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A Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fanfic of pretty epic proportions, Casualties details the story of Isaac and his four friends, Ben, Eileen, Jacqueline, and Maxwell, who have been drawn into the fantastic version of their hometown, St. Ivalice. Strangely enough, they each remember the real world; unlike some of the normal reactions to this type of situation, however, they all take quite well to their new home, going on adventures and becoming celebrities, known across Ivalice as the nigh-legendary group of heroes, the Five.


...That is, at first.

Although toward the beginning the writing is a bit clumsy and the characters seem very much as though they will turn out to be Sues and Stus, it quickly and drastically improves, with excellent characterization and a story that, although fairly weak and episodic at first, will pull you along and draw you in. It also Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Casualties provides examples of:

  • Break the Cutie: All over the damn place. Points go to all of the kids from St. Ivalice in particular (the operative word here being 'kids').
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell... you poor bastard.
  • Oh, Crap!: Many, many times. Prime examples include:
    • Both Ben and Jacqueline's transformations.
    • The arrival of a massive horde of tonberries during Isaac and Maxwell's duel. Happens again a minute later when they realize that, yes, Remedi can monitor what you're planning if you're using her powers to arrange a duel. Happens again when she proceeds to injure Isaac too badly to escape the tonberries, and traps Eileen and Maxwell from coming to his rescue. It happens again a few minutes later when Remedi possesses Maxwell with the spirit of the Worldwyrm.
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    • When Queen Remedi realizes that she's just killed/had killed the Bangaa and Moogle Ultimates on the same ground as three past Ultimates, severing Ultima's bond with the world, dropping her magic shield, and exposing her to an ass-whoopin'.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: All five of the main characters, what with the whole 'Avatars of the Totema' thing. So far, only Jacqueline, Ben, and Eileen's have made an appearance. Maxwell's Superpowered Evil Side, rather than a Totema, happens to be the Worldwyrm, which is more in control of him than anything else.


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