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Mike Rosen (also known by his pen names Agouti-Rex, Galago and The New Meat) is an artist, writer, and was a forum moderator and article contributor for the now defunct furry critic site, Crush Yiff Destroy. Analyzing and reviewing comics is his most known online hobby.

As Agouti-Rex, he has created comics that satirize other webcomics and furry culture. He writes and illustrates a number of regular webcomics, some of which include furry elements - most notably Murry Purry Fresh And Furry. His comics have appeared in Furrlough, Genus, Golddigger, and Monsterhaus. His first graphic novel, Malleus Maleficarum, is available from SLG Publishing.


He also co-hosts the internet comedy podcast, SHOW, with Aurelina.

His artwork is available on his DeviantART (Galago) and FurAffinity (Agouti-Rex) accounts.

Webcomics include:

Tropes associated with Mike Rosen and his works include:

  • Creator Couple: His wife is also a furry artist, known only as MoodyFerret.

Alternative Title(s): The New Meat


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