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Fanfic / The Dragon That Will Pierce the Heavens

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Our Protagonist, Hikari Heartfilia, later Dragneel. Credit goes to Scarlett Leong.

Hikari is adrift at sea when she runs into Monkey D Luffy, and agreeing to be on his crew gets her into more trouble than she knows what to do with. Collecting keys and rediscovering parts of herself along the way, she finds that all the trouble in the world is worth every moment.

A Fusion Fic crossover of One Piece and Fairy Tail, with a Zoro and original character pairing, written by Dragon Princess 18 and published on May 05, 2019 on Archive of Our Own. Is now being uploaded on Inkitt, starting August 14, 2019.

Currently has these arcs:

  • Romance Dawn Arc
  • Buggy The Clown Arc
  • Kuro Arc
  • Baratie Arc
  • Arlong Arc
  • Heartfilia Arc
  • Loguetown Arc
  • Laboon Arc
  • Whiskey Peak Arc
  • Little Garden Arc
  • Drum Island Arc
  • Alabasta Arc
  • Jaya Arc
  • Skypiea Arc

Still in-progress.

Can be found here [1] and here [2].

This story contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: As revealed in the Heartfilia Arc, like Lucy Heartfilia, Hikari's father was neglectful, but also physically and emotionally abusive, even before the death of his wife.
  • Action Girl: Hikari is very much this, shown as early as the Romance Dawn Arc when she was the first person to attack Alvida and kick-start the fight against her crew, and she becomes an Action Girlfriend to Zoro after their Relationship Upgrade in the Drum Island Arc.
    • Gina Redfox and Sora Marvell have the makings of being this as well.
  • A Friend in Need: Hikari runs on this trope, perhaps even more than Luffy. If you ever need help, she will not hesitate to do so, even if that involves great harm to herself. This goes extra for her crew-mates, who Hikari will defend from any comers no matter the danger. This is best shown in the Alabasta Arc, where she powered through stabbings, cuts, broken bones, internal injuries, and an explosion to save Vivi's country just because Vivi needed her.
    • This loyalty runs both ways, as shown in the Drum Island Arc, where Hikari becomes deathly sick thanks to the Kestia Tick and the crew doesn't hesitate to take her to a doctor, opposing pirates, carnivorous rabbits and sheer snowy mountains be damned.
    • Happens again in the Skypiea Arc, where Hikari is beaten by Eneru while protecting Chopper, Gina, the Dugongs and the Going Merry, and ends up kidnapped as an unwilling bride. Upon hearing the news, every last Straw Hat was determined to get her back no matter the cost.
  • Amazon Chaser: Zoro proves to be this, as he does not show any real interest in Hikari until the Buggy Arc, where she took down Captain Buggy easily in their first encounter, which only became more prominent in the Kuro Arc, where her Draconic Humanoid form easily rampaged through the Black Cat Pirates.
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  • Anger Born of Worry: Hikari is prone to this towards Zoro, such as in the Little Garden Arc, where she yelled at him for nearly cutting his feet off to fight the Baroque Works officers and wrestled him down to bandage the wounds.
  • Asleep for Days: After her sudden transformation in the Kuro Arc, Hikari ends up asleep for a number of days to regain her strength.
    • This happens again in the Alabasta Arc, where two days of pushing her limits ended up with Hikari unconscious for multiple days healing in Alubarna.
    • In the aftermath of the Skypiea Arc, Hikari ends up asleep for two days thanks to her absorption of Eneru's lightning and use of her new Lightning Celestial Dragon powers.
  • Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Hikari and Zoro have their moments, such as in the Kuro Arc where Zoro made an effort to make sure Hikari was okay after her transformation, and in the Baratie Arc, where Hikari risked her life trying to protect Zoro from Mihawk and then stitched him back together.
    • This culminates in the Drum Island Arc where Hikari gets sick instead of Nami, and Zoro spends the chapter caring for her before Luffy and Sanji take her up the mountain. When they see each other again, Zoro is the one to initiate a Big Damn Kiss to a recovered Hikari outside the castle.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: The four Kung-Fu Dugongs-Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo-are considered this after Alabasta, but the position is eventually taken by Sora Marvell, the ten-year-old Sky Dragon that joins them in Skypiea.
