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This is the story of two action figures and the girls who haven't realized that they're far too old to love them.

Abe & Kroenen is a Fan Webcomic and Toy Comic based (rather loosely) on the Hellboy movie. As the title suggests, it is about the romantic relationship between evil undead clockwork Nazi assassin Karl Ruprecht Kroenen and the psychic government agent fishman Abe Sapien.

The entire thing is rather silly, for obvious reasons, but seems to attract a surprising amount of fans. Guillermo del Toro himself has even claimed to be a fan...


Provides examples of:

  • Elephant in the Living Room: Kroenen's Nazism rarely really addressed, and Abe tries to ignore his history as an assassin and mass murder.
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  • Enemy Mine: Besides the literal example, Team Rasputin and the BPRD team up against the Ringwraiths.
  • Has Two Mommies: At one point Abe proposes that they adopt a child. Kroenen lists off the many, many reasons that this would be a horrible idea given their species and allegiances.
    "He vill not know whezer he is a Nazi or a fisch? And you cannot choose to be a fisch!"
  • Replacement Goldfish: Very literally, as Kroenen's initial interest in Abe was caused by Abe reminding him of his childhood pet goldfish.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Kroenen, after Rasputin dies, constantly shadows Abe under the excuse of protecting him. Which was itself an excuse to get into the BPRD and monitor their actions to look for a way to bring back Rasputin.