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Wrestling / Pentagón Jr.

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He may have zero fear, but you should have plenty.

Este es un mensaje para todos mis fans y para todos mis enemigos: Prepárense bien! Porque Yo. Soy. Pentagón Junior! EL CERO! MIEDO!note 

Pentagón Jr. (real name unknown, born February 26th 1986) is a Masked Luchador from Mexico City, Mexiconote .

Following the Masked Luchador tradition of anonymity for Luchadores with masks, effectively nothing is known about his actual background except the little that he has chosen to divulge. As far as we know, starting out as a Jobber and mid-carder under varying aliases in AAA, first as "Zaius" and then as "Black Dragon". After languishing in the lower cards for a few years, he was eventually repackaged as "Pentagón Jr." in 2012. The Pentagón Gimmick was originally conceived as a Evil Twin to Luchador Octagón, and AAA brought it back because they had a very good Luchador whom they repackaged as Octagón Jr. Therefore, only logically, they created Pentagón Jr. to oppose him in a repeat of the original Octagón-Pentagón rivalry.

The Pentagón gimmick has a rocky history of bad luck: the first Pentagón had his career cut short after dying in the ring for a few minutes before being reanimated, and all subsequent Pentagón's (there have been 9 Pentagón and variant female/Mini Pentagóns, counting with Pentagón Jr.) were faced with misfortune in their careers. The legend thus became the gimmick was cursed, and in reaction to this Pentagón Jr. adopted his now iconic catchphrase "CERO MIEDO!" ("ZERO FEAR!") to demonstrate how little he thought of the alleged curse. The catchphrase became his creed and a fundamental aspect of his character and person, demonstrating his quest to live truly without fear of anyone or anything.

Almost as if following the trend of the curse, Octagón Jr. left AAA shortly thereafter in 2013, leaving Pentagón Jr. aimless and misused in AAA, causing him to leave the company in early 2017, claiming to be severely misused and thinking he deserved a bigger chance. However, Pentagón had proven his worth during this time as he achieved his big break in 2014 by way of nascent wrestling company Lucha Underground, a United Artists Media and AAA joint venture. Despite starting (yet again) as a mid-to-low carder, his sadistic and yet highly charismatic character, appearance and massive talent catapulted to the position of the flagship star of the entire promotion after season 1. While Lucha Underground eventually came to an end after four seasons in 2018, his tenure there lifted Pentagón Jr. to the status of one of the top Luchadores of The New '10s, effectively shattering the curse.

That firecracker of a run continued with him throughout the final years of the decade throughout championship runs in multiple companies including Impact Wrestling and CMLL as well as returning to AAA. Pentagón has arguably been considered the top Luchador heading into The New Twenties alongside Andrade "Cien" Almas and his own brother Rey Fénix. His ring name would also evolve, receiving such variations as Pentagón Dark and Penta El Cero Miedo (often written as 0M or Zero Miedo). Penta has also formed a tag team known as the Lucha Brothers with the aforementioned Fénix, also considered by many one of the best tag teams in the world.

He (alongside his brother) is currently signed to both AAA (since 2018) and All Elite Wrestling (since 2019), as well as making occasional appearances in smaller companies over North America and the world. And he still has zero fear.


