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Similar aspects- siblings, I would suppose, but opposites, one dark, the other light.
Nafia, Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, Fablehaven

The Stark sisters are their latest find, two girls so dissimilar that you wouldn’t think they go together. Arya, so fierce she seems more animal than girl, hair scraped back like a boy’s, is all swagger in her tight dungarees and oversize leather jacket. Little, but she’s so quick with a knife that even Asha has a hard time catching her. And Sansa, schoolgirl sweet in her tight dresses and soft sweaters, except she don’t smile.

Iroas and Mogis are as different in appearance as they are in personality.

"You may already know this, but although Impa looks a looooot older than me, she's actually my little sister. She's incredibly responsible, but at what cost? She's wound waaaay too tight, if ya ask me. Love her though! Heh. People have always noted how we're nothing alike, even though we're sisters. I'm the type that charges ahead once I'm inspired! Impa prefers to wait and see. But mostly wait and wait and wait. In any, case this research facility was founded by order of some Hyrule Castle bigwigs. Despite her frail appearance, Impa was a valued and distinguished advisor to the royals at Hyrule Castle. You... see where I'm going with this, I assume? Basically, she's the one who puts a stop to some of my crazier antics. And that's the story of me and my little sis, Impa."


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