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The story's hero of Love and Justice, no, really.note 
Ami's eyebrows shot up as everyone kept staring at her with bated breath. "What?" she asked into the silence, crossing her arms in front of her chest defensively.
"Aren't- Aren't you going to convince them by revealing your grotesque and horrifying true form now?" Snyder asked, a hint of disappointment quivering in his voice.
The three goblin heads peering around the door frame nodded. "Yes. Is traditional."
Ami blinked at the expectant expressions surrounding her, then closed her mouth with an audible snap. She turned her head and threw a pleading look at the Reaper, who just snickered at her predicament. "But I'm human! I really look like this!"Chapter 20: Strategy Meeting

Dungeon Keeper Ami is an ongoing Crossover fanfiction written by Pusakuronu. It begins with Ami Mizuno being transported to the world of Adushul and forced to become a Dungeon Keeper herself. Armed with nothing but her smarts, a couple of imps, and a Horned Reaper who hates her guts, the now Keeper Mercury will have to face both the forces of evil Keepers who want to stop her, as well as the heroes who refuse to believe her good intentions, all while trying to find a way to get back home.

Since Anime Addventure is now defunct, the chapters are now hosted at Sufficient Velocity (full story plus discussion, or story only).

The crossover uses the anime continuity of Sailor Moon, only applying bits from other continuities if absolutely necessary. It also acknowledges the events of the first Dungeon Keeper game.


The story proper can be divided into several main arcs that are largely self-contained, plot-wise, but which connect the larger, overarching story.

Plot summary (with spoilers), is listed on the recap page.

You can download all the current chapters in a single document in the following formats: epub (up-to-date as of 2018-08-03), ePub (up-to-date as of 2018-07-24note ), ePub (alternate version, possibly outdated), AZW3 (Kindle), or slightly outdated: MS Word, FB2, PDF

You can find a python script to create a up-to-date ePub file directly from the website here. You can create the other formats from that one with Calibre. You can also read it in a single page by visiting the Lysator page compiled by Thomas Bellman and up to date as of August 2021.


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Dungeon Keeper Ami provides examples of:

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  • Abandoned Area: The habit of Ami leaving places while taking her Dungeon Hearts with her, results in this trope, repeatedly, because she doesn't need to leave troops anywhere, they either come with her or are fired, and she travels with her heart, so her former dungeons are abandoned.
  • Abandoned Mine: In "A Hairy Situation", Ami is expanding an abandoned gold mine for the habitation of over 8000 people.
  • Abandoned Playground: In "Making an Entrance", there's one, well, it's a sandbox, and it has a brief Empathy Doll Shot:
    Her gaze slid over the fake pillars and support structures that defined the basic design of a façade, skipped over the engravings beside the door, and came to rest on the rectangular depression that seemed to serve as a front yard. In a sandbox littered with hastily-abandoned children’s toys, she spotted a half-finished wooden figurine and a carving knife. Its grip was just the right size for the tiny hands of a toddler.
  • Abhorrent Admirer: A downplayed but amusing example when Camilla has a hard time ending a conversation with a dwarf who seems intent on talking to her more — until Ami approaches and the dwarf hastily makes an exit.
    Bagozkal: I would be more than happy to elaborate on the details during—during… excuse me please something really urgent came up I must go!
  • Absurd Altitude: Ami ascends into space to use the great distance to delay her banishment into the Dark Gods' realm.
  • Accidental Pervert: Despite being, well, herself, Ami somehow manages to end up with a reputation for perversion, depravity, and raping REAPERS.
  • Acid-Trip Dimension: When a Dark Kingdom expedition is navigating the space between dimensions, things get weird, with tunnels shifting and changing as they watch, the ground made of a fog that logically shouldn't hold their weight, and paths twisting and crossing with no apparent pattern to them. One youma tries to take an ill-advised shortcut, and her body is bent like a pretzel before vanishing (though she's narrowly rescued).
    Kaliki: What happened? What did you see?
    Zandu: The inside of my eyes.
  • Adapted Out: Minako/Sailor Venus is removed because the author believed she and Usagi were so interchangeable, they were basically the same character.
  • Added Alliterative Appeal:
    • Zarekos is VERY fond of this. His speech and narration also have a bit of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness to them, apparently so that he has more opportunities to alliterate. For example, his dismissal of his Brainless Beauty vampire:
      "Begone, brainless buffoon,"
  • Adjective Noun Fred: Dungeon Keeper Ami. It's about the Keeper of a Dungeon, named Ami.
  • Adorable Evil Minions: Features both the goblins and the Imps. Both provide comic relief and are, usually, very mischievous. Occasionally, then can, in fact, act with cruelty, but it seems to stem mostly from the way the are themselves treated. Later on, Ami gets new, youma-empowered imps (basically baby youma); they come with overalls and tiny hard-hats...
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: Ami faces two on Avatar Isle; first Keeper Alphel, and not much later The Avatar. The former cuts her off from any resources she could use to harm it, while the latter is just that good.
    • Ami herself is one at times, notably when breaching Salthalls to meet with its Duke.
  • Affably Evil:
    • Keeper Mukrezar, oh so much. He's quite polite to everyone, and hilarious, while being just as sadistic and ambitious as any other Keeper, with the cunning and creativity to back it up, from slowly roasting enemies alive, to besieging cities until the inhabitants eat each other.
      Mukrezar languished on his throne with a glass of wine in his hand, flanked by two loyal mistresses who were moving large, feather-covered fans up and down. He had put the half-starved former leader of the Underworld city to good use dancing for him. That would teach the silly orc chief to drag out the inevitable capitulation for so long. It was a shame that the lesson wouldn't have any lasting impact, since the 'dance' involved a floor of glowing coals and severed vocal chords.
      Mukrezar regretted the necessity, he really did. The screams were the most relaxing part, but they would have interfered with his current business.
    • Keeper Midori sells information to all sides of a conflict, Ami included. He has no vendetta against her, but he is entirely self-serving.
    • The Unraveller of Mysteries is very impressed with Ami, protects her to an extent from Azzathra's influence, and would like to take her on as a worshipper. Or dissect her brain to learn all her secrets and put it back together again afterward. Whatever works.
  • A Glass in the Hand: In A New Home, Mukrezar had the wine glass in his hand shatter, "as he suddenly clenched his fist" after learning the lethal amount of magic that Ami used, and he basically has no way of matching to one-up her.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: For the sake of saving the lives of her friends and everyone she's responsible for, Ami is willing to apologize to and appease the dark pantheon.
  • Air Quotes: From Magic Lesson:
    "I believe -that-," Jadeite lectured, smirking behind the force-bubble that protected him like a red-smeared windscreen, "is a sufficient demonstration of why we don't just ignore the baby steps and skip ahead." He was talking to the hazy black column of energy that crackling in the centre of the bare room, signing mock quotation marks with his fingers at the last part.
  • All According to Plan: Mukrezar claims this while chained upside down and being tortured.
    Sinistra: I said that I am surprised that a former Keeper of your reputation would be stupid enough to show up in person! What did you expect would happen?
    Mukrezar: This, pretty much.
  • Alliterative List: In Surface Battle, Part 1 Used when an enemy leader was giving orders:
    To his credit, her opponent didn't flinch at her approach. His horned helmet only covered his face from the nose up, and she could see him press his lips together in determination. "Split, scatter, surround!" he instructed as he took a wide-legged stance, the six braids hanging off his chin bobbing.
  • Alliterative Name: The 'Beastly Beard Booster' spell.
  • Alliterative Title: Several chapters, such as "Frenzied Fortification" or "Dungeon Discoveries."
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Alphel goes on a joyride in a dragon, in Ami's iceberg base, during the Avatar Islands Arc.
  • Altar Diplomacy: In "A New Home", not a marriage to seal an agreement, but to allow one to take place. But, Ami's jumping to conclusions. The real plan is for Duke Libasheshtan to become her regent, since she's a teen empress:
    To get around her diplomatic obstacles, she needed someone who didn't work for her and wasn't her subject, but who could still negotiate in her name...
    Cheeks burning, she jumped to her feet. "I- I’m not marrying anyone!"
  • Alternative-Self Name-Change: What's effectively a clone of Ami Mizuno gets named Tiger for her physical appearance reminding people of the animal.
  • And I Must Scream: Queen Beryl sentenced Jadeite to Eternal Sleep for failing her. Despite the name, the victim is actually entirely conscious — but also entirely sensory-deprived. By the time Ami rescues Jadeite, he's counted in his head up to 649,003 just to keep himself sane. It contributes to his willingness to faithfully serve Ami and his desire for revenge on Beryl.
  • Animated Armor: As explained in "Divine Opposition, Part 2", Ami's Powered Armor are basically remote controlled armor pieces that move with the wearer to apply more force to their actions. If the user is actually outside the armor, it's basically this trope, "[w]hen fitted with a fake helmet".
  • Animate Inanimate Matter: Ami has made ice golems, which are basically statues of herself, in ice, except the interior is filled with water-powered ice hydraulics controlled by a magical stone inside.
  • Animorphism: In "Convoluted Rescue Plan, Go!", Ami has made pills that turn people into "baby mice", and Tserk willingly took one, to facilitate the rescue plan.
  • Anti-Interference Lock Up: In "A Short Break", Ami cuts a deal with Tserk, who she locked in her bedroom to keep them from revealing to anyone not already in the know, that Snyder is aligned with the gods of Light Is Good, because she doesn't want Snyder to be harassed, given that the majority of her employees are of the opposing Dark Is Evil side.
  • Annoying Arrows: Justified when Ami is inhabiting a golem body; as they're animated by magic, minor damage is not disabling, and at worst she can just evacuate the golem. But she can still be inconvenienced:
    A hail of crossbow bolts cut off Ami's attempt at diplomacy, turning the front of her ice golem body into a pincushion.
    "-yohhhhk- " She blinked when her tongue refused to move, pinned to the back of her throat to by a bolt that had entered her open mouth. Surprised and annoyed by her sudden inability to talk, she darted into cover behind one of the pines.
  • Answer Cut: Cathy should probably have known better than to ask whether they're going to charge the enemy army head-on. Cut to the Underworld Army facing The Avatar, Mercury, Jadeite, Rabixtrel, some automatons, and some golems.
  • Anything That Moves: Not actually applied to anyone, but the rumor mill about Ami has her being this, and she has a hard time convincing anybody otherwise.
  • Appeal to Force: After two hours of fruitless explanation, the only argument that successfully persuades goblins to care about hygiene is the appointment of six "health inspectors" with clubs.
  • Appetite Equals Health: In "Trouble Is Brewing", there are worries about Ami's health and a lack of appetite.
    "Bullshit! You barely touched your meal. You didn't defeat that Reaper just so you could get done in by a lack of appetite! I'm making sure that you are eating right, and that's final!"
  • Armies Are Evil: Dungeon Keepers, who are all worshippers of at least one God of Evil, have standing armies, while the God of Good worshipping Surfacers are feudal and don't have standing armies, having guards and recruiting militia from the civilian populace at need.
  • Armored Dragons: In Frenzied Fortification, Ami starts armoring her dragons for the upcoming battle:
    the two dragons breathing fire into the furnaces. Goblins with a small pot full of molten metal crawled over them, coating the dragons' scales with a layer of molten steel.
  • Artifact of Death: The Battle Staves of Calarine amplify spellcasting, but they draw on Crowned Death's power to do it, they have no safeties, and if the user kills themselves with too much power, a necromantic spell activates, which is suspected to turn them into an undead servant.
  • Assassination Attempt: In "Out-of-Dungeon Experiences", Ami almost gets killed by one, in the Underworld, but the attempt is foiled due to her possessing an ice golem, which keeps her from dying as easily as normal.
  • Ass Shove: In Equipment Test, it's the only thing that can have something shoved up it, as Jared says when describing Marda fighting the Reaperbots:
    "Whoa, she shoved its own scythe up its..."
  • As You Know: In "Delivering Presents", when two minions are talking about their dungeon's defenses. which they should both know:
    "Shouldn't we keep an eye on her?" the smallest of the orcs asked as the other three moved toward the stone archway leading out.

    The largest orc stopped. "Yes, clearly she's going to dig through sixteen cubits of near-indestructible rock, avoid the alarms, and attack the dungeon heart by herself, all without anybody noticing," she said sneering. "Just to be clear, that means 'no', 'you are a moron', and 'that's their job'." She pointed up at a crenellated balcony.
    Ami followed the pointed digit and spotted two dark elves standing motionless in the shadows.
  • Attack on the Heart: In "Assault on Wemos", Zarekos temporarily kills Wemos - a vampire - by attacking his heart:
    cracked-open ribcage, grabbed the beating heart, and plucked it from its exposed perch in a shower of blood. Immediately, the separated organ and its owner dissolved
  • Attack Reflector: One of Nero's spells, that counters Ami's Shabon Spray, as seen in Escape from Arachne's Dungeon:
    Ami responded with a well-aimed Shabon Spray Freezing. Alas, the magician's hands, which had been concealed within the long sleeves of his skull-embroidered robe, shot up, already glowing greenish with gathered power. As if drawn by a magnet, the blue ray of concentrated bubbles tracked the wizard's outstretched hand, which traced a horizontal circle in the air as he spun around his own axis until his extended finger was pointing back at Ami. With an "Eep!" of surprise, she threw herself out of the way of her own attack, rolling off her momentum on the thick carpet.
  • Back from the Dead: A few instances:
    • Zarekos comes back as a Ghost. Considering the guy was a Dungeon Keeper, and the souls of Dungeon Keepers go to the Realms of the Dark Gods when they are killed or their Dungeon Hearts are destroyed, him coming back after having been physically killed is an Oh, Crap! moment. Of course, he was in the process of making himself a god prior to his physical death.
    • After Mercury thwarts Crowned Death's attempt to physically incarnate one of its Lesser Aspects, it prevents her from reclaiming the Mantle by sacrificing it to resurrect Keeper Mukrezar, the man who originally defeated the Avatar.
  • Backing Away Slowly: This happens a few times after some of Ami's pronouncements, like responding to a protesting orc in "A New Home":
    His eyes widened in surprise as he suddenly found himself isolated, surrounded by a ring of unsympathetic faces and expectant grins. His head darted left and right like that of a trapped animal looking for an escape route before he dropped to his knees. "I didn't mean to-"
  • Badass Fingersnap: How Ami frees Malleus's slaves:
    she snapped her fingers, causing all the manacles to open. The captives slid or staggered to the floor, unsure of what was going on.
  • Bad Boss: Keepers in general, as well as Queen Beryl. Mercury sometimes needs to remind her minions she averts this trope.
  • Bad Powers, Bad People: Mercury is trying to avert this, but Keeper powers are tailor-made for a villain, particularly the corrupted landscape.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: When Ami finds out that she's inadvertently bound herself to the Dungeon Heart, she decides to invoke this. The Reaper is disgusted by the idea, but more pragmatically, informs her that the dark gods who blessed the Heart would be offended and call on all other Keepers to launch a crusade. She doesn't intend to let that stop her, though.
    Reaper: In short, all you have to do is crush all the other Keepers before attempting such a thing! Go right ahead, it shall be glorious!
  • Bad Vibrations: Surfacers and Ami both have what is effectively seismographic equipment, which picks up on bombings and imps mining, both signs of enemy action.
  • Bag of Kidnapping: In A Poor Plan, how Ami gets her first goblin minion, basically:
    the [imp] scuttled over to the unconscious [goblin] it had landed on, and unceremoniously stuffed him into its pack. With a high-pitched groan, it strained to lift the body, which was still hanging half out of the sack, and disappeared. [...] Back at the dungeon heart, the imp reappeared, and dumped the unconscious body on the ground as if it was garbage.
  • Bait-and-Switch Silhouette: From "Extended Mining Operations":
    A bright light shone right into his eyes, forcing him to squint at the grossly obese visitor who was wearing a yellow helmet with a lamp in its centre. No, wait, it was actually just an imp standing behind a large metal pot.
  • Balcony Wooing Scene: In combination with Serenade Your Lover, one of the things General Jadeite learned from reading romance novels, and a discarded plan to get Mercury to fall more in love with him, as said in "Beryl's Plan":
    Somehow, he didn't think she would be impressed if he serenaded her from below a balcony. Not that she had a balcony in this dungeon.
  • Baldness Angst: Ami, having her head shaved thanks to the Unraveler. While she's not particularly broken up about it, she's still rather annoyed and seeks to repair the damage.
  • Bald of Evil: Not intentionally, but Mercury was, at one point, bald and is assumed to be evil by most of the world.
  • Baleful Polymorph: There are multiple methods to achieve this trope.
    • spells and potions to turn people into chickens, mice, and other creatures against their will.
    • As seen in "Trapped, Part 1", Ami's Mercury energy mixed with Metallian energy, chaos magic, and Dungeon Heart Corruption.
  • Battle Aura: Sometimes, Mercury acquires "a corona of writhing dark energy" when using a lot of magic.
  • Beard of Evil: Multiple, as part of the generic "evil wizard" look as mentioned in Nero's first appearance:
    • One of the first warlocks Ami hires is described as a "generic evil warlock". Upon closer inspection, he sports a fake beard. He was too young to have a proper one and was going for the look, thus being an Invoked Trope.
    • Ami herself, thanks to losing hair to a misadventure and using a modified beard growing spell. Subverted Trope, as she isn't evil, everyone only thinks she is.
      Torian, did you by any chance, only expand the target region?
  • Barely-There Swimwear: Discussed in Unwelcome Surprises, about a corrupted Sailor Mercury uniform that's a "net-like collection of loosely connected holes", where it's said that Tokyo has "skimpier swimwear", which gets a raised eyebrow from Cathy.
  • Benevolent Boss: Jadeite is initially quite unhappy to find that he's become the servant of a Sailor Senshi. He soon decides, though, that she's a big improvement from Queen Beryl; she appreciates his successes instead of fixating on failures, lets him speak his mind and implement his own ideas, and she's even a good student.
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: Averted. But Ami has a hard time convincing anybody. The rumor mill insists Ami has these tendencies.
  • Berserk Button: A few characters have them.
    • The Avatar has Keepers, and Mukrezar in particular.
    • Boris has Keepers and their minions.
    • Ami has the atrocities committed by Crowned Death.
    • But by far the biggest button belongs to Crowned Death, who is positively rabid with hatred for the Dark Empress by this point.
  • Better Off with the Bad Guys: As Jared says in "Vampire Solution", his status has gone from being a common adventurer, to the high position of working under royalty, due to being hired by someone most regard as an Evil Overlord:
    Jered could sympathise with the feeling. He hadn't properly internalised yet that he was now working directly underneath an empress. Him!
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Ami really is a kind and generous person, trying to do good even with a truly horrible power set. She even feels bad about executing centuries-old monsters. Nonetheless, she's also of a scientific turn of mind, and picks up a lot of pragmatism, and when someone offends her badly enough, she's perfectly capable of, say, arranging a portal accident that will spread them out over several square meters.
  • Bewitched Amphibians: A few times:
    • Speculated about a frog in Strategy Meeting:
      Ami sighed, busy with removing the fat frog from her ear. The animal had clamped down on one of her small blue earrings, which added some pain to the general discomfort of being attacked by a slimy amphibian. Both of her hands closed around her diminutive attacker when she finally got a firm grip on it, and the frog croaked angrily as she held it out in front of her. "This isn't normal frog behaviour."
      "Well, well. It is possible that this is not a frog at all, but another victim of the evil warlock, transformed into this unappealing form."
    • From Creepy Crawlers:
      "Mercury," Cathy's agitated voice shouted in Ami's head, "Jadeite just got turned into a frog! Do something!"
  • Big Bad: Ironically enough, Empress Mercury herself, at least in the eyes of the major powers in the Dungeon Keeper setting.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Keeper Wemos.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • Luna, when Moon and Mars are getting thrashed by Jadeite and Mareki.
    • Tiger, for Ami when she is possessed by Crowned Death. Torian also attempts this, and though it is definitely his moment of pure Badass, he is a Butt-Monkey, and thus fails.
  • Big Fancy House: The Shining Concord Empire, as part of their conditions for opening diplomatic channels with Empress Mercury, insist that she build them an embassy according to specific blueprints they provided (of a scale model of their Emperor's palace) - at her own expense. It's just a misinformed attempt to make Mercury spend more precious gold, as she can make more at any time as opposed to normal Keepers.
  • Big Shadow, Little Creature: In "Mukrezar's Return":
    A huge shadow, almost as broad as it was tall, moved across the mildewy wall as its owner approached with quiet footsteps. The being that stepped into the weak torchlight was much shorter and less imposing than the menacing shadow it cast. An eyebrow rose curiously over half-lidded, fist-sized imp eyes.
  • Black-and-White Morality: The Dungeon Keeper world works by this trope, having only two sides for people to be on. The side of the Light Gods, which is Good, and that of the Dark Gods, which is Evil.
  • Black Magic: Magic from the dark gods, including the power available from a Dungeon Heart, has distinctly evil qualities. It corrupts the environment around it just by existing, and when Ami uses it to cast spells, her Shabon Spray Freezing changes from encasing the target in a block of ice, to creating a massive ice spike that breaks into razor sharp splinters when touched.
  • Blinding Bangs: Olon invokes it, possibly as a response to being flirted at in Abandon Ship (Part 2):
    "It has to be so amazing, working directly under the Avatar," the orange-haired fairy continued, batting her eyelashes at him. "Have you known him for long?"
    Olon inclined his head, causing his black mane to fall over his eyes.
  • Blood Knight: The default state of Horned Reapers, who get angry when they can't kill anything. Ami is able to outbid at least one other Keeper (possibly multiple) and hire an unemployed Reaper, just by offering the chance to "kill every ghost and skeleton on this continent."
  • Blood Magic: Blood contains mana, which can be used to power magical things, as said in A Capture, when wondering how to power something:
    Blood. [...] the mana within is easily assimilated.
  • Blow You Away: In Nero's Spell (Part 2), a vampire "unleashes a gust of wind" against Marda, as Nero orders with "You! Blow that troll away from the reaper!"
  • Blue Means Cold: Ami has blue hair and her second spell can generate ice.
  • Boats into Buildings: Zig Zags the trope. Ami's Iceberg Dungeon Ship was originally constructed in an underwater cavern before being floated to the surface to expand the structure and move about the sea. When the dungeon reaches its destination in the Avatar Islands, it is solidly affixed to the coastline with even more ice, like a glacier calving in reverse. Later chapters mention that there's an underground tunnel connecting the iceberg to the mainland.
  • Body-Count Competition: From Assault on Wemos:
    Two imps huddled in the corner, forgotten as ghosts and vampires clashed with reaperbots and Rabixtrel. Despite the huge numerical disparity, the wraiths were not doing too well. The horned reaper even had the time to spare a glance at the odd little imps, if only because their supremely strange behaviour had caught his eyes. One of them had retrieved a piece of parchment from her backpack and was making little scratches on it as she watched the battle. A moment of observation later, he determined that the worker was counting kills, making a mark next to the number of each bot. Which meant the stupid doodle with two horns and the longest bar next to it was supposed to represent him. Wait a minute. The reaper snorted in anger as another oddity caught his eye.

