postman). Helgeland decided to accept the Razzie, and they delivered it to him in his office; his collaborator, Eric Roth — who had himself adapted Forrest Gump into the far better-known movie and won an Academy Award for that one — was not so gracious. Menken, who has spoken "proudly" of the achievement - "I won three Academy Awards within the course of three years and one Razzie" - finally received his Razzie in 2020, four years after the lyricist, who put it in in his house alongside the Tony won by the Newsies adaptation.
  • Aside from the aforementioned Sandra Bullock, among the people who've showed up to collect awards are Halle Berry for Catwoman (bringing her Oscar from the previous year to the ceremony!), Tom Green for Freddy Got Fingered (accepting all four of the awards he personally won as well as the Worst Picture trophy... and showing a distinct lack of maturity by berating the crowd), J.D. Shapiro for Battlefield Earth, (the writer received Worst Screenplay in a radio program, and picked up Worst Movie of the 2000s in person) and Paul Verhoeven for Showgirls (the first to attend the ceremony). Tom Selleck received his for Christopher Columbus: The Discovery on a talk show, and on another show Bill Cosby received a literal Golden (and marble) Razzie for Leonard Part 6 instead of the cheap one. The star of The Wild Wild West TV series, Robert Conrad, picked up the awards for the ill-fated, In Name Only movie adaptation starring Will Smith as a protest.
  • Two people have been nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie for the same performance: James Coco, for Best and Worst Supporting Actor in Only When I Laugh, and Amy Irving, for Best and Worst Supporting Actress in Yentl. (Neither of them won either award.)
  • One film has won both an Oscar and a Razzie. Wall Street got an Oscar for star Michael Douglas, but Daryl Hannah won a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actress.
  • There have also been musical acts nominated for both an Oscar for Best Original Song and a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Original Song: Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", as part of the original soundtrack to the 1998 film Armageddon, Trisha Yearwood's "How Do I Live" from the 1997 film Con Air and the Tony Bennett's "Life in a Looking Glass" from the 1986 film That's Life!.
  • In addition to the people listed above, there have also been individuals nominated for a Razzie and a prestigious non-Oscar award for the same movie. Neil Diamond, winner of the inaugural Worst Actor Razzie for 1980's The Jazz Singer, was nominated for the Golden Globe in the same role; Stanley Kubrick was nominated in 1981 both for a Razzie Award as Worst Director at the 1st Golden Raspberry Awards as well as for a Saturn Award for Best Director at the 8th Saturn Awards for the same film: The Shining; and in 2017, Darren Aronofsky was nominated for both the Golden Lion and the Worst Director Razzie for mother!.
  • The biggest Razzie winners are Jack and Jill (10 awards, i.e. all the categories), Battlefield Earth (9 total; 7 awards upon release, Worst Drama of Our First 25 Years in 2005, and Worst Movie of the 2000s in 2010), Showgirls (8 total, 7 awards upon release and Worst Movie of the 90s in 2000), and I Know Who Killed Me (8 awards in 2008, though one is kind of a cheat as Lindsay Lohan tied with Lindsay Lohan for Worst Actress as she played two roles) for movies, Sylvester Stallone (10 awards, including Worst Actor of the '80s and Worst Actor of the Century, the latter being for "99.5% of everything he's EVER done"note ) and Madonna (8 awards, including Worst Actress of the Century) for actors.
  • A few non-fiction movies have ran for Razzies, most notably two documentaries: Michael Moore's 2004 film Fahrenheit 9/11, the first Razzie winner (four awards scorning the performances of high-ranking American Iraq hawks who "starred" as themselves) that bombed neither critically nor financially;note  and Dinesh D'Souza's Hillary's America won Worst Picture in 2017 for being as fake as a documentary can be while also showcasing inept filmmaking at its finest (D'Souza went on to appear in the video announcing the 2017 winners, claiming the Razzie voters picked on his movie because Hillary lost the presidential election, while also claiming getting such an award was fantastic - "my audience loves the fact that you hate me!"). In 2019, both D'Souza's following movie, Death of a Nation, and Moore's left-wing equivalent Fahrenheit 11\9 earned Worst Actor for Donald Trump (plus Worst Screen Combo for himself and his "self-perpetuating pettiness") and Worst Supporting Actress to his counselor Kellyanne Conway. Along with them, Andrew "Dice" Clay's performance movie Dice Rules! ran for Worst Picture in 1991, The Jonas Brothers won Worst Actor for their concert movie, and two documentaries led to Worst Actress nods, Madonna in Truth or Dare, and Sarah Palin in The Undefeated.
