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Sir Billi, released in the United States as Guardian of the Highlands, is a 2012 Scottish computer-animated film, made by Sascha Hartmann and Tessa Hartmann and starring Sean Connery as the voice of the lead role.

Sir Billi, a skateboarding veterinarian, must save a fugitive beaver from the corrupt local police.

The movie claims to be the first full-length animated movie made entirely in Scotland. Sean Connery, despite having retired from acting, lent his voice to the film in order to support Scotland's animation industry. It was his final acting performance before his death in 2020.


  • Brave Scot: Sir Billi himself definitely fits this trope, being brazen enough to mouth off to a police officer.
  • Butter Face: Practically all the female characters are disturbingly well-rendered in terms of their body proportions, but all have ugly faces.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Sir Billi looks very much like his voice actor Sean Connery, right down to his moustache and bald head.
  • Jiggle Physics: Many of the female characters have strangely well-rendered assets.
  • Random Events Plot: The movie's plot is...incoherent to say the least. Sir Billi is trying to save a beaver, but there's a whole lot of unrelated stuff that just happens in between with no real purpose.
  • Shout-Out: There's an excessive number of shout-outs to James Bond, Sean Connery's most famous role:
    • The movie opens with a Shirley Bassey song featuring silhouettes of dancing women, not unlike the openings of many Bond films.
    • Near the end of the movie, Gordon bungie-jumps off a dam, a lot like a familiar scene from Goldeneye.
    • Billi's goat Gordon wears a yellow jumpsuit like the one Uma Thurman donned in Kill Bill.
  • Talking Is a Free Action: When the animals end up in the water, one of the rabbits goes to alert Sir Billi, and they spend almost 10 real-world minutes just talking about it instead of rushing to go help the drowning animals.
  • Totally Radical: Sir Billi talks like this.