    The note-taking imp squealed in surprise when a shadow fell over her and a red-scaled hand as big as her head reached down and lifted her by her backpack. A moment later, she found herself face to teeth with the Reaper.

    "WHO?" the enraged beast snarled, and a gust of searing hot breath blew the imp's helmet off her head. A claw-tipped digit was pointing at the score on the imp's chart that was higher than his own.

    Ears pressed to her head, the imp lifted her short arm and pointed up, prompting the reaper's pupil-less white eyes to look in the same direction. They widened at the sight of a giant, frozen hand gripping the handle of a sword sized perfectly for its use. The giant bar of sharp metal rotated, spun, and whistled through the mass of ghosts, slaying anything in its path. Rabixtrel threw his head back and let out an ear-splitting roar. He tossed aside the imp and used the shoulders of a reaperbot as a springboard to launch himself into the thickest concentration of flying ghosts, his competitiveness roused.
  • Body Horror: An In-Universe example; Ami knows her warlocks are magical Mad Scientists, but she still shrieks when she sees one of them who has turned his head invisible, and only his head — but not the blood pumping through it.
  • Body Snatcher: Keepers in general do this with their minions via possession spells.
  • Born of Magic: Dust bunnies and other things gain life when exposed to enough of Metallia's power. As described in Ward Trouble.
  • Bounty Hunter: The Silver Hawks, who were introduced when they started hunting Ami.
    • Though they have decided to stop hunting Ami and Co until a legal ruling can be made on whether or not it is acceptable to take contracts on an Empress, Keeper or not, who holds her throne by a literal divine mandate.
    • And are now back in action hunting Mukrezar, who has managed to acquire a two ''million'' gold piece bounty on his head before he's been Back from the Dead for a single day.
  • Bows Versus Crossbows: In Out-of-Dungeon Experiences, 'dark elves', in comparison to the Light surfacer "elves":
    They also seemed to have exchanged the traditional elven weapon of bow and arrows for crossbows.
  • Brainless Beauty: Possibly one of Zarekos/Wemos's vampires. If so, then also a Dumb Blonde:
    "Master! I have brought what you require!" A short-haired blond vampire called happily as she appeared before Zarekos
    "Begone, brainless buffoon," he sighed "Note to self: do not chose any more vampires candidates purely on looks."
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs:
    • Delivering Presents: "The imp-made engravings had nudity and intertwined bodies too, but they were more stylized and alternated with gory battle scenes. Ami winced a little when she spotted an engraving that mixed both themes."
    • Here:
      "I find out that all portals leading out of my domain have been mysteriously blocked from the outside. At the same time."
      In sharp contrast to the Keeper's expression, his voice remained cheerful. It only got a bit louder when the rattling of the knight shaking in his armour threatened to drown it out.
      "Mysterious. And synchronous. Mysteriously synchronous."
  • Breeding Slave: Malleus's slaves, who also doubled as Sex Slaves, as said:
    To Malleus, the poor girls chained naked to the walls were nothing but objects of convenience, there to sate his lusts and produce offspring.note 
  • Brick Joke: In Chapter 16: Deeper into Trouble, Jered comments that he'd like to see the place Mercury comes from, since all the girls her age wear sailor fukus. When the adventurers reach Mercury's dungeon in Chapter 20: Strategy Meeting, they find that all the goblins have been dressed as Sailor Mercury.
    Cathy: "I bet this wasn't what you were expecting when she told you that all the girls where she came from wore something like this."
  • Bring My Brown Pants: From Ultimatum: The implication is that Kivith's robes seem to have a urine stain on them:
    Kivith's footsteps echoed through the hall as he hurried towards his master, his cheeks burning with shame. With every step, the wet cloth of his apprentice robes slapped against his shins, reminding him that it was stained with bright yellow liquid. Normally, he wouldn’t have cared – potion accidents happened – but today, his master stood at the massive gilded table seating most of the Duchy’s highest nobles
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: The Devourer's high priest is attacked by slave women whose children he had sacrificed. Upon learning this fact, he still can't identify any of the women beating him to death.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • Torian is a strong warlock, but every time he tries to curry favor with Mercury he fails miserably. He eventually achieves fame with his undead-taming spell, but that's a more useful tool for the good guys than the bad guys.
      • Note that Torian's crowing achievement may not be a subversion: given how Crowned Death (god of undeath) is in the Warpath arc, Torian really does not want his name right next to the spell. Even Torian understood just how much trouble he was in. And then he improved the spell to affect undead in enormous numbers, only to be possessed by the gestalt mind that animates them.
    • Tserk, the tentacle monster. It just can't seem to catch a break.
    • Lishika's teleport side-effect has caused her repeated mishaps, apparently even setting her on fire once.

  • Call-Back:
    • Ami's self-destructing Dungeon Heart Chambers.
  • Calling Your Attacks: She's still a Sailor Moon character, you know, and discussed in Reaper Battle!, when she was fighting the Reaper:
    "Shabon Spray Freezing!"
    It was really convenient how she had to shout out the attack phrase, alerting him to the incoming danger. Strange echo this time, though, thought the Reaper.
  • Cassandra Truth: Multiple, all involving Ami and her good, peaceful, Bookworm, Dark Is Not Evil nature, against all expectations of Dungeon Keepers, being part of her as a Hero with Bad Publicity:
    • From "Outside Perspectives":
      "That- that deviant monster! What did she do to her?"Anise demanded to know, her cheeks matching her eyes in colour.
      "I don't know." Dandel turned over the scroll, revealing two blackened lines where she had been reading. "Someone has censored that part of the letter. Oh, and there's an annotation in a different handwriting." The fae stared at the much neater characters. "This part was not factually correct and based on a misunderstanding. Nothing untoward was planned nor occurred," she read.
      "Yeah, right, who'd believe that?" Tilia snorted.
    • From "Ward Trouble":
      “I believe his exact words were,” the King began, imitating the Avatar’s impatient and disdainful tone nearly perfectly, “’just stop provoking the bookworm and she won’t bother you.’”
      Duke Libasheshtan remained silent as he parsed the absurdity of the statement.
    • From "Reluctant Overtures":
      “I expect you would be disappointed by the results. She’s more than happy to stay with her books unless forced into action, as I have repeatedly pointed out before.”
      King Ral snorted. The day he started to believe that the Dark Empress had an elaborate city conquest plan just lying around with no intention to use it was the day he’d abdicate due to senility.
  • Cast from Money: Gold is turned into the magic for spells by dungeon hearts.
  • Chairman of the Brawl: From Dealing with the Blockade Ship, when Anise is being molested by Tserk:
    Anise felt something slimy wrap around her left ankle, and suddenly found herself suspended upside down in the air, prompting alarmed cries from her sisters. She gulped. This could end badly. She suddenly wished that their outfits offered some more coverage than swimsuits. On the bright side, however, she could make out a few eyes in the centre of the mass from her elevated vantage point, and she still had her chair…
    “Much better. Now- OW!”
  • Character Action Title: The chapter where someone returns: "Mukrezar's Return".
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • The warlock who turned his own head invisibile. The spell derived from that is used to rescue Jadeite.
    • Ami's testing reveals that dragons have the tastiest kind of life energy for Queen Metallia. So, when she's later facing one, she creates a temple in its path, and when it inadvertently touches the pool, Metallia sucks out its life instantly.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Both the Avatar and Keeper Mukrezar are mentioned in the twelfth chapter, "Ambush", with the implication that they are dead.
  • Chess Motifs: Ami's first dungeon has one, with the "white and black chequerboard pattern of the floor [and] the bas-reliefs of chess figures on the walls."
  • The Chosen People: A Dwarf says that the Light Gods blessed his people with the ability to live underground.
  • Citywide Evacuation: When Ami attacks the city of Salthalls, its citizens evacuate after her presence unleashes a magical catastrophe inside it.
  • Cleavage Window: As mentioned in "Fairy Attack": The fairy sisters' uniforms:
    The smaller gap in the front, strategically positioned to reveal a good amount of cleavage, had to be for vanity purposes.
  • Clingy Child: In "General Assembly", a child clings to the person who rescued him from menacing goblins, even though she's a member of an evil race:
    "You can let go now," she said to the child, whose arms were still encircling her leg.
    The brat shook his head and pressed his face against her leg.
  • Clothing Damage: A Running Gag, bordering on Negima! Magister Negi Magi levels. Often due to a combination of magically conjured clothes meeting Anti-Magic wards. More recently, Crowned Death, The Mighty Tyrant, and The Unraveller of Mysteries teamed up, creating a curse of sorts that degrades anything in Ami's dungeon. Including clothes. Especially clothes. The only stopgap solution seems to be having everything in the dungeon decorated in aesthetics that evoke either Ami's Ice powers, or emphasize "fertility" (in contrast to the God of Death) or "fragility" (contrasting the God of Strength). In other words, for clothes and other items to not rot away, they have to be either transparent, pornographic, or barely there.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Mukrezar may be an irredeemable monster who callously massacred an entire country, but he's also a pretty quirky guy who manages to be Plucky Comic Relief in his own demented way. He, among other things, has a strange obsession with using cursed gold rings as part of his plans, despite them having a previously standing track record of zero, and also claimed that he was going to bake the biggest cake in the world. He then baked that cake by throwing a huge amount of gold at an Underworld city which got too greedy and sold him all their food stocks, pushing the whole settlement to near starvation. At the same time Mukrezar was attacking the keeper who supplied their stocks. His plan the whole time was to extort them into proclaiming him lord and master of their town. That's right, he laid low an entire Underworld city, by baking a cake. Sadly, the cake tasted so terrible Mukrezar couldn't stand to eat it.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: A standard keeper tactic of course. But also comes up as a challenge when one of Ami's schemes requires her to make ghosts out of undead, since the necromancy only works when the various zombies were tortured to death. One of her Dark Mistresses is actually too effective, torturing a zombie into turning and requiring Ami to order her to "torture it to death properly."
  • Cold Iron: Iron negatively affecting fairies, is referenced, multiple times:
    • In Meet the Locals when people think Ami is a Fairy, because of her blue hair:
      “… blue? … think she’s fey?” “… no, touching the iron cutlery…” “… but … gloves …” “…rather young… ” “… witch looking for trouble…” “… hair’s so short… disgraced… ?”
    • From Diplomacy and Gifts, with the Fairy Ambassador:
      “So it’s true what they say about fairies and iron, then, Ambassador?”
      “If they are saying that it burns our skin, yes.”
    • From Cornering The Duke, when Kivith, a Dwarf, is thinking about Fairies:
      Oh, yes, the other point against them, in Kivith's opinion. There just had to be something deeply wrong with creatures that couldn't stand the touch of good, solid iron.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: Presumably, most, if not all Dark Mistresses.
  • Comically Wordy Contract: The Shining Concord Empire's main request from Ami is conveyed in a scroll that starts off with "long-winded introductions", and when the demands are reached, it's with a sense of having been a long time coming:
    Ami finally got to the part that held the demands.
  • Comical Overreacting: Cathy rushes to Ami's side upon hearing her scream of anguish. Turns out that Ami has scryed on her home world and discovered that she has fallen behind in school.
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Ami doesn't like to let her troops get killed, so she uses a small number of powerful troops, such as the reaperbots, the youma, and her golems, and the main characters play a pivotal role in the battles. Enemy keepers prefer to Zerg Rush.
  • Cooldown Hug: Ami gives one to Jadeite after he gets angry about Eternal Sleep.
  • Cool Gate: As part of the two sets of Portal Networks:
    • Underworlder Portal installations, which connect to other ones, first seen in "Into the Portal", are described as:
      The portal reminded Ami of pictures of Stonehenge. Four arches, composed of two tall stone pillars with a horizontal crossbar on top, were arranged in such a way that they touched at the corners. The area inside the square they formed glowed with hazy images of faraway territories and emitted a warm orange light
    • At least one "hero gate network" exists, as said in "No Wonder Cure", and such gates are, as seen in "More Lessons":
      a structure that resembled a canopy tent, except that it was made of stone and rested on four thick, round pillars. Within the structure wavered a water-like surface, forming an upright oval that looked like a full-length mirror.
  • Covered in Gunge: Here: One of the warlocks prefers imagining Cathy's blood-splattered body being covered in "sweet syrup instead".
  • Covered with Scars: From Strange Trolls: Trolls that have been training and fighting against vampires and other undead for fifteen years, have been described as:
    four muscular trolls whose green hides were covered in battle scars
  • Creepy Cave: The second lair of Keeper Arachne is a cave that is entered vertically, and spider-infested, along with All Webbed Up corpses.
  • Crystal Ball: Used for communication, as revealed in Deal with the Devil:
    Her gaze turned to a round object sitting on one of the lab benches when she felt the magic around her react to it. The crystal ball, for it looked as if it had emerged straight from a fortune teller's tent. A glowing white nimbus surrounded it, and fog within was swirling to form a face.
    One of the devices in [Nicodemus Asbraxe's] study alerted him that a Keeper was searching for some unspecified item, and the fence quickly pulled his hood down until his face was hidden in a pool of darkness out of which only a long, mangy beard protruded. He then muttered a well-practised incantation, and a picture formed in the air above his coffee table, showing him the prospective client[.]
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Has happened several times in-story so far. Instances include Jadeite vs Arachne's second dungeon, Mercury's army vs the keeper on the coastline, Zarekos vs Mercury and Jadeite, and any instance where Mercury attacks a dungeon whose owner is banished or dead (except Zarekos, who isn't really gone at all).
    • The fight against Morrigan, the muscle-bound giant Acolyte of Azzathra is notable in that it is arguably the single most one-sided fight in the entire series. Morrigan is thrashed so hard some minions are actually unable to fall back to pre-established secondline defenses.
    • On a non-keeper note, the fight with the Underworld Army as Mercury strikes at them before they strike at her, while they're still in the Underworld no less.
    • Back to curb stomping keepers, Mukrezar took out the entirety of Crowned Death's intelligent troops with a collapsible ceiling.
    • When Ami is forced to abandon her holdings on the Avatar Islands, she defeats Dumb Muscle Morrigan again. The fight is ludicrously one-sided- to the point Ami actually considers Morrigan's forces collateral. Later, when interrogating Monteraine (the only one of Morrigan's minions to survive) she actually has to think about it a moment before she remembers Morrigan from their previous encounter. He didn't make much of an impression.
  • Curse Cut Short: The "shit" from "flies over shit" said by Baron Leopold in "Beryl's Plan" when asking about what's drawing Keepers to the Avatar Islands:
    "Good. One less Keeper in the world. Have you found out yet what's attracting them to that desolate place? They are over it like flies over-" The Baron fell silent and nodded a greeting as he passed two halberd-wielding guards, causing them to salute.
  • Cutting the Knot: Tasbaal alerts Ami to a dangerous build-up of wild magic around her dungeon heart, which will require the invention of complex spells and wards to drain it off. Or, someone could just throw some chickens inside to absorb it.
    Alchemist: Pretty fireworks when the magic went after them, too. You might want to have someone clean the chamber, though, Keeper.
  • Crash in Through the Ceiling: At the end of "The Upper City" and therefore the beginning of "Making an Entrance", Ami uses her staff to smash a hole into the floor of a tunnel to get into the chamber below, with the noise drawing defenders right underneath her.
  • Creepy Changing Painting: Multiple:
    • A normal, positive painting, under default Dungeon Heart configurations, will eventually be altered into something disturbing.
    • When Ami's dungeon is under direct attack by the dark god Crowned Death things start falling apart or warp in eerie ways as his rot-everything power infects them. Strangely, it is noted that parts of her Dungeon under observation are more reluctant to succumb to the effect.
  • Creepy Monotone: The Unraveller. The author even said that it sounds like GLaDOS in his mind.
  • Custom Built Host: The Ice Golems are made by Ami specifically to host imp spirits.
  • Dangerously Close Shave: Defied in Vanity Issues when Ami needs a haircut:
    "Cathy, can you cut my hair please?" She asked, producing a pair of scissors from thin air.
    "I'm not much of a barber," the blonde cautioned.
    "Well, I don't think the imps could do a good job, and I'd prefer not to have any of my other subordinates get too close to me with sharp tools."
  • Dark Is Evil: The creatures of the Underworld, and Keepers in particular, are rightfully feared and hated by the surface world.
  • Darker and Edgier: Compared to Sailor Moon canon, at least; the crossover pretty much ensures this. By the time Ami meets General Jadeite, she's prepared to acknowledge that his own schemes are not so bad compared to the evil she's seen in the Dungeon Keeper world.
  • David Versus Goliath: Many of the conflicts with her enemies are like this, often with the enemy also underestimating her.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Mukrezar's imp-butler.
  • Deal with the Devil:
    • Becoming a Keeper is a pretty classic trade, gaining access to vast wealth and magical power in exchange for your soul belonging to the dark gods after you die.
    • The title of the third chapter is A Deal with the Devil, referring to Ami's deal with the demonic Horned Reaper, which Ami mentally notes "sure did look like a Western illustration of the devil."
  • Death March: Soon-to-be human sacrifices for a ritual in the name of a God of Evil, Crowned Death, are mind-controlled and marched to the sacrificial site. The only consideration taken for their well-being is to ensure they won't die before the ritual takes place in a few days.
  • Decapitation Strike: This is Mukrezar's proposed solution to Crowned Death's instruction to eliminate Keeper Mercury. That is to say, he wipes out the entirety of Crowned Death's intelligent troops with a collapsible ceiling, so that he won't have to fulfill the assignment.
    Mukrezar: Servants of Crowned Death! You may be wondering why I asked for you specifically. That's simple: you are his best and his brightest! Not only are you vastly more powerful individually than the shambling hordes; more importantly, you are also smarter. Much smarter. You can follow complex instructions without supervision. You have the ability to effectively use magic. Surprises? They won't leave you stumped. Where other undead blindly follow orders, you can think on your feet, evaluate the situation, take the initiative and make decisions! Strategy and tactics are not beyond you. All of you are, dare I say it, qualified to lead. And that, that is why I wanted, no, needed you all here! That is why I need you all- [crash] -need you all to disappear. Yes, exactly like that. Thank you very much for your cooperation. By the way, I quit.
  • Demonic Possession: In a Callback to the Dungeon Keeper games, Ami is able to assume a black vapor form and enter someone else's body. It's possible for a strong-willed target to resist, but she mostly uses it on sub-sapient targets like golems, or with consent. The fact that her original body vanishes can be almost as useful as the possession itself. (It also kick-starts her perverted reputation, when an accident while learning the spell results in a situation with the Reaper that's Not What It Looks Like to the goblins.)
  • Derelict Graveyard: The Dreadfog Isle Exclusion Zone, where ships disappear due to priests of Crowned Death and other servants of that god sinking them.
  • Description Cut: From "A Small Deception":
    "it seems that Mercury lacks much of the viciousness of regular Keepers"
    [cut to Mercury torturing people in a bloody room. But, she actually didn't wound her captives and did it reluctantly.]
  • Desk Sweep of Rage: In Unwelcome Surprises, a High Priest of Crowned Death is angry and "roared and swept its arm to the left, as if wiping everything off an imaginary table".
  • Destination Defenestration: Baron Leopold hits Jadeite through a window, with a table.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: From Communication Restored:
    "Oh well, I'll console myself with all that awesome mind control magic in the library." A pause. "Wait, did I say that out loud?"
    Ami nodded slowly.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Ami has bested in single combat a Horned Reaper (multiple times at that), the oldest known Dragon on the planet, the Avatar, and a Lesser Aspect of the Dark God Crowned Death, which Mercury defeated by eating it and dumping the waste products back into the dark gods' domain.
    • And now she has escaped from Azzathra, Crowned Death, and The Unraveller. Despite the trap being double-layered and briefly successful in the Unraveller's case.
  • Diplomatic Cover Spy: The Shining Concord's Ambassador to The Dark Empress is justified as this, but everyone involved knows what's going on, so it's not a secret information channel.
  • Disobeyed Orders, Not Punished: Due to events not going according to plan, Ami's minions take desperate measures, against her previous orders against such measures, to rescue her.
    In her current situation, she couldn't quite muster the will to feel anything but grateful about his insubordination.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Played for Laughs when Mukrezar, upon his return, feels that everyone is overreacting to his past misdeeds.
    Mukrezar: You burn down just one tiny little continent, and suddenly, someone sees it fit to put a bounty on your head.
    Imp butler: People can be so unreasonable.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: In Assistants Acquired, Jared, apparently, by one of Ami's Dark Mistress applicants, who had:
    jiggling mounds straining against form-fitting black leather [...] Jered, [...] seemed hypnotised by the displayed cleavage.
  • Divine Intervention: During Nero's Armageddon Battle, Mercury was about to die to the eldest dragon in existence until she managed to trick her into a sacrificial pool. The Queen of Darkness herself was more than pleased by this worthy sacrifice, killing the creature in an instant.
  • Doing Research: As a Science Hero working in a new world, Ami does a lot, and then there's the warlocks which research enemy dungeons, and new spells.
  • Doorstopper: It's over 810,000 words and still going. Even if you just keep to the entries by Pusakuronu, you will spend hours reading through the story.
  • Double-Meaning Title: The chapter Staff Difficulties features both problems regarding a magical staff and Ami's problems with controlling her employed warlocks (a.k.a. her staff).
  • Do Wrong, Right: Dr. Mizuno is concerned upon hearing about Ami getting drunk at the victory party held for defeating the assortment of Keepers, but consoles herself that the ensuing hangover would have taught Ami better. On being told that there was no hangover due to the alcohol being magically created and temporary...
    "Ami, that can't be healthy!" she shouted as she leaned toward the crystal ball. "Liquid suddenly disappearing from cells that are already using it - I shudder to think what that does to a metabolism." Very sternly, she continued "Next time you want to get drunk, use a real drink! Doctor's order!"
  • Draco in Leather Pants: In-Universe example. The fairy sisters, proving that there is no justice in the Dungeon Keeper world, keep assuming the best about Jadeite because he's pretty, even as they assume the worst about Ami.
  • Dragon Hoard: Dungeons' treasuries serve as this for Dungeon-Keeper-employed dragons.
  • Dragons Prefer Princesses: Princess Julia is saved from a dragon by Jadeite, and wants to be returned there for some reason.
  • Drama Panes: The chapter, "Fairy Audience", more than 200 chapters in, starts with the view out a window, as the third paragraph begins so:
    Two pinpricks of red light shone behind a tall window of one of the buildings burrowed half into the mountainside. Ami's breath condensed on the cold glass in front of her as she watched the crawling creatures scraping wide trails through the snow.
  • Dramatic Irony: When the Sailor Senshi learn about the title that the Light gods granted to Ami:
    Sailor Moon: Hey, if Sailor Mercury is a real empress now, can we substitute her if we don't find the Moon Princess?
  • Dramatic Stutter: Snyder when he's anticipating seeing Ami's 'true form' and doesn't:
    "Aren't- Aren't you going to convince them by revealing your grotesque and horrifying true form now?" Snyder asked, a hint of disappointment quivering in his voice.
  • Dress-Coded for Your Convenience: In the episode Out-of-Dungeon Experiences, it is stated that the Dark Gods have a dress code for Keepers. It is even reported that those who veer from it suffer embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.
    • The tailor who told Ami this, however, might have been lying in order to get her to choose something less heroic-looking, however.
  • Drunken Glow: A few:
    • From "Beryl's Plan": Ami, who was "red-faced" and had "obvious inebriation".
    • Cerasse, when she and her sisters are playing cards, with the prize being a cup of wine from a bottle.
      As the thinker of the group, she had already won the prize disproportionately often and it showed in the slight blush on her cheeks.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: In-Universe, Ami's reaction to Tiger's antics. Leads to the Green-Eyed Monster reveal for why Tiger is acting that way.
  • Duel to the Death: Azzathra, dark god of violence, demands that Ami face a Horned Reaper in single combat to the death, for his entertainment, as a condition of lifting the plague on her dungeon. And magic use is penalised. She's heavily injured, but ultimately wins by Ring Out.
  • Due to the Dead: In City Expedition, Second Attempt, after losing some of her goblins, and driving back the enemy that killed them, Ami asks the rest of her goblins what she could do about it. This is their unsurprising response, to the surfacers' chagrin:
    "You heard! Go loot bodies before someone else do!"
  • Dumb Blonde: From Assault on Wemos: One of Zarekos/Wemos's vampires, possibly also a Brainless Beauty:
    "Master! I have brought what you require!" A short-haired blond vampire called happily as she appeared before Zarekos
    "Begone, brainless buffoon," he sighed "Note to self: do not choose any more vampires candidates purely on looks."
  • Dungeon Punk: Ami's dungeons end up looking like this, combining the fantasy world of Dungeon Keeper with her technological know-how.
  • Dungeon Bypass: Ami’s tactic against Zarekos. She attacks him from the Underworld, where he hasn't set up any defenses, and is a location where no one other than Ami has attacked from before.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: In "Assault on Wemos", Wemos. Despite being a very sad Butt-Monkey for Emperor Zarekos up to this point, he goes out in a fairly badass way, helping take out his enemy by doing so, stopping him from using his dungeon heart by proxy.

