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Dee and Amy are two siblings living in Canada. When Dee finds their rent spiraling out of control, Amy convinces them to look for a roommate. They soon settle on the stylish, British Rachel, who moves in and quickly becomes fast friends with the two. Overall, things are looking pretty good.

...until Dee realises that Rachel claimed that Dee was her domestic partner so as to gain a sponsor so she can stay in the country without being deported. Dee is shocked and concerned about the consequences of lying to the federal government; Amy tells them to have a heart. Reluctantly, Dee agrees to go along with it: from now on, Dee and Rachel will agree to pretend to be lovers.

The show is a Queer Media original web series made by Kaitlyn Alexander in joint efforts with Parcel Face Productions and Benji. The series can be watched on youtube here, and their official Tumblr is here.


Couple Ish Contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Nickname: Amy is fond of giving these; 'London' and 'Fish and Chips' for Rachael, 'Cute Butt Guy' for Ed, and 'Jameson' for Jaime.
  • Becoming the Mask: At the end of the first season, Dee realises they've actually fallen for Rachel after a year of pretending to be.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: Dee and Rachel in the series one finale. For real this time.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Dee is non-binary and bisexual, Amy is pansexual, and Rachel is gay.
  • Fun with Subtitles: The official subtitles not only transcribe the speech shown, but also often give snarky descriptions of what the characters are going through:
    [Dee could literally not be less impressed]
    [Indecipherable Canadianisms]
    [Faster music now, with a montage of STUFF HAPPENING.]
  • Hurricane of Puns: The beginning of episode 15.
    Ed: "Consider me Dee-termined to prove my Dee-votion. [...] I'm Dee-vastated.
    Dee: Keep that up, and you're gonna get decapitat-Ed.
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  • Love Triangle: Between Dee, Rachael and Ed, and Dee, Rachael and Amy.
  • The Immodest Orgasm: Amy insists that an important question for roommates is 'do you have loud sex?' Rachel responds that she puts loud music on.
    • Plenty of Dee's sexual partners, particularly "The Screamer," are this.
  • Nice Hat: Rachel's signature.

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