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Recap / Dungeon Keeper Ami

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     Arc I, the Malleus and Arachne Arc 
Comprises Ami's initial awakening and subsequent journey into the surface world, the battle with Arachne at the Capitol, and the Enlistment of Jered, Cathy, and Snyder. Concluded with Ami's victory over Malleus, her retreat to his dungeon, and Baron Leopold seizing her starter dungeon...

"Dungeon Keeper Ami" to "Some Resolutions" (about 105 thousand words)

     Arc II, the Duel Arc 
Continues with Ami's efforts to find a way back to her home dimension, unfortunately this involves meeting with the Light. While her first encounter with the Big Good of the series is rather painless, it angers the Dark Gods and sets her up for a Duel with the Horned Reaper. The Remainder of the Arc comprises her attempting to find a way around the ultimatum, which results in her recruiting Jadeite. And then her preparations for the final confrontation...

Introduces the sub-plots for Ami and Jadeite's relationship and Ami's preparations for the expedition to the Avatar Islands.

"Oh, Gods!" to "The Duel" (about 125 thousand words)


     Arc III, the Voyage Arc 
Ami recovers from her ordeal and prepares to travel to the Avatar Islands. Shorter than either of the other previous arcs; Arc III stresses the subplots and introduces many of the major power players in the Dungeon Keeper Universe. The continued happenings in the Sailor Moon universe are more important in this arc than any other, detailing the emerging Dark Kingdom civil war. The Arc reaches its conclusion upon the discovery of an apparently inhabited island during pre-invasion recon...

"Recovering" to "Mysterious Island" (about 77 thousand words)

     Arc IV, the Avatar Islands Arc 
Ami makes contact with the last living survivors of the Avatar Island wars, a band of war-hardened Trolls and their abrasive leader, Marda. From the very beginning, it is clear that Marda is more than she appears. However, as all parties involved have bigger problems, and Marda is reluctant to share details, an uneasy alliance is begun with many questions unanswered. The arc concludes with Zarekos' defeat and Marda's revelation, her true identity is the Avatar of Light himself...

"Strange Trolls" to "Musings" (about 153 thousand words)

     Arc V, the War on Death Arc 
Following Ami's defeat of the Avatar, and subsequent title of Empress, the game has changed. Now she has not only gained a legitimate title that even the Light World recognizes, but done what was previously thought impossible, defeated the Avatar in personal combat. Needless to say, this brings all the wrong kinds of attention, and soon Ami finds a representative of the dark God Crowned Death on her doorstep. Ami is left with an ominous deadline: in a matter of days Crowned Death with execute some eight thousand innocents in a bloody ritual using the Avatar's Mantle...

"Vampire Solution" to "Catastrophic Failure (part 2)" (about 172 thousand words)

     Arc VI, the Empress Arc 

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