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You have the right to remain stylish.

Breezango is a professional wrestling tag team consisting of Tyler Breeze and Fandango, who worked for WWE on its NXT brand. Initially both Breeze and Fandango were tagging with R-Truth and Goldust, respectively, with both teams engaging against each other in several matches, but during one of them Goldust and R-Truth refused to attack each other, leading to their partners turning on them and teaming up with each other. At Money in the Bank 2016 a match between Breezango and the Golden Truth was scheduled, but Goldust messed with their opponent's tanning machines, causing severe burns that led to Breezango losing the match.

During the second brand extension, both Breeze and Fandango were drafted to SmackDown to form its tag team division, but they were almost on the bottom of the totem pole, being utterly demolished by face tag teams, until they started to undergo a slight gimmick change into "fashion police officers", and slowly, but surely, they attracted the audience's attention by starring in comedic skits based around their new gimmick, eventually turning face.

After Fandango was sidelined by an injury in 2018, the team was shelved and Breeze was taken off TV, until being returned to WWE NXT in 2019. In July, Fandango rescued Breeze from a beatdown by The Forgotten Sons, reuniting Breezango in NXT. On the August 26th 2020 episode of NXT they defeated Imperium to become NXT Tag Team Champions.

Both members of Breezango were released from WWE in June 2021.

These tropes make sure your Day One Is H:

  • Arch-Enemy: The Bludgeon Brothers, who are revealed to be their attackers, and The Forgotten Sons in NXT.
  • Camera Fiend: Breeze always comes out, holding his phone on a selfie stick with the frontal camera filming him and Fandango. He also likes to snap a selfie or two.
  • Camp Straight: Both Breeze and 'Dango exhibit certain effeminate characteristics, but they both are into women... at least 'Dango is.
  • Catchphrase: Tyler's "Book 'em, 'Dango!"
  • Cloudcuckoolander: None of them are sharpest tools in the shed, having quirky personalities and behaving as if they're starring in a movie.
  • Fair Cop: Both of them appeal to the female audience.
  • Film Noir: Some of their skits are filmed in this style, complete with black-and-white color palette, jazz and Private Eye Monologue.
  • The Fashionista: Well, they don't call themselves "Fashion Police" for nothing.
  • Genre Roulette: Their skits have a plethora of genres, including Film Noir, 80's cop shows, The X-Files and Twin Peaks parodies.
  • Hardboiled Detective: Some of their skits have a film noir feel to them, with both Breeze and 'Dango imitating 40's detectives.
  • Jobber: They were jobbing to other stronger teams until turning face.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Fandango
  • Private Eye Monologue: Both Breeze and Fandango gained the ability to communicate telepathically to each other through their use of this trope.
  • Shout-Out: There are numerous shout-outs to past and current superstars sprinkled throughout the skits:
    • There is a framed picture of Big Bossman in their office.
    • A picture of Freddie Blassie with the words "Take notes" written underneath and a sticker that reads "Classy!".
    • A picture of Davey Boy Smith and Matilda with words "Fashion faux-paw!" written on it.
    • A picture of American Alpha with "Fashion Beta" written on it.
    • A picture of The Usos with a sticker that has "Anoa'ing" written on it.
    • The stickers that read "Here's lookin' at you, kid... man" next to the picture of Billy Kidman.
    • Pictures of Michael "P.S." Hayes and Tony Chimel often appear, each time with a different description.
    • A picture of Sami Zayn with "Generic" written underneath.
    • A picture of Ted DiBiase with the sticker "Bank fraud".
    • A picture of Dusty Rhodes in his polka dot outfit with "Fashion Icon" written underneath.
    • An old cell phone with "Property of Paul E." written on it.
    • A picture of Rick Martel with the words "Model Citizen" written underneath.
    • A picture of a flying saucer with the words "I want to Bo-lieve".
    • A picture of R-Truth with the caption "R-Truth is out there".
    • A picture of the Godfather with the caption "G-hooooooo-st Train".
    • A picture of Gangrel with the caption "Puffy Shirts Are Back".
    • A picture of a bigfoot with the caption "George "The Animal" Steele".
    • A picture of Pat Patterson with the caption "Rio Tournament?", alluding to the fictional tournament in Rio de Janeiro, where Patterson supposedly united the North and South American championships into the Intercontinental Championship.
    • A picture of Hornswoggle with the caption "Anonymous GM" and a "Debunked" stamp on it.
    • When the guys think they're about to be kidnapped by aliens, Breeze lists Max Moon alongside E.T., ALF and Chewbacca.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Ascension. They constantly manage to turn up throughout their investigations and typically end up getting interrogated by one or both members of the team.