  • Anti-Hero / Anti-Villain: His alignment is always fuzzy no matter if he's playing a Face or a Heel: he's either a extremely brutal Face or a surprisingly charismatic Heel who's just hard to hate.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Pentagón's greatest opponent is himself. He's lost so many matches solely as a result of how easily he distracts himself by playing to the crowd or holding off on picking up the win, perhaps most notably when he put off pinning Rey Mysterio Jr. to leave the ring and get in Vampiro's face, giving Rey a chance to recover and turn the tables on him.
  • Ascended Extra: Pentagón was little more than a mid/low-card Heel when he started in AAA. It was when he stole the thunder with his character and skill at Lucha Underground that he became a overnight sensation. It's downright funny to compare his run before Lucha Underground and after Lucha Underground (in which he's essentially the name in the company) in AAA.
  • The Artifact: As a rule of thumb, "Pentagón" as a identity is inherently tied to a "Octagón" gimmick of some kind, being that gimmick's Evil Twin. Pentagón hasn't had a Octagón to oppose for nearly a decade, however, and grew his character far beyond a mere Evil Twin.
  • Blood Knight: Pentagón Jr. just plain loves hurting people (and being hurt). He's here for the bloodshed and little else.
  • Brass Balls: His Cero Miedo catchphrase is a personal testament to this, for better or worse, especially ever since it's been written into his ring name. "Penta el Cero Miedo" literally means "The Fearless Penta" after all.
  • Break the Haughty: After finally finding his master at Ultima Lucha, Pentagon was on top of the world going into season 2, something reinforced when he first broke Mil Muertes' arm in an ambush, and despite being defeated by Mil in a triple threat match with Puma, followed up by taking Mil out again just as he was making his entrance into Aztec Warfare II (as payback for Catrina excluding him from the event). After Matanza destroyed everyone to claim the championship, Pentagon approached Dario in the ring and arrogantly demanded a title shot immediately, stating that his exclusion from Aztec Warfare II was the only reason Matanza was champion. When Dario refused, Pentagon attacked him and threatened to break his arm unless he got his match and Dario desperately agreed, avenging the humiliation by giving Pentagon exactly what he wanted. Pentagon got a nasty reality check when Matanza destroyed him, brutally beating him around and ending by breaking his back on the announcers' table.
  • Breakout Character: While Lucha Underground has made this out of several luchadors who were considered lower-card wrestlers in Mexico, Pentagon is their biggest example of the trope. He was introduced as (again) a lower-card wrestler, then made a lackey of Chavo Guerrero. Once he started sacrificing wrestlers to his Maestro Vampiro and breaking arms, his popularity took off, eventually making him not only one of the most popular and beloved luchadors in the Temple, but the poster boy of Season 3 and someone who is very much in demand on the US independent scene. In fact, at one point Pentagon became a DOUBLE champion, as he won the Impact Wrestling World Championship at their Redemption event on April 22, 2018, making him arguably the most decorated luchador in current wrestling history.
  • Call-Back: Being attacked with a barbed wire bat by Marty and Reklusa pouring gasoline all over him were callbacks to the buildup of the first Cero Miedo match, where he had done the same to Vampiro.
  • Catchphrase: "CERO MIEDO!" ("ZERO FEAR!"), made while flashing his signature three-up-three-down hand sign. Started out as a reference to the "Pentagon" gimmick, which is allegedly cursed (most former Pentagon having had floundering careers), and he wanted to display he's absolutely not scared. It soon evolved beyond that, however.
  • Creepy Good: Even when Penta's a hero, he's still one unsettling, brutal fellow.
  • Dem Bones: His facepaint and his outfit tend to be full of skeletal motifs.
  • Dark Is Evil: Wears only black and silver (though has recently begun sporting red as well) and is a thoroughly unpleasant individual. Dropped the silver upon becoming Pentagon Dark.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: It may have taken him three attempts, but Pentagon is the only wrestler ever to pin the Monster Matanza in a singles match.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: He managed to break Mil Muertes' arm in Episode 1 of Season 2. EASILY. If this is not a sign of him taking several magnitudes of levels in badass, what is??
  • The Dreaded: When there's a masked skeletal madman snapping people's arms left and right, people tend to get wary of him.
  • Evil Mentor: Served under one and dedicated each sacrifice and arm he broke to them. Revealed to be Vampiro at Ultima Lucha, who he proceeded to renounce a season later at Ultima Lucha Dos, blaming him for his championship loss against Matanza.
  • Finishing Move: Fear Factor (package piledriver), Pentagon Driver' (pumphandle half-nelson driver), and the Sacrifice (grounded hammerlock and inverted armbreaker)
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Was introduced relatively early in Season 1 of Lucha Underground as a low-carder and lackey to Chavo Guerrero Jr. before he started breaking arms and dedicating victories to his then-unseen Master. Before long, he became one of the premiere rudos on the roster.