  • Badass Adorable: Hikari can be seen as this. In the Baratie Arc, Patty was surprised at her aggressiveness because she seemed like a petite, pretty girl, but she has proved multiple times to be capable of kicking butt without her Celestial Spirits.
    • Sora Marvell is so much this, being young and adorable while also proving much stronger than she looks.
  • Badass Family: By the end of the Alabasta Arc, Hikari and Zoro are starting one, being two of the most badass Straw Hats and effectively adopting Tony-Tony Chopper, Gina Redfox the Iron Dragon, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo the Kung-Fu Dugongs, and Sora Marvell the Sky Dragon.
  • Badass in Distress: Hikari is this in the Arlong Arc, when she's captured by the fish-men, and the Drum Island Arc, having been bitten by the Kestia tick and nearly dying from the resulting illness.
    • This happens again in the Skypiea Arc, where Hikari is defeated by Eneru and kidnapped to be his unwilling bride.
  • Battle Couple: As shown in the Whiskey Peak Arc, Zoro and Hikari are falling into this trope, gravitating towards each other in fights while protecting each other and their crew-mates.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Hikari, like most of the women in this universe, tends towards these sorts of outfits.
  • Belated Love Epiphany: Zoro does not acknowledge his feelings until the Drum Island Arc, when Hikari falls sick and is in real danger of dying.
  • Berserk Button: You do not want to threaten the crew or innocent people when Hikari is around. You ESPECIALLY do not want to hurt Zoro, Chopper, Gina Redfox, the Kung-Fu Dugongs, or Sora Marvell because that will most likely trigger a One-Man Army transformation into a Draconic Humanoid that can wipe out entire pirate crews with ease.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Hikari is the initial example of this, being friendly and willing to help anyone in need, but do not push your luck. Try to hurt others, like Kuro, or threaten her 'kids', like Eneru, and there is very little that can stop her from tearing you apart.
    • Another example comes up in Skypiea, with Sora Marvell. She is a genuine Shrinking Violet, being very quiet and skittish and prone to constant apologies, but threaten those she cares about, and she loses the stutter, the apologies, and all self-consciousness to show you how fierce a Sky Dragon can be. This is shown for the first time when she teams up with Chopper to face down Gedatsu, and Ohm's dismissal of Chopper's injuries had her berating him without so much as a flinch.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Like the original Iron Dragon, Gina Redfox is capable of turning her arms into these.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Hikari very much has the Big Sister variety of this trope, looking out for her crew-mates and getting into numerous fights in order to protect them, with her Heart Of Gold extending this to even strangers.
    • The best example of this is in the very beginning of the Romance Dawn Arc, where Hikari found a 'napping' Luffy and saved him without hesitation.
    • Aquarius also has a similar Big Sister Instinct towards Hikari herself, being by far the most violently protective of all her Celestial Spirits.
    • A new example would be Gina Redfox, who has taken a rather protective stance with Chopper and Sora Marvell.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Happens twice in the Skypiea Arc, first when Hikari shows up to rally the remaining Straw Hats and Wyper to face down Eneru in Shandora, and again when Luffy finally gets out of the sky snake to face Eneru himself.
  • Blow You Away: This is the main power of Sora Marvell the Sky Dragon, who is able to control air and create tornadoes and great gusts to throw enemies around.
  • Bully Hunter: Hikari has a deep hatred of people that use their strength to harm those weaker than them, such as in the Kuro Arc, where learning of his plan to kill Kaya for her fortune threw Hikari into a murderous rage, and in the Arlong Arc, when the fish-man's punishing of Genzo for having weapons caused her to break cover and attack.
    • As revealed the Heartfilia Arc, this is because of a lifetime spent being her father's emotional and physical punching bag, which causes a violent reaction when she sees others suffering in a similar way.
