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Trivia / The Dudley Boys

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  • Breakup Breakout:
    • Bubba Ray and D-Von, and to a lesser degree Spike, to the rest of the Dudley Family from ECW.
    • When the team broke up in WWE for roughly half a year in 2002 following the Brand Separation, Bubba got a sustained singles push on flagship show RAW while D-Von took on a Reverend gimmick on Smackdown. Bubba was on TV for the entire period, whereas D-Von disappeared for a few months towards the end of the summer, before repackaged back to D-Von Dudley and reuniting with Bubba.
      • While working as Reverend D-Von, D-Von had a muscular associate named Deacon Bautista, who went on to more success than D-Von. Or Bubba Ray, for that matter.
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    • They again broke up in TNA during 2010, with Bubba/Brother Ray turning on D-Von/Devon, christening himself Bully Ray while referring to himself as the Shawn Michaels to Devon's Marty Jannetty. Bully Ray then dropped about 50 pounds, going from a hefty 325 to 275, and brought back some of his more obnoxiously heel traits from ECW along with some Brooklyn Rage; he is now one of the company's top heels while Devon languished in the lower midcard before being released…only to be revealed as one of the Aces & Eights at Bound For Glory 2012, becoming the de-facto face of the faction and simultaneously being catapulted into the main event scene opposite Bully Ray.
    • For the next few months Bully Ray would portray the Noble Demon role, helping against Aces & Eights and trying hard to gain Hulk Hogan's trust as a good guy while entering a romance and marriage with Hulk's daughter, to the point where Hulk would shaft eight guys to give him a World Heavyweight title shot…only to win said championship by revealing that he was the President of the Aces & Eights the entire time and that part of the reason for doing so was for the way Devon was an afterthought to Hulk Hogan pre-Aces & Eights.
    Nobody turns their back on my brother.
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  • Deleted Scene: ANYTHING Devon Hughes did before becoming D-Von Dudley. While most sources have him making his in-ring debut in 1992, it's presently impossible to find any match results for him before 1996.
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • In their early days in ECW, they used AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," which Spike continued to use until ECW closed. The team also used C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan.
    • After Buh Buh Ray's heel turn, the Dudleys stopped using music altogether, and the only sounds heard during their entrances would be the boos of the crowd.
    • "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 following their 2003 reunion to the end of their WWE run.
  • Reality Subtext: Due to his size, Spike was usually treated as the little runt either backing up Bubba Ray and Devon as faces or getting knocked around by them when they were heels. However, when he turned heel to join them in 2004, he was treated as the leader and called "The Boss". Matt Hyson is actually older than both LoMonaco and Hughes.
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  • Romance on the Set: Bully Ray is currently dating TNA Knockout Velvet Sky.
  • Twitter: In the summer of 2012, Bully Ray announced on Impact that he was starting a Twitter account and sent his first tweet during that promo. Since then, he's pimped his Twitter account every week, right down to tweeting while coming down the entrance ramp and even during a match. He proudly refers to himself as a "twitta machine!"

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