  • Ear Ache: In Strategy Meeting, when Ami is removing a frog clamped to her ear, there's some slight pain:
    Ami sighed, busy with removing the fat frog from her ear. The animal had clamped down on one of her small blue earrings, which added some pain to the general discomfort of being attacked by a slimy amphibian.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: When intensified Dungeon Heart corruption starts changing all clothes into skimpier versions of themselves, it's not all that surprising that teenage boys rather enjoy an eyeful of Mercury. Kevan is alarmed by his son's reaction, though, assuming that if Mercury notices, she'll levy unspeakable punishments on him.
  • Eject... Eject... Eject...: From "Inhuman Waves", after Ami inadvertently threw herself into the air:
    "AAaaaAhhhHHHhhh!" The skin of her imp-cheeks fluttered in the wind and tried to crawl to the back of her skull, and the airflow stung in her eyes as the world spun like a top around her. Had she been capable of a coherent thought aside from "Eject! Eject!" it would probably have been along the lines of 'Darn it!' at the failure of this workaround.
  • Elemental Hair Composition: Ami's Ice Golems, made of ice, that look like Ami, a human, so they have hair. And when empowered with her Sailor Mercury transformation, they gain Ice Magic Is Water attacks.
  • Elite Mook: The Death Priests have proven to be some of the most dangerous foes Mercury has encountered. At one point it is shown that at least some of them are capable of casting three spells simultaneously.
    • Ami's feral youma monster also counts. Nothing aside from a Lesser Aspect of Death is even capable of harming it, it tunnels straight through stone, and eats magic. When it's created by accident it homes in on the enemy dungeon heart like a guided missile and devours it.
  • Elite Army: Ami's forces have fought, on average, at a four-to-one disadvantage in every engagement. They have yet to be decisively defeated.
  • Eldritch Ocean Abyss: A very toothy, ugly deep sea fish is described:
    "A tiny deep sea fish investigated the probe from up close, startling Ami by filling the screen with a set of fangs that even Rabixtrel would have envied."
  • Emergency Transformation: As said in "Gauging the Opposition": Turning creatures into something about the size of a chicken, allows them to avoid being teleported away by the unnamed spell of Nero's. Spell name :
    "I recently fought an enemy Keeper who had a spell to bring all of my employees to a battlefield of his choice. I analysed the magic and found out that it only works on creatures above a certain size," Ami explained. "If everyone carried a potion like that and used it at the right time, then the spell would be essentially harmless."
  • Empathy Doll Shot: In "Making an Entrance", there's an Abandoned Playground, well, sandbox:
    In a sandbox littered with hastily-abandoned children’s toys, she spotted a half-finished wooden figurine and a carving knife. Its grip was just the right size for the tiny hands of a toddler.
  • Empire with a Dark Secret: Ami suspected the Shining Concord Empire of being this after learning that in all major government buildings there was an Oracle Tower - a structure that closely resembles the temple Zarekos was using in his bid to become a god.note 
  • Enemy Civil War: The Dark Kingdom seems to descend into this.
    • The Keepers are almost continually in this state, which is a major reason as to why the Light Side is still holding on.
    • When Crowned Death discovers that his plan worked after all, but that the Unraveller captured Ami and planned on withholding her he flies into a blind rage. The Unraveller gleefully lets him past to get at Ami... only to backstab him once he is distracted.
      “Oh. Was that something important?” The Unraveller sounded decidedly cheerful. ”Please, do ignore me again. I don't mind.”
    • And once Crowned Death starts attacking The Unraveller for her betrayal, Azzathra takes advantage of this and backstabs Crowned Death as well.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: The forces of Good manage to keep reasonably well-informed on Mercury's actions, but they tend to misinterpret things because Good Cannot Comprehend That Dark Is Not Evil.
  • Ethnicity Monarch: Most, if not all kingdoms, seem to be sorted by races, like the human kingdoms, the three Dwarf Kingdoms, the elf kingdom, and the Fairy kingdom of the Shining Concord Empire.
  • Event Title: For some chapters, like:
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: And vice versa. The Light Gods literally can't comprehend the motives of the Dark Gods, and pretty much everyone in the world of Dungeon Keeper (with the exception of the Cathy-Jered-Synder trio and possibly Jadeite), whether Good or Evil, seems to regard any benevolent action on Ami's part as simply something to try and lull the forces of Good into complacency.
  • Evil Counterpart: Both Ami and Mukrezar are inventive and imaginative in their tactics, both have made innovations in magic that no-one else can understand. Their personalities are even diametrically opposed to each other - Ami is quiet and studious, Mukrezar is charismatic and goofy.
  • Evil Counterpart Race: Presumably what the dark elves of the Dark underworld are, to the normal elves of the Light surface.
  • Evil Gloating: Subverted for laughs when it's revealed that Mukrezar wanted to monologue at one of the Avatar's doubles, knowing that the original can share their senses and thus hear his taunts about sending a loyal follower to die — but it turns out that the "double" is a transformed sheep.
  • Evil Is Not Well-Lit: Whenever Ami tries to alter the appearance of her dungeon, it changes itself so it's not well lit. It's also coupled with Creepy Changing Painting, Fisher King, and Eldritch Location. She eventually works around the problem by making the lights look like creepy glowing eyes and such.
  • Evil Overlord: The Dungeon Keepers.
  • Evil Takes a Nap: The dark god, Queen Metallia, is comatose due to the need to heal her injuries.
  • Evil Wears Black: What the fairies think Underworld garb looks like, as said in Cornering the Duke:
    Do you see any black? Of course you don't! It doesn't look like Underworlder garb at all!
  • Exact Time to Failure: In Creeping Degeneration, Ami's Mercury Computer could calculate that her Dungeon Heart would fail in "two days, three hours, and fifteen seconds".
  • Exact Words:
    • Defied — the Light Gods deliberately leave the terms of their agreements vague so that they may stick to their spirit rather than their letter. Amadeus himself notes at one point that technically, his agreement to not attack Mercury doesn't apply to current circumstances...
      Amadeus: Still, attacking immediately without some kind of grace period would be bad form.
    • Used routinely by Mukrezar, such as when he is reminded that he owes a debt of gratitude to Crowned Death.
      Mukrezar: And I am willing to show him the full extent of my gratitude. note 
  • Excited Show Title!:
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: After being forced to stay awake for over 24 hours to prepare for a difficult battle in a week, Ami's companions are described thus: "dark circles under her companions' eyes".
  • Expecting Someone Taller: From Getting More Nurses:
    [Melissa] absently noticed that the ice statue was no taller than the blonde. How odd. In her mind, the dark empress had been taller.
  • Exploited Immunity: Ami's cover story for letting the Avatar go free is that it will hinder her rivals much more than herself. It's not entirely untrue, either.
  • Explosive Results: Not only does Ami's attempt to convert life force into a healing spell cause a chicken to explode, the rats that eat the results start popping too.
  • Extradimensional Emergency Exit: Ami can save her minions from most dangers by putting them into stasis in what's basically a Pocket Dimension.
  • Extreme Omnisexual: Averted, but Ami has a hard time convincing anybody of that. The rumor mill insists Ami has these tendencies.
  • Facepalm: Multiple.
    • After Ami is confronted with the laziness of her first Reaper:
      “I said ‘My skills might be a little bit rusty after centuries of disuse’,” he hissed angrily. “What of it?”
      Sailor Mercury suppressed the urge to face-palm, if only because doing that while running wasn’t safe. The beast had just slacked off for centuries? Not even Usagi was that bad!
    • Here:
      "Three arguing warlocks stood around a waist-high pedestal covered in schematics. One kept tapping the blackboard behind him with his index finger, smearing the scrawled runes on it in the process. The other held up an open book like a ward against ignorance, pointing at a certain passage. While the two shouted at each other, the third covered his forehead with one palm while glaring at the wax dripping onto his notes from a toppled candelabra."
    • Baron Leopold prompts one from one of the Avatar's body doubles, when he suggests attempting to kill Ami at the gala — right in front of Ami (and not caring that he is).
      Avatar ring holder: Baron Leopold, why must you do this every time?
  • Fake-Hair Drama: When Ami is made bald by a Dark God, she cares what her love interest will think of it, and makes a fake wig with her magic, and when her love interest notices that the wig is deteriorating, she badly lies about it, but he doesn't notice. In the end, she grows her hair back, magically.
  • Faking the Dead: Multiple people have faked their death, such as:
    • In "Generals Plot", one youma, where youma die and automatically get Reduced to Dust:
      the forgotten pile of dust shuddered and shifted, and a tiny hand poked out through its side. A miniature version of the green-skinned youma crawled out, hatred gleaming in her too-large eyes.
    • A priest of Crowned Death presents an illusion of their death, and uses Invisibility to hide and perform a sneak attack.
    • Ami makes a convincing corpse of herself to distract Crowned Death from her real body long enough for her to return to her surviving Dungeon Heart.
  • Family Title: The chapter "Siblings" about the sisters Ami and Tiger, who get recognized as sisters in the previous chapter, "Family Matters".
  • Fantastic Race Weapon Affinity: In "Out-of-Dungeon Experiences", it's said that the traditional elven weapon is the bow and arrows. The dark elves have replaced these with crossbows.
  • Fantastic Underclass: Referenced in "Shipping Preparations" and "Skirmishing", where Imps, magically created servants, are treated this way:
    An imp's life was hard, no matter whom they served, and they held little loyalty to their employers. It came as no surprise that they eagerly took the offered opportunity to remain among the living.
  • Father's Quest: Baron Sodnil wants to go on one for his daughter, Iden, who has been captured by a Keeper, Keeper Mercury, the protagonist, but he needs the support of his country's army, and they're not willing to take that risk, as of the story at the end of 2019.
  • Feathered Fiend: From "Ultimatum": Ami worries about the possibility when she disturbs some crows:
    A group of crows cawed in surprise when a sinister presence joined them on top of the inaccessible rock spire that served as their nesting grounds.
    Ami briefly tracked them with her gaze, worried that they would come back to defend their nests. The crows back at Rei's shrine were somewhat aggressive, and the last thing she needed was being pecked at while she was preoccupied with not slipping on the weather-worn stone.
  • Fiery Salamander: Implied:
    • Giant salamander eggs have been used as a source of warmth, in A Call from Home
    • Ward Troubles has some connection between salamanders and what appears to be fireproof skin, presumably salamander skin.
  • Fireballs: An ability of at least one Horned Reaper, Sailor Mars, and at least one bounty hunter mage.
  • Fisher King: Played with. The lands around a dungeon heart are corrupted with energies from the Dark Gods and generally themed on the God in question; they are influenced often, but not necessarily always, by the Keepers themselves. Played straighter with Ami's experimental heart designs which, due to the attempts to reduce corruption, created a strong manifestation of this trope as a side effect.
  • Flashy Teleportation: Multiple methods are available:
    • A Summon Magic spell with a long casting time, for static targets (generally allies or prisoners), and involving a lot of flames, is available to everyone.
    • Keeper Teleportation has different effects on arrival and departure. Arrival's effects are described before departure's:
    Arrival: Implied in "So Hungry", has a fade in effect, shown when Ami presumably uses Keeper Teleportation, her only fast teleportation method, and is described as "fading into view":
    Ami, reappeared on the hatchery grounds, fading into view with her visor already covering her eyes.
    Departure: as shown in "Seizing Heart Number 3" has the sound of a vacuum being filled in at the departure point:
    "This way," Ami gestured, pointing with a transparent hand over her shoulder. Ice made grinding noises with the movement, but the sound abruptly stopped when the water-filled simulacrum disappeared, leaving only a near-inaudible popping sound of inrushing air.
  • Flipping the Bird: Multiple instances:
    • From "Out-of-Dungeon Experiences":
      "Mercury? What are you staring at?" Jered asked, following her gaze to a particular troll, who noticed their scrutiny and flipped them the bird.
    • From "Assault on Wemos":
      "Wemos' face was a grimace of hatred and defiance as he lifted both fists in his sire's direction, middle fingers proudly erect."
  • Fog Feet: The ghost fish that Mercury makes:
    the front half of a fish. Everything behind the main fins dissolved into a trail of indistinct mist.
  • Food as Characterization: Goblins like to eat insects, as their crunchiness goes well with chicken, but also because goblins aren't very civilized, living through banditry, with other species appearing to make civilization.
  • Foreshadowing: Pops up quite often, from early mentions of Mukrezar, the brewing Dark Kingdom Civil War, Keeper Alphel's plans for Mercury's Prototype Armor she received from Azzathra's priesthood, along with other numerous things.
    • ALL of the Dark Gods that have appeared thus far have been mentioned repeatedly before becoming plot-relevant.
  • Formerly Sapient Species: Chaotic magic can transform intelligent creatures into these, altering their bodies and minds until they count as "mindless neutral creature[s]".
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: In a botched possession, the first Horned Reaper and Ami switch bodies. The Reaper is furious, wrestling his original body in the nude. Cue unexpected spectators watching that scene, and the unintended results...
    Random Goblin: "Go go Keeper!"
  • Friendly Enemies: Ami and The Light. They both are on the same side morally, respect each other, and have pretty good reasons to be in conflict anyway. And they're prepared to help each other as well, particularly in an Enemy Mine situation. The Light even helps Mercury escape The Unraveller for nothing, and Mercury passes on all her research and data on Dungeon Hearts. Doesn't get much friendlier.
    The Light: However, you have not yet turned from the path we warned you against. We cannot allow you to render your world vulnerable to the influence of the dark gods, and shall proceed to seal you away within your dungeon. Will you do the right thing and surrender peacefully?
  • From Bad to Worse: Poor Ami can never catch a break. Mostly because she keeps pissing off ever-more-powerful foes. Once she starts pissing off just one deity she promptly gets multiple Gods annoyed with her.
  • Frontline General: In the first few arcs Ami tends to be deeply involved in each battle. Later on, as she gains stronger and more reliable minions she learns to delegate more, but as one of the strongest fighters in her army she still tends to get her hands dirty. It helps that she can use golem bodies, minimising the risk to herself (though advanced magic can still harm her spirit).
  • Furniture Blockade: In Surprise Guest, a mysterious person approaching a bar is causing fear, and the Absurdly Ineffective Barricade is bypassed, by going through a wall:
    "Help me barricade the door, you worthless fools!" the troll who had burst in earlier shouted, struggling to drag a wall cupboard towards the door.
    Stirred into action by fear, the Underworld denizens started piling up furniture in front of the entrance, cursing and shouting as they got into each other's way.''
  • Fusion Dance:
    • Keepers have the ability to possess their minions, which gives the keeper access to skills and powers possessed by the minion in question. Yes, that sometimes means demons and imps in sailor uniforms with makeup and everything. Ami also gets a lot of mileage from the fact that her original body disappears in the process; possessing a durable minion can be a form of armour.
    • This gets taken one step farther with youma, whose appearance is determined in part due to their self-image. As a result, when possessed they become literal amalgams of Mercury and whatever they looked like before.
    • Taken yet further by Tiger, who possessed Mercury while she was also possessed by the Dark God Crowned Death. In that case, not only did Mercury and Tiger's features blend, but Mercury's armor fused with her/them, resulting in a towering, muscled amazon with metal skin and the burning crown of Crowned Death.
    • Boris encounters a more unfortunate case when he inadvertently carries Tserk the tentacle monster into a room full of chaos magic, and their bodies are blended together.

