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  • Cole's Humiliation Conga, which ends in him falling ass-first into the sunroof of a car, right between a couple about to kiss.
  • The "Nick the Dick" scene.
  • The Multiplex theater. So complex the directory is worthless.
    • Upped by the 3-D movie.
  • Rick making a scene in his brother's office after pissing him off by letting it slip to his wife that there will be hookers at the party.
    • "What did you say, Stanley? WHAT DID YOU SAY, Stanley?" (she starts beating the crap out of him) "You said no hookers! You said no hookers!"
  • "He says he's having a wonderful time and wants to change his name to Spike."
  • "Attention, passengers, we are now leaving Nun Central and are beginning our journey to Hell and beyond. The captain has turned off the "no smoking" sign, and you may now move about the cabin freely. (Kids riot. One starts reading Playboy, and another starts a gambling racket in the backseats) Thank you for being Catholic, and for choosing the Saint Gabriel's School Bus."
    • "Don't forget, ten percent of that goes to the house."

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