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Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle

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As cheesy as it sounds.

"The vampire is the slick sophisticated guy, the werewolf is the butch blue-collar guy, the girl can only pick one and so on... [...] Plus the vampires mostly have a kind of European thing going on while the werewolves are all Native Americans, so there's a kind of racial-cultural thing happening... All right, you know what? You could probably make a good movie out of that. I mean, they didn't, but... you know... I guess you could."
MovieBob's review of the New Moon film

This trope is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. When Romance Ensues in a continuity featuring Fur Against Fang, the result tends to end up including a Love Triangle featuring a vampire and a werewolf as two of the three members. Generally the central figure is a human, but not always.

Basically, choose your vice — necrophilia or bestiality.

Usually also involves Feuding Families, Fur Against Fang, Maligned Mixed Marriage, Star-Crossed Lovers, Romantic Vampire Boy. Compare Muggle and Magical Love Triangle, this trope's main competitor in the Paranormal Romance genre. May overlap with Monster/Slayer Romance if the human ordinarily hunts vampires or werewolves.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Dance in the Vampire Bund, Mina's the vampire, Akira is the werewolf, and the Royal Three make up the third party as a whole. There's also the odd triangle between Mina, Akira, and Yuki, who is in love with Akira and has a lot of mutual Les Yay with Mina.
  • In Inuyasha, Tsundere Kagome likes Inuyasha (who is a half-human half-dog hanyou, which is similar to a werewolf), while Inuyasha used to love Kikyo (Kagome's past life), who becomes essentially an undead soul-energy eater. Koga, a wolf youkai, is also in love with Kagome.
  • Princess Resurrection contains a distaff counterpart where a female werewolf Liza and a female vampire Reiri are both attracted to Unlucky Everydude human male. In actuality, neither sees him as a romantic interest, more as a plaything or underage drinking buddy. Now, how they, especially Reiri, view his mistress Hime on the other hand...
  • In Millennium Snow, Toya is the vampire and Satsuki is the werewolf. The girl they are competing for is Chiyuki.

    Fan Works 
  • In some stories about Darkstalkers there's an ongoing love triangle between Felicia being romantically involved with both vampire lord Demetri and werewolf warrior Jon Talbain.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Amusingly subverted in Underworld (2003). Vampire Kraven thinks he's in a love triangle with Vampire Assassin Selene and the series' Unfazed Everyman, Michael. And the werewolves are trying to turn Michael to their side before she gets a hold of him. He's dead wrong, though, since she thinks he's a power-hungry coward. Hell, at that point in the story, she doesn't even have a romantic interest in Michael yet... Kraven is just so narcissistic as to think she's in love with him, and it infuriates him to even consider that she could choose Michael over him. Of course, she does eventually fall in love with Michael, despite him being turned into a werewolf against his will. She even tries mightily to protect him from other vampires and herself (considering she usually kills werewolves on sight). Kraven tries to win her over again (despite having been exposed as a traitor to all vampires) and at this time she literally shoots him down, though she fails to kill him (not for lack of trying). He dies in the second movie.
  • Played With in Van Helsing: the title character is in the process of becoming a werewolf when Dracula kidnaps his love interest and tries to seduce her. Said Love Interest is also the main character of Underworld described above.