  • Gag Haircut: And how! Torian attempts to assist Ami in growing out her hair by modifying 'the Beastly Beard Booster' spell. The result... well...
    “Torian,” Ami began in a voice that had the warlock edge away from her. She turned towards him, one eyebrow that now hung down to her chin twitching. “Did you, by any chance, only expand the target region?”
  • Game Face: From "Strategy Meeting", Ami's new hires expect her be, as Snyder says, "revealling [her] grotesque and horrifying true form" to prove that she's really the Keeper of the dungeon they're in.
  • Gem-Encrusted: In the Valuable Art chapter, a high priest of Crowned Death wears a "mask of rubies and amber".
  • Gender Scoff: Twice, once for each gender:
    • From "A Meddler Appears":
      Jadeite was sitting on the highest outcropping of the spire, pouting. Ami worried that she had offended his pride when she offered to carry him for a change, allowing him to relax some more after straining himself so. Her youma body was certainly large and muscular enough for such an undertaking. She shook her head at his reaction. Men.
    • From "In Transit", after shooting down one girl's idea, and being given a different girl and her idea:
      Jadeite stared at the fairy and remained silent, his expression unreadable. Finally, he shook his head and spoke "Girls and their silly ideas.
  • Genius Loci: The way dungeons, dungeon hearts, and the corruption interact with the rest of the world (especially the surface) has shades of this.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: When running away from an army of Light in Chapter 19: Escape from Arachne's Dungeon, Snyder was so traumatized by the idea of working for a Keeper that Jered had to grab him by his collar and shake him to make him snap out of it.
  • Ghostly Chill: Ghosts with enough ghost energy, that are durable enough not to be popped like a bubble, produce such a chill in their wake.
  • Ghost Pirate: Empress Mercury faces off against an Undead Navy and Zombie Octopus in her war against Crowned Death.
  • Giant Footprint Reveal: : In "Back to the Iceberg", After a giant dragon has attacked the dungeon:
    Her armoured boots slipped on wet ice and almost sent her stumbling into an oddly-shaped pool of ice water.
    "That's one strange puddle," Jered commented as he peered into depression. "It almost looks like a four-fingered hand."
    "Not a hand." Cathy said, paling as she stepped over one of the cracks extending outward from the hole. "That's a footprint."
    "What? That would mean that the owner's toes are longer than you are!"
  • Girls with Moustaches: After being shaved courtesy of the Unraveler of Mysteries preparing to vivisect her, Keeper Mercury looks for a quick and dirty way to get her hair back. So she has one of her warlocks modify the "Beastly Beard Booster" spell. The results can be accurately summed by her reaction to the modified spell.
    Mercury: "Torian. Did you, by any chance, only expand the target region?"
  • Giving Radio to the Romans: There have been numerous comment threads on this story as to how Mercury can do this in ways that will have minimal benefit to the Dark Gods if the knowledge passes to their followers. So far, none of these suggestions have been taken up.
  • Giving Them the Strip: Camilla strips off her shoes after they get glued to the floor, as said in the Sticky Situation entry.
  • Global Currency: Gold, since Dungeon Hearts seem to make relatively standard gold coins:
    • From "Out-of-Dungeon Experiences":
      The entrance fee is ten gold per person.
    • From "Getting More Nurses", some bounties are measured in gold:
      As the Silver Hawks informed me, the current total price on Mukrezar's head is over two million gold pieces."
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Keeper Eyes glow red when angry.
  • Godhood Seeker: Zarekos, an already quite powerful vampire, is attempting to ascend to godhood when Ami encounters him. Later, when Ami asks one of her own minions whether Zarekos thought he was a god, she's answered that he wasn't that delusional — he was planning to become one, yes, but he was fully aware of his current limitations.
  • God of Evil: The Dark Gods whom the Dungeon Keepers serve. The Dark Gods counterparts, The Light, have been doing their best to try and prevent the taint of The Dark Gods from spreading any further. The Dark God of Strength and Martial Skill, Azzathra, has wished to see Mercury dead for some time for Mercury's perceived insults of all he stands for, and Mercury has declared war against the Dark God of Death and all of his followers for their actions.
  • God of the Dead: Crowned Death, whose focus is on decay, death, killing spells, the eventual end of everything, and The Undead.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Several times but the most prominent is stopping Crowned Death's High Temple. The followers of the Light were willing to work with the Dark Empress, one of the most notorious Keepers AKA Sailor Mercury, to stop it.
  • Gold Makes Everything Shiny: In the "Valuable Art" chapter, a high priest of Crowned Death is "wrapped in six layers of gold-trimmed black cloth".
  • Gold–Silver–Copper Standard: In Ambush, there's mention of "coppers" as a kind of currency, and Keepers' money is represented in gold coins, but a gold coin isn't a sign of being connected to Keepers, so some surface nations use gold coins as well.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Ami's idea of using a Dominate Undead spell to take over an undead dungeon heart worked beautifully. Unfortunately, since the heart was undead, doing so connected her mind to Crowned Death, who really doesn't like her.
    • Similarly, modifying the Dominate Undead spell to affect thousands of undead at once was also perfectly effective. But doing so wound up partially reconstituting the spirit powering them, and having it possess the caster. Poor Torian...
  • The Good Chancellor: Despite her position as a Dungeon Keeper, Ami has managed to attract a core group of loyal people to serve as advisers.
  • Good Hurts Evil: Holy wards, holy spells, and temples of the Light Gods all cause instinctive fear and disgust in creatures of evil...and those tainted by dark forces, such as Ami. Powerful enough holy magic can burn or kill them.
  • Good Is Dumb: All over the place. The tendency in the story is for all good characters to assume the worst about any and all acts by team evil at the drop of a hat, followed shortly by being a jerkass towards those perceived as evil. And Keepers are at the top of this list. Even those directly ordered by and given hints by the Light Gods themselves still treat Ami with all the same distrust they throw at other keepers, twisting those (very real) God's words if necessary to justify their viewpoint.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Perhaps Ami used to be, and she still goes out of her way to avoid killing when she can, but in a world containing horrors that the Sailor Senshi never dreamed of, she's had to harden up a lot. She has a lot of experience in choosing the Lesser of Two Evils, and she can hurt or even kill when the situation demands it.
  • Good Princess, Evil Queen: The Sailor Senshi are looking for the Moon Princess, which they think is the only way to defeat the evil Dark God, Queen Metallia. They are opposed by Queen Beryl, who is basically Metallia's High Priestess.
  • Good Running Evil: In a fairly short period of time, Ami ends up boss of a veritable swarm of evil minions, each convinced they are serving a powerful conqueror who has barely known defeat. To be fair, they are, it's just she's subtly trying to do good rather than destroy things. By attacking other Keepers and evil warlords, Ami manages to still be heroic while also remaining in-character as a Dungeon Keeper.
  • Good Versus Good: Whenever Ami goes up against the Light Gods or their servants. They genuinely mean well, and so does she, but the conflict remains.
  • Gossip Evolution: The tales of Mercury's deviance, the tales of Mercury beating up the various Big Bads and powerful monsters of the Underworld (usually while naked), and the growing tales of her power and cunning. She later invokes this to solve the insubordination problem.
  • Great Escape: Breaking Dwarf Master Smiths so Ami can learn how to forge Adamantine is discussed, but tabled as a possible, but unlikely plan.
  • Great Offscreen War: Used often throughout the fic as both Backstory and foreshadowing:
    • The conquering of the Avatar Islands.
    • The Dwarfs' Civil War
  • Green-Eyed Monster: After losing her most important memories, grasping at straws trying to keep anything of her former sense of self and identity, gaining knowledge of what it's like to have friends, and then having essentially all her dreams come true, Tiger then comes to the realization that no, these aren't her memories, she has no friends, she's powerless, and the thought that all her dreams had come true is all lies. In short, Tiger is jealous of Ami, and is acting out because of that.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Tiger gleefully watches one of the reaperbots seize a skeleton and use it as a flail until it breaks apart, then wield the individual leg bones.
  • Groin Attack: A few times:
    • A subverted one, in Ambush, when Jered is using Ami as a Human Shield:
      “EVERYONE STOP!” Jered shouted, causing an interruption in the melee as the combatants turned to look at him. Incidentally, this also postponed the meeting between the blue-haired girl’s heel and his crotch.
    • On a skeleton, from Cerasse, in Bombardment:
      Before Dandel could take another shot at the creature, she saw Cerasse put her weight on the contested staff and use it like a lever, ramming it between the death priest's legs in a move that obviously caught the undead mage by surprise.
  • Gross-Up Close-Up: After zooming in on a wounded eye, Usagi has to throw up:
    Ami saw her friend jump up from her chair and sprint toward the kitchen sink with a hand in front of her mouth before the crystal ball went black. About half a minute later, the image returned.
  • Group-Identifying Feature: Dungeon Keepers and the ones that are possessed by them, are marked by red glowing eyes.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Played with. While infiltraiting one of Morrigan's dungeons, Monteraine is able to bluff her way through an absurd number of checkpoints- justified because she was a former minion of Morrigan, he was currently banished- and thus the minion-particular wards didn't automatically recognize her (or anyone at all), and his minions didn't hold any particular loyalty to him.
  • Hammerspace: The Keeper Storage ability works along these lines, and is used and abused to great effect by Keeper Mercury.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Ordinarily, winning a duel sponsored by Azzathra results in receiving a portion of the loser's strength. But since Azzathra is displeased by the cunning trickery employed, he instead gives Ami a portion of the Reaper's knowledge, about summoning and using his scythe. Ami and her inner circle assume that it's intended as an insult: it's mostly useless (as she's too small to effectively wield a scythe) and a bit dangerous (since the Reaper's equipment summoning spell entirely replaces the user's original clothing, and the result includes very little armour). However, Ami takes the knowledge and teaches the Reaper's equipment summoning spell to her goblins, allowing them all to train with the scythe, then makes them the pilots of her magical remote-controlled reaperbot army.
  • The Hecate Sisters: Tiger fills the role of Maiden, being flirty, sexy and a bit of a ditz; while Cathy fills the role of matron, being the mature voice of reason that keeps Tiger in check and takes care of Ami whenever she pushes herself past her limits while still allowing herself to be sensual with her boyfriend; and Ami fills the role of the crone, being a somewhat tomboyish, wise, and sharp-witted member of the trio.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Jadeite signs up with Ami largely as a matter of pragmatism, but he comes to show signs of genuinely caring for her and appreciating her attitude. He remains ruthless, but devotes himself to her service, even when talking about the possibility of killing Metallia. Seems like what he really wanted all along was a powerful, wealthy, influential Benevolent Boss.
  • High Priest: The position exists in most of the Dark Gods' priesthoods. Not many are known, with the ones without sections in the Characters page being:
    • High Priest Karmalun of Crowned Death's clergy, named in the narration after he died.
    • Unnamed High Priests of Crowned Death, who take the position after their predecessors' deaths.
  • Hired for Their Looks:
    • From Assault on Wemos: Not precisely a hiring, but close... It's apparently how Zarekos chose his vampire candidates, given how he responded to a Brainless Beauty failing a task:
      "Note to self: do not choose any more vampires candidates purely on looks."
    • Possibly the reason why Isolda, a Dark Mistress, was hired (she was likely hired by Jered, who might've been Distracted by the Sexy).
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: Jadeite's first combat assignment is to assassinate an enemy Keeper during Ami's assault on the dungeon, but the Keeper is possessing other creatures, so it doesn't just die when a host is killed, and if Jadeite stays still, the Keeper will be able to strike him with lightning. So it becomes a chase, with Jadeite repeatedly hearing the Keeper's latest coordinates, teleporting in, attempting to kill the current creature, and teleporting out before the retaliation can land. Eventually Ami is able to reach the Dungeon Heart, and the Keeper flees in its true body, which Jadeite catches and kills.
  • Holding Back the Phlebotinum: Ami loses the mantle because of a very disappointing blunder, where she fails to use her Mercury Goggles's see through illusions function. (In fairness, she couldn't use that remotely through Keeper Sight.)
  • Hollywood Tactics: Averted magnificently. Especially evident in the Avatar Island Battles and the Battle of Dreadfog Island. Zarekos uses a three-pronged assault, flanking maneuvers, and ambushes. In the Battle of Dreadfog Island, Crowned Death's forces use the sun to blind Mercury's forces and approach under cover of a diversion. Later in the same battle, Mercury uses harrassment and area-denial to rob Keeper Clairmonte of the benefits offered by a Dungeon's home turf advantage.
  • Holy Burns Evil: Applies with the God of Good collective, The Light, and their magic, harming demons who step onto temple grounds, and being one of the simplest ways to permanently kill vampires, who usually have Resurrective Immortality.
  • Holy Water: Blessed water can wash away enchantments and dispel conjured equipment.
  • Horrifying the Horror: With careful use of unconsciousness, synthetic blood, and fear magic, Ami is able to convince her minions that she successfully tortured a Dark Mistress. Bearing in mind that this is a being who volunteered to share in the punishment just because she likes pain.
  • How Many Fingers?: In "No Wonder Cure", Ami uses this to test someone's eyes after they've been restored:
    Mercury answered. "Can you see me properly?" she asked Ulrich. "How many fingers am I holding up?"
    "F-four, your Majesty."
    She smiled, nodding once. "Good! Now, what about depth perception? Um, what could I use..."
  • How We Got Here: The beginning of Bad Neighbours shows how Ami got the telepathic "Argh! Some help here, quick!" that ended the previous chapter, A Surprise for Nero.
  • Human Sacrifice: Usually how people give souls to entites in the realm of the Dark Gods:
    • It's how most Keepers appease the Dark Gods, if they've offended them.
    • Dark Angels are hired with a payment of souls, and it's also used for their upkeep, or a continuous hiring cost. The precise mechanic is unclear, since Ami quickly ends the conversation once she gets the gist.
  • Human Shield: In Ambush, when the party is being ambushed by goblins:
    [Ami] felt herself pulled toward [Jared] roughly, and then used as a human shield.
    “EVERYONE STOP!” Jered shouted, causing an interruption in the melee as the combatants turned to look at him. Incidentally, this also postponed the meeting between the blue-haired girl’s heel and his crotch.
    “GOBLINS! Harm this girl, and you will draw the direct and personal ire of a Keeper!” he shouted.
  • Humiliation Conga: The Horned Reaper really doesn't get good results from his manipulation of Ami into becoming a Keeper. And that's without even mentioning the fact that she kills him in their third duel. And then uses his knowledge to build her reaperbot armies.
    Cathy: Well, let's see. She somehow forced him to serve her for a while. She also got him into that pretty outfit I'm wearing now. She somehow exchanged bodies with him, and then involuntarily destroyed his reputation by making it appear as if she was doing unspeakable things to him. Then she beat him publicly twice. And threatened to transfer him permanently into a chicken body. Add to that that murderous rage is his base state of existence, and...
  • Hypocrite: Azzathra's temple servants. While they may have a point in that Mercury cheated during her duel with the Reaper, they themselves are highly biased and specifically set the rules and match up to ensure Mercury would lose. They're real sore losers like that.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Keeper Mukrezar complaining and calling it cheating that the Avatar is copying his tactics, which his butler finds funny, in Frenzied Fortification:
    A growl sound came from the pink-haired elf. "I hate him hate him hate him HATE HIM sooo much! He's cheating!" he shouted, pounding the table with his fist.
    "What's wrong, your Hypocrisy?" the imp butler asked as he approached, carrying a tray with a steaming kettle and a cup full off black liquid. "Underhandedness is to be approved of!"
    "He stole my trick!"
  • Hypno Trinket: Jadeite creates a mind control headband to contain Baron Leopold. It's temporarily effective, but he eventually fights it off.

  • I Am Spartacus: Played straight by a villain, in that Mukrezar's plan with the magic rings revolves around whoever is wearing them turning into copies of himself, confusing people as to where Mukrezar really is, or who is the real Mukrezar.
  • I Choose to Stay: Jered, Cathy, and Snyder initially sign up with Ami because they're caught in a no-win situation and she's their only way to survive. Later, though, Snyder is captured by a town with a Light temple, which tries him and concludes that he is sincere but has been deluded or otherwise tricked by the Keeper. When Ami comes to rescue him, she gives him the option of leaving her service if he wants, but he decides to remain with her.
  • I Control My Minions Through...: Traditionally, Keepers go for fear, money, sadism, and corruption. Naturally, maintaining discipline among her evil minions without resorting to one of the above is one of the problems Ami faces.
  • I Know You're Watching Me: Sufficiently magically-powerful beings can detect scrying, and even the specific direction it's coming from so as to be able to look at the viewer.
  • I Want Them Alive!: The Light, after realizing Ami is not pure evil. Also Crowned Death, after their plans are thoroughly thwarted.
  • Imagine Spot: Eline in Umbra's Report, immediately following her capture. She pictures Mercury as a towering, lecherous, naked amazon. It is hilarious.
  • Immortal Ruler: Dungeon Keepers are immortal due to the Dungeon Heart that lets them control their territories. They rule and are immortal because of the same device, and can only be overthrown by being killed, or with the destruction of their Dungeon Heart.
  • Immune to Fire: There are fire immunity enchantments that protect the object they're applied to from being set on fire.
  • Impeded Communication: Ami is prevented from contacting her dungeon twice when assaulting Salthalls, due to unexpected events reducing her magical abilities that she uses.
  • Imperfect Ritual: As seen "Backfire - Part 2", a spell that uses both fuel and ritual preparation before hand, performed without the ritual preparation, results in a weaker result:
    It looked vastly less impressive than the Lesser Aspect she had defeated, probably due to the lack of ritual.
  • Implacable Man:
    • Nothing Ami throws at the Avatar can stop him for long. Except a large electromagnet.
    • Ami herself presents this appearance to the dwarven city of Salthalls. Interestingly, though, she's the one constantly attempting diplomacy, while dodging, blocking, overpowering, or shrugging off the defenders' attempts to stop her.
      Ami: Give me the location of Duke Libasheshtan!
  • Improvised Weapon: Getting injured with a hot rake is unusual but understandable; how exactly Baron Leopold managed to wield a tuning fork, though, is hard to say.
  • Infernal Retaliation: Fireballs really don't work well against Arachne's magically enlarged house-sized champion spiders.
    The spider let out a high keening wail, and turned from a towering, sharp-bristled, poisonous whirlwind of death and destruction into a towering, sharp-bristled, poisonous, burning whirlwind of death and destruction.
  • Inhuman Eye Concealers: Ami hides her red and glowing Dungeon Keeper eyes by glamour.
  • Injured Limb Episode: Ami breaks her arm after punching out the Reaper.
  • Instant Runes:
    • A long spell to summon things, which involves some of these:
      Ami had both of her hands raised high over her head as she struggled to pronounce the unfamiliar syllables of the spell. A clean circle of ground had expanded in front of her, pushing a ring-shaped wave of clogging blood outward as it grew in diameter. The magical circle's perimeter burst into icy flame, and thirteen evenly-spaced flickering runes appeared in the burning curtain.
  • In the Name of the Moon:
    • Played straight by the fairies in the chapter Fairy Attack, as well as by Sailor Moon herself.
    • Deconstructed by Mukrezar, who is a bit taken aback that, after all these dark years, the Avatar no longer bothers with any theatrics.
      Butler: It saddens me to see that standards for heroes have fallen so far. I will miss their proud and defiant posturing and self-righteous condemnations. But most of all, I will miss seeing their disbelieving, shocked faces when you ambush them during the pre-battle formalities, your Unexpectedness.
      Mukrezar: Ah, those were the good times.
  • Incompatible Orientation: One of Drunk Ami's fears about her relationship with General Jadeite, as said in her thoughts from "Beryl's Plan":
    A horrible thought almost made her gasp out loud. Could it be that he was gay? She needed another drink! A moment later, she settled back against him, her thirst slaked. This required some careful observation.
  • Invisibility with Drawbacks: Ami's invisibility wands don't allow their target to see, since invisible eyes can't detect light.
  • Ironic Last Words: From "Nero's Spell (Part 2)", facing a target in a metal cylinder, right before her current body dies from being eaten by something, due to sticking her claw / paw in its "mouth" while trying to open the "tin":
    "Seriously, Keeper? Tinned food?" Alphel gloated as she sat down before the covered pit, raising a giant paw like a cat ready to strike. "I shall crush you with these very claws!"
  • Island of Mystery: The chapter, "Mysterious Island", where the titular, presumed-to-be-lifeless island is somehow home to a civilization of trolls. It's also home to magical secrets that Ami is hoping to discover.
  • It Came from the Sink: In "Out-of-Dungeon Experiences", during Keeper Arachne's previous attack on Baron Leopold's territory, her spiders used the richer areas' internal plumbing to sneak in and attack people.
  • It's All My Fault: Part of the reason that Ami takes responsibility for thousands of blinded civilians is because she believes that she inadvertently caused their situation.
    Ami: You don't understand. This is my fault! If I hadn't lost the Mantle, none of this would have happened!
  • It's Personal: Spiders Everywhere!:
    "Abbot Durval," Snyder informed her, "He wasn't at the abbey when Arachne destroyed it, and wants revenge for all the innocent deaths."
  • Job Title: Dungeon Keeper Ami.
  • Judicial Wig: As seen in Corruption?, Audshul's human judges have them, as seen with Evercalm's judge:
    Behind the high wooden podium in the middle sat a wrinkly man who could only be the judge. Powder was trickling down from his white, curly wig onto the hammer resting before him as he leaned forward, looking Ami up and down.
  • The Juggernaut:
    • Ami faces two on the Avatar Islands:
      • Keeper Alphel, who cuts her off from any resources she could use to harm it.
      • The Avatar, who is good enough to almost defeat her, on her own territory, when she can bring everything she has to bear.
    • Ami herself is one at times, notably when breaching Salthalls to meet with its Duke, as a One-Man Army, fighting in the streets, and against a competent army.