    • An example is during the Baratie Arc, where she stood up for Ghin against Patty when he refused to serve him, even knowing he was a dangerous pirate.
    • Another example is in Loguetown, where Tashigi's berating of Zoro for going easier on her because she was a woman caused Hikari to snap back in his defense, tearing at the swordswoman's Black and White Morality over who was wrong or right.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Hikari does this in the Heartfilia Arc, when she confronts her father about his abuse.
  • Caretaker Reversal: For the most part, Hikari is the one taking care of Zoro when he is injured, most prominently in the Buggy, Baratie/Arlong and Little Garden Arcs, but it was Zoro taking care of Hikari in the Drum Island Arc when she fell sick thanks to the Kestia Tick.
  • Cast from Calories: As revealed in the Kuro Arc, summoning Celestial Spirits starts by drawing the energy from a key-holder's recent meal, then it's Cast From Stamina, before devolving into Cast from Lifespan, which would most likely cause death.
  • Cheerful Child: In Skypiea, the Straw Hats gain one in Sora Marvell, who proves sweet and affectionate even after a lifetime of solitude and losing both parents to Eneru's conquest.
  • Chrome Champion: Gina Redfox the Iron Dragon has this, being able to create metallic scales over her entire body as Elemental Armor to be literally Made of Iron.
  • Clothing Damage: Hikari has caused this to herself on multiple occasions, such as tearing her shirt into bandages in the Buggy and Little Garden Arcs, or having it destroyed by her wings during a transformation, such as in the Kuro and Arlong Arcs.
  • Combat Medic: Chopper is one, and is joined by Sora Marvell, who is capable of using her draconic powers to not only provide a Status Buff to herself and allies, but even use Healing Winds if there is fresh air.
  • Damsel out of Distress: In the Arlong Arc, after being captured by the fish-men, Hikari ends up freeing herself once Luffy and the crew arrive.
    • Hikari pulls this again in the Skypiea Arc, where, having been kidnapped by Eneru and left alone on the Ark Maxim, she steals Gemini's key, sabotages the entire ship, and gets out on her own to help the remaining Straw Hats against Eneru while Carla went into the sky snake to get Luffy for the final battle.
  • Day In The Lime Light: In the Heartfilia Arc, all of Hikari's current Celestial Spirits get a scene hanging out with the crew in some way outside of battle or performing a needed task.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Hikari, who often has something to say about the reckless, wacky hijinks that surround her.
    • Fittingly, Gina is also shaping up to follow in her footsteps.
  • Dead Person Conversation: In the Drum Island Arc, Hikari has one of these while Talking in Your Dreams, speaking not only with Lucy and Natsu, but with her mother, Nyoko.
  • Declaration of Protection: Zoro's promise to Luffy in the Baratie Arc is also one of these to Hikari, who is shedding a mixture of Broken Tears and Tears of Fear over the damage he received from Mihawk. Sanji also constantly makes these, encompassing both Hikari and Nami, but Hikari is far less impressed.
  • Defector from Decadence: As revealed in the Heartfilia Arc, Hikari is this, having spent her life growing up as a rich World Noble and eventually running away, becoming a pirate.
  • Defiant Captive:
    • In the Arlong Arc, Hikari is this when captured by the fishmen pirates.
    • Happens again in the Skypiea Arc, when Hikari is taken by Eneru and makes a point to not go along with anything he says.
  • Delaying Action: Hikari pulls this off in the Skypiea Arc, working with Zoro, Nami, Robin, Chopper, Gina, Sora and Wyper to delay Eneru long enough for Carla to get Luffy out of the sky snake for the final battle.
  • Designated Girl Fight: Justified in Part Three of the Alabasta Arc, where Hikari faces down the Iron Dragon of Baroque Works, Gina Redfox.
  • Disappears into Light: The Celestial Spirits go through their Gates in a non-fatal version of this trope, and Hikari's draconic extremities do the same.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": Hikari very much dislikes when her Celestial Spirits call her 'hime', or 'princess', though has given up on correcting them. When Sanji began copying them, it annoyed her even more. This is because her status as a World Noble would technically make her royalty, and she rejected that when running away in the first place.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Hikari unhappily admits this about Luffy's description of Reverse Mountain.
