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Bachelor Party is a 1984 Sex Comedy, directed by Neal Israel (of Surf Ninjas fame) and starring Tom Hanks (pre-syndrome).

Party-animal Rick Gassko (Hanks) decides to settle down and marry his girlfriend Debbie Thompson (Tawny Kitaen), so his friends Jay O'Neill (Adrian Zmed), Dr. Stan Gassko (William Tepper), Rudy (Barry Diamond), Gary (Gary Grossman), Brad Mollen (Gradford Bancroft) and Ryko (Michael Dudikoff) decide to host him a Bachelor Party at a high-class hotel. All the usual hijinks with strippers and drugs and the men's wives/girlfriends being concerned and attempting to spy on them ensue, plus; Debbie's father (George Grizzard) does not think Rick is good enough for her, so he sends her ex-boyfriend Cole Whittier (Robert Prescott) to the party trying to murder him.

It was followed by Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation in 2008.

Tropes featured in Bachelor Party include:

  • All Part of the Show: Near the end of the movie, a theater is showing some typical cheesy 3-D sci-fi film. In come three of the main characters, two guys duking it out for the love of the girl. The fight, and the girl's reactions, are perfectly matched to what's happening on screen, leading one audience member to comment, "What a realistic effect!" His girlfriend replies, "I've seen better," and is immediately punched by one of the fighters, at which point she is convinced.
  • Awful Wedded Life: Rick gets this several times throughout the movie; his Henpecked Husband older brother tells him that before long, the novelty of marriage wears off and it becomes a chore, and his friend Brad, who just went through a heart-wrenching divorce, tells him that "as soon as you get married, everything changes."
  • Beehive Hairdo: The girl band called the Beehives.
  • Berserk Button: "STANNN!!! YOU LYING DOG! You said no HOOKERS (punch), no HOOKERS (punch), no HOOKERS!!!"
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: Max the Magical Sexual Mule and Miss Desiree.
  • Bungled Suicide:
    • Brad Mollen, despondent over his girlfriend dumping him, tries to slash his wrists...with an electric shaver.
    • He gets worse when the donkey overdoses and he blames himself.
  • Butt-Monkey: Gary. He hooks up with a transvestite hooker without knowing so, for one thing.
  • Car Cushion: Cole falls, like, 20 stories and winds up butt-first in the sunroof of a car. Neither he, the passengers nor the car suffer any kind of damage, but the passengers end up literally kissing the guy's ass.
  • Digital Head Swap An early non-CGI Rick is conflicted about sleeping with another woman before his wedding and sees several heads of his wife, his male friends, and a nun, superimposed upon the girl's naked torso, exhorting him to either do it or not, Floating Advice Reminder style.
  • Does Not Like Men: Debbie's cousin Ileen. Subverted when she willingly offers herself to a room full of elderly Asian men.
  • Drugs Are Bad: The Sexual Mule ends up doing drugs at the party and then keels over and dies. The party hosts deposit the mule's dead body into an elevator car, where it is discovered by the hotel's manager as well as Rick's fiancee and her friends.
  • Fanservice Extra: Monique Gabrielle. Holy Jebus. It takes a man who is extremely committed to his fiance to turn down sex with her.
  • Gag Penis: There's a scene where a male stripper is paid to prank the bachelorette's friends by serving a "foot-long hot dog" in a restaurant. He's known as Nick the Dick.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel: Played with during the scene with Tracy.
  • Henpecked Husband: Stan. It's implied that Brad is this way too.
  • Humiliation Conga: After tricking Cole into getting naked, Rick and his friends tie him up with bedsheets and hang him out of a hotel window. He then exposes his bare ass to the same horrified couple twice and is forced to streak through the hotel lobby until Debbie's dad gets him some new clothes from the gift shop.
  • Informed Kindness: Rick spends the tennis game with his prospective in-laws completely ignoring the rules and instead hitting the ball as far out of the court as he can, then blames them for not liking him.
  • Interrupted Suicide: Rick interrupts one of his friend's attempts of suicide by cutting his wrist with an electric razor.