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Middle Grade Literature

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Sitting comfortably between Children's Literature and Young Adult Literature, is Middle Grade fiction and non-fiction.

Middle Grade is a publishing term for books aimed towards readers that are 9-13 years old. They are short in length, averaging about 65 to 250 pages and typically do not feature illustrations (if they do, they are small or appear sparingly). While dealing with "heavier" subjects than your typical children's book, they are distinct from Young Adult books as they do not feature gratuitous violence, very few instances of profanity, and No Hugging, No Kissing when it comes to romance, though crushes and first kisses are usually fine. Junior High is a common setting, though some books featuring older teens can be Middle Grade, depending on content.


That's not to say that there isn't a degree of What Do You Mean, It's for Kids? that are found in the books, It's not uncommon to see Middle Grade and Young Adult share the same space in a library or bookstore due to the blurry distinctions between the two genres. The Harry Potter books are a prime example as they are technically both Middle Grade and Young Adult, particularly as the series went on. There are distinctions, namely the above stated differences as well as being parent/teacher friendly and can be used for school assignments and required reading.

So basically, if Children's Literature is the kid, and Young Adult Literature is the teenager, Middle Grade is the "tween."

The television equivalent is the Kid Com, or the very few kid dramas/dramadies (think Caitlin's Way or Andi Mack). The rough manga/anime equivalent is Shoujo and Shōnen, depending on the series.


List of Middle Grade book and series

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