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Completed Fic in Video Games.

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The following have their own pages:

     13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 


    Animal Crossing 

    Assassin's Creed 

    Avalon Code 

    Azur Lane 

    Bio Shock 

    Bungo to Alchemist 


    Chrono Trigger 

    Die Anstalt 

    Dragon Age 
  • Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium: In an alternate universe where all three Hawke siblings survived the escape from Lothering, Bethany becomes the Inquisitor. Varric makes it his mission to keep her as safe and sane as possible, which is so much harder than he ever expected.
  • Shadow and Rose: A retelling of Origins in the form of Alistair's personal journal.
  • Sun-touched: After Inquisition, Viscount Varric Tethras is invited to Orzammar for the elevation of Bianca Davri, who is becoming the first surfacer Paragon. Most of his friends are unable to come with him, but Bethany does - and is promptly mistaken for his concubine. The two of them get tangled up in a complex plot of betrayal, attempted murder, and dwarven politics.
  • Victory at Ostagar: A "What if?" story in which the Warden successfully lights the beacon at Ostagar and ends the Blight much earlier than expected, launching Ferelden into an even more complicated political state than in the game.



    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 

    Final Fantasy VII 
  • Beloved: Post-Dirge of Cerberus. It all starts when Cloud tries to leave during the middle of a Loveless performance.
  • The Fifth Act: After an accident with a mastered Time materia, Cloud ends up in the past during the Wutai War. Cloud decides his best bet for changing the past is to kill Sephiroth and causes a ripple effect as most of his plans fail.

    Fire Emblem 

    Five Nights At Freddys 




    Henry Stickmin Series 

    Horizon: Zero Dawn 
  • Choosing Life: Instead of going to Sobeck Ranch at the last second, Elisabet Sobeck decides to put herself into cryo-stasis in hopes of seeing what will happen in the future. A thousand years later, Aloy finds her and the events of Forbidden West changes.

    Kerbal Space Program 
  • The Next Frontier: Crossover in which Jeb, Bob, Bill and two Original Character Kerbals take the Kerbal Space Agency's first FTL starship on its first interstellar mission, and discover their neighbours are... a colourful bunch, to put it mildly.

    Kingdom Hearts 

    Left 4 Dead 

    Life is Strange 
  • Bloom: Max Caulfield returns to Arcadia Bay having come out as a trans girl while in Seattle and attempts to get through her last year of high school.
  • no grave can hold my body down: Chloe lives in Arcadia Bay in which Max never existed, and her best friend, and soon the rest of the town, starts worshiping a mysterious goddess.

    Live A Live 

    Mass Effect 


    Mitadake High 

    No More Heroes 

    Persona 3 
  • Ace Defectives
  • All Alone with You
  • Death And Ker: January, the start of a new year. The start of turbulence in the Great Seal. Of renewed Shadow activity. Of the reconvening of SEES. And the time Death again walks the streets of Port Island.
  • Persona 3 Momento Umbrae: Right after graduation, Yukari received Minato's letter and his journal of his journey. Do they really know their leader that well? As the story unfolds, the SEES also discover the secret of Minato's long-lost twin sister.

    Persona 4 

    Persona 5 

  • BlueSky: Wheatley is grudgingly given a second chance by Chell to make up for his previous actions but he has to earn this forgiveness.

    Professor Layton 


    Resident Evil 

    Skies of Arcadia 

    Sonic the Hedgehog 

  • First Aid Kits and Deep Secrets: While on a mission, Agent 3 accidentally causes an Octoling to fall onto spikes. She brings the dying Octoling home in hopes of saving her.
  • Snapshots: A collection of vignettes about the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook, chronicling their thoughts during the first two games.
  • Taking In A Stranger: Pearl/Marina. An origin story of how Off the Hook began.

    Spyro the Dragon 


    Star Trek Online 
  • Beat the Drums of War: Captain Kanril Eleya of the USS Bajor and Admiral D'trel of the RRW Vengeance work together to fight the Iconian invasion.
  • From Bajor to the Black: Asked in the present day why she joined Starfleet and became a commanding officer, Captain Kanril Eleya of the USS Bajor begins reminiscing about her Backstory.
  • The Headhunt: The USS Bajor responds to reports of a break-in at the Federation supermax prison Facility 4028. Lieutenant Dul'krah, Clan Korekh, the ship's security chief, is assigned to investigate.
  • Peace Forged in Fire: Morgaiah ir'Sheratan t'Thavrau and D'trel ir'Aehallhah t'Rihannsu negotiate peace between the Romulan Republic and the Romulan Star Empire, but things get rough when the Tal'Shiar try to screw things up.
  • Reality Is Fluid: Over the vociferous objections of her Bajoran captain, the USS Bajor is assigned to test a new sensor array on the Bajoran wormhole. Something Goes Horribly Wrong.
  • Strange Times Are Upon Us: General Brokosh of the Klingon Defense Force accidentally travels back in time and causes the Carrington event.

    Story of Seasons 
  • Frostbitten Flower: Celia/Jack (Mark), Celia/Marlin. Celia is left widowed and pregnant just months after marrying her husband.
  • Her Scarlet Letter: A Fusion Fic between Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and The Scarlet Letter where Angela becomes pregnant from an affair with a married man.
  • Mind Brigade: A dark story exploring Jamie's character and relationship with others after the new farmer in town, Jill, is hospitalized with a deadly illness.
  • Pretty Ore: Claire/Gray. Gray finds himself befriending the new farmer in town, but it soon turns into something more.
  • Wine Red no Kokoro: Karen/Jack (Pete). Karen wants to leave Flowerbud Village but a desire to both see her family's vineyard prosper again and fulfill her half-forgotten Childhood Marriage Promise keeps her from running off. One day a newcomer named "Jack" arrives in town and seems particularly interested in Karen, but she's never met him before.

    Super Mario Bros 

    Tales Series 

    Tomb Raider 

    Touken Ranbu 


    Valkyria Chronicles