  • Keystone Army: The Dungeon Hearts are the Keystones of a Dungeon Keeper's army, as killing the heart banishes the Keeper to the realm of the dark gods until they can claw their way back (and killing the Keeper's last Heart will kill them permanently).
  • Kill It with Fire: When plan A to take down the underwater temple of Crowned Death doesn't work, Tiger turns to copious amounts of fire.
    "The enemy temple! It's on fire!" the voice shouted.
    "Huh?" He involuntarily looked down, and then kept looking, his eyes growing wider and wider. Something underneath the waves was burning bright enough to make them shine like the setting sun. "I- I can see that." He looked up at Tiger, his expression begging for an explanation. "What are they burning?"
    "The temple."
    "Yes, you already told me that!"
    "You don't understand! The stone is on fire! Underwater!"
    Torian blinked. So did most of the youma.
    "By all the dark gods, it just crashed and now the sand is burning too! Look at it!" another warlock shouted in the background.
    "I think even the water is on fire," the first one muttered in a voice that bordered on religious rapture.
    "Don't be silly," Tiger interrupted. "The water is too busy exploding to be on fire!"
  • Kill the God: Ami is at war with Crowned Death, and Azzaratha strongly dislikes her.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Happens more than once:
    • From Surprise Guest, how a Mukrezar dies:
      Mukrezar smirked “Just as I planned, you—” That was as far as he got before the Avatar’s two-handed sword cut off his words, along with his head.
    • From Resignation:
      "You fool have doomed us b-" Zarekos's terrified screech ended abruptly as a gauntleted fist flattened his face, which bent under the force until his skull caved in.
    • From Hunt's End:
      “But you haven’t even heard yet what I’m offering,” she said as she stepped towards him. “You want me gone, I don’t want to be here-”
      Her vision went black as her [speaking] golem died.
  • Klingon Promotion:
    • Unintentionally. After slaying the self-proclaimed Emperor Zarekos, Ami has been given his title and is now Empress Mercury, Ruler of the Avatar Isles as decreed by the Light Gods. The full implications of this have yet to be fully seen.
    • Later on, an Orc attempts this by trying to kill Cathy. He fails and had a 50-50 chance of surviving his injuries. Then he gets punished.
  • Knowledge Broker: Keeper Midori. He provides Ami information on what is threatening her dungeon, in exchange for requests to become a noble or royal, which she can grant, as she's an empress.
  • Knuckle Cracking: In Surprise Guest, when a bar patron is talking and laughing about burning the place down, another patron responds like so:
    One of the nervous trolls turned to glare at the dark-clad figure. "You think that’s amusing? Shut up or I’ll show you something really amusing!" He cracked his knuckles threateningly.
  • The Lad-ette: Cathy.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude: From Deeper Into Trouble:
    "Maka look like a girl in that dress!" one of the goblins taunted, pointing a crooked finger at another, who promptly picked up a wooden stool and swung it by one of its three legs, clobbering the mocker into the ground.
    "Maka IS girl, idiot!" the still fuku-clad goblin crossed her arms and huffed.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: In Interrupted Plotting, Ami references this trope when thinking of her first horned reaper:
    With his large, jutting chin he had - and he would have hated this assessment - looked almost heroic.
  • Lap Pillow: From "Beryl's Plan": Ami, a.k.a Keeper Mercury, uses Jadeite's lap as one, after she gets drunk:
    Jadeite couldn't have been more nervous if someone had dumped a ticking time bomb onto his lap. The comparison was uncharitable to the red-faced girl who was using his legs as a pillow, but he found it fitting.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Discussed in "A Small Deception", where Mercury says she wiped the memories of her torture victims. But, actually, they were just unconscious before being woken up by a fear spell.
  • Lesser of Two Evils: Oh so much.
    • Ami's life as a Keeper is basically made of this, from the first moment that she realises she's bonded with the Heart, and chooses to make the best of it rather than just commit suicide to remove the Heart and the Reaper from the world. Of particular poignance is choosing to worship Queen Metallia — albeit not very devoutly — rather than risk her soul being claimed by Azzathra.
    • Her human companions come around to seeing her this way, too, before eventually concluding that she's actually a good person.
      Dwarf: What's the lass doin'? Look at her eyes! That's a downright evil look!
      Jered: She's trying to summon help. I'd rather take my chances with her than with that monster spider outside!
    • Jadeite reveals to Ami that he serves Queen Metallia because he believes her release is inevitable and the best option is to have her favor.
  • Lethal Chef: Multiple:
    • In a stealth crossover with Ranma ½, Nephrite's plan of "inspiring" a young girl into cooking using cursed kitchen items to drain life energy backfires when the young girl's family makes him stay and enjoy her creations. Hilarity Ensues when he collapses in Beryl's court due to food poisoning.
    • Mukrezar. He took a bite of his "world's biggest cake" and it tasted absolutely horrid.
  • Lie Detector: Ami tried to used her Mercury Computer as one, in "Adamantine":
    she paused to focus all of her computer's sensors on the trapped dwarf. She didn’t want to miss any sign he was lying when he answered her next question. [...]
    The readings on her screen indicated that the padding of the Duke’s armour kept him warm under the ice, and there was no shivering to obscure his body’s involuntary reactions. There were no indications that he had been less than truthful, either. [...]
    this being her first attempt at using her computer as a lie detector[.]
  • Light/Darkness Juxtaposition: The Light Gods of good vs. the Dark Gods of evil.
  • Limited-Use Magical Device: A few:
    • Mixed with Single-Use Shield, the shield charms introduced in "Nero's Spell (Part 1)":
      magical trinkets and consumables- that reminds me..." [...] a ceramic disc with three embossed runes.
      "Here, that's for you. I acquired an extra." Cathy looked at the ceramic amulet resting on her open palm and traced the golden lines with one finger. "Magical? What does it do?"
      "One-use shield charm. Crack it to release the spell. It's meant as an emergency defence.
    • A wand introduced in "Abandon Ship, Part 2":
      "Here, Empress. The simplest of the tools granted to you." Olon produced an unadorned white wand from his bag and offered it to Ami.
      "That's a weapon," Olon clarified. "Three shots. Use on dark angels. Wasted on anything stronger. Flashy."
  • Literal Metaphor:
    • Arachne telling Alphel and Morrigan that, "I am willing to let you two take the first stab at her. I know something that you don't, and it will get you burnt." What they don't know is that Jadeite can create portals to the Underworld, filling their dungeons with lava.
    • Also, when Tiger jokingly accuses Ami of having "sicked tireless, bloodthirsty telemarketers on people", she means it literally, said "telemarketers" being vampires.
  • Little Miss Badass: Mercury has been shaping up into this as the story has progressed. With Mercury's Declaration of War against the Dark God of Death, and his legion of undead followers, Mercury is quickly approaching the level of being a Lady of War in her own right, on top of being considered one of the MAIN Big Bads by the rest of the Dungeon Keeper world.
    • In Ultimatum She shows up at the City of Salthalls and requests an audience with the Duke. Because she lacks an army, there is little chance of that. When he refuses (and his soldiers attempt to shoot her with a ballista) she takes on the entire city single-handedly.
  • Living Lie Detector: From A New Arrival, the "Judge's Eye gift", which appears to tell if people are speaking the truth, is used by Abbot Durval on Ami, is presumably given by the Light Gods, and works through eye contact with the subject, given the name. Although, he doesn't seem to need to be looking them straight in the eye as they speak.
  • Load-Bearing Boss: Invoked. Ami rigged the ceilings above her Dungeon Hearts to collapse if she dies to prevent anybody else from taking and using them.
  • Lodged Blade Removal: In "Out-of-Dungeon Experiences", Demonic Possession Ami does this to herself after an Assassination Attempt involving being stabbed with two weapons(one In the Back). She can do it because she has a Healing Factor due to possessing an ice golem body at the time, which makes her a bit harder to kill.
  • Loss of Inhibitions: In "Beryl's Plan'', after Ami sobers up, she mentions this effect of alcohol, as she was planning on wearing a Stripperific outfit she wouldn't wear normally out of embarrassment:
    Right. Alcohol also lowers inhibitions. Good to know.

  • Machine Blood: Ami's ice golems are humanoid, and, when damaged, "bleed" water, which, when covered in a glamour (a.k.a illusion) to appear human, actually becomes the blood.
  • Made of Indestructium: From "A Better Plan?", Ami's analysis of the substance, Adamantine, gives this trope to items made of it:
    from what she could determine, it seemed to be all but indestructible. High temperatures, acids, enough force to break a steel girder - nothing so far had been able to damage the metal.
    While the confirmation of the material’s near-invulnerability was reassuring in a way, it also presented an enormous problem. How was she supposed to work with it if she couldn’t shape it? “I’m missing something here,” Ami concluded, pacing up and down. “Someone has clearly forged it into this shape. Perhaps it needs to be in raw form?”
  • Mad Scientist: All the warlocks have shades of this, as well as Ami herself. Invoked when she gives her friends a tour of the lab, as Ami puts on a Mad Scientist act as a joke.
    • The Unraveller of Mysteries is the patron God of mad scientists.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: Spells that aren't granted directly by a deity are generally devised by modifying an existing spell or studying a magical creature that can already do what the caster wants to accomplish.
  • Magic Fire: There's fires that don't seem to use fuel that are used for lighting in places where electricity would be unsafe, such as in a water-based area like a bath / pool.
  • Magical Incantation: They are used in-place of manipulating magic through gestures:
    • When Abott Duval talks of Ami's complex spells, in A Short Break:
    the proper incantations for simplifying the arcane gestures. That convergence of three lines over there, for example, looks as if it could be summarised by a properly pronounced Sul rune."
    "Well, I don't actually have any formal training in spell creation," Ami admitted. When the abbot raised his eyebrows, she clasped her hands in front of herself. His teacher-like demeanour made her feel somewhat inadequate. "I can place some of the more common syllables, but I have never had the time to actually study how warlocks put chants and incantations together. For me, it's much easier to manipulate the magic directly using the dungeon heart. It is a fascinating subject though," she hurried to reassure him.
    Ami had both of her hands raised high over her head as she struggled to pronounce the unfamiliar syllables of the spell. A clean circle of ground had expanded in front of her, pushing a ring-shaped wave of clogging blood outward as it grew in diameter. The magical circle's perimeter burst into icy flame, and thirteen evenly-spaced flickering runes appeared in the burning curtain.
    Ami's voice reached a crescendo as she refused to let herself be distracted by the plight of her comrades. In response, lines of fire pulsed and drew a pentagram in the centre of the summoning circle. Suddenly, the entire room coloured with the bright orange tones of an active furnace when a tornado of flame exploded from the ground, sending large chunks of the summoning circle flying.
  • Magic Kiss: From Strategy Meeting, when discussing how to remove a frog transformation:
    "The traditional means would be a kiss by a prince or princess," Jered supplied with a grin, "fortunately, being a Keeper should make you some kind of Princess of Darkness."
    "That's just a children's story," the red-headed acolyte blurted out quickly. Transformation magic usually isn't permanent. Just give it some time."
  • Magitek: Mercury's decidedly modern approach to magic is shaping up to be one of her greatest advantages so far.
  • Make Sure He's Dead: In Creepy Crawlers, when Ami attacks a giant spider:
    Just to make sure the spider was really dead, Ami walked up to the iced-over debris and kicked the head off the rump. There. This thing wouldn’t be feasting on any villagers.
  • Malicious Slander: The tales of Mercury's deviance, as well as some of the earlier rumors of Mercury being weak and prone to losing her dungeons.
  • Mana: From Ambush: magical energy is called Mana, as Jared says:
    all her clothes were conjured. Not many people can waste mana that thoughtlessly.
  • Manipulative Bitch: This is Ami is seen by both the light side and dark side, except for Jered, Snyder, Cathy, and maybe the Light Gods.
  • Memory Wipe Exploitation: In "A Small Deception", a memory wipe is exploited to keep experiences fresh. They were actually just unconscious:
    "What did I do to you?" Ami asked, smiling evilly. Getting the smile right had taken quite a bit of time in front of the mirror, not to mention a lot of teasing from Cathy and Jered until she managed to combine the frown and the curvature of the lips correctly. "Can't you remember?"
    Both he and Isolda shook their heads.
    Ami's smile widened. "Good. I could tell you, but that would make me wiping your memories a waste of time. I'd hate for my methods to get out and ruin the surprise. Besides, this way, every time can be as horrible as the first!"
  • Memetic Badass: The forumites at Sufficient Velocity created a Chuck Norris-style list for The Dark Empress, you can read it in the Awesome tab. The list also doubles as a Shrouded in Myth entry, as it's pretty much what almost everybody in the setting believes of her.
  • Mind-Control Device: The dungeon hearts do this to a minor degree with Keeper minions, mainly keeping them from attacking the Keeper. It's used as an explanation for why Being Tortured Makes You Evil in the Dungeon Keeper setting itself, as most minions can't easily break the bonds the Dungeon Heart places on them.
  • Mind Hug: Being a Keeper, Ami is more than a little uncomfortable in the Light Gods' temple. Nevertheless, they cure the emotional trauma she suffered from her earlier Mind Rape of Malleus.
  • Mind Rape: Ami ends up doing this to Malleus. The experience is lethal for him, traumatic for her.
    • Much later the Unraveller almost takes this trope to a rather logical extreme. To elaborate: the Unraveller intends to Mind Vivisect Ami, though it is implied that Mind Rape will also occur - specifically, "a few adjustments and improvements".
  • Mirror Character: Ami and Tiger express their shared memories by having the same gestures:
    "Hmm, they kind of do look like sisters when they stand next to each other like that," Sailor Moon said when the ensuing silence threatened to turn awkward.
    This prompted Ami and Tiger to look at each other. Sure enough, they both stood with their backs straight and their hands in front of themselves, fidgeting slightly.
  • Mirrors Reflect Everything: Mirrored orbs allow Azzathra's anti-magic gaze to affect anywhere seen through a mirror.
  • Mirror Reveal:
    • Ami only notices her Battle Aura after seeing it in a reflection.
    • In "Ward Trouble", Count Zatkel only notices his Baleful Polymorph into a chicken when he sees a reflective shield.
  • A Molten Date with Death: When fighting Nero, when he's a Dungeon Keeper, some of Ami's minions die by falling into the lava around his Dungeon Heart, the destruction of which is a key component of victory.
  • Mobile City: Ami's Iceberg Dungeon, which is a ship made to move Ami and her forces from one continent to another. It's basically holding an army, but it's also self-sufficient, being able to farm all its food.
  • Monster Whale: At least one undead whale is part of the undead forces set against Ami.
  • Mook Horror Show: In Surprise Guest, the Avatar appearing in a small underworld town causes this trope:
    Stirred into action by fear, the Underworld denizens started piling up furniture in front of the entrance, cursing and shouting as they got into each other's way.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Tserk (a tentacle monster) can wield (and reload) six crossbows simultaneously with deadly precision.
  • Mundane Solution: The Avatar, wearing his mantle, is essentially impervious to all magic — but his armour is not immune to magnetism.
  • Mundane Utility: Ami managed to turn her corrupted landscape into a massive windstorm that provides electricity for the dungeon, and has figured out how to take advantage of some of the other corruption effects to create hot springs and geothermal power with the use of lava instead of wind.
    • What better way to use your new horned reaper than as a living smelter or water heater? After all, fireballs are much more environmentally friendly than coal or gas.
    • Ghosts are terrifying, yet fragile; one good hit is enough to disperse them. What does Ami use? A giant fly-swatter wielded in her Keeper hand.
  • Mordor: What the lands the Keepers inhabit turn into due to the corruption of the Dungeon Heart. It has a side-effect of revealing the presence of a dungeon in the local area. The Avatar Islands are the best example: the continent had multiple Keepers warring over it, and despite their passing the land has not recovered. It most likely never will.
  • My Skull Runneth Over: From "Trapped (second half)", Ami passses out from her Dungeon Heart's information when she reconnects with it, and so ends the chapter:
    Far away, her dungeon heart sluggishly awakened from slumber. Her awareness was limited to its immediate surroundings, as everything further than a few metres away remained hidden behind a curtain of darkness. Tile by tile, this darkness receded, as if she was rapidly claiming the territory.
    The wave of expanding awareness reached the first intersection and rushed down each of the three outgoing tunnels simultaneously. Everything it passed provided information. The state of the walls, the clicking of traps rearming themselves, the amount of water within the pipes within the wall.
    Another intersection, and yet another. The rush of knowledge sped up exponentially. The amount of gold and gems in her treasury. The number of withered plants in one of the farms. An imp, rubbing her eyes in confusion. More intersections.
    Ami grabbed her head in discomfort as the flashes of knowledge came faster and faster, too quickly for her to process them. They produced a sensation like pins and needles, multiplied by the size of her dungeon.
    Running goblins. Armoury. Swords, daggers, clubs. Half-finished reaperbot. Frost patterns. Wandering civilian. Right angles. Aquamarine tiles. Dripping water. Trolls. Beakers. Cables. Mixed patrol. Intruders. Gems. Dragon. Tall ceilings, right angles. Pools and water. Warlocks. Slender pillars. Chatting dark elves. Intersectio-
    The flood of information became too great for her tired mind to handle. Already weakened from draining her own life energy, she slowly toppled forward from her seated position, unconscious.​
  • Mystical Plague: The dark gods send a magical sickness in punishment for Ami attempting to obtain help from the light gods, causing vomiting, boils, bloody coughs, high fevers, and weakness, with death to follow. Ami tries to devise a cure, but it mutates in response, actively countering her efforts.
  • Mythology Gag: From Corruption?: When Ami muses on sacrificing gold in her temple, her Reaper says: "The temple is no wishing well, you dolt!", a reference to Dungeon Keeper, where sacrificing gold in the temple, in single-player, would receive "This is no wishing well, Keeper." as a response.
  • Named After First Installment: The first chapter is called "Dungeon Keeper Ami (DARK)", with the "(DARK)" just being a content warning — but the name does fit the series, as it's Role Called.
  • Nasal Trauma: Multiple occasions from different causes:
    • Ami's corrupted Shabon Spray has some very nasty effects on sensory organs:
      the dark magic performed the same task of blinding and disorienting the targets that Mercury's usual chilly fog would have. [...] she saw monsters claw at their eyes in the darkness. Blood was flowing from their ears and noses.
    • From "A Meddler Appears", a rat gets a bloody nose due to sniffing something from that came from a room with concentrated bile demon stench:
      Ami dropped the loot unceremoniously in her own treasure chamber, where it landed on the ground with a soft thud. A rat scuttled out of the shadows and approached cautiously, twitching its nose as it sniffed the new box. Moments later, it let out an offended squeak and bounded away, bleeding from its nostrils. Bile demons, the young Keeper shuddered. A locked room would concentrate the smell...
  • Natural Spotlight: In "Crystal Investigation":
    The gem was lying on the broken tip of a chalk-white stalagmite. It glittered in the single ray of sunlight that shone like a spotlight through a tiny gap in the cave’s roof.
    Ami didn’t believe for an instant that the crystal had landed in the only illuminated spot by sheer good fortune. This was either an attempt to mislead her, outright mockery, or possibly both.
  • Near-Rape Experience: In "A Deal with the Devil (DARK)", it's Inverted, by the assaulted stopping it, instead of the assaulter. When Ami's first Reaper is using rape as a threat, she escapes by teleporting away:
    [Ami] struggled to shake her head. "I don't trust you."

    Which left him with a bit of a problem. [...] He had no problem with torture [...] Lack of experience [...] left most of his victims dead before any desirable results could be achieved. [...] Hmm, what could he do that wouldn't cause too much damage? He snorted at the thought. Him, worried about causing too much damage. Then he had a bright idea. She was a female, so...

    "A stupid choice. I see you need some more 'convincing'."

    Ami felt true terror at the malice expressed in those few words. Then, a scaled hand reached down, and grabbed a hold of the front of her sailor senshi uniform. Her body jerked as the demon gave the garment a violent tug, and with an agonised ripping noise, the front half came off. Oh no. No! No! NO! Not that! Ami froze in horror as she felt the chill of the dungeon air on the exposed skin of her chest. I wish I had died instead! I wish I was a real Keeper and knew how to get out of this situation! Having barely finished the panicked thought, she felt a surge of energy from the dungeon heart, as if she had just re-affirmed their connection. The next moment, she was gone.
  • Necromancer: There are a few, given there are necromancy spells, and followers of Crowned Death have the ability to raise the dead as undead minions.
  • Neural Implanting: Queen Metallia beams a spell to retrieve youma from Eternal Sleep into Ami's mind.
  • New Life in Another World Bonus: When Ami arrives in Adushul, she becomes a Dungeon Keeper, making her effectively immortal, increasing her magic capacity, and gaining a place to call home, all at once. She also gets a Horned Reaper, one of the best fighters in Adushul. And all it costs her is her soul.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Wards can radically reduce the effectiveness of offensive spells, and even stop physical blows that might otherwise prove lethal. Enough of them can make a spellcaster exceptionally difficult to harm.
    • Mercury's ice golems could be a lesser example. While they are harmed by magic and weapons, they are far more resilient than fleshy soldiers, as their bodies simply freeze over any wounds. Given access to enough water, they become nearly indestructible, which Mercury takes full advantage of for intimidation when possessing them.
  • Night of the Living Mooks: When Ami fights against a Incarnation of Extinction, a servant of Crowned Death, whose main attacking force is formed by Raising the Steaks with marine animals, but there are few Vampires and undead priests of Crowned Death as well.
  • Noble Fugitive: Ami, at the conclusion of the Avatar Islands Arc, due to getting the title of Empress.
  • No Eye in Magic: Some abilities seem to rely on eye contact:
    • From Magic Lesson, Snyder explains that:
      Seeing something establishes an ephemeral, exploitable arcane link with it. Suffice it to say [in combination with a scrying device], you can use this to find out who is watching you, but not necessarily from where he is watching.”
    • Azzathra's magic cancelling gaze abilities need visual contact with the area where magic is supposed to be prevented in, it works with areas seen through mirrors too.
    • From A New Arrival, the "Judge's Eye gift", which appears to tell if people are speaking the truth, is used by Abbot Durval uses on Ami, is presumably given by the Light Gods, and works through eye contact with the subject, given the name. Although, he doesn't seem to need to be looking them straight in the eye as they speak.
  • No Flow Portal: Depends on the type of portal:
    • Jadeite's portals, don't prevent things on the other side from going through, as shown with the first one seen, where a jet of lava rushes out.
    • Underworld Portal installations don't cause atmosphere exchange between the locations they connect, shown when one connects to a very hot location, from a cool underground dungeon, and the temperature of the destination is only noticed when the portal is exited.
  • No Man Should Have This Power: The instant mass fabrication abilities of a Dungeon Heart are described as a chemist's dream — but Ami knows of a few substances that could instead make a horrific nightmare, which she doesn't intend to use. When she's incapacitated by Crowned Death, though, Tiger borrows her body and has no such reservations.
    Hmm. What was that amazing molecule again that her sister was too much of a worrywart to risk proliferating? It was some ridiculously simple formula. One chlorine and three - right! Oh, yes, this would be perfect. Construction chosen, area: any available free space. Go!
  • Non-Human Undead: There are undead octopuses, undead fish, undead coral, basically any sea life that wasn't also plant life, was a type of undead seen in the assault on an underwater temple dedicated to death and undeath.
  • Noodle Implements: The tools that Mercury appears to be using in the incident described in the Nothing Is Scarier example include a live chicken. This is probably just to get people wondering what she did with it.
  • Noodle Incident: Mukrezar has had quite a few magical mishaps, which the Adviser Imp loves to bring up to embarrass him.
  • No-Sell:
    • The Avatar is almost untouchable in battle, and anything that might hurt him is instantly blocked by the Light Gods. In fact, Ami quickly realizes that the only thing that actually slowed him down, single combat with herself and Cathy, only actually slowed him down because he was being careful not to kill them.
    • Surfacers are often horrified when impaling Ami's ice-simulacra fails to do much more than annoy her. Using glamour to make them match her true form, and even bleed, helps sell the injuries as believable, terrifying the opposition as the Dark Empress shrugs off telling strikes.
  • No Sympathy Between Mooks: When Ami's goblin fighting force suffers its first fatalities, she tries to make sure proper Due to the Dead is given. The goblins have other ideas.
    "You heard! Go loot bodies before someone else do!"
  • Not Brainwashed: The fairies persist in believing that Jadeite must be under Mercury's magical control, and trying to rescue him, but the reader knows he genuinely likes her service and the opportunities that come with it. (And he likes her.)
  • Nothing Is Scarier: Due to her aversion to torture, when faced with having to discipline her minions Ami is forced to bluff. She invents a device that combines a tracking spell and a general fear trap into a selective fear charm — and then knocks the offender (and a dark mistress) unconscious. When they revive, the selective terror hits them, Ami then informs them that she wiped their memories to preserve her technique. In other words, whatever she did, she can do again, and it will be just as horrifying each time. Their imaginations do the rest.
  • Not Hyperbole: From Writing Home:
    She had thought that the references to Boris' homeland being an outpost of hell now had been hyperbole. She was surrounded on all sides by sulphurous wastelands and blackened rock formations, broken up only by patches and rivulets of lava that gaped like open, bloody wounds in the landscape.
  • Not-So-Omniscient Council of Bickering: The Shining Concord Empire is stated to have one of these.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Tends to crop up a fair few occasions for Ami, much to her mortification, like the times when she's naked along with some of her minions.
  • Not Where They Thought: Baron Leopold and crew, due to a moved hero gate endpoint, think they're in Ami's dungeon, and start disparaging it, when it's actually Baron Leopold's attic.