  • Heel: Oh yes. Definitely the most purely evil and sadistic guy on the entire Lucha Uunderground roster. Guys like Cage, Texano and King Cuerno seem well adjusted and likeable compared to this guy. Despite that, he was one of the most popular luchadors in the Temple.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His habit of breaking people's arms came back to bite him several times. Attempting to use the arm-breaker on Catrina got him banned from Aztec Warfare II. Attempting to use the arm-breaker on Dario Cueto got him mauled and broken by Matanza. His interference in Dragon Azteca Jr. and Black Lotus' match at Ultima Lucha Dos was the direct cause of the Black Lotus Triad coming in, and eventually led to both DA Jr. and Lotus using the arm-breaker to break both his arms. Commentary has pointed out that he continues to use the arm-breaker despite it having backfired on him so many times in this way.
  • I Have Many Names: Pentagón Jr., Pentagón Dark, Penta El 0M, a handful of variations on those, e.t.c.
  • Knuckle Tattoos: Although he doesn't get to show too often due his habit of wearing gloves, "Cero Miedo" is tattooed across his knuckles.
  • Legacy Character: He's technically speaking the 2nd iteration (and 9th person) of the Pentagón identity, but has since far eclipsed all the previous holders of the name in popularity.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: If Pentagón Jr. removes one of his gloves dramatically, it's a sign he's about to get serious.
  • McNinja: Pretty much the basis for his gimmick, since he left Mexico (which he felt disrespected him) and learned Asian martial arts. He even had a mysterious ninja master, though he turned out not to be a ninja after all.
  • Meaningful Rename: Symbolically destroyed the man he once was, leading to his rebirth as Pentagón Dark in Lucha Underground. Though he has since gone back to his previous name, he soon rebranded again elsewhere as Penta El Cero Miedo.
  • Nominal Hero: Pentagón, this brutal unhinged maniac, is only the hero if he's opposing someone worse.
  • Obviously Evil: Oh yeah; the black-clad, masked (yet also face-painted) luchador who for a while broke people's arms as a calling card is not a nice fellow, alright.
  • Overly-Long Tongue: Pentagón has a long tongue and he'll definitely show it while taunting an opponent.
  • Playing with Fire: Not only did he threaten to incinerate Vampiro (and he later threw him through a flaming table) Pentagon Jr. apparently can shoot fireballs. Though maybe he can only do that on Mexican kids' shows.
  • Red Baron: "Cero Miedo" is occasionally added to his name (so Pentagón "Cero Miedo").
  • Secret Identity: Penta follows the Lucha tradition and keeps his personal life and background a complete cipher.
  • Signature Move: The nastiest chest chop in the world. Ric Flair would sit up and notice. It's become such a huge signature of his that he telegraphs it by taking off his right glove, and when he's going to hit it, the entire crowd goes silent to let the resounding WHACK be heard all across the Temple. He also has a alarming tendency to snap people's arms and catch them in slingblades (basically a spinning armbar to the neck mid-air).
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: If Penta is in the ring get ready for some very foul-mouthed Spanish (like alluding to his opponent's "PUTA MADRE!").
  • Sore Loser: When his team was defeated in the preliminaries of The Lucha Underground Trios Tournament, he attempted to break the arm of Super Fly in a fit of rage because they didn't win. When he was defeated by Matanza at Ultima Lucha Dos, he blamed Vampiro for the loss (which Vampiro was indeed partly responsible for) and attacked him.
  • Squash Match: If you're facing Pentagon Dark and you're not solidly at mid-card level at least, prepare to have your arm snapped like a Slim Jim. Even if you're at mid-card and above, you are not safe, as Pentagon demonstrated by interfering in Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca Jr.'s match at Ultima Lucha Dos and snapping their arms. Even Mil Muertes (the champion at the time of Pentagon's attack on him) wasn't immune.
  • Third Time's The Charm: On his third match against the Monster Matanza, Pentagon finally beat him.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Pentagon Jr. had no qualms whatsoever about attacking Melissa Santos and attempting to break her arm in Lucha Underground. Thankfully Sexy Star was there to put a stop to it, but as a result, Pentagon targeted her. Even over a season later, he still had no qualms about it, as he attacked Black Lotus and broke her arm, while in Season 3 he also broke the Beautiful Brenda's arm.
  • Wrestling Monster: Pentagon's not as big as the usual guys who fall under this trope (like Mil Muertes or Matanza, for example), but he qualifies just on the sheer dread he instills on his opponents. Mil Muertes and Matanza might be more physical monsters, but Pentagon is all about the bad attitude. To reiterate: in Episode 1 of Season 2, Pentagon BROKE MIL MUERTES' ARM, making him seem to squarely be on Mil's level. BAD. ASS. He eventually even ascended to Matanza's level upon becoming Pentagon Dark and taking him to the limit in their rematch, to the point where he only lost due to outside interference. On their third match early in Season 4, he finally beat him.