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Fanfic / Bloody Saint

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A lovely saint clad in white... An angel lying in blood... A gruesome night that nobody will ever forget.
Bloody Saint

Bloody Saint is a Mitadake High fanfic written by Alicia Jewel. The story focuses on Ruby Ayes, the in-game red haired girl, and her experience being trapped in Mitadake High School after the murder of the beloved Mrs. Maria. As the night progresses, a mysterious spirit appears to Ruby, and the students begin to become paranoid… It’s up to Ruby to solve the mystery of these murders and stop the killer from taking more innocent lives. But will it be too late?


Bloody Saint is planned to become a trilogy, with the second story focusing on the lives of Kiera Penke and Julia Anna two and a half years after the events of the first story. The third story takes place nine years after the second. A “one and a half” story is also being written, telling the first Bloody Saint from the killer’s eyes.



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