  • Eat Dirt, Cheap: As an Iron Dragon, Gina Redfox is capable of eating all sorts of metal, raw or refined, to regain strength.
  • Endangered Species: Hikari and Gina are considered very rare, since human-like dragons were believed to have died out on the Grand Line generations ago. This now includes Sora Marvell the Sky Dragon.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: As the Iron Dragon, Gina Redfox is capable of eating any metal, raw or otherwise, to regain strength.
  • Eye Colour Change: Hikari normally has dark eyes, but tapping into her Dragon Slayer abilities, or becoming angry enough, causes her eyes to become bright gold with slit pupils.
    • As of the Skypiea Arc, this is also shown in Sora Marvell, who normally has dark purple eyes that turn silver with slit pupils.
  • Face Palm: Hikari is fond of these, considering the crew she hangs out with.
  • Fastball Special: Hikari and Zoro have done this twice so far.
    • First in the Kuro Arc, where Hikari had Zoro throw her towards Kuro in order to summon Horologium and get Kaya inside to protect her.
    • Happens again in the Loguetown Arc, where Hikari used one of Zoro's sword swings to propel herself up to the execution platform to save Luffy from Buggy.
  • Foreshadowing: In the Little Garden Arc, Vivi is the first to mention Crocodile having an Iron Dragon in his ranks. You do not meet Gina Redfox until Part Three of the Alabasta Arc, where she faces off twice against Hikari.
  • Flat "What": Hikari has done this on multiple occasions, most recently in the Skypiea Arc, when Eneru claimed he had come to the sacrificial altar to take her as his bride.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Sora Marvell is partial to these.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Zoro shows shades of this because of Sanji's over-the-top flirting with Hikari in the Baratie Arc, but her constant, sometimes violent rejections has this showing up in Sanji towards Zoro, who Hikari is more affectionate with.
  • Growing Wings: Hikari does this when transforming into her Draconic Humanoid form.
    • Sora Marvell is also capable of this.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: Hikari's dream, as revealed in the Heartfilia and Loguetown Arcs, is to gather all twelve Zodiac keys.
  • Heel–Face Turn: During Part Three of the Alabasta Arc, Hikari causes Gina Redfox to perform one of these.
  • Heroic Lineage: In the Heartfilia Arc, Hikari is revealed to be the descendant of both Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel, who are her many-times-great-grandparents on either side.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Zoro and Hikari fit this trope, with Zoro being taller than average and Hikari shorter. This does little to stop her from being an equally powerful crew-member.
  • I Ain't Got Time to Bleed: Hikari invokes this in Part Three of the Alabasta Arc, where she was impaled four times by the Iron Dragon Gina Redfox and then further beaten up in their rematch at Alubarna, shrugging off her bloodied state to continue fighting.
  • I Can Still Fight!: Hikari invokes this in the Drum Island Arc, when she is sick and the Going Merry is attacked by Wapol, and nearly kills herself in the process. This is apparently a well-known trait among dragons.
    • She does this again in the Alabasta Arc, where she powers through stabbings, cuts, beatings, and multiple summons in order to stop the rebellion. Even an explosion only slows her down until the end.
    • Hikari pulls this a third time in the Skypiea Arc, refusing to go down against Eneru even if she has to swallow his lightning, which does a number on her body until eventually pushing her into unconsciousness.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Aquarius gives this talk to Luffy, Zoro and Nami at the beginning of the Kuro Arc, warning them that if they ever make Hikari cry, she will make the Grand Line look like a children's party.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: Occurs in the Skypiea Arc, when Eneru kidnaps Hikari for his bride, even pulling Go-Go Enslavement ala Princess Leia while he's at it.
  • I'm Taking Her Home with Me!: Hikari feels this way about Chopper, but is more subtle and coaxing in her methods than Luffy.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Hikari is wearing a nice dress in Part Three of the Alabasta Arc, which does not stop her fighting at all, though it does get rather bloody and torn up.
