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Jun 5th 2021 at 8:54:39 AM •••

Based on a question posed to the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment Thread (my question was the last post on the previous page), I reverted much of this page to the way it was before a single user added a lot of negative commentary. From my understanding, we generally try to only bring up creator controversy/scandals to the extent that it affects their work, and much of that stuff didn't seem directly relevant - for example, the creator may indeed have had many negative interactions with some fans or fandoms, but based on our trope pages for his works, that doesn't necessarily seem to be present in his created content.

However, I'm also not familiar with (nor interested in) this person's work, so if the alleged plagiarism/racism/abuse toward furries is indeed present, then it might be appropriate to mention it (briefly, and as neutrally/objectively as possible).

So, for one possible example (my theoretical additions in bold): "As Agouti-Rex, he has created comics that satirize other webcomics and furry culture, though many furries feel that his treatment of the community crosses into harassment.

I also did not re-add links to the creator's various accounts, since I have no idea what sort of content they contain and I would prefer to be overly cautious rather than not cautious enough.

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