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Sufficient, more commonly known as "Sufficient Velocity" or "SV", is a XenForo Internet forum dedicated to the things that go bump against planets at just enough speed.

It is a fork of the message board community and considered to be Lighter and Softer and more fun. There also tends to be a higher number of users who engage in the time-honored tradition of Orbital Bombardment and It's the Only Way to Be Sure.


It contains two major sub-forums:

  • Creative Forums: Dedicated to creative writing, roleplaying, and art & music.
  • General Discussion: Dedicated to discussion of various media, politics, war, and all things sci-fi.

The website has a very active roleplay community, especially when it comes to Quest Roleplays: a variation on the classic play-by-post formula where the Quest Master (QM) provides a story that includes a voting system for participants to decide how the actions in the scene is resolved, similar to Story Branching in video games.


Sufficient Velocity roleplays with their own pages:

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