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Literature / The Dragon of Trelian

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A 2009 middle-grade fantasy novel by Michelle Knudsen set in the fictional kingdom of Trelian. Princess Meg(lynne) befriends Mage's apprentice Calen, eager to share her secret - that she has found and linked to a baby dragon. Meanwhile, an evil plot surrounds Meg's older sister Maerlie, who is about to wed a prince of Kragnir, the country Trelian has been warring with for the last hundred years. It seems someone does not want Maerlie to make it to her wedding night alive.


The first in a planned trilogy. Followed by The Princess of Trelian.

Provides examples of:

  • The Apprentice: Calen, apprenticed to Mage Serek.
  • Court Mage: Serek. Calen may be training to be one.
  • Facial Markings: All Mages are required to have tattoos on their faces, which tends to be a series of swirls and lines. The more tattoos a Mage has, the more powerful he or she tends to be.
  • Family Theme Naming: The princesses of Trelian are named Morgan, Maerlie, Meglynne, Maurel, and Mattie. The queen's name is Merilyn.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Dragons are rare in Trelian (and everywhere else). Meg's is a green, scaly Western-style dragon, complete with the ability to fly and breathe fire. One major difference is that dragons can link to people - sharing thoughts and emotions and being able to communicate with one another.


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