  • Occam's Razor: The rulers of the surface keep finding simpler explanations of Ami's actions in terms of evil motives, instead of believing the unprecedented truth of a Keeper with benevolent intentions.
    "What’s more likely, a Keeper piercing adamantine or said Keeper finding a way to block scrying?” he asked. “One who has been temporarily unscryable in the past?"
    The dwarf in the crystal ball grimaced. "But I could sense the seal hardening…"
    "Thol, you have to face the facts. The Dark Empress and her illusions deceived you. I’m sure that if one of the priests were to check you for magical residues, he would find quite a number of them."
  • Offending a Foreign Country: Functionally, Dungeon Keepers are rulers of their own dungeon countries, due to having a great amount of physical control over what's in their domain, so those who enter such areas on more peaceful missions are wary about offending the Keeper. Then there's the special case of Keepers who actually legally rule lands... Due to having physical control of all of said land, in addition to their dungeons.
  • Offing the Offspring: As said in regards to Keeper Malleus in "Moving On":
    he sired children for the sole purpose of sa-sacrificing them!
  • Off with His Head!: At least twice:
    • In Surprise Guest, How a Mukrezar dies, Killed Mid-Sentence:
      Mukrezar smirked “Just as I planned, you—” That was as far as he got before the Avatar’s two-handed sword cut off his words, along with his head.
    • From Underworld Army Attack: How an Underworld dragon dies:
      Actions magically slowed, the dragon plummeted like a rock, unable to keep itself aloft. A moment before it struck the ground, the reaper blurred and leapt, swinging his scythe. The dragon's head separated from its neck before the giant body crashed, releasing a huge gout of hot blood. Rabixtrel landed on the corpse and screamed his triumph at the wavering soldiers.
  • Oh, Crap!: Multiple:
    • Eline the dark elf is a prisoner of war, worried about what Keeper Mercury will do to her (especially with Ami's Anything That Moves reputation), but is briefly distracted and entertained by a girl teleporting into the prison right in the path of some cleaning goblins, getting covered in soap and falling over onto Tserk the slime monster. Eline can't help but burst out laughing.
      Eline: Hey troll, who's that clumsy sorceress? She should try for a career as a comedian!
      Marda: Oh. Her. That's just Keeper Mercury.
    • Ami's chief warlock, Torian, has this reaction after he insults the rest of the Senshi, thinking them weaker than Mercury. He realizes the depth of his error when Mercury informs him that she is the weakest of the Senshi.
    • King Albrecht's council has this reaction when they learn of details regarding how the Dark Empress defeated Crowned Death's Lesser Aspect. She ate it.
    • Camilla has this reaction when she realizes that the conditions she puts on agreeing to help Mercury constitute making an employment contract with a Keeper, which has some bad consequences.
    • The Unraveller of Mysteries steps in to interview Ami during her escape from the realm of the Dark gods.
    • The Unraveller has one herself when Ami escapes from her by activating a Holy spell while deep within the Dark Gods' domain.
  • Oh, No... Not Again!: Marda's reaction upon realizing that Rabixtrel is still alive after all these years, and charging right at them again.
  • Omake: Started getting several, most of whom are written by fans. Which makes them Recursive Fanfiction.
  • One-Man Army: Between her Senshi speed and strength enhancements, Teleportation and Flight spells, shielding, golem creation, possessing other bodies, Telekinesis, and a litany of tricks up her sleeves, Ami can fight her way through an army even outside her own domain. Such as the city of Salthalls.
    Duke Libasheshtan: But seriously, what do you expect her to do? Throw a tantrum and attack us all on her own?
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with the name "Taleth". There's Father Taleth, a surfacer healer, who healed Ami's arm, and Crowned Death's Priest Taleth, shown in "Dark Messenger", who conveys a request for Ami to desecrate the Avatar's Mantle.
  • One-Winged Angel: Played straight and subverted by most Dungeon Keepers as they can alter their forms. Hilarity Ensues when soon after the Cathy-Jered-Snyder trio learn Mercury is a Dungeon Keeper, they expect her to "reveal her true form." "But I'm human! I really look like this!"
    • Played somewhat straighter when Tiger rescues Ami after her possession by Crowned Death. See Fusion Dance.
  • One-Word Title: There's a few chapters named that way, such as:
  • Only in It for the Money: Keeper Midori is notable for being willing to sell information to either or both sides of a conflict, and openly admit to doing so.
    Ami: You sell my location to my enemies, and then you expect me to be willing to buy something from you?
    Midori: If it's any consolation, I'm willing to sell out the others just as fast as you.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Referred to here: I hope I’m not expected to sit on my throne all day too as an empress, the teenager mused. I’d never get anything done.
  • Orgasmic Combat: Possibly mixed with Sex Is Violence, with the first Reaper, when he's switched bodies with Ami:
  • Orifice Invasion: In "Assault on Wemos":
    One of the spectres supporting the unfortunate vampiric Keeper forced its way into his gaping mouth, slid down his throat, and wrapped around his strained vocal chords. His screams died down as his neck bulged and swelled to grotesque proportions, allowing Zarekos to address his slaves without having to shout.
  • Our Elves Are Different: Bows and arrows are considered the "traditional elven weapon", and there are albino dark elves in the underworld.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: They can fly and are the tortured souls of the dead, with a Ghostly Chill. But one good hit is enough to disperse them.
  • Our Sphinxes Are Different: Referenced in "No Wonder Cure" when Ami is talking with Keeper Midori and sees a statue that she compares to an Egyptian sphinx with the body of a dragon.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Vampires Sleep in Coffins, can turn into a bat, and wolves, although the latter's never been seen, can turn others into vampires in an undisclosed process involving their god, Crowned Death. They also have some powers to control those that they've personally turned, Cannot Cross Running Water, and have Super Speed and Super Strength.
  • Our Witches Are Different: Adushul people seem to use witch to mean a generic, usually evil, female magic-user. With the evil males being warlocks.
  • Outside-Context Problem: What Ami is, at least for the public.
  • Outside-the-Box Tactic: Basically the main source of Mercury's power.
    The Light: We will not go into further detail, because Empress Mercury has a knack for finding creative and distressing applications for things she understands.
  • Pass the Popcorn: Ami and her buddies share cookies while watching Marda test-fight her new golems.
  • Peeling Potatoes: As seen in "Musings", it's effectively the fairy sisters' punishment for getting captured, since they were demoted and have to do it:
    "Girls, less bickering and more peeling," Dandel, the indigo-haired eldest of the group spoke up in a tone of voice that brooked no protest. "Act professionally, or do you want to be stuck in this place forever?"
    Six heads shook in unison.
    "Bah, I want to go out on missions again!" orange-haired Roselle whined, "this is all Keeper Mercury's fault!"
    "Yeah, we totally didn't deserve that demotion for getting captured by someone like her," Tilia agreed.
  • Perpetual Storm: Once Ami uses her control of her Dungeon Heart's corruption of her territory to turn the magical artifact into what is effectively a Weather-Control Machine, she selects storms to power her windmills. With corruption being a constant factor of her realm, it won't disperse until she removes the Heart from the area or changes the settings.
  • Perky Female Minion: Venna fills this role. Tiger did too, until she got promoted to Mercury's inner circle.
  • Person as Verb: From Disagreements, referencing the Dark God of Brute Force, Azzathra:
    If at first you don't succeed, use a bigger army. How very Azzathra of you, Matthia.
  • Perspective Flip: Ami has to fight a team of fairies, complete with an In the Name of the Moon speech.
  • Phlebotinum-Handling Requirements:
    • How to activate a Dungeon Heart: From the first chapter:
      The dungeon heart, while not being sentient, reacted according to its programming when it felt itself being accessed. User is intending to use my power to destroy her enemies? Check. User's blood? On the cover, coagulated but present. Check. Strong source of magical power? Oh hell yes! Check.
    • Properly activating an Oracle Tower needs some potential to do so, as said by Camilla in Towers:
      "I was [...] tested for oracle potential. Nobody in my family had enough to properly activate a tower, but I can manage the projection trance for a short time.
  • Phlebotinum Overdose: The dwarven city of Salthalls is set up to absorb ambient magic and use it for all manner of civilian applications, somewhat like an electricity grid, but between a Dungeon Heart, senshi magic, and Queen Metallia's blessing, equivalent to the power of a dark general, it wasn't designed to handle the amount of mana that Ami has access to. So, when she's trapped in adamantine, and her power builds up outside like a river hitting a dam, it floods the system and partially mutates all the dwarves into youma.
  • Physical Fitness Punishment: In Staff Difficulties, Ami punishes her warlocks with physical training for going along with Torian's plans for the Calarine Staff. Although, they were supposed to have that training anyway:
    all of you will attend Cathy’s training sessions from now on until further notice. Unauthorised absences will have to be explained to me personally. I will not be pleased about having to take time out of my busy schedule to deal with something like that.”
  • Plethora of Mistakes: Well, Crowned Death... Stealing from the Empress... How's that working out for ya?
  • Poke in the Third Eye:
    • Azzathra gives Ami one, in her Keeper Sight, when she sees him. It's described as "a hot poker being shoved into her inner eye".
    • Slightly more literally, Ami's anti-scrying defences activate floodlights intended to dazzle the watcher and conceal activity.
  • Portal Network: Two set of Cool Gate networks:
    • Underworlder Portal installations, which connect to other ones, first seen in "Into the Portal", are described as:
      The portal reminded Ami of pictures of Stonehenge. Four arches, composed of two tall stone pillars with a horizontal crossbar on top, were arranged in such a way that they touched at the corners. The area inside the square they formed glowed with hazy images of faraway territories and emitted a warm orange light
    • At least one "hero gate network" exists, as said in "No Wonder Cure", and such gates are, as seen in "More Lessons":
      a structure that resembled a canopy tent, except that it was made of stone and rested on four thick, round pillars. Within the structure wavered a water-like surface, forming an upright oval that looked like a full-length mirror.
  • Portmantitle: Compound words and chapter titles count, so Deadline is an example.
  • Possessing a Dead Body: Skeletons and other undead (apart from vampires and death priests) are powered by "bound, suffering spirits of the deceased" and are under the control of Crowned Death, an evil god of death.
  • Power at a Price: Dungeon Hearts always spread corruption to the environment around them, but Ami finds that it's possible to make trade-offs, such as ensuring a perpetual windstorm over her iceberg and the inability to grow plants on the surface but not polluting the water around it. Or gaining more overall control while losing the safeties that keep the corruption from interfering in the dungeon itself.
  • The Power of the Sun: Snyder informs Ami that since the sun is a symbol of the Light gods, sunlight conveys a trace of their power — which allows it to stop killed vampires from respawning. Light priests can produce a similar effect by channeling holy power into their strikes, but artificial sunlight does nothing.
  • Powered Armor: Ami's personal armor in the duel against the Horned Reaper, as well as the weaker versions being made for the rest of her employees.
  • Power Tattoo: Zarekos is mentioned to have an inverted pentacle on his forehead.
  • Practical Currency: All currency is this to Dungeon Keepers, because their Dungeon Hearts allow them to turn items made of gems and/or gold into magical energy.
  • Precautionary Corpse Disposal: Worshippers of Crowned Death have the ability to animate relatively intact corpses in their area of influence. So, while facing one, Ami has to rapidly cut up the single corpse in her territory. The oldest dragon.
  • Price on Their Head: Mukrezar has a two million gold piece bounty, which impresses, but also worries him.
  • Pride Before a Fall: The character Torian, Empress Mercury's head researcher, has been set up for this with his desire for the Staff of Calarine which Mercury disposed of due to it being a trap.
  • Protagonist Title: Dungeon Keeper Ami. The main character is the Keeper of a Dungeon, named Ami.
  • Psycho for Hire: Rabixtrel, the (second) Horned Reaper.
  • Pummeling the Corpse: From Surprise Guest, after the Avatar found out that the Mukrezar whom he killed was just basically a body double. From the perspective of the goblin, Fiz:
    An incoherent howl of absolute rage drew his attention back to the Avatar looming above him, sword raised high in the air. The goblin's ears drooped.
    The weapon came down on the corpse with a tearing sound, cutting deep into the wooden floor again and again as the Avatar vented his anger.
    [...] was throwing a tantrum bad enough to make him hack apart a fallen opponent
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: When Ami has to choose what to wear in Vanity Issues, and her advisors are offering choices:
    "I'm. Not. Wearing. That." Ami stated with finality.

  • Questioning Title?: Many chapters, such as "Corruption?", "Strategy?" or "A Solution to the Reaper Problem?"
  • Quieting the Unquiet Dead: Ghosts are souls being tortured and bound to some sort of physicality. "Killing" them actually frees them from torment into presumably their afterlives.
  • Quirky Mini Boss Squad: The fairies are one in opposition to Mercury.
  • Raising the Steaks: Crowned Death and his minions can make zombie animals:
    • From "Interception": "Giant octopus Zombie"
    • From "Backfire - Part 1":
      • "[Un]dead shrimp"
      • "the decaying bulk of a whale trying to roll over"
      • "[Un]dead starfish"
      • "coral reef"
  • Rage-Breaking Point: Ami is used to people being suspicious of her, she really is, but Camilla assuming that she's keeping thousands of civilians alive just to sacrifice them later? Really comes at a bad time.
    Mercury: That's what you think of me?
    Camilla: But-
    Mercury: Look! Look at those blueprints! Do you have any idea of the logistics and costs involved in properly caring for eight thousand individuals? That's a dining hall with seats for about five hundred people. I need several of those just to feed everyone in a timely manner! They also need water for proper hygiene, which means aqueducts and sewers, not to mention pumping it up or melting ice. Bathrooms, pools, fountains. Housing. Heating. Farms. Streets and corridors to easily move between all of those locations. Space for leisure or trade. Look, the point is that keeping them alive, healthy, and happy involves much more effort than simply keeping them alive. Why would I go through the effort of building all this for them if I wanted to use them as sacrifices? Why not just throw them into a hole instead and toss them some food as needed? And why give them back their sight? Think about it!
  • Rapid Aging:
    • In An Awkward Talk, when it's discussed how a "necromantic withering spell" works:
      The spell speeds up the organism’s metabolism and supercharges its cells, causing them to divide at a vastly accelerated rate, but the influx of nutrients from the environment remains the same.” Upon seeing the confused looks her explanation had earned her, she shifted mental gears and put it into words that Usagi would have understood, too. “The spell makes the plant age rapidly, but it doesn’t get enough food to fuel its growth, so it dies.”
    • In another case, an "eons-in-an-instant" spell is attempted on one of Ami's ice golems — but since they don't age, and since the imp spell uses a sliver of Queen Metallia's power, instead of being harmed, it mutates into a fang-toothed monstrous youma form.
  • Rapid-Fire "But!": When a Dwarf Duke is in shock over Ami doing something that is impossible for normal Keepers, he goes, "But, but, but, Keeper!"
  • Rapid Hair Growth: A Torian-altered 'Beastly Beard Booster' spell, intended for use on hair, and given too much energy, causes this to floor-reaching lengths. When Ami uses it, she remarks that it makes her look less plain.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Abbot Duval, after being assigned to serve as a liaison to Mercury, is at least willing to work with Ami and consider the possibility she's on the right side after all. Having a direct line to the Light Gods helps, as does being a Living Lie Detector through the "Judge's Eye gift".
  • Recycled Title: Two uses of "Ultimatum", because it happens twice: First, Second.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: All keepers, as an effect of being connected to a Dungeon Heart. Also connected with Glowing Eyes of Doom as their eyes get brighter when feeling strong emotion, particularly anger, or when channeling vast amounts of mana.
  • Reduced to Dust: Multiple:
    • Vampires turn to ashes when they truly die, or at least, when killed with lightning.
    • Youma do so when they die, as said, shown, and referenced in multiple instances:
      • Such as in "A Capture", when Ami imagines Holy Burns Evil happening to one of her minions, Dark General Jadeite, but dying like a youma instead:
        her over-active imagination taunted her with the terrifying image of him screaming and turning to dust like a youma upon being brought inside the temple.
      • In "Generals Plot", one youma faked her own death:
        the forgotten pile of dust shuddered and shifted, and a tiny hand poked out through its side. A miniature version of the green-skinned youma crawled out, hatred gleaming in her too-large eyes.
  • Remembered I Could Fly: Multiple:
    • From Generals Plot:
      "Hey! Come back here!" Sailor Moon whined, panting as she looked at the back of the fleeing monster who had remembered that she could fly after being chased for several blocks, and was now taking a shortcut over a building.
    • At the outset of the War on Crowned Death. Once, when assaulted by a priest of Crowned Death, Mercury is confronted by the priest's apparent invulnerability. She proceeds to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him. Unfortunately, this includes the Mantle of the Avatar, a powerful artifact she recovered in the previous story arc. This artifact was itself the object Crowned Death was looking for- and his priest escapes with it in his custody. Turns out the priest was not using a powerful intangibility spell, just a simple illusion that Ami could have seen through easily if she had thought to analyze it using her visor.
  • Remote Vitals Monitoring: Ami's Mercury Computer is a Magical Computer with Everything Sensor-like abilities, and can look at physical condition enough to work as an ersatz Lie Detector in "Adamantine":
    The readings on her screen indicated that the padding of the Duke's armour kept him warm under the ice, and there was no shivering to obscure his body's involuntary reactions. There were no indications that he had been less than truthful, either.
  • Respawn Point: Coupled with Resurrective Immortality in all known instances:
    • How vampires recover from fatal injuries, respawning in their coffins.
    • Dungeon Keepers with more than one Dungeon Heart. If one of their Dungeon Hearts is destroyed, they will respawn at another one after a while. However, the intervening time is spent in the presence of the dark gods, which is generally highly unpleasant for the Keeper.
  • Resurrection Gambit: As a Dungeon Keeper, Ami can revive so long as one of her Dungeon Hearts dies, which kills her, but revives as long as another is still alive. She uses a spell to sacrifice one to kill all her enemies, but revives at another one.
  • Retail Therapy: In Out-of-Dungeon Experiences, a shopping trip is suggested as a way for Ami to relieve her stress:
    It would do you a world of good to just relax for a bit and have some fun shopping, like a normal girl your age. All that worrying can't be good for you.”
  • Reverse Psychology: In A Promotion, a character (it's Mukrezar) gets a warning to avoid Mercury, and his companion (it's his butler) wonders if it's reverse psychology or not:
    "That blasphemer is far beyond your ability to handle. You are, in fact, expressly forbidden from interfering with her. Now go and fulfil your orders!" The crystal ball went inert.
    "Reverse psychology, or simply an honest assessment?"
  • Rigged Spectacle Fight: Multiple combatants, of women against men, but that's not what's rigged about it:
    • The duel between Ami, a teenage magical Bookworm, against a muscular, tall, Big Red Devil, mandated by Dark God Azzathra, with its rigged nature noted in multiple chapters:
      duels of that sort happen fairly regularly in his honour, and are great public spectacles
      magic used during the battle is mirrored. Beneficial enchantments are applied to each combatant. Aggressive spells hit both the target and the caster."
      she had learned that Azzathra's challenge was most likely a sham intended to humiliate and kill her
      "Oh, and there's another tactic we have to scratch. In one fight, a captured elderly hero wizard developed a spell to turn himself into an exact replica of himself so that the duplication effect would bring his heavily-armoured opponent down to his level. Azzathra was furious and turned his opponent back into his true form, then copied him, thus turning the fight even more one-sided than it previously was."
    • As summarized in "Informal Debriefing": The champions of two armies fighting: Cathy versus the World's Best Warrior, where magic is used to unbalance the sides, resulting in a surprising victory, due to Throwing the Fight:
      "No, it's perfectly normal to fall unconscious after being head-butted in the invisible shield protecting your face," the swordswoman muttered. She poked at the bandage around her forehead and grimaced a little. "So yeah, I'm pretty sure he was faking it."
  • Right Out of My Clothes: One of Ami's early accidents when learning to teleport is to leave her clothing behind. It's better than the previous attempt, where the body that she was inhabiting exploded.
    Jadeite: A near-perfect first try, but you may wish to take your outfit along on the next try. The problem was an overly specific focus on yourself, I assume.
  • Ring of Power: Mukrezar apparently created a number of schemes involving these during his takeover of the Avatar Isles. They are notable in the fact that almost none of them actually worked.
  • Ring Out: Azzathra's arena is surrounded by an apparently Bottomless Pit, said to lead straight to his domain. Falling in counts as a loss. Ami eventually gets the Reaper to stumble back over the edge, although it's a near thing.
  • Robe and Wizard Hat: In Audience With The King, it's mentioned that academy-trained professional magicians wear standard blue robes and pointy hat.
  • Romantic Spoonfeeding: In "Improving Logistics", Ami briefly fantasizes about Jadeite feeding her pieces of the shark she's carving.
  • Runic Magic:
    • Instant Runes are made as part of the most common summoning spell.
    • Snyder hammers some runes into stone to use in magical wards.
  • Run or Die: After having her identity revealed in front of an army of the Light and having her Reaper suggest to kill them all, Mercury casts a Shabon Spray and calls on her new teammates to run away.
  • Running Gag: Several.
    • Ami keeps suffering Clothing Damage of various kinds and being publicly exposed, whether it's ice armour being melted, magical clothing transformations giving her a loincloth, conjured materials imitating her form without bothering to include clothes, teleporting just her body...She gradually becomes more resigned to it, but is still pretty self-conscious.
    • Everything Ami does keeps feeding people's assumptions that she's a depraved pansexual torturer. The first few times are just misunderstood accidents, like accidentally swapping minds with the Reaper and having people walk in to see her underdressed and sweaty body sitting astride and berating the Reaper's body, but once she has a reputation, it just keeps snowballing. Her friends stay by her bedside overnight when she's had a very stressful day and needs comfort? The dungeon's minions are quite amused when they leave her bedroom in the morning. Keeping prisoners well-fed and healthy, but not letting them go because they know her weaknesses? She didn't kill them, so she's obviously planning to make worse use of them! And why she wants to invent a spell that can maintain the target at a constant temperature no matter how hot the fire gets, well, that's best left to the imagination, right?

