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" author sat back in their chair and sighed with relief, contentment and no little amount of sadness as they surveyed the end of their handiwork."
The Games of the Gods, Book One, Chapter 79, "Finale"

A Fanfic that the author completed. Completed Fics are few and far between amongst Dead Fics.

Many fan stories are serial. The fan author posts the first chapter, then the next chapter, before the whole story is complete. The readers must wait for updates. When the author posts the final part of the story, the fic is complete, and readers can enjoy the story from beginning to end.

Note that when a fanfic only consists of a single installment, it does not count as a Completed Fic here, but instead as a One-Shot Fic. (Single installments do get a "complete" label in some fan-fiction archives and our own Fan Fic Recommendations.)

Contrast with Dead Fic, Orphaned Series, Cut Short, Left Hanging.

See also Completed Webcomics.

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