  • The Lady's Favor: There is a gender-inverted version in the Drum Island Arc, where Zoro gives Hikari his bandanna before Luffy and Sanji take her up the mountain to Doctor Kureha.
    • After losing her fairy charm following her defeat by Eneru in the Skypiea Arc, Hikari's keepsake from her mother ends up in Zoro's hands, who ties it to Wado Ichimonji's hilt for safekeeping. After the final battle, she has him keep the charm like he had her keep his bandanna.
  • Lap Pillow: Hikari often provides this for Zoro, like in the Buggy Arc when he defeated Cabaji, or in the Baratie Arc, when they were waiting for Luffy.
  • Little Miss Badass: While taller than Hikari, Gina Redfox is only thirteen and shown to be capable of keeping up with the rest of the crew.
    • Sora Marvell could also be seen as one, being younger even than Gina and far stronger than expected for a ten-year-old.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: In Part Three of the Alabasta Arc, Hikari is impaled through both shoulders and thighs, excessively cut up, and beaten enough to bruise bones, but shrugs all of it off as Only a Flesh Wound. She is unable to do the same about an explosion.
  • Mama Bear: Hikari shows this side towards Chopper, defending him from Luffy and Sanji when they believe he's a normal reindeer.
    • This now extends to Gina Redfox and the four Kung-Fu Dugongs.
    • And, of course, Sora Marvell.
  • Marital Rape License: Eneru pulls this in the Skypiea Arc, implying that he will do this to Hikari on their wedding night.
  • Marshmallow Hell: Zoro is the victim of this with Hikari, such as in the Romance Dawn Arc and again in the Buggy Arc, where she would try to shield him from damage and misjudge her leap.
  • Missing Mom: As revealed in the Heartfilia Arc, Hikari's mother died when she was four, and her father revealed it was a failed Offing the Offspring attempt on his daughter's life, after the death of his only son. Hikari's mother performed a Heroic Sacrifice instead, rather than see her daughter die.
  • Moment Killer: Sanji becomes this for Zoro and Hikari in Part One of the Alabasta Arc, interrupting they're Almost Kiss at the very beginning, much to Nami and Vivi's annoyance.
    • Sanji does this again in Part Four of the Alabasta Arc, where Zoro and Hikari were having a moment after she had woken up and he accused the swordsman of trying to pull something.
  • Near-Death Experience: Hikari has one in the Drum Island Arc, thanks to her illness, just before Doctor Kureha's medicine begins to work.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: Nami brings this up with Zoro in the Drum Island Arc, invoking his Belated Love Epiphany by pointing out he failed to say anything to Hikari before Luffy and Sanji took her to see Doctor Kureha.
  • Nom de Mom: At the end of the Heartfilia Arc, after confronting her father, Hikari gives up the Heartfilia name to take on her mother's family name, Dragneel.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Hikari and Zoro have a moment like this in the Drum Island Arc, when he has to pin her down to prevent Hikari from attacking the villagers of said island when they accidentally shoot Vivi, and Sanji and Nami walk in on them.
    • They have this again in Part Four of the Alabasta Arc, where the crew walks in on Zoro pinning Hikari to the bed again, though this time they are having a touching moment.
  • Oh, Crap!: The patrons of Pubs and Pies in Mock Town have this reaction when Hikari shows up and sees Bellamy beating on Luffy and Zoro. It ends as well for Bellamy as you would expect.
  • One of the Boys: Hikari proves to be this, having more in common with Luffy, Zoro and Usopp than Nami.
  • Only Sane Man: Hikari and Nami share this position in the crew, though Hikari is more willing to go along with things to an extent, such as indulging Luffy's desire to recruit Zoro despite his known reputation.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: As a Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer, Hikari is capable of tapping into dragon powers that actually cause a transformation into a Draconic Humanoid.
  • Parental Substitute: As shown in the Alabasta Arc, Hikari is becoming this for Chopper, treating him as her own child and protecting him from the crews' roughhousing.
