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Meet the Team
IronGate is a Web Comic series about a centuries old organization of the same name which battles supernatural forces. Their people have secretly lived, fought and died in this service, but now the shadows in the world have grown darker. To gain an edge, one of the organization's directors has formed a group based on a previously unthinkable idea: recruiting people afflicted by the supernatural to act as a type of special forces.

The series is written by Michael Campbell, drawn by William Leighton and currently coloured by Christiane "Hapycow" Rosin. The series started in October 2014 with an seven page prologue and it's first volume Whiteout debuted in December. This ran for sixty four pages and concluded in Januart 2017. Since then there has been no further activity.

IronGate contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Embers throws around fire while battling the forces of evil. Despite her polite demeanour Addison has the will and unnatural strength she needs to fight supernatural foes.
  • Ancient Conspiracy: IronGate is a centuries old secret organization dedicated to protecting humanity from supernatural threats.
  • Big Heroic Run: There's at least two cases of the main cast doing this. Embers and Addison are the fastest of the group and thus seem to jump into action first.
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  • Demon Slaying: Fighting supernatural monsters is pretty much what they do, so this just goes with the territory.
  • The Order: Iron Gate is a centuries old organization staffed by many people with extensive combat training all aimed at the single cause of protecting humanity.

    Amber "Embers" Benson 

Embers was enchanted by the Fey as a child and has the ability to create and throw fire, including using it to fly. She was recruited by Agent Luke Chase for IronGate from a mental health facility. She seems to have hidden herself away there because she felt it was safer to be there than out in the regular world.

  • Action Girl: Embers eagerly jumps into battle using her fire abilities to help protect people.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: She's heavy set, but never shown as unattractive for it.
  • Flight: She can fly as part of her abilities.
  • Playing with Fire: She's been this ever since bring enchanted/cursed by the Fey.
  • The Fair Folk: the Fey enchanted Embers with her fire powers as a child, which resulted in her accidentally killing her parents.

    Luke Chase 

Luke Chase has been an agent within IronGate for some time, at the beginning of the series he was selected by Director Marcus to lead a new team of IronGate agents made up of people affected by the supernatural.

  • Badass Normal: Unlike the other members of his team, Agent Chase has no supernatural powers and fights using nothing, but his wits and marksmanship with his pistol.

    Dorian Halliward 

Dorian is withered and cynical man from the Victorian era, who has somehow survived into modern times. He seems to be able to shrug off even serious injury with no obvious impact.

  • Punch-Clock Hero: He is only fighting for IronGate to further his own goals, and has little use for the organization's mission.


    Addison Constance Loveworth 

As a young lady during the American Gilded Age she was turned into a vampire, she's spent over a century hiding what she'd become from the world. After being contacted by IronGate she happily joined the organization.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire: She's a proper young lady from the late 19th century: exceedingly polite, gentle and dainty. She just happens to have died and risen as a vampire with speed and strength well beyond any mortal.
  • I Do Not Drink Wine: Miss. Loveworth can't consume anything except blood, she takes bovine blood and drinks it from a tea cup as though enjoying high tea.
  • Rise from Your Grave: Much to her dismay she dug out of her own grave upon rising as a vampire, part of her dismay was connected with the process destroying her lovely dress.
  • Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness: She may be a vampire, but she's warm, friendly and was raised to be an excellent example of a Gilded Age lady. She sips cow blood, but only from fine china and despite possessing supernatural strength hates violence on principle.
  • Undead Author: She is this whenever she writes back to IronGate researchers (fans) who send her questions. She takes great joy in responding to each one.
  • Vampires Are Sex Gods: Subverted: Being raised in a proper 19th century upper class New England family has left her with no interest in any such tawdry activity.
  • Vegetarian Vampire: Miss. Loveworth would never do anything so beastly as consume human blood, the very idea horrifies her.