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Examples are sorted by release date. Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has its own page.


Can You Imagine That?

Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie

  • This particularly lengthy exchange is full of them:
    "but then who's the imposter?" asked Spiff.
    "I'll give you ten guesses." said the fake Chill.
    "Dumbo?" asked Calvin.
    "No." said the fake Chill.
    "Martha Stuart?" asked Hobbes.
    "No." said the fake Chill.
    "David Letterman?" asked Galixoid.
    "I'll give you a hint." said the fake Chill. "alien"
    "GARFIELD!" shouted Calvin.
    "JIM CARREY!" screamed Hobbes.
    "MARK TWAIN!" insisted Spiff.
    "LEMONY SNICKET!" screamed Stupendous man.
    "SHERLOCK HOLMES!" cried Tracer.
    "THE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA!" yelled Galixoid.
    "THE GUY WHO INVENTED MARBLES!" Nebular yelled.
    "HANK THE COWDOG!" Calvin yelled.
  • Also, the final chapter is titled "Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog" - a slightly off version of a rhyme most well-known for its use in Blade Runner.

Calvin and Hobbes II: Lost at Sea

Calvin and Hobbes Get XTREME!

Attack of the Teacher Creature

Calvin and Hobbes III: Double Trouble

  • Calvin describes Rupert as a demented SpongeBob.
  • Then there's this:
    Calvin: Ok. You've reminded me of that scene in that stupid Peter Pan movie, and all at once, I've lost interest. Thanks a lot.
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  • Calvin later claims to be SpongeBob.
  • Near the end, this happens:
    "I saw this on that Jimmy Neutron movie!"

Trouble Island

Prelude to a Season

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