  • Saved to Enslave: Some of Ami's minions began serving her after she rescued or spared them. Justified since she has a lot more power to help them — eg teleporting them out of a tight situation — if they count as her minions. That's how she was able to rescue Jered, Cathy, and Snyder, then later Jadeite and the imprisoned youmas.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can:
    • The world's adamantine deposits are the can sealing away the evil of a deceased Dark God. The dwarfs try to use a similar idea to get rid of particularly dangerous Keepers by tricking them into a warded airtight adamantine chamber and locking them in.
    • Horned Reapers are also buried away by Keepers, because a Keeper getting rid of them in any other way is bound for retribution from the Dark Gods.
  • Sea of Sand: Malleus's dungeon is buried under a great sandy desert.
  • Sea Serpents: In The High Temple of Crowned Death, sea serpents are mentioned as a more fearsome variant of sea monster than the ones already seen.
  • Secret Message Wink: The Avatar winks at Cathy right before they throw the fight, getting him out of a fight he didn't want.
  • Secret Room: From Research Breakthroughs:
    Ami's private lab was so secret that it didn't even have an entrance and could only be reached by teleportation.
  • Seeing Through Another's Eyes: A Dungeon Keeper can do it with any of their minions. Ami discovers that she can at least do it to imps, in Intra-Party Conflict, having an imp looking at a lock:
    She could almost see the lock before her, badly damaged, hanging between her hands and against the tree bark. She needed a moment to realise that she did see it, from the perspective of the imp.
  • Self-Constructed Being: Ami develops a spell to make ice golems that she controls, and she can use her possession powers on them.
  • Serenade Your Lover: One of the things General Jadeite learned from reading romance novels, and a discarded plan to get Mercury to fall more in love with him, as said in Beryl's Plan:
    Somehow, he didn't think she would be impressed if he serenaded her from below a balcony.
  • Serial Escalation: Mercury's inventive Magitek approach to the setting leads to ever more awesome ways she manages to defeat her enemies. She's just reluctant to use some of the more spectacular methods, in part because she doesn't want to give any of her enemies ideas. However, her sister Tiger has none of these inhibitions and gleefully fills Crowned Death's underwater temple fortress with a huge amount of Chlorine Trifluoride using the temple's own dungeon heart. For the uninitiated, that chemical is so reactive that it will vaporize rocks, make water explode (releasing a cloud of acids), burn asbestos and ignite glass and sand on contact. Oh, its byproducts are carcinogenic, too...
  • Sex Is Violence: Possibly mixed with Orgasmic Combat, with the first Reaper, when he's switched bodies with Ami:
  • Sex Slave: Malleus's slaves, who also doubled as Breeding Slaves, as said:
    To Malleus, the poor girls chained naked to the walls were nothing but objects of convenience, there to sate his lusts and produce offspring.
  • Sexual Euphemism: When Ami was thinking about Malleus's memories, in Oh Gods!:
    Right now, her brain was working with several experiences of having a good time doing that with other girls
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: In Unexpected Visitors, where Landra is first described, she's wearing "a back-free dress that went to mid thigh", which, like all of the clothing in Ami's dungeon at that point, is inclined to be sexually suggestive due to influences from her dungeon. More specifically, her anti-hostile corruption measures forcing everything in her dungeon to have a theme of fertility.
  • Sexy Soaked Shirt: In "Urgent Decisions":
    Ami shuffled her feet under his inspection. "Glamoured ice golem," she explained.
    "Oh, so that's why you are covered in water droplets," Jered said, his gaze pointed straight at her chest. "Nice dress, by the way."
    The black garment with golden decorations resembled her Keeper uniform and gathered tiny droplets as if it was ice-cold. Keeping in theme with its wet appearance, it clung to her skin.
    Blushing, Ami pulled her cloak shut tight. "No, that's actually the corruption's fault," she explained with a grimace. "The fabric is neither cold nor wet."
  • Shadow Walker: Implied in "What a Mess". Morrigan's assassin, Juzint, seems to teleport through shadows as she prepares to assassinate a fairy:
    Razor-sharp blades sprang from the woman's fingertips as she searched the sunlit roof for the nearest shadow. The chimney was casting a line of darkness onto the straw, which would suit her needs just fine.

    Like a column of tar, Juzint's black-masked face and shoulders rose from the shadow that the red-bricked chimney was casting onto the inn's thatched roof. Unaware, her target stood with her back to the scarred assassin, channelling magical power into a diagram painted onto the straw.
  • Shoot the Dog: The Light Gods are sympathetic to Ami's plight. Really, they are. Nevertheless, they are trying to capture and imprison her — since they believe that as things stand, her intended course of action, returning to Earth, threatens billions of people and would allow the Dark Gods to spread to another world.
    • The saddest thing? It seems that the Dark Gods are already halfway there. Metallia is already semi-aware and the Vermin Lord has some of its minions attacking the Dark Kingdom.
  • Shout-Out: Multiple.
    • One of Nephrite's plans to harvest energy involved a girl and her passion for (and lack of skill in) cooking. To "thank" him, her family strong-armed Nephrite into getting a taste of the daughter's oh-so-delectable food. Later, he's having trouble not regurgitating it in Beryl's throne room. The way it is written makes it obvious the girl in question is Akane.
    • The author has stated that the Avatar's powers were based off of the capabilities of a low-Essence Solar.
    • The Dwarves in this story are based off of the Dwarf Fortress Dorfs.
    • Nero, Keeper Arachne's torturer, makes a reference to the Evil Overlord List when he sneaks by several people in the form of a snake: "Whoever had written that turning into a snake never helped was an idiot of the highest caliber."
    • Watchmen gets a quote during the Underworld Invasion.
    "You insolent- look! That, right there, is all of Keeper Mercury's strength that counts! Her best troops! We are too far from her dungeon for her to transport them back, so when the portal collapses, they'll be trapped here with us with no way to escape!"
    "I think you mean 'and then we'll be trapped here with them'," the crone contradicted.
    • A Dark Elf is mentioned once to be wearing 'a red-feathered cloak and a silly hat'; this might be a reference to Final Fantasy's Red Mage.
    • Ami's special youma-empowered imps are described as quite similar to Doozers in appearance.
    • Cathy and Jered might be a subtle reference to Final Fantasy VI. Cathy is an Action Girl who uses swords, and is the conscience of the group prior to joining Mercury (she is the last to sign up and is the most reluctant in doing so). Jered is a Loveable Rogue and a Kleptomaniac Hero who encourages Cathy to join. They are, for most of the first two arcs, the only Official Couple (as well as a Battle Couple). They are both blond(e). These are all traits of Celes Chere and Locke Cole.
  • Shrinking Violet: Lishika, by youma standards. Although that may be because she seems to be Beryl's beacon to the Dungeon Keeper realm.
  • Shrouded in Myth: The Dark Empress List mentioned in the Memetic Badass entry also counts as this in-universe, as it's pretty much what almost everyone holds as common knowledge about her — including both light and dark major nations' intelligence services, the Dark Gods, other Keepers, and her own followers outside her inner circle. You can read it at the "Awesome" tab.
  • Single-Use Shield: Introduced in "Nero's Spell (Part 1)":
    magical trinkets and consumables- that reminds me..." [...] a ceramic disc with three embossed runes.
    "Here, that's for you. I acquired an extra." Cathy looked at the ceramic amulet resting on her open palm and traced the golden lines with one finger. "Magical? What does it do?"
    "One-use shield charm. Crack it to release the spell. It's meant as an emergency defence.
  • Sinister Scythe: Horned Reapers use a scythe as their main weapon, as per Dungeon Keeper canon. It turns out that Ami's first Reaper knows just a single spell, which conjures a loincloth and a scythe; Ami later copies the spell to equip her goblins and train them as Reaperbot pilots.
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: Mentioned every so often, usually in regards to death priests:
    • Death priests wear animal skulls on their clothing that help them cast spells, revive themselves, and things like that.
    • Cathy assumes that she and everyone else has to wear that aesthetic to conform with the dungeon's themes, after that is required to keep its corruption from altering the clothing.
  • The Sleepless: The artificial, magically powered ice golems don't need to sleep, and neither does Ami, when she's possessing one.
  • Sleep Deprivation: Multiple instances have happened. Usually for Ami:
    • In Strategy Meeting, where "Nobody had gotten any sleep since that night on the road, and that had been more than twenty-four hours ago." They spent the time they would've slept preparing for an attack with a very small force to take place in a week.
    • As recounted in "Exhaustion", Ami stayed awake for four days straight in an ice golem body, so she could maintain enough attention to handle "unforeseen complications" from a rescue mission.
  • Sliding Scale of Gameplay and Story Integration: Deliberate Integration. The fanfic incorporates and explains many of the differences between the first and second Dungeon Keeper games:
    • Older-style Crystal Hearts can only build rooms one tile at a time and use gold for all their spells, while newer Organic Hearts can fill large spaces all at once and use mana for spells.
    • Imps spawned from Crystal Hearts are heavier and denser than mana-spawned imps from Organic Hearts, but they arrive dead without the blessing of the Dark Gods.
    • The First Horned Reaper is a more modern depiction of the horned reapers as a whole, while Rabixtrel who has been trapped in the Avatar Islands from the first game is depicted as a leaner, smaller, and bloodthirstier horned reaper.
    • Ami also develops a slow but effectively infinite source of income based on diamonds/sapphires.
  • Slippery Skid: Here:
    Marbles? CAREFUL!"
    A moment after the warning, arms flailed and armour rattled as the tiny orbs got underfoot, causing soldiers to trip and fall, who in turn tripped up more of the pursuers. From one instant to another, the group of hunters was a mess of angry bodies sprawled over each other.
  • Smooch of Victory: Jadeite did want to make Ami happy when he researched a way to overcome cursed eye-removal wounds using an advanced glamour, but he's surprised to have her throw herself into his arms and kiss him. Seconds later, she realises what she's doing and is even more shocked.
  • Son of an Ape: In A Rescued Princess, Princess Julia (an elf) insults Ami in such a manner:
    Don't flatter yourself, you foolish human monkey-thing.
  • Species Title: The chapter, "The Flopping Dead", named for the aquatic undead that are the focus of the chapter.
  • Spectral Weapon Copy: As said in Divine Opposition, Part 1, if needed, the Mantle-empowered Avatar can create "phantom blades".
  • Spell Book: Detailed in "Recovering": the Reaper Armor spell was given to Ami in a book with brass bindings, which tells her how to cast the spell, along with how to fight with the scythe the spell provides.
  • Spinning Out of Here: Imp teleportation is cast by doing a somersault in the air.
  • Spit Take: Several.
    • After Ami surprises Cathy during sparring with a teleport spell that Cathy didn't know she could use yet, Cathy retaliates by waiting until Ami has just lifted a water bottle to her mouth, before asking whether she thinks that Jadeite has a charming smile, which sends Ami into a coughing fit. Cathy proceeds to offer some big-sisterly support, then waits for her to lift the bottle again before checking that Ami knows where babies come from.
    • Here:
      it says, 'DANGER, READ THIS FIRST' in huge red letters," the priestess quoted. "'Contents: 31 ravenous vampires'."
      Amadeus choked on his drink and spewed the reddish liquid from his nostrils. Once he had regained control over his breathing, he asked incredulously "Say what?"
    • Cathy gets caught out when Ami tells her that she wants to collect enough adamantine to fill the treasure chamber.
  • Spiteful Suicide: In "Assault on Wemos", Wemos's final death is used to spite Zarekos, who turned him into a vampire and has kept him in torturous enslavement for quite a while, by depriving him of the resource of his body through being willingly teleported by an enemy to parts unknown.
  • Stealing from Thieves: Dungeon Keepers, who are basically all criminals, tend to loot things from each other (often so they can Cast from Money without spending their own treasure):
  • Sticky Situation: When the imps get access to glue:
    all the goblins got glued to their chairs during the test.
  • Standard Evil Organization Squad: Most of the surface dwellers have this impression of Mercury's inner circle.
  • Standard Royal Court: Ami's advisers all fall under this to some extent. Lampshaded by Jered after Mercury becomes Empress — he thinks some royal titles are in order.
    • Cathy fills the role of Captain of the Guard.
    • Jered fills the role of Treasurer and occasionally spy.
    • Jadeite is primarily Mercury's military adviser alongside Cathy. Also something of a bodyguard.
    • Tiger is a (self-titled) Princess...
    • Snyder is something of an adviser on various deities, and so fills the role of Court Priest.
    • Erasmus used to be the Court Wizard (well, Warlock) before his death; Torian fills that role now.
  • Stationary Enemy: In multiple chapters:
    • In one chapter, Emperor Zarekos is stuck right at the Third Eye of his statue because that specific spot is keeping him alive.
    • In one chapter, Ami uses Demonic Possession on a plant, which is stuck to the ground because of its roots literally rooting it to the ground, but also because loosening itself enough to move would mean be being blown into a temple and incinerated. So as long as Ami is possessing that plant, she's stuck in place as well. But she can cast magic at range.
  • Stealthy Teleportation: In "Backfire - Part 2": When Crowned Death's priests teleport themselves, they just disappear from their origin point:
    four ornately-robed figures appeared amidst them, battle staves of Calarine meeting at a point above their heads. The sizzling, violet dome surrounding the attackers shoved aside the quicker-reacting reaperbots.
    As her magical counter-attack crept over the dark priests' shield in blinding arcs, one of them tapped the floor with the back of his staff. All four of them disappeared, along with a bowl-shaped section of the floor they had been standing on.
    "Darn it! Where did they go?" Ami wondered. This kind of hit-and-run tactics wasn't something the automatons could deal with.
  • Still Got It: After Amadeus returns after being gone for years, and not having fought for a while in that body, he fights against a tough opponent, Horned Reaper Rabixtrel, and wins handily:
    “Yes, I still got it,” Amadeus nodded in satisfaction as he twirled his blood-tipped sword around, none the worse for wear from the short altercation.
  • Stock Medieval Meal: In Meet the Locals, the narration describes Ami's first meal at an inn like this: "The waitress appeared and set a plate down in front of the famished girl. It contained steaming potatoes and some kind of sausage she didn't recognize. The meal also came with a large mug of foamy beer". A later meal, at another inn, has "milk, honey, bread, and slices of bacon".
  • Sue Donym: When undercover, Jadeite names himself Jason Dayte.
  • Summoning Ritual: A long one, to summon a stationary object is used multiple times.
    Ami had both of her hands raised high over her head as she struggled to pronounce the unfamiliar syllables of the spell. A clean circle of ground had expanded in front of her, pushing a ring-shaped wave of clogging blood outward as it grew in diameter. The magical circle's perimeter burst into icy flame, and thirteen evenly-spaced flickering runes appeared in the burning curtain.
    Ami's voice reached a crescendo as she refused to let herself be distracted by the plight of her comrades. In response, lines of fire pulsed and drew a pentagram in the centre of the summoning circle. Suddenly, the entire room coloured with the bright orange tones of an active furnace when a tornado of flame exploded from the ground, sending large chunks of the summoning circle flying.
  • Super Hero: The Avatar is this to the surface nations. That the Underworld regards him in a different light is putting it mildly.
  • Superhero Team Uniform: From "Mysterious Island", the Sailor Fuku of the Sailor Senshi leads Mareki to be confused by Cathy:
    I'm trying to figure out what exactly you are. You dress like a sailor senshi, and I can feel some similar magic from you, but I'm not familiar with any celestial object that's called 'Cathy'.
  • Supernatural Fear Inducer: A very mild version is created by Ami as an alternative to actual torture.
  • Supervillain Lair: Keepers love turning their Dungeons into this, and the corruption effect certainly helps. Mercury does battle with a Keeper who turned their mountain fortress into a giant leering skull once.
  • Superweapon Surprise: Ami has the power to move items around within her territory. Her body counts as part of her territory. In short, she can move her arms fast enough to punch through a Horned Reaper.
  • Surprise Jump: In Chapter 150: Healer's Prognosis:
    “You! Let go of that imp right now!”
    “Gyah!” Camilla jumped half her own height into the air at the sound of Ami's angry voice, coming from right behind the young fairy.
  • Surveillance Station Slacker: In A Better Plan?, Theo, the watchman of Sleepymeadows is like this:
    Just as a guardsman on top of the tower was keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding fields and pastures with a telescope, a second guard attentively observed the sensitive instruments that measured vibrations in the ground. In theory.

    In practice, Theo considered watching the calm basins, swinging pendulums, and trembling indicators one of the most boring jobs in the world. He wasn’t going to take a nap while he was on duty, but he also wasn’t going to stare at the hands moving across never-changing charts all the time. That would lead to him falling asleep for sure.

    Instead, he reclined on his chair and flipped the pages of a worn booklet, glancing from time to time at the instruments.
    Now what’s this noise?