  • Anita Blake: In addition to being a love triangle, the metaphysical bonds formed between the human necromancer, the vampire, and the werewolf makes all of them more powerful.
  • In Daughters of Darkness (1996), Mary-Lynette finds herself in one of these with newcomer Ash (the vampire) and her childhood friend Jeremy (the werewolf). Ash wins by default, as the Soulmate Principle means he and Mary-Lynette are destined for each other, though the fact that Jeremy turns out to be a psycho who tries to kill her helps too.
  • Somewhat true in Mercy Thompson. The titular character has to choose between two werewolves: teenage crush Samuel and next-door-neighbor Adam, but she also has a rather close relationship with vampire Stefan, whose unrequited crush seems very likely to stay unrequited. In the fifth book she finally chooses Adam, but this remains pretty central to the plot for most of the series. However, Stefan is only really a contender in his own mind, as Mercedes has plenty of good reasons to dislike vampires.
  • Played With in The Mortal Instruments, when a love triangle develops with vampire Simon in the middle of werewolf Maya and human/Shadowhunter Isabelle.
  • Another example of this trope is Daniel Gonzalez's Ravencraft novels; there's a love triangle between vampire hunter Donovan Fort, his vampire girlfriend Lucilla and his werewolf colleague Laura Talbot.
  • The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries and its HBO adaptation, True Blood. Okay, he's an Animorphism shapeshifter. But he gets mistaken for a werewolf. If you read further into the series, it's actually a telepath/vampire/vampire/shapeshifter/werewolf/werepanther/weretiger Love Dodecahedron. On the other hand, Sookie breaks up with/kills most of her past lovers before moving onto the next one, so it's not quite such a tangled mess. Not to mention, with Harris' habit of killing off characters left and right, there likely soon won't be any characters left for Sookie to even have a relationship with, let alone have to worry about sparking rivalries.
  • In Thud!, Angua the werewolf is in a relationship with Carrot, but Sally the vampire develops a crush on him and an intense rivalry develops between the girls, which is only intensified by instinctual Fur Against Fang. However, the rivalry (and instinctual dislike) seems to be mostly in Angua's mind. Sally admits that she's attracted to Carrot, but knows that she doesn't really have a chance; his heartbeat picks up whenever Angua is around.
  • The Twilight Saga: This is fundamentally the whole plot of the series, and while nowhere near the first example of the trope, it is the first one most people will immediately think of, likely making it the Trope Codifier. The first book establishes the romance between human Bella and Romantic Vampire Boy Edward. The second has Bella get closer with her childhood friend, Jacob, while revealing that he's the Magical Native American version of a werewolf. The triangle continues through two more books, weirdly ending with Edward and Bella getting married, conceiving a fast-growing Dhampyr on their honeymoon, and giving her and Jacob a Hooked Up Afterwards. Some evil vampires are thrown in to pad the story.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Hemlock Grove: Zigzagged. Vampire Roman Godfrey and werewolf Peter Rumancek were already best friends before they met the human Miranda. When she convinces them to have a threeway with her, they both feel weird about it the next morning, but they're never shown fighting over her. Also, downplayed with Letha in season 1, when Roman is revealed to have slept with Letha while hypnotized, and shows ambiguous romantic interest in her, while she and Peter sleep together willingly.
  • House of Frankenstein (1997) features vampire (the Big Bad), the Love Interest (a woman bitten by a werewolf) and the hero (the cop). Lampshaded when a monster expert mentions that vampires love lycanthropes; "Their own little animal — you know what men are like."
  • Season three of Penny Dreadful features a major love triangle between werewolf Ethan Chandler, Apocalypse Maiden Vanessa Ives, and Dracula.
  • The Vampire Diaries starts playing with it in the second season, with Caroline developing an intense friendship and bond with Tyler while still having some feelings for her ex-boyfriend Matt. Season 3 takes it further as Tyler has also become a vampire, and Klaus, who is also vampire and werewolf. In short, it's a vampire girl torn between two werewolf-vampire hybrids.
  • The Originals twists this somewhat with the Elijah/Hayley/Jackson triangle. Jackson loves Hayley but they end up marrying for power and after Jackson dies she rekindles her romance with Elijah.
  • What We Do in the Shadows (2019) has a rare example of a vampire in the center in the season 3 episode "Gail". Nandor, a vampire, is in love with Gail, who is secretly a werewolf. After finding this out, they challenge the werewolves to a game of kickball (parodying The Twilight Saga). Nandor's human bodyguard/familiar, Guillermo, is jealous of this and tries to stop Nandor's heart from getting broken.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place twists this around with Juliet briefly falling into one between Justin and Mason.
  • Young Dracula is an example of this, because Vlad's mother ran off with a werewolf. In this case, that means a vampire running away from her vampire husband (and children) to a werewolf lover.

  • Type O Negative: The song Wolf Moon: Zoanthropic Paranoia resolves such a triangle in an interesting way. This gothic metal band's frontman Peter Steele looks and sounds like a vampire, but in this song sings about drinking his lover's menstrual blood as a werewolf under a full moon.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 
  • Batman: The Animated Series features a rather unorthodox example in the episode Tyger, Tyger. Selina Kyle is being fought over by Batman, who's a man only dressed as a bat, and a Werecat.
  • In a Halloween Episode of The Cleveland Show, Roberta believes she's being fought over between a mysterious vampire and loner werewolf. Subverted, when it's revealed that both the monsters are actually gay for each other.
  • In the Fillmore! episode, "The Unseen Reflection", features this as part of a Show Within a Show.
  • In the Monster High Valentines Day special, Clawd the werewolf is trying to figure out what to get Draculaura for her birthday. Enter her ex-boyfriend, the charming vampire Valentine...
  • Parodied in The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror" pastiche of The Twilight Saga, when Milhouse's reaction to Lisa dating a pre-teen vampire is to transform into a poodle.