    • This now extends to Gina Redfox and the Kung-Fu Dugongs she adopted, showcased in the Jaya Arc.
    • Zoro is also taking a role as a father figure to said 'kids', training Gina and Leonardo in swordsmanship and looking out for all of them when there is danger.
    • In Skypiea, the pair also easily adopt Sora Marvell, who gets just as attached in return.
  • Pervert Revenge Mode: Hikari has these moments, normally against Tauros (like in his introduction at the end of the Kuro Arc) and Sanji (such as his own introduction in the Baratie Arc).
    • This is most exemplified in Part Four of the Alabasta Arc, where the males try to peek in on the female baths and meet her fury instead.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Being smaller than most of her crew-mates, Hikari fits this trope, as she has enhanced draconic strength and fights on the same level as the crews' heavy-hitters.
    • As of Skypiea, Sora Marvell also fits this, being even smaller and younger than Hikari but much stronger than her size would suggest.
  • Post-Stress Overeating: Hikari is prone to this in situations where she is not allowed to fight someone she feels deserves it, such as in the Romance Dawn Arc where she eats chocolate to get over how Helmeppo was treating a bound Zoro and Rika, and again in the Kuro Arc, after Usopp was insulted for helping Kaya and all of them were thrown off of Kaya's property by Kuro.
  • Power Incontinence: Hikari suffers from this with her Draconic Humanoid form, losing control of her higher reasoning, turning her into The Berserker while Hulking Out, and being unable to even move afterwards. Partial transformations do not have as large a drawback.
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: Hikari suffers this moment in Part 2 of the Alabasta Arc, where Vivi's forgetfulness of the desert's dangers leads into a rant about the hallucinogenic cacti, the Bandit Birds, and the man-eating Sandora Lizards that Vivi failed to mention before starting.
  • Rebellious Princess: In the Heartfilia Arc, Hikari is revealed to be this, renouncing her position as a World Noble to run away and eventually become a pirate.
  • Red Baron: As in canon, the Straw Hats have titles on their wanted posters, and Hikari is called 'Dragon Princess' Dragneel by the marines.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue: The entire Straw Hat Crew is gearing up for one in the Skypiea Arc, once they find out Eneru kidnapped Hikari intending to marry her.
  • Secretly Wealthy: While hinted at in the Baratie Arc, Hikari is revealed to be this fully in the Heartfilia Arc, having been a World Noble before running away, secreting money away under her father's nose and hiding it with Virgo in the Celestial Spirit World.
  • Self-Deprecation: Hikari shows shades of this early on due to her father's abuse, but starts to have more confidence after the Heartfilia Arc.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Hikari does not care about walking around without a shirt in the middle of a life-or-death situation, such as in the Laboon Arc, where she raced out of the Going Merry's shower in nothing but a towel when she thought Nami was in danger. This often causes Zoro to invoke Please Put Some Clothes On and a Sexy Shirt Switch that leaves him a Walking Shirtless Scene until there's a chance to change clothes.
  • Shapeshifter Weapon: Gina has multiple, being able to turn her hands and arms into swords, hammers, lances, clubs, and whatever else she can think of.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: In the Loguetown Arc, Zoro and Hikari have this moment towards each other when a mugger mistakes them for 'lovebirds' in an alley.
  • Shipper on Deck: Nami proves to be one for certain in the Drum Island Arc, forcing Zoro to acknowledge his Belated Love Epiphany, and is joined by, surprisingly, Nyoko Dragneel, Hikari's mother.
  • Shrinking Violet: The newest addition to the crew, Sora Marvell, is very much this, to almost Aries levels.
  • Shy Blue-Haired Girl: Sora Marvell is this, having dark blue hair and apologizing more than Aries does.
  • Sick Episode: The Drum Island Arc is this, though it is Hikari that is sick, not Nami.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: Gina prefers this aesthetic, going for shirts and jackets that have no sleeves.
  • Snow Means Love: Hikari and Zoro share their First Kiss in the Drum Island Arc.
  • Summon Magic: Being a 'key-holder', or a Fairy Tail Celestial Wizard, Hikari is capable of summoning Celestial Spirits through use of silver and gold keys.