    He listened intently for the feint ringing that sounded just as if he had struck his helmet with a teaspoon. It repeated, and his eyes darted toward the cylindrical chimes hanging from the wall, connected to one of the vibration-measuring devices clicking away before him. Alarmed, he stood up, put the book aside, and wiped the dust and spider webs off a huge board that covered the right wall. Nervously, he searched the comparison chart for patterns matching the graphs the mechanical instruments were drawing. Once he found them, he paled.
    The proper authorities needed to be informed immediately! His keys jingled as he approached the dusty cabinet that held a crystal ball for just that purpose. He missed the keyhole twice in his haste, and hoped the orb would still be in good shape. As far as he knew, there hadn’t been a need to use it in the last two decades.
  • Take Over the World: Ami doesn't have any particular ambitions about ruling, but her plans pretty much have to include world domination as an essential step.
    Ami: Ahem, I don't really plan to conquer the world.
    Jadeite: I doubt you will have a choice in the matter.
    Ami: Explain.
    Jadeite: Well, you are already planning to defeat the other Keepers in this world, which means conquering the underground, at least. And I won't insult your intelligence by assuming that you think the surface-dwellers will not come after you once you attempt that. Which will lead to you having to defeat them too.
  • Taken for Granite: Monteraine specializes in petrification, she's so good that she's stated to have taken out two Vampires this way — and Vampires have been shown to trump Reaperbots...
  • Taking You with Me: Ami to Morrigan. Since she plans to blow up her dungeon hearts anyway, she first uses the Armageddon Spell to bring Morrigan's army into the blast radius.
  • Talented, but Trained: Cathy can borrow Ami's senshi magic for a major boost to speed and strength, but even without it, she's still an experienced warrior — as an orc finds out to his cost, when he tries to win a Klingon Promotion while she's Brought Down to Normal, and ends up with a spiked pauldron through his throat.
  • The Talk: In Research Breakthroughs, from Cathy, after she learns of Mercury's crush on General Jadeite:
    "Of course not. However," Cathy looked Mercury straight in the eyes, "who knows how things will develop in the future? I don't really know your background or what they teach to girls in your world, so I have to ask, for your own safety: do you know where babies come from?"
    Poor Mercury, who had just raised the bottle back to her lips, splashed herself in the face and promptly had another coughing fit. With a face as red as a tomato, she stuttered "Y-yes, but I can't believe you- I wouldn't-" Suddenly, her eyes narrowed. "Wait, this is revenge for me surprising you, isn't it?"
  • Target Spotter: In Hunt's End, Ami has her warlocks use scrying to target an invisible, but scryable target:
    “Torian, use scrying to triangulate his exact position and tell me,” she ordered. “I need the best possible precision.”
    “Just a moment. Hmm. Yes. Imagine a straight line between the wide end of the emerald-studded sarcophagus and the right foot of the statue on the wall. Imagine a second line between you and the garish double-headed axe on the wall. He’s standing right on their intersection.”
    “Are you absolutely sure?” she verified.
    “To about a hand’s span close, yes,”
    That was good enough for her. Aiming for the average dwarf’s height, she brought a Shabon Spray Freezing from her storage and launched it at the indicated location.
  • A Taste of the Lash: In Advisers Advise, from a discussion with her inner circle on how to punish her minions, in a way she'd be willing to do:
    "...flogging is used even in some surface armies," Cathy's energetic voice sounded behind her. The tall blonde was gesticulating with her hands, apparently trying to convince her boyfriend of something.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Where do we start...
    • Mercury and her Horned Reaper, a warrior of good and an evil demon.
    • Cathy and Jadeite. She finds him to be arrogant, condescending, and she doesn't entirely trust his intentions regarding Mercury.
    • Mareki and Jadeite. Youma are terrified of dark generals, as a rule.
    • Mercury (and her advisors) and Marda. The trolls don't fully trust a Keeper, and seem constantly on the verge of breaking away. Mercury gets frustrated with Marda being a loose cannon.
    • Alphel and Arachne. Keepers all hate each other, but can still participate in an Enemy Mine team-up against a larger threat (or a more tempting prize).
    • The Underworlders between each other, for the same reasons as Keepers.
    • The Avatar with Mercury and Rabixtrel.
    • Mukrezar and Crowned Death.
    • Azzathra, Crowned Death, and The Unraveller of Mysteries. Dark gods do not get along well, and tend to ally based on blackmail and coercion.
  • Telepathy: Multiple:
    • Warlocks can communicate with their Dungeon Keeper using a spell for it.
    • Tserk and other tentacle monsters are without mouths, communicating with others via telepathy.
    • From "Chatting with Marda":
      you made sure that everyone in a command position learned the spell for communicating telepathically," Jered pointed out
  • Teleporter's Visualization Clause: One mentioned, but never seen, teleportation method allows the user to return to places where they've been. Ami was looking for teleportation to retrieve objects to her location at the time.
  • Teleportation Sickness: In A Promotion, it is said that "vampire teleportation ... rather disagrees with a living body.", as previously seen as "dry heaves" in Mukrezar's Return, which presumably would have been vomiting if the user did not have an empty stomach.
  • Teleportation with Drawbacks: Dungeon Keeper teleportation has a range of about 60 kilometers from the starting point.
  • Teens Are Short: From the first chapter, the Reaper judges that Ami is a teenager because of her short-ness:
    The human was so short that he doubted she was even fully-grown.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • The first time Cathy sees goblins wearing sailor fukus, her reaction is, "I hope you aren't planning on putting me into one of those outfits too!" After gaining access to Senshi powers through being temporarily possessed by Ami, she willingly embraces the uniform. And even worse ones, when pragmatism demands.
    • Upon being told of the plan to make a lab rat claim a Dungeon Heart so that Ami can study the process, Tiger is initially skeptical, but eventually decides, "What's the worst that could happen?" Naturally, the next scene involves an attack by psychotic imps.
  • There Are No Therapists: Mostly true, but Ami does actually get some psychiatric care from the Light to help her deal with the horrible flashbacks from centuries of Keeper memories. She can't repeat it, though, unless she wants to take the offer of an eternal sanctuary prison.
  • There Is Only One Bed: From "Journey's End", where there's one more person than there are sleeping bags, but one couple shares, so there's just enough:
    The party spent a night camping out, rather than stopping at the overcrowded inn, as Ami's red-glowing eyes would have led to more trouble than the added comfort would have been worth. The white-robed senshi was excluded from the guard rotation, for obvious reasons. Despite this, she placed one of her imps somewhere well outside of the campfire's light radius in order to keep an eye on things. She didn't trust Boris to not have another go at her while she was asleep. Jered and Cathy were sharing one sleeping bag, which caused the blue-haired girl to blush, but at least she could use the spare.
  • There Was a Door:
    • Escape from Arachne's Dungeon:
      An imp dropped down out of thin air, startling the red demon who was leaning bored against the wall. Immediately, the bug-eyed creature started hacking away at the unfinished rock in a frenzy, sending up a cloud of dust that billowed into the narrow corridor. After tunnelling through barely half a metre of rock, it broke through into the chamber behind, sending a spray of crumbling debris and stone spilling on the expensive carpet below.
      The occupant of the room was sitting in a high-backed armchair with red cushions, and was staring at the intruder with wide eyes.
      "You could have used the door," the warlock stated with a nod toward one corner of the room, where the polished wood of an entrance gleamed in the fireplace's light. From the outside, it looked no different than any other piece of the wall. "From this," he pointed at the fuku-clad imp, "I brilliantly conclude that you are here to secure my not inconsiderable abilities for a Keeper with rather strange taste in uniforms."
    • "Cornering The Duke":
    Metal crumpled and bent under her fingers, and with a short yank, she almost ripped the door off its hinges. Purplish smoke escaped from the opening.
    “It wasn’t locked, you know,” the figure on the throne commented drily, far less impressed than his court wizard.
  • Things That Go "Bump" in the Night: Parents tell their children that Mercury (and presumably other keepers) will come and eat them if they are naughty. One of the sacrifices is confused when Mercury seems offended by the thought.
  • Third Eye: As said in Assault on Wemos, the idol on the Avatar Islands has one, sorta of. And it's magical and meant to help ascend someone to godhood:
    At its very top, the former ruler of the continent floated in the centre of the huge pentagram decorating the idol's bald forehead almost like a glowing third eye.
  • Third Party Stops Attack: In "What a Mess", Roselle stops Juzint's assassination of Melissa, with lightning that threw off her aim:
    The pinkish-white arcs of lightning from the hurried shot fanned out, raking the left arm of the blurring shadow, just before she could reach her target [...] A spasm went through Juzint's leg, just at the wrong instant. The flow of time seemed to return to normal, but instead of intestines spilling out of the blue-haired girl's stomach, only blood surged from the four crimson lines drawn across her belly.
  • This Is a Drill: Dwarfs have drills to assault dungeons with.
  • This Is Not a Floor: Ami inverts this in the episode "Convoluted Rescue Plan, Go!" The floor is made invisible, but her opponents assume it has been destroyed. Leads to a distraction.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: What amounts to this happens during the invasion of Dreadfog Island, when Empress Mercury learns that the undead priests of the Crowned Death have plucked out the eyes of 8,000 captive innocents they intend to sacrifice — including children — so that they couldn't cause trouble. Ami is not pleased.
  • Threat Backfire: General Jadeite initially underestimates what Ami can do as a Keeper, and is angry to have been entered into her service without knowing she's a Sailor Senshi. He soon learns he's no longer the big fish.
    Jadeite: Why are you grinning? Do you think your bubbles can stop me, a general of the Dark Kingdom?
    <Mercury's dragon gets his attention and then roars in his face>
    Ami: You will find that I have graduated from using bubbles.
  • Through the Ceiling, Stealthily: Multiple characters do it:
    • "Convoluted Rescue Plan, Go!": Tserk entering a church through the shaft allowing the bellrope into the church:
      the huge instrument suspended from a thick wooden bar. More interesting was the shaft directly underneath it, barely wide enough for a man to move along the handholds set into the wall. Of course it was blocked, but the cover was a simple grate, so that the rope used to ring the bell could dangle down through the gaps into the building below.
    • In "Trapped (second half)", Tiger stealthily enters the underground sections of the city of Salthalls by taking advantage of a Crash in Through the Ceiling hole from a few chapters before.
  • Tickle Torture: Sailor Moon does this with a Youma to see if she knows anything about Ami's location after her vanishing. Sailor Mars is embarrassed by the ordeal.
  • Time Abyss: The Light Gods and Dark Gods as categories have existed since "a time so long ago that even the continents of this planet did not yet have their present shape".
  • Time Bomb: Referenced in "Beryl's Plan" when Ami, a.k.a Keeper Mercury, uses Jadeite's lap as one, after she gets drunk, and he's nervous due to her heavy scrutiny of him due to their unclear relationship status:
    Jadeite couldn't have been more nervous if someone had dumped a ticking time bomb onto his lap. The comparison was uncharitable to the red-faced girl who was using his legs as a pillow, but he found it fitting.
  • Time Zones Do Not Exist: Averted.
    • It's night in some places and not others, so when Snyder is making calls to people all across the world, he has to determine who's even awake to receive them.
    • Where it's night in one place, it's day in the opposite side of the world. This is weaponized to kill vampires, who are unable to revive if killed in daylight, so teleporting one halfway across the world makes them vulnerable.
  • Tim Taylor Technology: As said in More Recruits: Some of the warlocks in Ami's employ think that way. The results disagreed with them:
    Spell not working, despite the calculations looking correct? Simply use more lightning! After that little disaster, Ami had made sure that the restored labs contained nothing flammable.
  • Today, X. Tomorrow, the World!: From the end of Valuable Art: Mukrezar, after having taken down the powerful cult of Crowned Death:
    Mukrezar thrust a fist in the air. "Today, your cult. Soon, the Avatar!"
  • Toilet Horror: Arachne's spiders attacked people through the sewers and their toilets when she attacked Albrecht's kingdom.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Surprisingly enough, Ami is able to gather enough of a genuinely good inner circle that Jadeite and Torian stand out. And even Jadeite is a ruthless pragmatist rather than a sadist.
  • Tongue Trauma: From Time Flies, Ami, noticed that "Jadeite, who was sitting across the table from her, had winced while chewing, she put down her own sandwich in concern. "Do the burns still give you trouble?". After a segment musing on how caring his new boss is, compared to his old Bad Boss, he responds:
    "If you must know, I bit my tongue."
  • Too Desperate to Be Picky: After evacuating to an iceberg with a crystal Dungeon Heart, Ami is actually in a pretty secure position, but many of the Underworld creatures don't appreciate the value of strategic retreat. Warlocks are smart enough to understand, but trolls and orcs and so forth are a different matter, viewing her as an unimpressive scavenger. She ends up hiring goblins for lack of better foot soldiers. And trains them, not as infantry, but as pilots for her remote-controlled killer robots.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The Dumb Blonde vampire, who is called "suicidally stupid" two scenes later in the same chapter. Ironically, this vampire survives both the fighting in said chapter, and Ami's later purge of the vampires. She is seen asking questions regarding the targets of Ami's persuasion campaign. "Your Majesty, can you offer us advice on the best approach here? Should we be intimidating? Select targets of the opposite gender?"
  • Too Funny to Be Evil: Mukrezar. Full Stop.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Most notably being Ami, Cathy, and Tserk.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: The Dark Mistresses, of course.
    • Averted in the case of Ami's psychological torture. She largely bluffs them, and the mistress creates the impression that she did unspeakable things to them.
  • Trail of Blood: From Interrupted Plotting, it's how Rabixtrel is first found, as a trail of blood from his victims, leads scryers to him:
    “Let’s see if whoever is running that place has managed to attract something other than skeletons and ghosts by now.”
    “I got something,” one of the magicians called, stroking his beard.
    Ami hurried over, followed by the others. “That quickly?”
    “I just followed the trail of blood,” the gangly wizard answered, gesturing at the screen with a gnarled hand. He soon felt crowded when everyone leaned in around him to get a better view of the cavernous hall he had found.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: From A Deal with the Devil:
    "Mercury Power, Make Up!" A flash of blue light concealed Ami for a split second when she triggered her transformation to restore her ruined outfit. It also re-applied her make-up, removing all traces of crying, and cleaned her body, as it was intended to.
  • Transmutation: Magic can be turned into something that looks like gold, gold can substitute for magic, and magic can be used to gather and shape ambient matter into solid objects like paper.
  • Treasure Room: Dungeons have treasuries to store the gold and other valuables for Cast from Money magic.
  • Trojan Horse: Monteraine acts as one while infiltrating one of Morrigan's Dungeons, with Ami herself playing the Greek, being a rat, and therefore small enough to hide in Monteraine's hair while on her shoulder.
  • Trouble Entendre: From "A Fitting Punishment": Subverted intentionally, using the vagueness of "I got rid of them,", and lampshaded after, by noting precisely what happened:
    The bravest of the dark elf women raised a shaking hand. "Er, w-what did you do to them?"
    "I got rid of them," the teenager replied in an impassive tone of voice, trying to pretend being the kind of person that they would not want to disobey. It was fairly hard to project an unfeeling mask, if she was honest with herself. A large part of her only wanted to provide them with some blankets, since their skin was starting to look blue from the cold. She obviously hadn't killed the bile demons either, only tossed them into the portal and given them a hard shove to help them through. If her prospective employees opted to misunderstand her, so be it.
  • True Companions: The "most elite full-fairy aerial recon force of the Shining Concord Empire" is made up of fairies in all the colours of the rainbow, and despite getting on each other's nerves, they're unquestioningly loyal to each other. When Camilla becomes an ambassador to Empress Mercury, the others are assigned as her bodyguards, because they would be miserable with one of them missing.
  • Turning Back Human: Marda, on touching the Avatar's Mantle, is revealed to be a human who was turned into a troll. More specifically, the human, male, Avatar Amadeus, into a female troll.

  • Undead Laborers: From "Catastrophic Failure, Part 1", Crowned Death uses skeletons to build his high temple, as noted by Ami:
    She assumed that Crowned Death found it more economical to use his undead forces for construction than to make the dungeon heart spend gold. In particular if the latter could be used to fuel his arrival in this world instead.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Before becoming the dreaded Empress of the Avatar Islands and having her reputation catch up to her, Keeper Mercury was a nobody at best and an infamous deviant keeper with a losing streak at worst. Many underworlders and heroes underestimated her because of that, and often faced her expecting an easy win only to be unpleasantly surprised.
  • Underground City: Multiple:
    • Ami's civillian complex, like the rest of her dungeon, is underground.
    • Dwarf cities are mainly underground, with the surface section being much smaller by comparison.
  • Undressing the Unconscious: Subverted in "Dealing with the Blockade Ship", where Dandel worries this may have happened. From Dandel's examination of herself:
    Clearly, someone had rescued them, but who, and for what reason? Suddenly worried, she looked down at herself, and was relieved that her familiar costume was still in place, even if was slashed in places and stained with coagulated blood.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Invoked. Tied in part to Mercury's pervert reputation, and mentioned repeatedly In-Universe regarding how the rest of the world views some of her actions, such as with her continued employment of Tserk, a tentacle monster.
  • Unicorn: They exist, as there's at least one circus with one. They also are implied to exist in the Shining Concord Empire, when it's discussed about the effects of it being host to a high-magic area:
    Can’t have the silly fairies get all high on magic and fly into trees or stab themselves on a unicorn or something.
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: The reader learns about Ami's plan to rescue Jadeite from the Light temple as it's executed.
  • Up to Eleven: Adamantine is a divine metal that is indestructible even to dark gods. Naturally, it's incredibly expensive, with a mere dagger costing about as much as its volume in diamonds, but Ami pays it anyway so that she can study it. And then tells her trusted friends that she wants enough of it to make a Dungeon Heart, large enough to fit a regular Heart inside, as part of her plan to retrieve her soul.
    Jered: That's... quite the impressive amount. In fact, that's likely more than all the adamantine items that have ever left the dwarfish strongholds taken together.
  • Vampires Sleep in Coffins: From "Invasion Planning":
    Ami: "True. But tell me, where do vampires sleep?"
    Jared: Coffins.
  • Verbed Title: The chapter, "Captured!", where Ami and other heroes are captured by villainous forces.
  • Verbing Nouny: The chapter, "Cornering the Duke". The Verbing = Cornering, and the Noun = The Duke.
  • Victor Gains Loser's Powers: How Azzathra's duels usually end, as said in The Duel.
    "As you all know, our Great Lord, Azzathra the Mighty Tyrant, traditionally rewards the winner by bestowing upon him some aspect of the loser's strength."
    "However, Lord Azzathra, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that such a gift would clearly be wasted ... she will receive some of the horned reaper's knowledge instead."
  • Villain Ball Magnet: Being the only instance of Dark Is Not Evil among Keepers, Ami cannot convince the forces of good that she means well. With the exception of the Cathy-Jered-Snyder trio, and the mind-reading Light Gods. To the latter's credit, they have requested that the forces of good try to capture Ami alive.
  • Villainous Crush: This is how the fairies think Keeper Mercury feels about Jadeite.
  • Villain Teleportation: Well, the Lightsiders have hero portals, but the underworlders have more teleportation methods:
    • Teleportation through shadows: From "Nero's Spell (Part 2)": Seen by Alphel's scarred dark mistress: who "rose like a blob of black tar from the pooling shadows".
    • Dark Kingdom Teleportation
    • Vampire teleportation
    • Keeper Teleport.
    • Imp Teleportation by somersault.

  • Waking Up Elsewhere: Multiple:
    • It's how Ami is introduced to the Dungeon Keeper world in the first place, as said in the third paragraph of the first chapter:
      Ami Mizuno, currently Sailor Mercury, let out a soft groan as she woke. She was lying on her stomach, and, judging from the way her ribs, side, and face ached, had landed that way, possibly head-first. Feeling cold, rough stone under her left cheek, she raised her head off the ground. There was a stinging sensation and a slight resistance as coagulating blood stuck to the floor. Deep blue eyes opened and stared unseeing into the darkness. Ami could hear dripping noises echoing in the distance, and the cold air smelled of mould and a hint of sulphur. Where was she, and how did she get here?
    • When Maggie wakes up in "Deadline":
      Maggie opened her eyes, feeling drowsy. Confused by the softness of her mattress, she blinked as bright light blinded her. This isn't my bed, she realised with a start, and her heartbeat quickened.
  • Wandering Culture: The orcs of the dwarven mountains do this to avoid being hunted down by the dwarfs as easily, as Ami explains when talking about her potential orc recruits to people to warn them.
  • "Wanted!" Poster: It's implied that it's what the warrant for Snyder's arrest is, from "Vampire Weaknesses", as it is used by Bounty Hunters and had a "sketch that bore a great resemblance to the redhead".
  • Warrior Undead: In Valuable Art, a being explicitly called an "undead knight", with "a dented and scraped suit of full plate", is mentioned, and is part of a gathering of sentient undead.
  • The War Room: Keepers don't normally have a good skill set for coordinating an offensive (though their defensive skills are superb), but Ami combines various abilities to get a good approximation. She uses her unusually large mana reserves to power a team of warlocks scrying the battlefield, receiving updates on the field via Scavenger Room transmissions and replying by making an imp write messages. It makes her assault on the western Keeper quite straightforward, despite his substantial raw combat strength.
    Cathy: Group at grid cube three-three-five onto left screen, the group at grid cube eight-zero-two on the right one! The Keeper is leading the third group herself. Get to work! ... Inform Mercury that there's a clump of hostiles waiting for her in the next room, advise that the route to the left appears to be lightly defended.
    Jered: Instruction from Mercury: Enemy Keeper at seven-seven-three.
    Cathy: Scan it with crystal ball three. Jadeite, he's all yours!
  • Weakened by the Light: As said in "Vampire Weaknesses", on the titular subject:
    "A secondary weakness is direct sunlight," Snyder said.
    "It turns them into ash?" Ami asked, not being entirely unfamiliar with her world's vampire stories.
    The acolyte looked at her oddly. "If only it was that easy. It does not affect them directly, but a vampire that is killed while exposed to daylight does not revive. That's why vampires generally don't come out during the day."
  • Weather-Control Machine: One possible use of a Dungeon Heart, due to the corruption it emits being able to affect everything in its user's territory:
  • We Have Reserves: Most Keepers — three guesses who the main exception is. This is still played straight by Ami in the earlier part of the story with golems, referenced by the chapter title, "Inhuman Waves", referring to "human wave" tactics. In fact she vastly overestimated how many reserves she had in her first major battle using them.
  • We Need a Distraction: Ami uses Tserk to break into a Temple of The Light, filled with Priests, Guards, and the Fairy Sisters to rescue Jadeite using nothing more than a Wand that makes things go invisible, a flask of acid, a flask of base, some flour, some marbles, and two pills that transform whoever swallows them into mice. Tserk succeeds.
  • We Will Meet Again: Tserk swears he will have his revenge against Keeper Midori. Why? Tserk had finally convinced Cathy and Mercury to let him give them a massage, and Keeper Midori's scrying ended it.
  • What Could Have Been: A Pusakuronu's omake tells the story of how instead of summoning Mukrezar, Crowned Death would've summoned Sailor Saturn to aid him instead.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: Dark General Jadeite seems to be heading this way. At first, he's confused by Ami's, who's his boss, feelings for him. Later, by his own empathy.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Dr. Mizuno to Ami in "Family Matters," though a milder example than most.
    • Later Ami finally has a minor breakdown, blowing up in Camilla's face when she continues to say that Mercury is evil even after rescuing the civilians from Dreadfog and evacuating the Avatar Islands.
  • When Elders Attack: Cornering The Duke:
    Only an elderly witch, her wrinkly face distorted in rage, swung her staff at the fast-moving blur that was Ami’s form.
    Undeterred, the old woman proceeded to whack her on the head with her staff over and over again, cursing her with language so coarse her cheeks grew hot.
  • Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?: All of the villains and most of the heroes wonder on a regular basis where Empress Mercury gets all of her awesome equipment and magic from. Where does she come up with these remote battle drones? The Airships, the Dominate Undead Spell? Attempts to steal/emulate her stuff are the subject of several subplots.
  • The Whole World Is Watching: Big fights between what are effectively world superpowers are watched by many through scrying magic, such as Crystal Ball and scrying pool.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Abbot Durval informs Mercury that he is unusually old, but that the Light gods have stopped making mortals ageless, since it tends to drive resentment, envy, and loneliness. (Naturally, the dark gods are fine with it.)
  • Winged Humanoid: Multiple:
    • Fairies
    • Both types of Angels:
      • Light Angels, just called plain "Angels". As said in A New Arrival, Angels have "white, feathery wings".
      • Dark Angels all have wings of one kind or another.
  • Wishing Well: From Corruption?: When Ami muses on sacrificing gold in her temple, her Reaper says: "The temple is no wishing well, you dolt!"
  • Wolf Whistle: From "Beryl's Plan": Some people in the audience of a striptease make some:
    the crazy dark elf undulating to goblin music and slowly doffing her clothes, accompanied by wolf whistles
  • Won't Take "Yes" for an Answer: When Empress Mercury is reviewing and accepts the plans for the embassy for the Shining Concord Empire, a terrified Camilla is so certain of her doom she invokes this trope.
  • The Worf Effect: Ami's "fearsome" Reaperbots often serve only to illustrate how much more fearsome her current opponent is. They are still more than a match for most of the stuff she is expected to encounter from your average Keeper, and vastly more effective than their pilot goblins would natively be, but once things like vampires, dark angels, or real reapers show up, they're cut down like wheat.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Multiple Underworld forces:
    • As Ami relates in "Moving On", Malleus Offing the Offspring:
      he sired children for the sole purpose of sa-sacrificing them!
    • From "Divine Opposition, Part 1": When the devastation that was inflicted on the Avatar Isles was related:
      "This used to be lush forest, where fairies danced around standing stones. The laughter of their children turned into heart-rending screams as the Keepers' hordes boiled them alive!"
    • From "Deadline": The vampire that mind-controlled a family to get to a place to sell them:
      "That vampire had them walk with no regard for their health, even the children."
  • X-Ray Vision: The stated reason most of the Underworld wears leather clothing, because magic vision can see through cloth but not skin, and that's technically what leather is. Whether or not this is actually the case, or just an easy excuse to sell such clothing is left up to the readers to decide.
    • This was explained to Ami by her dark elf tailor.
    • Ami was nice enough to confirm it for us, For Science! only of course...
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Ami needs a lot of reassurance from her non-evil employees after she summarily executes Malleus. All of them, even acolyte Snyder, are certain that she did the right thing — though Cathy is also empathetic enough to realise that she shouldn't do it again in a hurry.
  • You Can't Go Home Again:
    • At least, the Light Gods don't want Ami to so long as she's a Keeper, since the Dark Gods will be able to follow her there.
    • Also a problem for Jered, Cathy, Snyder and Camilla, as their accidental association with a Keeper make them untrustworthy in the eyes of most of the rest of the world.
  • You Monster!:
    • It's clear In-Universe that Keepers are usually absolute monsters, and the reason for the prejudice against them is that it's always been correct until now. Ami herself uses the phrase the first time she encounters a torture chamber. Special mention, though, goes to Keeper Malleus for the fact that Ami has to actually sift through his centuries of memories, experiencing them in the first person, an ordeal that causes her to throw up, unsuccessfully, because of how hard she's already gritting her teeth. When she's done, she immediately snaps his neck without further discussion.
      Ami: He—<points>—had angered me greatly.
    • Camilla reacts this way to Jadeite when he half blackmails, half tricks her into helping to retrieve Ami from the realm of the dark gods.
  • Zeppelins from Another World: Inverted, incredibly, when Ami has her Senshi friends transmit info about zeppelins so that she can build them in the Dungeon Keeper world—a world in which airships are completely unknown—to transport an army across the world rapidly.
  • Zerg Rush: Subverted when Ami is considering the option of hiring goblins, and recognises that they aren't very effective even in groups. (She hires them anyway, for lack of better options.)
    In her mind, she pictured one of the child-sized figures confronting a looming, pale vampire. She amended the scene to make it five of the sword-wielding greenskins surrounding the enemy, as goblins worked best in packs. Her brain immediately computed the most likely outcome, and the mental image turned into that of a vampire, bloated like a tick and patting its belly, standing over a heap of dismembered limbs.