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My Fluttering Heart is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic by Titanium Dragon.

Flurry Heart is the happy seven and a half year old foal of Cadance and Shining. She lives contently with her parents, her younger brother, and their younger sister. After the birth of Flurry's second sister, Flurry can't help but wonder why is she the only alicorn foal? As it turns out, this has to do with a secret her parents have been keeping from her. A secret that has to do with her parentage.


My Fluttering Heart is a oneshot based around the concept that Chrysalis became pregnant by Shining during the period where she pretended to be Cadance.

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Three-Month-Old Newborn: Subverted. Flurry Heart's Nonstandard Character Design is because she isn't a newborn when she's introduced to the cast. She's several months old but Cadance and Shining pass her as a newborn. They figured that, since nobody has ever seen an alicorn foal, they can say that alicorns just look that at birth.
  • Adult Fear It's referenced that Cadance and Shining miscarried in the past. It makes Early Dawn worried that something will happen to his newest sibling.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: Flurry is Chrysalis' daughter with Shining, not Cadance's.
  • Blackmail: Two ponies saw Shining bring home Flurry. Cadance and Shining use a little blackmail to keep them quiet.
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  • Child by Rape: Flurry was conceived when Chrysalis was pretending to be Shining's fiancee.
  • Chocolate Baby: Subverted. Cadance being an alicorn explains why her daughter is also one, so no one thinks twice about her parentage. The only odd part is that Flurry is the only alicorn out of her and Shining's four kids.
  • Death by Adaptation: Shining accidentally killed a weakened Chrysalis in self-defense.
  • Furry Reminder: Chrysalis was pregnant for eleven months.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Flurry is half-pony and half-Changeling. She thankfully looks like a normal pony, which makes passing her as one easy.
  • Oblivious Adoption: Flurry is unaware that Cadance isn't her biological mother. The two have a coincidental resemblance so it's not so obvious that they're aren't biologically related.
  • Related in the Adaptation: Flurry Heart is the daughter of Shining and Chrysalis.
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  • Unrelated in the Adaptation: In this fanfic, Cadance and Flurry aren't blood related.

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