  • Cross-dressing noms are a Running Gag (as well as the LGBT community being an Acceptable Target for the Razzies in general, as if using an offensive slur for transgender people as the nickname for the Transformers franchise isn't further evidence). Winners include Tyler Perry (A Madea Christmas and Boo! A Madea Halloween 2), Adam Sandler and David Spade (both for Jack and Jill), Dom De Luise (Haunted Honeymoon), Eddie Murphy (Norbit), and Brooke Shields (the 1983 film Sahara). Nominees include Barbra Streisand (Yentl), Kurt Russell (Tango & Cash), Kevin Kline (Wild Wild West), "The Wayans Sisters" (White Chicks), Martin Lawrence and Brandon T. Jackson (both for Big Momma's House 3), and John Candy (Nothing but Trouble). Amusingly, famed Drag Queen Divine once ran for Worst Actor.
  • Ensembles that won Worst Actor/Actress: The Jonas Brothers, The Spice Girls, the Wayans Brothers in Little Man and the gal pals from Sex and the City 2. Worst Actress also had noms for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the stars of Bratz and The Women, and the Wayans in White Chicks.
  • Worst Screen Couple/Combo is clearly the most comedic category. Gag Boobs nominations ("Pamela Anderson's impressive enhancements", "Mariah Carey's cleavage", "Sharon Stone's lopsided breasts"), all-inclusive nominations of "any actors" that lead to three esoteric wins (Showgirls: "Any combination of two people or two body parts"; The Emoji Movie: "Any two obnoxious emojis", Cats: "Any two half-feline/half-human hairballs") and two a bit more specific (John Travolta and anyone sharing the screen with him in Battlefield Earth, Tom Green and any animal he abuses in Freddy Got Fingered), actors Acting for Two (with wins for Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man in the Iron Mask and Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me) and actor/object combinations (though the only ones which won were "Kirk Cameron and his ego" in Saving Christmas - this one came up after his attempt to tilt Rotten Tomatoes to up his panned movie's scores on the site prompted internet drama that sent it the other way - and "Donald Trump and his Self-Perpetuating Pettiness" for two documentaries).
    • A close second for most comedic is the discontinued Worst New Star, which often included a fictional character in its nominees (one of whom, Ronald McDonald, won a Razzie for his role in Mac and Me in 1990.)
  • The Razzies have irregularly given an award called "Worst Career Achievement". The "winners" so far have been:
    • 1981: Ronald Reagan, who had been elected president of the United States the previous year.
    • 1983: Linda Blair
    • 1985: Irwin Allen
    • 1987: Bruce the Rubber Shark from the Jaws franchise
    • 2009: Uwe Boll
  • Few animated films got the attention of the Razzies until the widely reviled The Emoji Movie swept its four nominations, including Worst Picture, in 2018. Prior to that, Thumbelina won Worst Original Song and one of Kelsey Grammer's roles that earned him Worst Supporting Actor in 2014 was Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.
  • Three U.S. Presidents have won Razzies. Ronald Reagan received the special "Worst Career Achievement" award upon becoming President (as he had been an actor for quite some time before entering politics), Donald Trump won Worst Supporting Actor for 1990's Ghosts Can't Do It (As Himself, the only one to win before taking office since that film predated his entry into politics by 20+ years,) and then again while in office for his roles in Fahrenheit 11/9 and Death of a Nation also As Himself in 2018, where he won both Worst Actor and Worst Screen Combo, and George W. Bush won Worst Actor for 2004's Fahrenheit 9/11 (again, As Himself).
  • Only one person has managed to win a Worst Award and a Razzie Redeemer Award in the same night; Melissa McCarthy, who won Worst Actress for her roles in both The Happytime Murders and Life of the Party and the Redeemer Award for Can You Ever Forgive Me? (for which she was also nominated to an Oscar for Best Actress).
  • Two people in history have won both Best Director and Worst Director, though neither were from the same year: Kevin Costner (Best: Dances with Wolves in 1991; Worst: The Postman in 1997) and Tom Hooper (Best: The King's Speech in 2010; Worst: Cats in 2019).
  • A bigger ceremony than usual was planned for the 40th awards in 2020, with the intent to televise it. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak that same year, the ceremony was called off and the results were posted on the Razzies’ YouTube page instead as they had been for previous years.

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