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Logan Alexander Paul (born April 1, 1995) is an American actor and internet celebrity. Paul first gained fame through videos shared on former internet video service Vine. Paul's television and film work includes guest appearances on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Weird Loners, and roles in films The Thinning and The Space Between Us. His younger brother Jake Paul is also an actor and Internet personality.


He received mainstream infamy after December 31, 2017, when he uploaded a video of him visiting Japan's infamous Aokigahara forest, a place known for its high suicide rate. The video showed the corpse of a then-recently deceased man who had hung himself. Paul took down the video and later posted an apology video. Although YouTube was slow to respond, they removed his channels from their Google Preferred ad service, halted production on a sequel to The Thinning, and removed him from the YouTube Red (now YouTube Premium) series Foursome beginning with season 4. Paul himself took a hiatus from his daily vlogs until February 4.

On August 25, 2018, he fought against British YouTuber KSI in a very hyped-up amateur boxing match at Manchester Arena in Britain. The lead-up to this match began on February 3 when KSI, after beating YouTuber Joe Weller in a match at London's Copper Box Arena, called out the Paul brothers to fight him. Later that month, the Paul brothers agreed to fight the Olatunji brothers (KSI and his younger brother Deji) in a two-part boxing match; one part held in the UK, the other in the U.S., with the elder brothers fighting on main card and the younger brothers fighting on the co-main card. The first part of Logan and KSI's fight ended in a majority draw, with two judges calling it a tie and one judge calling KSI the winner. The second part was planned for either February or May 2019, but it never happened. KSI has requested for it to be delayed to November 2019.


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Logan Paul incorporates the following tropes:

  • all lowercase letters: Used for the video "ksi vs. logan paul..."
  • Christmas Songs: He's made a diss track towards Santa Claus.
  • Excited Show Title!: A frequent trope in his videos. "LIVE ALLIGATOR PRANK ON NEW ROOMMATE!" and "CHLOGAN'S FIRST DAUGHTER!" are just a couple random examples.
  • Lack of Empathy: On February 2019, Logan uploaded a video of himself getting a brain scan, and it was revealed he lacks vital activity in the pre-frontal cortex, meaning that he has trouble with empathy, impulsivity, and human connection.
  • Not So Different: When Logan accepts PewDiePie's call for help in his subscriber battle against T-Series.
    Logan Paul: I'll play your game, Mr. Pie. After all, you are my colleague, my peer, my compadre. We make money, the same way. We even make mistakes, the same way. We're not so different after all, Mr. Pie.
  • Referenced by...: He's referenced by PewDiePie in some videos. Logan Paul has a video that mentions when PewDiePie referenced him.
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  • Santa Claus: He's on the receiving end of a diss track in one song.


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