    • As of chapter twenty-one, in Skypiea, Hikari holds eight Zodiac Keys (Aquarius, Virgo, Tauros, Leo, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Gemini) and six silver keys (the non-canon trio of Happy, Carla and Pantherlily, plus Horologium, Nikora and Pyxus).
  • Super Breeding Program: In the Arlong Arc, said fish-man suggests using Hikari to start such a venture, effectively mixing what he sees as two superior species (dragons and fish-men) into a new, even more powerful one.
  • Super Senses: Hikari, Gina and Sora have increased senses of smell, hearing and sight thanks to being dragons.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Hikari certainly feels this way in the crew.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Hikari and Zoro have separate moments of this in the Little Garden Arc, arguing with themselves that they're Just Friends and denying any desires for a closer or romantic relationship with each other.
  • Taking the Bullet: In the Romance Dawn Arc, when saving Zoro, Helmeppo attempts to shoot Hikari when her back is turned and causes Virgo to literally take the bullet instead.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Gina Redfox may be young, but is already taller than Hikari and catching onto her snark, while also being more inclined to a punk rocker aesthetic.
  • The Runaway: Hikari is revealed to be the Abused variety of this trope in the Heartfilia Arc.
  • They Do: In the Drum Island Arc, Zoro and Hikari do.
  • Tragic Keepsake: After the reveal in the Heartfilia Arc of her mother's death, Hikari keeps a silver Fairy Tail charm and has the symbol tattooed in green on the back of her right hand in memory of her.
  • Underestimating Badassery: This happens as in canon, but Eneru pulls a rather impressive example in the Skypiea Arc. While he did beat Hikari rather easily, he assumed this was enough to break her spirit and left her completely unsupervised on the Ark Maxim to supervise the survival game. This ended with her stealing a Zodiac Key, thoroughly sabotaging his ship, and stalling him long enough for Luffy to show up.
  • Undying Loyalty: Hikari most definitely has this towards the crew, though it is strongest towards Luffy and Zoro.
    • An example is in Part Three of the Alabasta Arc, where she refused to slow down despite being stabbed, sliced, beaten and even blown up because Vivi needed her to help stop the rebellion.
    • The best example, however? When Crocodile shows up at the castle in Alubarna, where Hikari is protecting Vivi, and tells them Luffy's dead? Hikari not only refuses to believe him, she becomes so enraged at the blatant lack of respect for her captain that she attacks Crocodile head-on. As a dragon, she ends up with an advantage that Luffy didn't have.
  • Vehicular Sabotage: Hikari pulls this off in Skypiea, sabotaging the Ark Maxim with Gemini's help so it barely got into the air before crashing into the cloud-sea.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: Hikari shows shades of this towards Zoro as early as the Buggy Arc, wanting to tear Cabaji apart for using cheap tricks.
    • An example is during the Little Garden Arc, when Miss Valentine tried to crush both of them with her Ten Thousand Kilo Press and Hikari instead grabbed her and threw her into Mister Five with a warning that if 'you wanna take another swing at him, you'll have to go through me'.
  • Walking Disaster Area: Hikari sees Luffy as this, and downright says so in the Baratie Arc, after his actions cause a cannonball to fly through the roof of said ship.
  • Wrecked Weapon: Hikari loses her whip when jumping to Zoro's defense against Mihawk in the Baratie Arc. Unlike Lucy, she does not gain a replacement and becomes a Cute Bruiser instead.
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: The quickest trigger for Hikari's Draconic Humanoid transformation is anger, and she becomes a One-Man Army against whoever decides to make her furious enough, either by mentioning her father (such as in the Kuro Arc) or by threatening her crew-mates, most specifically Zoro, Chopper, Gina Redfox, the Kung-Fu Dugongs, or Sora Marvell (such as in the Arlong Arc).
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Hikari becomes an example of this in Part One of the Alabasta Arc, being a Type A after changing into clothes provided by Aquarius, which include thigh-high leather boots and her usual short-shorts.

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