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Wrestling / The Headbangers

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L-R: Mosh, Thrasher

Mosh (Chaz Warrington) and Thrasher (Glenn Ruth) were an American Professional Wrestling Tag Team from New Jersey as The Headbangers. They trained together under "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe and started together as The Spiders. While working for SMW, promoter Jim Cornette gave them the Headbangers gimmick, inspired by having seen Marilyn Manson. They wrestled for years in the independents before arriving in WWE in late 1996. They would have a brief run with the WWE World Tag Team Titles in 1997 before being Demoted to Extra.

Along with their WWE Tag Title run, they were also the inaugural HWA (Heartland Wrestling Association in Ohio) Tag Team Champions, the inaugural MCW (Maryland) Tag Team Champions, 1x WWA (New Jersey) Tag Team Champions (as The Spiders), 3x MEWF Tag Team Champions, 1x NWA World Tag Team Champions and Thrasher won and lost the WWE Hardcore Title during the Hardcore Battle Royal at WrestleMania XVI.


  • Aborted Arc: After The Flying Nuns beat The Godwinns with Brother Love's help, he announced in a post match promo that from then on they would be known as the Sisters of Love. It was never mentioned again.
  • Arch-Enemy: (in SMW): The Rock 'n' Roll Express; (in WWE): The Godwinns, The Oddities
  • Ascended Extras: They were both WWE TV jobbers under their own names.
  • Bald of Evil: When they were working heel.
  • Demoted to Extra: After the Headbangers reunited following the Chaz Warrington woman-beater angle, the Headbangers never got an angle and were used as jobbers-to-the-stars until Thrasher got injured again.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: They appeared on Raw in 1995 under their The Spiders gimmick to get squashed by the Smoking Gunns.
  • Facial Markings: They painted beneath their eyes with the black paint that pro athletes use to help keep the sun out of their eyes. Then they started adding trails and patterns to the paint. It can be seen in the page image.
  • Finishing Move: The Stage Dive (combination powerbomb from Mosh and a top rope legdrop from Thrasher)
  • Freaky Is Cool: Pretty much underdogs during their WWE run, and they made no apologies for being different from everybody else.
  • Heel–Face Turn: The Headbangers were booked against The Oddities, with both teams being Face at the time. Instead of fighting, the teams just hung out in the ring rocking out to the Oddities' theme song. The Headbangers were shooting silly string around. Then they suddenly switched the silly string cans for mace cans, shot the Oddities in the faces with it, and beat the hell out of them.
  • Metalheads: It's right there in their name.
  • Nun Too Holy: For one match, Mosh and Thrasher were The Flying Nuns, Mother Smucker and Sister Angelica. They worked as heels and beat The Godwinns on Saturday Night Shotgun, then the gimmick was abruptly dropped.
  • Power Stable: