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Nice to meet you, Expand Dong!

Joel's folders had enough funny moments to break the original page.

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    Windows Destruction 
  • Windows XP Destruction which, as the title would tell you, has Joel doing absolutely horrible things to a Windows XP computer by downloading virus-laden nonsense, all while reliving the yonder days of 2002. Don't worry guys, it's a virtual machine.
    • There's also his reaction to the porn site that popped up right after installing the infamous adware program BonziBUDDY.
      Joel: "Naked ladies"?! No—HAHAHAHAHA!! WHAHAHAHAT?! No, I don't think I wanna—(cracks up, closes the tab) YES! IT BEGINS!
    • Opening Paint and drawing a picture of a deformed Yoshi and Mario on meth, all while listening to "In The End".
    When Mario started—STOPPED using mushrooms, he went for meth instead. So he's got bad teefffffffffff.
    SHUT! UP! Jesus, urgh! God, I can't stand it, even ironically!
    • His YouTube Poop.
    • Any time Joel impersonates Fred Durst, heard often during the full stream of the Windows XP destruction.
    • He opens Paint and recounts the time when, at school, one of his classmates would always open Paint and draw a penis on every computer in the room.
    And I swear to God, our fuckin' teacher said: WHO'S BEEN DRAWING DICKS?
  • Joel's attempt at destroying Windows 98. One highlight of note is his attempts at downloading BonziBUDDY ultimately falling apart because BonziBUDDY is too new to work on 98. He later does a proper one in 2018.
    • Joel tapping into young Joel gives us this nonsense:
      Joel (snapping into young Joel): Hingy dingy dorgy dorgy!
  • Joel's attempt at destroying Windows 7. Once again, he downloads BonziBUDDY and it fails to run, leading Joel to praise technology's advancement...
    Joel: I think... BonziBUDDY.. doesn't work on Windows 7... This is the best thing ever! ...Hallelujah! Technology did it—did, like, go forward!
    • ...Until he runs it as an administrator... then BonziBUDDY works. Because OSes before Vista/7 always ran everything as admin by default.
      Joel: FFFFFFAAAACKGHHH!! <headdesk, quiet sobbing> why... why did I have to do that?
    • Joel opening his stream while he's streaming.
    • The CursorMania program, which gives you a large set of decorative cursors, including one of Jesus and one of the Pope.
    • From the full stream, his reaction to a certain toolbar:
      Joel: "Bad Ass Mafia Toolbars". ... I'm sorry?
    • Joel's story of the time he got a poorly done desktop stripper on his old PC. And his dad's resultant violent disappointment.
      Joel's dad: JOEL? JOEL? Did you download boobs again, Joel?
      Joel: N-no dad, no, no-
      Joel's dad: JOEL? JOEL?!
    • The opening lines of the video really set the tone for what's to come:
      Joel: When I was five or six years old, I asked my dad, "Dad, what is technology?" And my dad goes, "It's magic, Joel. It's magic." Ever since that day, little Joel was never the same.
    • Joel tries to install an incredibly sketchy-looking "free smiley toolbar" program, which ultimately doesn't work. He still manages to have some fun mocking the typos, guilt-tripping, and very questionable imagery in the installer. But the best part comes when the installer asks him if he can fill out a survey on their website. He clicks the link and is taken to an error page. Joel immediately bursts into laughter.
    Joel: (reading) "Ahhh ,Dont Stop , Keep Injecting Me Those Smileys !!! I Love It !!!" (shakes his Burning Super Death Sword cursor while talking) If you're sick, if you're already sick with smileys, then why are you taking more?! Even mom, even mom, would understand there is something wrong! Even mom!
    • And prior to that, the "Darude — Sandstorm" MIDI. It's far slower and...
    Joel: It's like some sort of reggae version. Yeah mon! Yah mon, smoke da 'erb!
    • He installs a program that puts a three-frame animated Christmas tree on his desktop. All he can say after seeing it:
    Joel: Look at it! It's the worst thing ever!
    • Then there's the Softonic woman and her butchered pronunciation of the word 'tutorials'. A lady with an otherwise perfect American accent butchers the pronunciation of an English word that the Swedish Joel, who's the only streamer not from an English-speaking country, catches her on.
    Softonic lady: On Softonic, you'll find software descriptions with the most relevant information about the program, as well as screenshots...
    Joel: Screenshots?
    Softonic lady: And video tutorals.
    Joel: Tu.. tu... WHAT DID YOU... tu... "tutorals"?! "TOO-TOO-ROLLS"?!
    • The beginning of her speech is peppered with genuine cries of protest from Joel.
    Softonic Lady: Softonic: now available on your PC!
    Joel: No!
    Softonic Lady: Let's start using the application!
    Joel: No!
    Softonic Lady: Do you know what software you're looking for?
    Joel: No!
    • The fact that they're proud of scanning their software with over thirty antivirus programs.
    Softonic lady: To guarantee that our programs are virus-free, we scan them with more than thirty antivirus engines.
    Joel: THIRTY?! One is not enough?!
    • Joel waving Bonzi around and causing the Softonic voice file to stop and stutter.
    • The closing line:
    Softonic lady: Softonic for Windows! The easiest way to discover—
    Joel: To destroy your PC!
    • "Oh my God, look at my scroll bar, it's like a whole Twinkie!"
  • And now for 2015, Windows 8 Destruction, featuring such questionable programs as desktop butterflies, MyFelix, and an endless array of questionable PC optimization programs.
    Joel: Felix, have you been fucking with my piano?
    Joel: It's the fucking devil!
    • Three more words: Nightcore Limp Bizkit.
    Joel: And God was dead.
    • The end of the first stream where Joel acts out the hypothetical possibility of his devout Christian father finding gay porn on his PC.
    Joel: (as his dad) Joel? Joel!? Why is there MEAT on my DESKTOP, Joel!? HAVE YOU BEEN DOWNLOADING TICKS!?
    Joel: (as his dad) JOEL!? *slams fist down* JOEL!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!
    • Joel's opinion on what are the "best" MP3 files? The ones that are actually .mp3.EXE files that install malware.
      • One of the programs he ends up downloading from such a file is called "MediaDrug".
    I'm gonna snort an mp3, brother! Right up my ass!
    • Then, we get "gin and juice.exe", which incites Joel to raucously laugh and ultimately find it hard to breathe through cackling.
    • "Windows 4 Seniors".
    • Joel reminisces about You Are An Idiot.
    • Later on, he crank calls the tech support number on the questionable PC Optimizer Pro. The whole call has to be heard to be believed.
    Joel: I sexually identify as an attack helicopter, and you will check your privilege, cis scum.
  • By popular demand, Joel takes a crack at destroying a Mac. It turns out to be harder than with Windows, but he manages to find a way. He also plays the game Lose/Lose, which deleted several files on the computer before crashing.
    Joel: Rest in peace, Mac. I will never touch you again.
  • For his 2016 charity stream, Joel took a crack at destroying Windows 10, with such highlights as browsing various WikiHow articles, visiting a forum dedicated to ice-chewing (with particular attention paid to a thread discussing the freezing of "milk"), and getting roasted by Cortana. To go into more detail and context...
    • Not long after Joel begins searching for (fake) antivirus programs, he gets an ad with a popup that says "You'll have sex tonight".
      • In the highlights video, the theme song of The Price Is Right plays when that popup appears.
    • For some reason, Joel finds Windows Police Pro to be hilarious.
    Joel: [laughing] I'm sorry, but that's really funny. [weird accent] "Win-those eis een denge-jare."
    • Another antivirus plays pig squeals when it "finds" viruses just like Kaspersky used to, which also makes Joel lose it.
    • Joel browsing WikiHow:
      • An article has an image with a bear oddly making a derpy, happy face.
      • One of the WikiHow articles that Joel found was "How to breed Syrian Hamsters". He laughs uncontrollably, and some of the viewers wondered if Joel would get banned for technically showing hamster porn.
    • The finale of the stream can easily be considered one of the most hilarious Joel moments to grace Vinesauce history. He decided to download the "MEMZ.exe" trojan horse by Leurak, showcased earlier by famous malware researcher danooct1 in his Viewer-Made Malware series, not expecting much to happen. When he runs the program, he sees a Notepad message from MEMZ, claiming to have taken over the computer and that ending the process would only speed up the inevitable death of the computer. Joel takes this as a challenge, and the results need to be seen to be believed. How does the trojan respond? It launches all sorts of Google searches via Chrome, including how to kill yourself, downloads of Minecraft Hax (sic), how to create your own malware, and how to get rid of the MEMZ program. Thanks to the later payloads, such as color inversion, random error icons all over the screen, message boxes asking "Still using the computer?", culminating with a Droste effect achieved via BitBlt, making the whole lightshow easily comparable to Vinny's corruption streams. Joel freaks out, then restarts the computer... only to see that the computer has been completely hijacked. As showcased by danooct1 earlier, the virus overwrites the MBR, inserting a message from the MEMZ trojan ("Your computer has been trashed by the MEMZ trojan. Now enjoy the Nyan Cat..."), then playing a Nyan Cat animation. Due to Joel using a virtual machine, the extra Nyan Cat theme is inaudible due to being made to play via BIOS speaker. And the initial message is true, as the MBR overwrite payload is executed before said message is shown. And to whoever had watched danooct1's video, Dramatic Irony was in full effect the whole time. "Windows 10 Destruction" indeed!
  • For 2017, Joel decided to take a stab at that one odd version of Windows between XP and 7; yes, it's time for the dreaded Windows Vista.
    • Right off the bat, Joel manages to make his virtual machine crash by merely playing solitaire. (He was aware of this issue beforehand, however.)
    • Joel goes looking for a 'PC Cleaner' website, and ends up on Witt Clean, a kitchen company's website. He doesn't realise that he's there until he asks where he can download anything on the website, recognises the brand name and then immediately laughs.
    • As a follow-up to the ice chewing forum from last year, Joel surfaces another forum dealing with a rather specific community; men's long hair. One thread's purpose is to announce that a person with a waist-length ponytail was doing good on Wheel of Fortune the previous night.
    • One of the antivirus programs Joel installs, Protegent, even has a mascot — which is literally an orange recolor of Wyatt from Super Why!. But then Joel finds one of the video advertisements the company had made, which gives said mascot an unexpectedly deep voice.
      Joel: Protegent sounds like a dental creme...for your ass...
    • The background Joel picks for his computer, which is a cup patterned with Usagi Tsukino asking for marijuana.
    • Joel experimenting with MIDI soundfonts, finding particular amusement in one that's literally just gunshot noises. He later mentions once again how the iconic Seinfeld theme was created using MIDI soundfonts, and tries to recreate it to the best of his ability with the exact same soundfonts that the theme used...
      Joel: (laughs hysterically at hearing gunshots playing) I FORGOT I HAD SET IT TO "GUN"! KRAMER, NO! KRAMER, NOOO! (breaks down laughing)
      (Cut to some time later, with him showing the file set to 400 beats per minute)
      Joel: Kramer goes to war! COSTANZA, NO!
      (That image of Costanza, edited to look like he's holding a minigun, starts shaking around the screen as the track plays)
      Closed Captioning: *Machine gun rendition of the Seinfeld theme*
    • Later, Joel tries to apply his MIDI experiments to the output of the MP3-to-MIDI converter. The Sailor Moon theme rendered with gun sound effects must be heard to be believed.
      • The gunshot rendition of the Sailor Moon theme manages to become doubly funny when you remember that the titular Sailor Senshi was originally going to be packing heat.
    • Leurak once again provides a grand finale for Act I entitled "Bonzify", in which Bonzi Buddy seeks revenge. note 
    • On the second part of the stream, Joel finally acknowledges how Protegent's mascot is a Super Why knock-off, and also unearths more videos from their YouTube channel — such as a very bad rap video.
    • Joel finds an "interesting" fangame known as New Super Mario Forever 2015, which had downright bizarre animations for Mario, and text-to-speech voice acting for Princess Peach.
    • Joel tries numerous alleged PC speed-up software sites, until he finds one where an unconvincing stock image of an old beautiful man that praises the program is displayed. Joel finds that the website downright says that the customer isn't actually real, leading him to declare his belief that such vendors lure in clueless grannies using pictures of handsome men of their age.
    • Said discovery results in Joel deciding to browse iStockPhoto — a site which, as its name suggests, is full of stock images, on a search for pictures of doctors he could use as spokespeople for questionable PC utilities. One image he finds when looking up doctors giving thumbs up is of a doctor with no face.
    Joel: I would recommend a daily dosage of [Black Speech]. I would say it's very good for headache relief, it helps everything. I'm gonna prescribe you 20 CCs of [Black Speech].
    • Another highlight from the visit to iStockPhoto is one photo of a shrugging businessman.
    Joel: How is this convincing in any way, shape, or form? This is him literally going "I DUNNO! I DUNNO!! 'S A BUNCHA SHIT!!!"
    • Joel finishes off part 2 by running the NotPetya ransomware; at one point, he also plays the aforementioned Protegent rap over it.
    • The third part features a literal example of Windows Destruction, via an application that lets you damage your desktop with virtual weapons.
    • One of the toolbars has a weather example set to Yonkers, New York, which Joel envisions as a medieval RPG village.
    Joel: Yeah, get this, Yonkers? Is Yonkers a real place? That sounds like a made up, uh, sounds like a medieval role-playing game village. [in a wizard voice] Yes, get the Crystal of Strength from Yonkers, the village of the elves!
  • For its 20th anniversary in 2018, Joel revisits Windows 98:
    • The fun truly begins once Joel begins experimenting with ViaVoice, an old speech recognition program developed by IBM.
      • Firstly, it uses a Microsoft Agent character for its tutorial (a talking pencil), which draws immediate comparisons to Bonzi Buddy.
      • Its accuracy ends up being hit or miss. His first attempt at using it in the included word processor goes off the rails quickly
    "how it to beat its act shall meet at the collapse will know it doesn't know what what was the thing with all out a halt all beets and shall we do know it doesn't know what not played with the ball and he had been date of the ball. To sleep in their House Windows98 best system"
    • At one point, Joel also uses the playback function in the word processor to directly compare the audio input to the text. It similarly goes south quickly, and gets very choppy and distorted the moment he starts yelling into the mic.
    Joel: Did you know this software is really good at recognizing my voice?
    • "Mama Mia, LUIGI'S DRUNK AGAIN!"
    • While not officially branded as part of the Windows 98 Destruction, Joel fumbling around trying to get his copy of The Sims 3 to run on the same VM ends up becoming destruction. At one point, Joel misinterprets a dialog calling for a specific DirectX version or Windows NT 4 SP 4 (a completely different OS) and actually tried to install a service pack for a completely different OS on Windows 98. He doesn't end up doing so, but he does have fun poking at some of the files.
    Windows cannot connect to GOD.
  • In 2019, Joel shows the VineOS, a Windows XP build with some Vinesauce and PCRF logos scattered through the OS itself.
    • As usual, he starts up by installing unpopular antiviruses and PC Optimizer clones through Softonic and Softpedia.
      • He also installs various search toolbars, almost every one of them using the same homepage frontend and Google as Search bar.
    • Through chat decisions, Joel tried to install Roblox hacks but forgetting one thing... The main Roblox game itself.
    • From one, of his multiple PC Optimizers installed:
    Joel: Your system status: BAD.
    • After blaming the program about installing multiple toolbars, antiviruses and PC Optimizers in background:
    Joel: (laughing) Your system status is GOOD now! Okay well, thanks! It just felt guilty!
    • A new impersonation was also done by him: During his moment through a German program, he did a German impersonation as if such was spoken by Yoda.
    • By opening some folders in his Desktop, Joel see some Nintendo Browsers made by MediaBrowser for use with some Nintendo websites ranging from Nintendo 64 through GameCube. From the Mario Tennis one:
    Joel: This is the secret of downloading shit software. You don't need modern Firefox, you need Mario Tennis Browser.
    • Due for the browser's code being based on Internet Explorer 5, most websites doesn't work with it anymore. With the exception of one: Bing.
    • He also installs some programs from more than 10 years ago, such as CCleaner, a 2005 version of Norton Antivirus and older versions of Winamp and ZSNES. But a expected certain program was not expected: HyperCam2. By recording his audio from Sound Recorder and typing on Notepad, he did a standard HyperCam2 video:
    PS HOMEWORK SUCKZ!!!11111111111111111
    • And at trying to stop screen recording:
    • The stream continues by installing more older programs such as Netscape, KaZaA Lite, LimeWire and Napster.
    • From his MIDI folder previously seen on his Shareware Madness streams, he plays a MIDI version of DuckTales theme on Winamp, bringing his incident at the PC version of Desert Bus.
    • As for the grand finale, Leurak hits the end of stream with a surprise .bat file for Joel. The OS starts being corrupted on the screen, freezing the perfomance many times. Until it goes BSOD and... DOSert Bus, a version of Desert Bus made for MS-DOS by Leurak itself boots up. Joel had a choice of playing it for 8 hours, however, due to the charity schedule, he decided to give up and... He ducked up. Again. Note 
    Game Over.
    This computer is now destroyed.
    The last thing it will display is this message.

    The Sims 
  • The Fall of Frooby, starring a Sim based on Fred, but with exaggerated facial features. From a maid stealing Frooby's TV (but she didn't steal the console), Frooby kissing the maid in bed and then killing her shortly afterwards, to Frooby pulling a psychotic killing spree.
  • Four words: Mario Brothers Antichrist Baby. It takes the Mario/Luigi pairing and runs absolutely wild with it.
    Joel: This no longer looks like a nose! It looks like a flaccid dong!
    • Joel "decorates" the Mario brothers' front yard with items such as a pool of blood, a dead body and an adult superstore sign.
    Joel: Would you gladly drive to this place just to, you know, visit and shit? I would.
    • Luigi holding a pistol in his hand while he and Mario flirt with each other.
    • Right before he and Mario woohoo, Luigi starts crying for no reason. Joel says that Luigi knows he's about to commit a crime against nature.
    • The entire woohoo scene is set to "Do The Mario".
    • Right when Luigi begins to have the baby, Joel declares that there must be a sacrifice, resulting in Mario killing the newspaper boy. It must be seen to be believed.
      • Mario buying food from the fridge is perfectly timed with the Grim Reaper shaking hands with the newspaper boy's ghost, making it look like Mario sacrificed a child for 30 bucks.
      • Right after Mario shoots the newspaper boy, a policewoman arrives to arrest him...except she can't get inside the house. Eventually, she just leaves.
    • The baby is born, and Joel decides to name her Princess Peach...and forgets the H at the end of her name.
    Joel: She will be evil and insane.
    • Throughout her life, Joel becomes very horrified and disappointed in Princess Peach, and decides to have Luigi kill her. This is made all the more hilarious by the Steam notifications in the corner telling Joel to pull the trigger.
    Rezarious: DO IT FOR SWEDEN
    Rezarious: DO IT
    Rezarious: PULL
    • This all culminates in Luigi killing the Grim Reaper.
  • Joel revisits The Sims 3 one last time with a mod called "Violence and Aggression" installed. What does he do with it? Everybody get up, it's time to slam now...
    Joel: What the fuck is going on...? <Link Zelda picks up Kirby Superstar and slams him to the ground> HOLY SHITZO!! <laughs as Kirby turns into a ghost> OH SHIT HE DIED!!
    • He body slams an entire family to death... and then steals their house!
    • Link then body slams a Horse.
    • His horrendously failed attempt to recreate Kermit the Frog in that same stream.
    Every living moment is pain, Joel!
    Joel? Make love to me JOEL!!
    I'll be having children's tears on the rocks.
    I've had my drink, now it's time for murder.
    • Link body slams a victim, then as Death comes to reap him, Link body slams him too.
    • Joel messes with the newly modded body modifiers to give Kirby ridiculous, glitchy, Liefeldian muscles:
    Joel: You know those advertisements on the Internet that says, you know... "Tried this new cure and I got RRRRRRRRRRRRIPPED!!"
    • There's also his reaction to a girl transforming into a full-grown woman, just to get slammed by Link.
    Joel: Ohh no. Oh no. What the hell. What the fuck. What the SHIT!!
    • Link's suspicious, sharply upturned mouth and the glorious accompanying noise Joel makes..
  • To kick off his return to YouTube, Joel decided to play The Sims 4 with several Game Mods. The results have to be seen to be believed. Highlights include...
  • Joel's October 2018 stream of The Sims 1 is four hours of sweat, tears, and hilarity.
    • The first hour and a half is spent on Joel trying to get the game to run. He takes numerous suggestions from Twitch chat on what to do and after a few failed attempts, he decides to build up every attempt to the theme of Back to the Future.
    • It's only after that hour and a half of setup where Joel finally gets The Sims running. From there, he sets up a family consisting of a Sim of himself and the Devil living together in a tiny home. He wastes no time tormenting them with blocked-off boomboxes that play country music non-stop, both inside the house and outside on their lawn. The Sims then go into a nasty cycle of being unable to sleep due to never-ending loud country music and waking up to go about their day, only to collapse due to exhaustion.
    • Joel later messes around with the Move Objects cheat, having his Sims take a bath or use the toilet, moving their naked selves into other rooms while they maintain their position, and messing around with their environment. He soon goes into a laughing fit so hard that he had to stop playing the game for five minutes and recuperate outside of his apartment.

    Meme House 
  • Joel's return to playing The Sims 4 in 2019 is something to behold; dubbed by Joel as "The Meme House", every stream so far has been full of golden moments:

  • The NES Bootleg Armageddon was a stream full of instant classics, as Joel took a deep dive into the world of Shoddy Knockoffs (Part of first)
    • To start, Angry Birds — reimagined as a platform game. He thinks it kind of works.
    • Digi Monster 2, labeled in a multicart's menu as just "Digimon", has a monster on the title screen that Joel thinks looks a little off-kilter, and an opening level at an "Infant School" about to burn down for some arbitrary reason. The game was actually a sprite hack of a Urusei Yatsura game.
    • The Powerful Girl, which has absolutely nothing to do with The Powerpuff Girls, trust us.
    • Joel's realization that the Ninja Gaiden bootleg had Ryu changed to Spiderman just because they both climb walls. Then, there's his reaction to the equally bizarre crossover that is Contra Fighter.
    • "DOMKEY KONG?!"
    • He couldn't seem to figure out how to pronounce Happy Biqi World Flghter ("Happy ... Biscuit ... World Flighter? What the shit?!")
    • Putin's Magical Adventure, a.k.a. a Russian Famiclone with educational games using a keyboard and mouse, such as a dictionary. Joel then takes this opportunity to type out anything Russian that comes to his mind:
    Joel: Vodka.... Cheeki breeki... Putin... Zangief...
    • The Lion King for NES ... which is actually The Jungle Book, but with the sprites of Mowgli edited into a rather anthropomorphic take on Simba. Then Joel realizes he can make Simba twerk, to much amusement.note 
    • The "Mario 7-in-1" ROM features several familiar, and obscure entries in the franchise, such as Super Mario 14 (actually a Kaiketsu Yancha Maru game), and Super Bros. 10: Kung Fu Mari (Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, but with Mario's head sloppily pasted on the player character).
    • Last but not least is the very unsuspecting Mario 7, which led to a moment that would be forever etched in Vinesauce history:
    Joel: Let's check it out ..... (beat) ...GRAND DAD?!
    [The Flintstones theme comes on]
    Joel: FLINTSTONES?! (groans in amazement) Grand Dad! Grand Dad?! What the fuck?! Grand Dad?! Grand Dad?! What the shit?! Grand Dad! (busts up laughing) Grand Dad, the grandest of dads.
    • After calming down, he notices the sprite of "Grand Dad" on the title screen looks like it has bloody gums, and has a picture of Fred Flintstone in a star giving a thumbs up of endorsement for this game ("Yeaaah, I'm in this too!") that is definitely a Super Mario game, and not just a sprite hack of The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy. Then, he actually plays the game, which features Mario's head pasted on Fred Flintstone's body.
    Joel: Oh dios mio.... Nah, screw it. [jumps in a hole]
    • "Grand Dad, the grandest of dads."
    • The Street Fighter bootlegs feature a Mario with bloody gums (somehow, Joel doesn't visibly pick up on the fact that it's a recolor of the "Grand Dad" sprite), and one with someone in the stage background seemingly doing something a little naughty with his chicken.
    • In a Harry Potter bootleg, Harry has a smug character portrait sprite which Joel thinks "looks like he just disposed of a body and got away with it."
    • "Shenzenshiheng-kay-cha-jo-gong-shi. Dude, I gave it a shot."
    • Joel briefly explores the strange world of dinosaur erotica stories on Amazon. Then, Windows 2000 for NES with working programs.
    • "Chun-Li, Bowser, Goku, Ryu, Sonic, Mario. Okay great, fantastic."
  • The episode of second kicks off with one of the many Dance Dance Revolution knock-offs ("Wait a minute, is this DEE-DEE-ARRR on fucking NES?"), which features a dancing Jar Jar Binks animation and surprisingly decent audio quality for an NES game.
    • Joel cheesing Hit-mouse ("RATATATATATATAT~")
    • A 120-in-1 ROM doesn't function right in his emulator, but he does get a hoot from one of the game titles ("Alienees?")
    • City Fighter IV, now with sound! Read: rather strained-sounding groans on hits.
    • "Bad Dudes? I love Bad Dudes!" [launches game] "This is not Bad Dudes. This is Double Dribble. You liar. You filthy liar."
    • "Fish War" ends up being a pre-corrupted Milon's Secret Castle.
    • Super Mario Bros. is the same, except with an edited title screen with an odd-looking Mario face on it.
    • "Super Mari- Super Mali Bro Splash Bomb."
    Joel (in a Toad voice): Mario, we're in a fuckin' bootleg! Yahoo! Jesus Christ, Mario! We're gonna have lawsuits up the ass!
  • Super Mario 7 wasn't the only bootleg to get this sort of reaction from Joel. This happened again when he found how Venonat's name was translated in Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal.
    Joel: "Corn? Corn? CORN? CORN!? Wild corn!?"
  • As a follow-up, Joel then decided to see what the 16-bit era would bring in terms of blatant knock-offs; it's time for Super Nintendo bootlegs! (Highlights, full)
    • Joel telling a story about how he accidentally played an unknown ROM of a hentai game.
    • 101 Dalmatas, which is a 101 Dalmatians-themed ROM hack of the Beethoven's 2nd game, except with a dalmatian sprite with a swanky walk cycle, corrupted graphics, and a "Rescue Them!" splash screen that Joel finds somewhat amusing.
    Joel: (on a completely glitched out menu screen) Do I want blubleh, or blublubleu? I guess I'm gonna go with blublubleu.
    • Whilst playing the A Bug's Life game (which has a rather unnecessarily long intro), Joel recalls more stories about the "WHO'S BEEN DRAWING DICKS?!" kid, whom he apparently scolded for kicking a tree because he thought they had feelings.
    • "What?! I can control the Genie?!"
    • Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool becomes a Bananas in Pyjamas game for no apparent reason.
    • When playing Digimon Adventure, Joel comes to the revelation that it's seemingly based on the same engine as the Bug's Life bootleg he played earlier, after noticing they had similar sound effects (indeed, they all utilize the sound engine from an SNES game based on the cartoon Bonkers)
    • Omega Brazil '97: "Huehuahue, gibe moni pls."
    • Pocket Monster is, once again, lifted from the other two bootlegs with Bonkers sounds, and has an enemy that sort of looks like Scraggy if you squint hard enough.
    • Then there's Pokemon Gold and Silver, featuring "Chokorita" (A misspelling of Chikorita, an actual pokemon) and "Waninoko" (Totodile's Japanese name) (whose sprite looks like he's constantly freaking out). And—you guessed it—it's yet another descendent of Digimon Adventure.
    • The irony of Windows declaring he may be a victim of software counterfeiting.
    • Sparkster, except the main character is Sonic the Hedgehog, and one of its sprites has a very smug-looking face. Joel also wonders how someone would react if this was their first exposure to Sonic, but then saw the original Sparkster.
    Joel: That's not Sonic! That's my original the character [beat, normal voice] James.
  • Joel finds an NES rom that attempts (and fails) to emulate Windows 98. The "programs" he opens are actually just non-functional still images, as Joel slowly learns the hard way. And yes, he tries to corrupt it like he has the other versions of Windows. The results are equal parts amusing and surreal.
  • The NES bootleg showcase that happened right before the Mr. Bones' Wild Ride episode...
    • One of the multicarts has a game labeled as "DONGKEY KONG".
    • One of the multicarts Joel loads has a Gangnam Style-themed intro screen, but the emulator breaks it, resulting in non-functioning, glitchy "music" and graphical tearing (switching to a different emulator makes it work)
    Joel: There's Gangnam Style, and there's a fucking earthquake going on. In fact, they're dancing so erotically that it's breaking the world.
    • Fruit Pig. Joel refers to Fruit Pig as Peppa, and is so charmed by her little victory dance at the end of the level, that he adds the Kirby Dance and a pink DUANE to dance with her.
    • The bizarre Dream Fighter game. He speculates that all of the characters are secretly cereal mascots, and player character Tony is Tony The Tiger.
    • "Dear bootlegger, I want you to chew on cotton. Your Swedish pal, Joel. p.s. Eat dildos."
    • Joel's reaction to Super Maruo, a bizarre Mario bootleg in which the player (who sort of looks like Mario) has to avoid the dog and chase down a female character. Once you do, it plays an animation of this character exposing her breasts. Then, in subsequent levels, the sprites are naked.
      • What's even worse is that Super Maruo is actually a porn game. If Joel played it even further, he'd get a nasty surprise and a possible Twitch ban.
    Joel: [zooms in on the sprite of the dog] This game is a, big ol' metaphor for "doggy style", huh?
  • Joel playing real cartridges full of real bootlegs on real hardware!
    • Police vs. Thief Violent Chasing has almost no sound whatsoever. Joel fixes it by playing a mashup of the Gourmet Race song with "Fuck tha Police" over it.
    • Joel noticing the "Ootototel" in Super Contra 7 (where one can take a na-na-na-na-nap)
    • Milk Nuts.
    • Going full circle, he plays Dian Shi Ma Li, featuring Grand Dad's "distant cousin"
    • Joel showing off other odd plug and play consoles, such as a Fantastic Four one hooked to a toy vehicle, and Taffy, which features an inflatable pony and would apparently be a good gift for bronies.
    Joel: You got, uh, Twilight Cupcake right there!
    • Buff Chicken.
    • Tunny, a bizarre hack of SonSon with helicopters, Donkey Kong in a spacesuit, and a very trippy glitch.
    • Joel finds the unhacked version of the Jungle Book NES game, resulting in a callback to the Lion King version from the Insane Mario Bootlegs stream. He also goes on a brief tirade accusing JonTron of "stealing" his jokes about the "twerking" Simba in said bootleg.
      Joel: (reading chat) "JonTron flashback"- oh, yeah, I remember when JonTron stole my meme. how fucking dare he
    • Joel trying to play Bokosuka Wars, quickly resulting in its rather interesting (and actually in the game) Game Over ("WOW! YOU LOSE!")
  • During his first Sega Genesis Madness stream, Joel stumbles across some bootleg fighting games. One such game is Top Fighter 2000, starring Muhammad Ali versus such memorable opponents as Michael Jordan (or Michael Joden, as the game calls him), Cyclops (or Cycl), and Goku. Joel loses his shit when he sees Goku in the game's intro and continues yelling for almost a full minute while going through the character selection screen. He dubs it "Mugen before Mugen".
    Joel: (upon defeating Goku as Joden) I did it. I have defeated anime once and for all.
  • And now, game clones on the MSX
    • When he shows off the box arts for it, he is greatly amused by the subtitle on one of them, "A Classic Game", and also jokes that it was originally called Oh No!, but was replaced by Oh Shit! when it didn't sell well (in reality, it was a Market-Based Title; Oh Shit! in Europe, Shit in Japan, and Oh No! in the UK).
      Joel: The title is funny in itself, but it's the word that's above it, "A Classic Game". What is the classic game? It's SHIT!!, from Eurosoft! The classic. The classic makers of Shit.

  • Joel plays pirated GTA games with very little effort put into them. The crowner is his reaction to a misspelling on a Wolverine-themed version.
    • There's also his reaction to a RoboCop (2014)-themed one where the cover confused the human name of the titular character to another Murphy, misspelled as "EDY MURPHY".
    • He players one pirated game with Vegeta modded in. The model is horribly rendered in during the cutscenes and there's also Joel's shock at Vegeta's "flying".
    • When he plays the game with Wolverine modded in, he's shocked when the game opens with a clip from The Wolverine, thinking the film is in the video.
    • He tries to give the poorly modded CJ as Wolverine an afro, only to end up with CJ's dark-skinned face and afro on Wolverine's body as if Logan stripped the flesh off of Carl's head and is wearing it like a mask. Joel worries that it might be racist.
  • Joel holds a "funeral" for his bootlegged, red, PlayStation 2 controller. Yes, seriously. Watch it in its full, hammy glory here. The shenanigans that happen include Joel singing "My Heart Will Go On" with a shitty MIDI as backup music, making a "trash man" joke, writing the controller's "grave marker" in Comic Sans, and proceeding to buy a new controller.
  • In one part of his playthrough of Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, he fights a Trainer in the Goldenrod Underground who he notices is quite short. It reminds him of his beloved Danny DeVito, so he proceeds to put DeVito's face on this Trainer. He then places his face on the Pokemon he uses, a Growlithe and a Koffing; for the latter he even dyed DeVito's face purple.
    • He later fights a Rocket Grunt with a Weezing. He puts two DeVitos on Weezing's two faces and dyes them both purple.
  • In the Pokemon Chinese Emerald bootleg, Professor Birch is named "Dr. Odd". Joel quickly points out that the name sounds like one that would be used for a Saturday Morning Cartoon antagonist, imagining that "Dr. Odd" wants to build a "Moon Destroyer" by stealing the "Moon Crystals", and that he wants to steal "ALL THE WORLD'S LOVE!!" with said destroyer.
    • Additionally, he encountered a wild Ralts which is called "Perce" in this bootleg and proceeds to put Pierce Brosnan's face on it.
  • In one Chinese Game Boy bootleg stream Joel played a bootleg Pokémon game and noticed that Brock was called "Gun". He placed a hand with a gun next to Brock's face and manipulated his mouth to give him a more aggressive expression but then realized he accidentally created Duke Nukem. He proceeded to put sunglasses on Brock and played with his mouth as he imitated Nukem's voice.
    My name is Brukie Nukie! (laughs)
  • Joel's playthrough of a Brazilian Mario bootleg made on the Wii is about as hilariously bad as one would expect, attempting to adapt every game before New Super Mario Bros. using said game's engine - key word being attempted. Special mention goes to a chat member who pointed out that there's a fan-made Brazilian dub of the Hotel Mario intro, and his reaction to it is glorious.[[labelnote:*]]The original can be found here, which has an English translation and Meme Acknowledgement from the video's creator.
    Brazilian!Mario: "We have to save the Princess!"
    (a ClipArt turtle representing Bowser appears on screen)
    Joel: PFFFFFFFFfffffhfhfhfhfh...
    Brazilian!Luigi: "WATCH OUT, IT'S BOWSER!"
    Brazilian!Mario: (takes a deep breath) WOOOOOO!!
    (Joel laughing to the point of audibly running out of breath)

  • To kick off 2016, he made an Undertale mod of Hard Time.
    • When playing as Mettaton, he misspells it as Metaton first. Later, when he realizes his mistake, he "fixes" the Metatton.
    • The fact that the prison is populated almost entirely by Temmies. hOI!
    • Alphys as his lawyer.
    • Everything around the 16 minute mark, including, but not limited to: Toriel calling and threatening Frisk with blowing up the place, Madjick taking a cigarette back from Frisk after demanding it back and throwing it away for no discernible reason, and the whole place promptly exploding.
    • After a particularly brutal fight, the game inadvertently turns Frisk into a Deadpan Snarker:
      Frisk (in court): I never intended to hurt Warden Diaz! It was an argument that got out of hand...note 
      Joel: Frisk, you snarky asshole.
    • Another fight involving Frisk has them trapping a Whimsalot on top of a toilet, locking it in an endless loop of trying to stand back up, despite having its legs cut off and promptly falling down until it dies from its injuries.
    • The fact that both Frisk and Mettaton are killed by Alphys and Jerry, respectively.
  • A skeleton in a fantasy world that practices Hokuto Shinken, wields a machine gun and a lightsaber and rides a giant chicken? Must be Joel playing Skyrim with a bunch of crazy mods.
    Joel: It is a weird day.
    • The first thing Joel does when he creates his skeleton character is fiddle with the customizations (which have absolutely no effect on a person with no face, skin, or gender for that matter).
      Joel: Sex... <fiddles with the Sex slider> se-sexy skeletons?
    • When Joel dies to a dog, because the skeleton character doesn't ragdoll on death, he dies standing still while the dog sits down underneath his standing re-dead corpse, which makes it look like the dog is giving him a blowjob. Then the subsequent loading screen tooltip gives this gem:
      "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany."
      — Obi-Wan Kenobi
    • Joel tries out the mount mod by spawning some ridiculous creatures to use as mounts... one of which is a horse-sized chicken.
      Joel: Video games... have been mastered. There is no need for more video games in the world... When you see a big bone, riding a giant cock, with an AK-47... You KNOW... there's no point anymore.
      • The sight of a 10x upscaled chicken mount frantically running while covering the same distance as a regular chicken mount is a sight to behold. Then the Chocobo theme is added to it.
      Joel: Now that is a big cock. Big old... swiggity swoody, I'm comin' for the booty.
    • Joel kills a dragon mount with his AK-47, which causes the now-ragdolled dragon to suddenly spaz out and eventually float away into the air in hilarious ways.
      Joel: I gotta say... when your parents tell you that... things are impossible, like becoming a ballerina in the sky... FUCK 'EM. Become a dragon and... FUCK 'EM. Just go!
    • The way Joel gives emphasis to the message "Human Heart Added":
  • Joel decides to play Kerbal Space Program... with mods attached. Hilarity Ensues.
    • When Joel figures out how to operate weapons in the game, one of the first things he does is shoot down the flagpole.
    • Joel uses his mods to equip a corvette with tank cannons (which later gets replaced by dual Howitzers, then a rocket launcher), an American flag on the hood, and a bottle of Jack Daniel's as an ornament.
      • At one point, Joel aims the twin Howitzers to the ground and fires them. The shockwave knocks the Howitzers off.
      • With the rocket launcher, he manages to demolish the hangar.
      • Joel tries to kill one of the Kerbals with his weapons. It doesn't work.
      • Whenever Joel tries to drive his weaponized Corvette, he frequently flips it over, causing the weapons to explode.
    • Joel builds a cheeseburger on wheels with rocket launchers attached. It speaks for itself.
    • Joel tries to build a mecha named "FREEDOM FUCKER Mk. 1." It goes well.
      • The first time he tests FREEDOM FUCKER out, it immediately falls over and explodes.
      Joel: I'm okay. I'm okay. (piloting capsule starts spinning away) I'll just breakdance outta here.
      • When Joel attaches a bomb to FREEDOM FUCKER's back, the first thing he does with it is detonate it. Let's just say the results exceeded his expectations.
      • Joel later attaches booster rockets to FREEDOM FUCKER and launches it. Cue the mecha somersaulting and crash-landing... while the bomb is armed.
      • During his second flight, he drops the bomb while it's still above him.
      • Eventually, Joel arranges FREEDOM FUCKER's rockets to optimize its balance. The only problem is how he positioned the front rocket. At one point, he considers giving it a gun.
      • Joel's first two attempts at flying the new and improved FREEDOM FUCKER don't go too well, but the second attempt is absolutely phenomenal. FREEDOM FUCKER immediately tilts over before it can even get off the ground. Joel evacuates and is sent flying by FREEDOM FUCKER's explosion before a booster rocket flies into a tank and blows it up. Then Joel decides to plant the American flag right in front of the wreckage.
      • During FREEDOM FUCKER's first real flight with the cocket, it ends up facing the sky, prompting Joel to try shooting down God. Then FREEDOM FUCKER runs out of fuel, entreating us to the sight of a phallic robot falling to Earth with its special something facing the ground.
      • FREEDOM FUCKER's second real flight is even more amazing: the moment Joel drops the bomb, it flies off behind him. Meanwhile, FREEDOM FUCKER angles down towards the ground and crash-lands before it can turn around. Then Joel notices the Corvette by the launchpad, with Jeb still in it.
      • After the success of FREEDOM FUCKER's second flight, Joel replaces the regular bomb with THE TSAR BOMBA.Explanation  When he first tries out his new equipment, he deploys it mid-launch. FREEDOM FUCKER explodes, and the cockpit ends up floating in mid-air as FREEDOM FUCKER's engines fly off. While Joel wonders why nothing's happened yet, the bomb explodes, creating a mushroom cloud that can be seen from space.
      Joel: That was a pretty good bomb; let's do fifteen.
      • During his second attempt with the Tsar FREEDOM FUCKER, it immediately dives into the ground and explodes. The punchline comes in when the pilot shows up, completely unfazed.
      • On the third flight, FREEDOM FUCKER crashes, the Tsar Bomba duds (as Joel forgot to arm it), and one rocket keeps flying forward, loops up, and lands at the launchpad, stuck upside-down in the ground and still firing its engine.
      Joel: Is this podracing?
    • After Joel concludes that FREEDOM FUCKER is too problematic to send into space, he makes a simple rocket... with the Tsar Bomba attached to the front on a two-girder beam.
      • The very fact that Joel's initial goal with the rocket was to nuke the moon.
      • When Joel first tries out the rocket, it immediately explodes because of all the fuel tanks he slapped onto it.
      • During his first successful flight with the rocket, Joel attempts to drop the Tsar Bomba above Earth so he can see the explosion from space. It instead flies off, almost colliding with the rocket, before Joel decouples the booster rockets and isolates the capsule. Then the Tsar Bomba explodes from overheating. All accompanied by a catchy Cold War song from the '50s.
      • During Joel's second flight, he isolates the capsule, then realizes that he's still got the Tsar Bomba attached to him. He then evacuates and hopes to watch it crash-land, only for it to dud.
      • His third flight is easily the biggest highlight of the stream: after isolating the capsule, he tries to kamikaze the Earth, before realizing that he can just drop the bomb right there.Explanation  The two-girder beam then bends, throwing Joel into the bomb and setting it off, all to the tune of a "Nuclear" remix.
      • "Nuking people is the hardest thing ever, apparently."
      • When Joel launches the Tsar Bomba from a closer range, it utterly decimates the entire Space Center... but leaves one Kerbal alive.
      Joel: He's a fucking mutant now.
      • Joel decides to forgo the booster rocket on his last attempt. When he releases the Tsar Bomba, it knocks off the capsule. Right after he crashes, the bomb explodes.
      Joel: Bad decisions.
  • Joel revisits Façade by corrupting it, with disturbing results. Trip and Grace have their bodies morph into spheres with their heads on top, like the melons they so loathe; Trip's hand continuously extends from his sphere-body rather suggestively of something; and Grace often speaks Trip's lines instead of her own, to name a few things. To drive the point home:
    Joel: What the fuck have I done to this game, man?! (picks up Magic 8-Ball pentagram) Can you tell me what I did wrong?
    Magic 8-Ball Pentagram: NO
    Joel: (drops it) Aaugh!
  • Joel's playing of several Doom wads.
    • "Let's play this one, it's called "seancon". "SEAN CONNERY GETS A WRENCH STUCK IN HIS ANAL HOLE: THE MOVIE: THE GAME".
      • Jesus saying: "I want your sweet, sweet fluids." mainly due to Joel's delivery.
    • The "Extreme Weapons" pack, which includes a toothbrush as a weapon and a shotgun that loads very slowly.
    • This dialogue in another mod:
      Police Guard: Where is your ticket, sir?
      Marine: Uhhh, it's in my other space marine suit!
    • In an map, shouts of: "Moderfucker!" are playing from the enemies.
    • This face.
    • The Ultimitu of reversals, especially the 'derp' faces.
    • During the "Ghoul Forest" wad, Joel initially assumes you're supposed to hang around the campfire you start next to, as wandering too far away reduces your vision to zero. Then the campfire goes out.
      Joel: Oh, it goes out! Okay, I'm ready for you man! I'm fuckin' ready, I am a fighter! I have the sharpness of a cobra, baby! I... I can't see shit.
  • Joel's Doom level contest has just started, but has already shown the awesome talent of the Vinesauce well as some laughs.
    • Two words: Vinesauce Rap. Joel jokingly declares the wad it's in the winner after hearing a few verses of it, and later loses it at the deadpan namedropping of Rev, when the rest of the team got more bombastic lyrics devoted to them.
    • Another submission contains the "Hall of Chumps"note . Highlights include a portrait of Dio (which Joel calls "Goku"), a Sans portrait labeled with "Ness", and JonTron labeled "PewDiePie" (which Joel calls "Markiplier").
  • Joel's Binding of Isaac mods stream features a joke mod that he installed which changes Monstro to a jpeg of a fat Bugs Bunny named "Big Chungus". The fight against the boss is borderline unplayable thanks to an unintuitive hitbox and difficult-to-avoid attacks thanks to the boss's size. The terrible boss fight almost turns into a Running Gag because Joel keeps forgetting to uninstall the mod, and he expresses dread every time it comes up.

    ROM Hacks 
  • Joel plays Druggy Final Fight, a drug-themed ROM hack of Mighty Final Fight on the NES. This is the second time he's played it, this time for Hardcore Fridays. Said hack massively buffs Haggar into a total Game-Breaker. The entire playthrough is something to behold.
    • The Obligatory Swearing and homophobia. Belger is renamed "Mayor Faggot" for one.
    • The plot: Belger laces Haggar's food with PCP. Haggar answers a phone call and immediately believes that Cody was kidnapped... despite Cody being in the same room with him!
    • Haggar going on a rampage with the implication that he's actually killing innocent people as he storms across Metro City.
    • The Game-Breaker mods done to Haggar are surprisingly poorly implemented and suffer from a rollover bug. When Haggar levels up, his stats roll over and go back to this level 1 or 2 equivalent, meaning he actually gets weaker when he levels up and Joel has to get a Game Over and use a continue to get Haggar back up to Game-Breaker status.
    • The bosses try and fail to reason with Haggar.
    • Joel liberally using Haggar's flying butt stomp and Spinning Clothesline.
    • The graphical edits to include vulgarities. And the blinking GO! sign saying "Say No To Drug." (Just the one. Running joke.)
    • The final fight (pun intended) against Belger, as overseen by what Joel assumes to be Voltron, who appears to be wholly neutral about the whole thing.
    • The ending. Haggar finally comes down from his PCP high and is aghast at what he's done. It's implied that Haggar kills himself over this, and Guy and a completely indignant Cody leave him to it! Joel promptly serenades the late Mike Haggar with "Hulkster In Heaven."
    • The character select screen:
    Cody: Do not be Cody. Be Haggar.
    Gay: Do not be Guy. Be Haggar.
    Haggar: Haggar is number one you idiot.
  • Religious Rom Hacking Extravaganza:
    • Mario with a distorted face (supposed to be Jesus)... who occasionally rides a skateboard.
    • GARGD
    Joel: Okay. Why don't you shout more Polish at me, you fuck.
    • Joel makes "everyone" have smiley faces and decides to make Ken naked.
    • The various changes Joel makes to the text in Grand Dad. Due to technical limitations of the program he uses, he can only change the "PUSH START BUTTON!" text, but he has a lot of fun with it, and produces hilarious results like "PRAISE®JESUSUTTON!" and "FIST START BUTTON!"
  • The "Spooky Mario Hacks" livestream, which is anything but spooky. Joel either runs into badly done sprite swaps or Nintendo Hard levels (or, as Joel puts it, "Kaizo difficulty").
    • One ROM hack in particular named Super Spooky Bros. had, to Joel's increasing disappointment, literally zero changes done to it until reaching Peach, at which point this hilarious text edit appears:
      WATCH OUT .
      IM GONNA GET U .
  • Joel utterly cracking up at the ending of Super Donkey Kong 64
  • Joel tries out some speed hacks for NES games, such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 3, the latter being utterly broken because Mario is going too fast. Cue Joel absolutely losing his shit when he somehow manages to die in a Toad House by glitching through the floor. Without even trying.
    Joel: If the demo fucks up, then I wonder how I will do, huh?
    • Joel's changes Simon Belmont's speed while the game is running, different speeds messing with the levels in different ways due to how the game loads said levels (at one point ending up with a huge glitchy block that can't be passed, forcing him to restart the game), sometimes disabling scrolling and causing Simon to Wrap Around the area he is in, and sometimes going so fast that poor Simon is trapped in doors (again forcing restarts) and getting killed instantly once reaching the ceiling due to the game thinking it's a Bottomless Pit. The kicker is when Joel reaches the boss and sets the speed to 60, when he somehow manages to glitch the game into opening a door that wasn't meant to be opened, trapping Simon in what looked like an infinite loop. After setting the speed to 99, the game finally allows Simon to leave the loop, and he ends up in a Minus World.
    Joel: I have gone so fast, I'm in like the secret room that nobody knew existed! What?
    • It gets more bizarre when the cross item turns the room blood red and the head of a fishman comes up like a secret treasure, completely shocking Joel. Eventually Joel manages to figure out how to exit the Minus World (going up invisible stairs and falling down a pit in the next area), which deposits Simon in Stage 2 (albeit with the Stage 1 tileset, with Ghouls instead of Knights and glitched blocks)
    Joel: Now this is how you play Castlevania, okay?
  • Pokémon Red Randomizer:
    • There's something oddly amusing about how his first attempts with it go: the first one he tries only randomizes the starter Pokémon, so he searches for a way to randomize the encounters. After finding another mod, he goes to pick his starter. All three of them were set to "Pokémon" with index numbers that did not exist in the first generation, resulting in Glitch Pokémon that end up crashing the game shortly after he so much as checks what they are. In short, he went straight from a mod that randomized too little to a mod that randomized too much.
    • After trying again, the first two starter options work, but the last one is another glitch. After picking one of the working ones, his rival goes over to select the glitched Pokéball/"0xF4".
      Joel: Oh— don't pick that one! Don't pick that one holy shit! Dude! Aw man! You're gonna ruin the fucking planet! Oak, dude, don't touch that one!
    • Joel approaching the first trainer of the game in Viridian Forest. It's a Gambler packing a Moltres that knows Double Kick, which tears through Joel's Rhyhorn like it's made of wet tissue paper.
  • Pokémon ROM Hacks part 1. Joel plays various other ROM Hacks, these being Pokémon Quartz, Pokémon Topaz and Pokémon My Ass versions (no, really). Quartz is a ROM hack of Ruby, Topaz is a ROM hack where the player is a new Team Rocket recruit, and My Ass is a satirical ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed. Quartz has its fair share of funny moments, given that it's badly translated from Spanish and My Ass version has some crude humour, leading to amusing reactions from Joel.
    • In Quartz, while picking his in-game character, Joel jokes about whether he wants to be the "cock or a vagina". He goes with the male protagonist, and it turns out that one of the name choices for him is "Koc".
    • Joel gives strange accents to the characters and uses these accents when pronouncing some of the Pokémon and town names, but the game then points out that the creator (Baro) is Spanish and finds translation to English difficult.
      Joel: [bursts out laughing] Oh, I feel like a dick now!
    • A PC in Baro's lab "doesn't use Windows because of VIRUS."
    • While trying to figure out his catchphrase in Quartz, Joel thought that Mufasa is the one who killed Simba. Anyone familiar with The Lion King would find something wrong with that sentence.
    • Joel's reactions to some of the... interesting designs in both Quartz and Topaz are priceless; this includes the starters from the former, who are all strange-looking eggs, and the Fire-type starter from the latter, who is quite literally a dog.
    • The title screen for My Ass replaces the image of Charizard with a crudely drawn butt.
    • Joel's reaction when Professor Oak states that Pokémon are sometimes used for food or as slaves.
    • In Pokémon My Ass, the game is only different when Red is selected, as stated by the game, where he is shirtless for some reason. Most NPCs don't seem to react to the fact that a ten-year-old is walking around shirtless.
    • The dialogue options for My Ass allow the protagonist to hit a youngster for no reason. The protagonist also hits the rival by himself after he says that he'll tell Daisy not to lend Red a map.
    • The way to Route 2 is blocked by an old man receiving a blowjob.
    • Brock receives an interesting redesign.
  • Joel's playthrough of a Game Mod of Super Mario 64, titled "Super Ultra Kaizo Memeio Road 128 Stars Extreme Edition Revenge Deluxe Release" (AKA "Wheelchair Mario"). Hilarity Ensues, naturally.
  • Pokemon Yellow Google Translate Edition brings us highlights like Gary being referred to as Oak's nephews, "Welcome to the Boston world," "Technology wins," Daisy disappearing after Joel checks the town map, and "The pizza is long!"
  • The Pokémon Crystal romhack a fan made called Joel's Bizarre Pokeventure is full of laughs, but there are several moments that really stick out.
  • Kaizo Mario 3, a game that broke Joel so thoroughly that he had an impromptu jam session in the middle of his playthrough and played Mortal Kombat II afterwards because he found beating its cheating AI cathartic after trying to play the ROM hack.
  • While playing Super Mario Medley (a ROM hack that compiles levels from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, and VS. Super Mario Bros.), Joel decides to do a bit making fun of overly-patriotic Americans— at which point he spots a wasp in his room (dubbed am "american hornet") and promptly freaks the fuck out. He then spends the next several minutes hiding from the wasp in his bathroom and threatening it with a guitar before eventually finding a Raid bottle and chasing it out his window. While his battle with the wasp isn't caught on-camera (since his webcam wasn't on), the audio alone is hysterical for the sheer hamminess with which Joel narrates the event, as well as with some of his descriptions about it (among other things claiming that he backflipped out of his chair the moment he saw the wasp).

    Everything Else, Part 1 
  • "This is...Ooooh no, no no, it's oooh an Inception! Inception! Inceptioneption! (no no!) Inception! Inceptioneption! (no no!) Inception!"
  • Joel plays some audio from the hentai Bible Black into a stream of Half-Life 2 Episode 2, voiced by none other than Dan Green, better known for voicing Knuckles and Mewtwo.
    Dan Green: Now CLUCK LIKE A CHICKEN!
    Female Voice: W-what?
    Dan Green: A CHICKEN! NOW!
    Female Voice: Ah — Bawk, bawk bawk!
    Joel: *Raucous laughter*
  • Joel meets the Space Reaper in Shadowgate.
  • Joel playing Shadow President, and deciding to nuke Norway. A fine example of Video Game Cruelty Potential, even with the "provocative ramifications".
  • Joel screaming 'GRATIS-SOFORTZUGRIFF' in this stream.
  • Joel's Mario Paint stream gives us the magnificence that is Quario.
  • In a wonderful bit of timing, a few minutes after Joel was warning the viewers to not download Project64 version 2.0 (or 2.1) because of it containing malware, his Majora's Mask stream comes to an early abrupt halt due to his computer blue screening. At least one person noted the irony.
    Joel: (random noise)—Shut up, man.
  • Joel spending over 10 minutes trying to smoke a pipe in a LOTR text game.
    • "Put pipeweed in Frodo."
    Game Text: You try to put in Frodo the pipewe but you can't.
    Joel: *losing it* This is fucking stupid!
    • And then he gives the pipe to Frodo, but Frodo refuses to give it back, so Joel kills Frodo, takes the pipe back and continues smoking it.
    Joel: *types* Frodo Smoke Pipe.
    Frodo: Sorry but I don't know how to do that.
    Joel: *types* Take Pipe From Frodo
    Game text: You try to take the old wooden pipe but Frodo has it.
    Joel: Oh he's hogging the bong! He's hogging the bong! He's hogging the bong! What a faggot. *promptly kills Frodo, takes pipe and smokes pipe.*
    Joel: *nearly losing it* Take Pipe. Smoke Pipe.
    Joel: *utterly losing it* Oh my god, I killed Frodo because he was hogging the bong!
    • "Smoko Frodo"
  • Joel and the infinite vomiting glitch in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. He keeps interrupting Big Boss' vomiting animation to make him try to open a door then cancels THAT into the puke animation for a huge amount of gunk. Highlights include a corrupted Snake Eater theme playing, the presence of the Brazzers logo, vomiting on an unconscious Raikov, two fan pics (one animated) of Big Boss puking his guts out and a cameo from Ocelot at the end.
  • Joel decides to play Half-Life... with an Atari 2600 controller.
  • Joel playing Dong Dong Never Die. It needs to be seen to be believed.
    • His reaction to Sheng Hua Nan, the gas mask guy...and his resemblance to Rev.
    Joel: AND REV!! We have Rev!![..] It's fuckin' Rev!
    Joel: And this guy. Fatty Old McTits. I guess. [Match begins. Jian's BGM plays...and it's "Ai Wo Torimodose."] OH SHIT!!! Are you kidding me!? Fist of the North Star?! YEAH, BOY!
    • Joel finds out Xiao Pan (the guy with the Autobot T-shirt) is Guile.
    Joel: You can't hit Asian AMERICA!
    Joel: [after beating Xiao Pan] Go home and be an Asian man!
  • Joel tells stories about Minus, a cat he had when he was two. His description of it as "surreal" is spot on.
  • Alligator Titty Arcade Madness. Joel plays some arcade games.
    • "...If the... car driver would scream as this is going on, it would be even better, so you know what?" <cue ludicrous speed driving as a headless kamikaze screams> "I think they're having a stroke."
    • The moment the video was named for: Joel plays The First Funky Fighter and encounters female alligators with breasts. He is dumbstruck.
      • "Wha-wha-WHAT? Alligators with ti—WHAT'S GOING ON?"
      • "What do you say Johnny, would you? Johnny would. Johnny would. But Johnny's also a crackhead."
    • Joel also plays Trio the Punch, and, as expected of a game of its type, it confuses him to no end.
      • "Get away from me Sanders, you done too much crack!"
      • Later, he fights a boss that is literally Colonel Sanders. "Oh my god, I was joking about Colonel Sanders before!"
  • Joel attempting to play a poorly designed text adventure called 'African Adventure' with almost every command he inputs being rejected. He starts to get hilariously annoyed and confused with the game. He resorts to asking it 'what' in various languages, swearing at the game in Swedish, and at one point typing in 'Kill Frodo' in his confusion. And then he finds out, through discovering the creator's notes on the game, that the creator deliberately didn't add in a status line and made the point values arbitrary. The whole experience is crowned by him calling the creator the "Phil Fish of DOS", along with adding one sentence to the notes:
    • Ultimately, Joel's experience in the game can amount to the main protagonist standing naked in his room, trying feebly to walk over towards a book, and a native throws a spear at our hero. Our hero then starts screaming at his pajamas, and finally starts yelling random lines and curses in different languages.
  • Two words: Drunk Joel.
    • While trying to look up the 13th episode of the 1993 JoJo OVA on Dailymotion, one of the search results Joel gets is... this.
      Joel: (slurring slightly) What the fuck i—That's not "The World"! Who the fuck are you, you fucking asshole?!
    • Joel being genuinely upset over Dio kicking with his bad leg.
    • And, for the finale, two more words: Drunk. Karaoke.
    • Joel is still mad about Dio kicking with his bad leg, leading to this:
    Joel (singing to the tune of "Sono Chi Da Sadame"): "It doesn't matter how you try to explain iiiiiit, andmanohmanthisshitgetsme, Dio kicked with his ba-ad leg! DON'T SKIP LEG DAY!"
  • Joel ad-libbing Dio and Skeletor's Bizarre Adventure. Especially since Dio's always been an example of Evil Sounds Deep, but Joel gives him a shrill British accent, and a serious case of Did Not Do the Bloody Research.
  • Joel dubbing theinfamous, legendarily awful Duwang translation of Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable. Even if you've never known of this series before, you'll have a good time with not only rather fitting voices, but also at how rudimentary some of the lines can be. And when he read Kira's famous line, he even reads the "chew" lines verbatim!
    • There's now a sequel, and it's just as good as the first one. The biggest highlight might be Joel's recital of Kira's infamous (though surprisingly accurate) discussion about his hand fetish.
  • For 4/20/2016, Joel played a collection of games about drugs, such as Wally Bear and the NO! Gang. In the midst of it, he brings up the bizarre Captain Lou Albano "go to hell before you die" PSA. Then he edits the ending "Just Say No" to say "Just Say Yis" (there was no E). But then, he realizes he can make it say something else...
  • Joel playing Way of the Samurai 4, or The Adventures of Dr. Pepper Chan.
    • "Naked. Ohhhh yeahhhh baybeh."
    • His abuse of the rather advanced character editing tools to give his character a sake jug as a hat, and have one "inside" its butt.
      • Later on, Joel gives him a conveniently placed jar to "expand dong".
    • His character's mission to create his own dojo spawned numerous DoJo's Bizarre Adventure jokes in the chat.
    • His reaction to the Hot Coffee Minigame is priceless. It might be the first time Joel was legitimately confused by what was happening on-stream.
    • He gives dojo fights alternate soundtracks, such as, of course, Guile's Theme.
  • Joel takes a look at some terrible Xbox indie games.
    • This quote is not in the highlights video, but it's still funny.
    Joel: Oh, Really Scary! ...Really now? Can I get a guarantee on that?
    • "wAS eht YOO!?"
    • Joel's completely monotone reaction to the spider first appearing.
    • *Ding dong* "Is that the pizza man?" *Ding dong DINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONG* "Okay JESUS CALM DOWN."
      • "Oh, my fleshlight has arrived."
    • Joel realizing his minimap sprite in Medieval Zombies is a penis.
    • Flappy Monkey. Flappy Bird, but you can poop on things.
      • "Was it not your sin or the crap that you feel?
    • "Okay stealth, go! Blblblblblblblblblblbl..."
    • Joel predicted that Dead Sea 2 would have a shark on two legs. Ask, and you shall receive.
  • Joel's attempt at "playing" Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Two words: "Batman Christ".
  • In Black Mesa, Joel covers a pizza box in blood, then manages to gib Barney with it!
  • Pokémon Stadium; After Joel defeats Nidoking with Surf
    Joel:"I'm causing fucking tidal waves, tsunamis, like, all these nearby people that live here, they're suffering because of my weird obsession with giant godzilla cock fights."
  • Joel playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
    • Thinking that "A Ticket to Heaven" is too subtle, he names his park "HELL PARK."
    • The Easier Than Easy maze, aptly titled "DONT GET LOST"
    • After setting up a bathroom at the end of a needlessly long walkway, he discovers that he can charge people to use the toilet. He also positions said bathroom directly above a roller coaster track and speculates that the guests get to experience a "fun, fudgey spray."
      "It's a feature!"
      • And then no one ever uses it.
    • "The Spook Zone, and the CALzone! Bam! Bam! Bam! Value! Value! Value! Va—Oh fuck. Ow, my arm."
    • When setting up a bumper-cars ride, Joel discovers that the "oriental" music is a stock stereotypical Asian tune. He then names his attraction "The Asian Driver Experience."
    Joel: Wow, going to Hell.
    • He also imagines the announcer for the ride:
    • The phallic tower drop rides, and the sexy music he decides to play over them.
      Notification: my dick has crashed!
    • Upon seeing a rather crowded & glitchy line for a ride, Joel fences the crowd in behind a brick wall and hides it with a flaming sign that says "NOTHING TO SEE HERE," nervously whistling the entire time.
    • Joel conducts the streams with OpenRCT2, an open source re-implementation of the game's engine that can work with its actual data, and has some additional features. Among them, there's a feature that names all the guests after users logged into the chat. But the real fun begins when he discovers the "Allow Lift Hill and Launch Speeds up to 255 mph" cheat. Long story short, everyone launches into space.
    • Joel getting a "most confusing park layout" award
    • Joel messes up the Great Wall of China by building a roller coaster through it, then adds "This is what Disney would do."
    • Joel's poorly constructed ride has the cart going off-rails and killing everybody on board. Joel promptly names the ride "Made in China."
    • "Free, pizza, goddamnit."
      • "Joke's on them, I poisoned their pizzas with... C-4."
    • Joel drowning a guest that complains about the lack of interesting rides, then building a doughnut shop on top of the corpse. Which he names "Nobody died here I promise :^)"
    • Joel decides to do another stream of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, cheats and all, and begins making a coaster that travels around the map four times before returning to its station. However, after passing the station once, it begins to slow down to a crawl, resulting in a long ride that would not be too far off from the infamous "Mr. Bones' Wild Ride."
    Joel: Is that go-karts on a train track? That's so stupid.
    • The game crashing right after Joel made a ride crash. Also doubles as frustrating, since all he'd made had been lost due to not saving.
  • On the January 17, 2016 stream, after losing his arcade ROM collection, Joel discovers that it also has multiplayer mode. (Highlights Video link.
    • Joel builds three roller coasters that all lead straight into a skull. The ride's name? "THE BONE ZONE."
    • When the mod for one server threatens to kick out people who kill guests, Joel compensates by adding skeletons everywhere until the park is in an incredible amount of debt. Then he gets disconnected from the server, but the timing makes Joel think he got banned.
    Joel: Banned for being a fucking moron.
    • Joel builds a reverse freefall coaster with as much height as the game can support and a swan boat as the vehicle, and it goes up the a snail's pace. Joel is upset by how slow it moves, and as it finally reaches the top, he comments "Prepare for disappointment". Whereupon the swan boat instantly and inexplicably explodes. Cue Joel losing it.
      • Then when he makes three reverse freefall swan boats overlap, they get stuck at the top until at least one flies into space and the others explode.
      Joel: I told you guys not to move.
    • Joel making the merry-go-round of all things crash by power-launching it. Of course, Joel dubs it the "Merry-go-DIE".
    Joel: Anyone else wanna go on the merry-go-round?
    GeePM: succ
    Joel: Stop with the succ, alright? Stop it.
    • Back at the free fall swan boat, Joel discovers that the riders' idle animation is now glitching out, flashing between every vehicle in the game.
    • Joel tries to explain his rationale for naming one of his rides "Gushing Grannies."
    Joel: It makes sense, 'cause there's a skull, and, y'know, old people sometimes die, so i-i-its, woo!
    Joel: You want the bee? You wanna fuck the bee?
    • Later on, the message says "I FUCK BEES ON TV"
    • Joel notices an absurdly short, absurdly fast roller coaster named "DA PO PO BE FAST ON YO ASS." Then the game crashes.
    • Just like the skeleton chaos server, everyone spams trees and hills all over the park. Joel dubs it "top park." Then the server disconnects.
    • On the first server he went on, a few of the players fortunately figured out it was Joel (even though he misspelled his own username a tiny bit) right off the bat, so at least they took his de facto griefing in humor.
    • The Spooky Spray
    • A minor Freeze-Frame Bonus, someone also made a ride called "Undertale: The Movie" (The Ride?)
  • Joel's playthrough of Undertale had plenty of laughs in between the occasional emotions and DETERMINATION.
    • The Running Gag of him either misreading or mispronouncing words such as scrapbooking, quiche and even Asgore's name. In fact, most of the streams involve him constantly debating himself as to whether Asgore is pronounced "AHS-gore" or "ASS-gore."
    • Joel decides to mess with Toriel at the beginning of the game, by constantly running down into the basement. Toriel goes from gentle admonishment to pure bewilderment.
    Joel: She's probably like, "Why did I bother saving this stupid fucking child?"
    Joel: (meeting Papyrus) I'm beginning to think that you guys wanting me to play this had something to do with this, huh?
    • True to form, Joel's continual amusement and adoration of Papyrus, to the point where virtually everything in Papyrus' room has Joel laughing. Also true to form, Joel voices Papyrus as "a more pompous Skeletor".
    • After grinding for gold in Temmie Village, Joel discovers that he has the exact same soundfont used to create that area's music. He then uses said soundfont to remix a Slayer MIDI. Have a listen.
    • At the beginning of one stream, Joel rants about how vampires are supposed to be unsexy, bringing up Nosferatu and aswangs as references.
    Joel: Suck on that tooth.
    Joel: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Grandma! Let me out of the chaaaiiir!!
    • Joel's reaction to Mettaton's transformation and new body]
      Joel: Oh my god. It turned into fucking Jojo.
      Joel: Is now a good time to do Papyrus' original voice? a.k.a. THE GREAT SPEEDWAGON~
      Joel: (During the fight) I'll pose him back. I will out-pose him. Trust me, I've learned great things from Joseph.
    • During the "date" with Undyne, Joel blurts out "I'd fuck the fish", promptly turning it into a Running Gag. In the post-game, his reaction to Undyne asking the player to deliver a love letter to Alphys and their ensuing romance is priceless.
    Undyne: Why don't I do it myself...? ...Um. W-Well... I-It's kind of personal, but we're friends...
    Joel: Oh no. (Beat) Oh no! My ambitions and dreams! No! Dammit! DAMMIT!
    • Immediately afterwards, his dialogue with Papyrus:
    Joel: That's right, that's why I love you, Papyrus, you slut. (Beat, starts cracking up)
    Joel: Is she gonna be horrible? (Alphys comes on-screen in her dress, and Joel is heard pretending to puke)
    • After this happened, Joel became quite the Yandere and vowed on Twitter to slit Alphys' eyes open for stealing Undyne from him. And then the Genocide Route wouldn't even let him do that.
    • The first time Joel entered Alphys' lab and saw the cat figurine on her desk, he made the requisite "I'm a neko, I'm a cat!" jokes...then went upstairs to find a huge Mew Mew Kissy Cutie poster on her wall, and could only worriedly sputter out a "Oh dios mio sacremento" in response.
  • Joel's reaction to fighting Photoshop Flowey at the end of the Neutral Route.
    Joel: Uh... OH! Uh, OK, then. Good! Gawd! What am I looking at?!?
    • On that note, Flowey completely overpowers Joel, having his game close multiple times.
  • While the Genocide route is mostly filled with Joel feeling incredibly distraught about killing every character he's come to love, his reaction to Sans' boss fight near the end of the route is priceless. Especially his reaction to what happens when he takes Sans' offer of mercy, after the Twitch chat urged him to accept it. The best bit is his huge "WHAT THE FUCK?!" reaction. The lead up is amazing too, starting up truly heartbreaking and then...
    Joel: You want me to spare him? Well I saved, so, if it...maybe, I don't save again and we can get se— ah ah...alright fine, I'll spare him. I know that's contradictory to the Genocide run, but...fuck. Fine, fine, I saved anyway. I probably can do that again. Here we go.
    Sans: you're sparing me? finally. buddy. pal. i know how hard it must make that choice. to go back on everything you've worked up to. i want you to know...i won't let it go to waste...c'mere, pal.
    Joel: Man, it feels so good. asshole he is, he's still my buddy in the end. (sigh) Ah, heart when he said that comment...oh fuck me...oh...(presses a button, advances text...cue inescapable bone zone!) Ah— AHH WHAT THE FUCK?!!!! (cue Game Over and sped up Dogsong)
    Sans: geeettttttt dunked on!!!
    Joel: Get dunked on?! I have to do that again?! You lied to me! You lied to me!! AUUGHHHHH!!! What is this fucking shit?! (Beat)... *sigh*... I am never listening to chat again. I gotta... I gotta do that again? Like, it invalidated everything I've done? Hmm. Owh. Owh yeah. Excuse... excuse me for a moment, I need to drink the chlorine. I'll be back. Hang on, french fries. (Beat) Alright, I'm back. I hate you guys so much. Goddamn it. Goddamn you guys. I trusted you! The one time I listened to chat and you do this to me?! You guys suck! You don't get to go to my Goldeneye pizza party fuckers goddamn you fuckers fuck off....
    • After the dunking, Joel reaches the same point again:
    Joel: NOT THIS TIME YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!! (attacks Sans, only for him to dodge again)
    Joel: (chuckles, then angrily): NO SHIT!!!!!
    • In general, Joel's reactions against the Genocide Final Boss is perhaps the funniest in all of YouTube, particularly due to him reacting as if in a chat with the game.
    Joel, against the Alpha Strike: Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA WHOA WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! WHAT THE FUCKING — OH MY GOD—! (He dies. Cue the Game Over screen.) ...WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!! (The Game Over screen tells him he'll be all right.) I'm not going to be all right, what the fuck was that?! What?! I'm sorry, WHAT?! Holy shit! Do I really have to fight Sans?!
    • And of course, his reaction to this famous line...
    Joel: "It feels like you're going to have a bad time?" NO SHIT I'M HAVING A BAD TIME!
  • At the end of one stream, Joel completely breaks down into hysterical giggling upon discovering somebody had been spamming the Vinesauce booru with pictures of horse dicks.
  • His streaming of an Undertale-themed Super Mario Bros. ROM hack starts with a placeholder image of him as Kenshiro, which he then decides to replace with a better image... and accidentally brings up fanart of him kissing Undyne... which he then hastily removes claiming it wasn't the pic he wanted. You're not fooling anyone, Joel. See it here...
    Joel: Wait... no, that not the picture I wanted — DAMMIT, GET OUTTA HERE! (breaks down laughing)
    • Staying with that same hack, while playing around in it, he pastes the spr_mysteryman_0 sprite on screen and jokes that he unlocked W. D. Gaster, who is basically the game's biggest tribute to the concept of the Dummied Out trope. Afterward when back on the title screen (bear in mind the two player option is blanked out) he decides to see what the hack did with Luigi (since it sprite edited Mario into Papyrus.) Only to then find out that in this hack, Gaster. How very meta. And the ending text isn't changed to accommodate him!
  • And now Deltarune
    • When he "creates" his character, he logically names it "Joel". Until he learns he also has to name its "creator". He winds up typing in "Luigi".
    • The voices he gives everyone end up being quite silly, such as Lancer, who gets the "Baby Joel" treatment. The Bait-and-Switch involving the reveal of Ralsei throws Joel off, given that he had been voicing his exposition with an epic voice ... only to learn that he's actually an adorable goat (he ends up settling on one reminiscent of Otacon)
    Joel: [HELLO EVERYONE, I AM RALSEI, DESTROYER OF THE WORLDS!! I'm sorry, um, ... what do?
  • Joel gets into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... for the SNES. As he plays the game, he becomes increasingly frustrated about how butchered the storyline is, since he ends up fighting Gray Fly in the Japanese school's bathroom instead of on the plane and Polnareff is encountered as a random shopkeeper in Japan (though he admits the music is cool).
    • Immediately upon starting the game, Joel spends time being amused by the animation of spinning Jotaro caused by pressing the shoulder buttons repeatedly. He starts claiming the rapid spinning Jotaro is the work of an enemy Stand...before correcting himself and saying its the Spin power instead. Later, he does the same with the other playable characters.
      Joel (as Joseph): Grandson, we have to defeat DIO.
      Joel (as Jotaro): (In a surfer dude's voice) Not now. I am spinning to winning.
      Joel (as Joseph): Jotaro Kujo, fuck off! We have to get to Egypt!
      Joel (as Jotaro): No dad! I wanna be a cool...Beyblade! Anime.
    • Joel interpreting Jotaro as a Cloudcuckoolander Manchild throughout the stream.
    • With how everything Joel clicks on says "Nothing here," Joel clicks on Jotaro's own head. Result? "Nothing here."
    • Joel clicks on a toilet for a laugh...only instead of the usual "nothing here" text, it actually has unique dialogue: "Jotaro did his business." (There's a flushing sound too!) Joel then clips the textbox over Jotaro "humping" Gray Fly's dead body.
    • When Jotaro removes the mind-control bud from Kakyoin and Polnareff's head, what's the battle cry used for it by the fan translation? "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!" And yes, both times it looks like Jotaro is doggy-styling Kakyoin and Polnareff in each instance.
  • After having had his channel stolen by a troll for nearly a week and losing 10 to 20 percent of his subscribers, Joel made his triumphant return to YouTube. What did he have to say about the whole incident?
    Joel: "Well that was fucking stupid, wasn't it?"
  • Joel attempting to follow Bob Ross via Mario Paint.
    • Even funnier is at 31:45 of the third part in the full stream
    Joel: (in a funny Scandinavian accent) "Do you dare enter the mountain cabin of Wintersand, and get the Spade of Fiingilduuf? Will you get the Crystals of Gringiff? And defeat the evil Gloomboof? Oh Yes! But first you have to have the bits, and the boots, of Gringledoof! Go north into the cabin and get the sword of Gildith!"
  • Watching Fist of the North Star... and messing with the subtitles. (Contains much corpsing.)
    • First he changes it to a "metal" font, which is nearly illegible.
    • Next he sets the font to Wingdings. This makes a heartfelt moment much less so.
    • Then he decides on 36-point Comic Sans.
    • After that, he decides to improve upon it by changing the size to 72-point and the color to bright pink.
    • Then he jokes he'll put his edition on torrent sites and "spread it around like a fuckin' HIV virus."
    • After that, he changes the colors to cyan and red and increases the font size even more. This means some lines don't show up fully, resulting in such gems as "right! Get angry. Get" and "just saw was my fighting spirit."
      • Seeing "What's wrong, Kenshiro?" at such a huge font size is hilarious as well.
    • Then he changes the color of the subtitles to yellow and the shadow to pink, moves it to the corner, and changes to a more narrow font, resulting in the line "Hurryandgrowup" covering Lin's eyes, which causes Joel to laugh even harder than he already had been.
    • Finally, he does... well, it's certainly something. The result is the subtitles are now all over the video, prompting Joel to ask, "Who spilt the alpha soup on the screen?"
    • The frequent "TAB" that shows up in Shin's first scene.
    • Joel looping footage of a weary Raoh trying to get up: "Silly Raoh, you can't swim on land!"
  • During one of his Mugen streams, Joel comes across Ragna the Bloodedge and proceeds to completely lose it in reaction to the character's ridiculous tryhard edgelord name.
    Joel: "Is that his real name?! No... There's no way a character is called... Ragna the Bloodedge... I refuse to believe that any character on the fucking planet is seriously called the Bloodedge. It's like the most Linkin Park, pre-pubescent... Like... It's like the most Kingdom Hearts, emo Deviantart crap ever. Ragna the Bloodedge. Is that his real name? I'm sorry for laughing at that but what the fuck? Bloodedge. That's like a parody name of something a twelve year old wrote. Its like: MY CHARACTER'S NAME IS RAGNA THE BLOODEDGE HE'S GOT TWELVE SWORDS, A DEMON EYE AND HE CAN TELEPORT AND HE SHOOTS BLOOD OUT OF HIS TESTICLES. Oh god!"
    • Come late February 2018 and he returns to the world of MUGEN with a screenpack geared towards him. Even better? One of the characters is Joel himself! (albeit a colourswap of Michael Roa Valdamjong.) Said MUGEN!Joel has moves and Strikers based off of streams of Shadow President, Vice City (as in one of his strikers is Tommy Vercetti on a bike with the bike's previous owner chasing him,)Joel's Dad (AKA not Kermit,) Vegeta and he even has a super based off of Skeletor's pizza from Tekken 7! Other characters include Sheng Hua Nan (AKA Rev,) Shaq, DIO of course, Bulk Bogan, CDI Link and Pepsiman.
  • Joel's stream of Hard Time has plenty of comedy to go around.
    Joel: I think I just crippled a man for life.
    • During character creation, Joel makes Duane's skin tone slightly tan. Later, he finds out that that's supposed to mean a prisoner is Asian.
    • A security guard threatens Duane to "stop getting so comfortable" after Joel inexplicably makes him fall asleep in his cell bed, then moving him to another block after beating the crap out of him. Joel is so angry that he positions his character's groin in front of the guard's face and orders him to "fellate my dick". Joel also goes a little bit insane as he moves to his new cell.
    Joel: He stole my cell. He stole my cell. He stole my cell. He stole my goddamn motherfucking cell. No, no, no, no, no, no. Calm down now. Ya hurr? Ya hurr? He stole my cell. He stole my goddamn motherfucking cell.
  • Joel checks out the mobile version of Hard Time, making a Legacy Character who is the son of Bulk Bogan, named Son of Bogan. He comes out looking like a tan Tom Cruise with a blond pompadour, white swimming goggles, and buff breasts, causing Joel to remark that he looks like an indie developer.
  • Joel decides to show chat the ending to Dinosaurs. You know, where Earl caused the Ice Age and the last scene involved him trying to break the news to Baby and a laugh track played over it? Wait, no, scratch that, Joel added it in... and is astounded over how well it fits.
    Joel: (while laughing) That's how it fucking ends!
    • And then he adds in the Seinfeld theme.
      Joel: (in a nasally voice) Kramer! Kramer! We're dead! We're fucking dead!
  • Joel plays Supah Doopah Poopah.
    Joel: "It's pretty good! It's a little shit game. Uhh.. But I like it. I like it, it's got aesthetics to it. AND GOD KNOWS I LIKE AESTHETICS."
    • Before he starts the game, he talks about what kind of coffee he drinks:
      Joel: You guys want some ASMR coffee? (in a soothing voice)Alright everybody, tonight, we're gonna have a cup of shit. I have this blue cup, and I'm gonna pour the coffee into the cup. It's pretty warm, and,
      (pours coffee)
      Joel: (Still doing the soothing voice) It smells really good.
      (drinks coffee)
      Joel: (screaming with a shrill tone) BUT IT'S HOT AS SHIT!
    • After a while, the character's "pooping stats" become so high that his shits take up the entire screen. Joel then decides that it would be a good idea to let out as much as possible, causing the guy to consistently shit in the tune of Thunder Force. When the song ends, however...
      (*fart sound, game crashes)
      Joel: "Oh." (snickers as screen greys up)
      SUPAH DOOPAH POOPAH is not responding
      Joel: (Promptly loses it)
  • Joel's vision of Kingdom Hearts: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Sephiroth, all hanging out on the porch.
  • Joel browses interesting adult books in Amazon.
    Joel: "Alight, I have to show you something. As I said earlier, there is a whole world out there with dinosaur sex. And what I mean with that, well, you can't fuck a dinosaur, but you CAN fuck a dinosaur with imagination."
  • An older stream where Joel harasses America-hating Russians in Counter-Strike.
    • At first, the Russians are insulting Joel for speaking English, until he mentions Vodka, then the entire server goes into overdrive.
    • Joel says that the Russians should be grateful to America since America invented this game... and the Internet... and fire... and food...
      Joel: "Why don't you suck my Cold War missile?"
    • A British viewer joins the server, only to get immediately banned.
      Brit: "Hey everybody!" [BANNED]
      Joel: "Oh he was banned, he was banned, oh my god! (reading admin notification) USA go fuck a Russian-" [corpses]
      • Joel serenades him.
      Joel: "He died by the hands of the Russians too. Another hero down, another British person, for the sunshine."
    • Eventually Joel tries to get himself banned from the server in less than 20 seconds by ranting about how Russia sucks and America is great. He just barely makes it under his time limit.
  • An entire stream of Joel speaking nothing but Swedish [for April's Fools Day.
  • The very start of Joel's first Super Mario Maker stream has him get startled by the loud and ambient booting-up theme, leading to him snarking that "The audience is now deaf."
  • While starting up another Donkey Kong 64 stream, Joel comes across some technical issues that make the game's audio sound incredibly compressed and low-quality. He can barely contain his laughter.
  • Four words: Joel runs for president. To go into more detail...
    Pundits wonder about the sanity of Freedom Man.

    Everything Else, Part 2 
  • While the idea of Joel getting temporarily banned from Twitch is frankly quite frightening, the cause of it is pretty hilarious in and of itself. Joel was playing a game from Giant Bomb called "Fuck You," and put that in the "Now Playing" section of the stream title, since it happened to be in Twitch's library. It turns out that in-text swearing is prohibited in stream titles, completely catching the mods off-guard because that game, by virtue of its title, was never meant to be in the library in the first place. Joel describes his response as "uh, oops." It's pretty hilarious looking back on it, especially given how Joel chose to describe it.
  • "I know the Pokémon really good, huh?"
    • To clarify, Joel goes the Pokédraw website, where he has to draw a random Gen 1 Pokémon in only 45 seconds. The pictures Joel draws in general are hilarious.
    • His infamous Nidorino drawing.
    • Both Weedle and Oddish lend themselves to some rather obvious weed jokes.
    Joel: (in a stoner voice) Oh, man, I'm seeing a walking pot leaf, man!
    • One of the Pokémon Joel gets is Haunter. He takes his time to "get the feel for this", but when he realizes he's got less than 10 seconds left to draw, he ends up quickly scribbling a generic ghost.
    Joel: (laughing) Boo! (beat) BOO! (another beat) Spooky house motherfuck-(laughs some more)
    • Joel draws several Fire-type Pokémon (such as Growlithe, Flareon, and Vulpix) as their respective animals on fire.
    Joel: Dog. Dog. (draws X's over Growlithe's eyes) Dog.
    • Joel draws Donkey Kong for Primeape, stating that "the temptation was too strong."
    Joel: I hate bees. Nuke 'em. Nuke 'em all.
    • Joel simply writes "BRAZZERS" for Weepinbell's drawing.
    • One drawing for Meowth is of a cat with a Weetabix biscuit glued to its forehead.
    Joel: Somebody glued a Weetabix on the cat. Weetabix? Wee-tie-bix? W-
    • Joel describes the horn on one of his Rhydon drawings as "a big tampon."
    • Joel just draws a regular duck for Psyduck, which he then fixes by giving it MIND BULLETS.
    • Joel's Oh, Crap! reaction to Mr. Mime, followed by his drawing of Mr. Mime licking its trainer.
    • The end of the video has Joel listen to the French Pokémon theme while drawing a Pikachu with a beret, mustache, and baguette. Joel even does a "hon hon hon" laugh to the tune of the music.
  • Joel talks with Toby Fox about the possibility of another Earthbound hack.
  • Joel playing California Games 2 and his reaction to the player character dying in a skateboard accident and the resulting cutscene.
    • Even better is when at his second try, his character survives a fall to rather graphically crash on a wall right after that. Also the game over screen has to be seen to be believed and understably sends Joel into a laughing fit.
  • For Sonic the Hedgehog's 25th anniversary, Joel chose to stream Shadow the Hedgehog (full stream).
    • During the pre-stream, he pulls up several gifs showcasing Sonic Underground's shoddy animation, eventually leading to him playing the show's theme song in tandem with this gif of Manic trying and failing to save a robotic baby Sonic from falling to his death. Then the Title Drop in the song kicks in right after the robo-baby-Sonic explodes, prompting Joel to call it "Sonic Six Feet Underground."
    • The first time he lets the gif play out is gold, too.
      Hip: *hits the ground and explodes*
      Joel: BAM!!
      Manic: *Can only float in dismay, weeping.*
      Joel: A single tear. *bursts out laughing again.*
    • He starts laughing at the gunshot sound effects in the game menu, and gets about one minute into the intro cinematic before losing it completely.
    • His genuine incredulity towards the fact that Shadow is using real-life firearms that he can easily recognize.
      • His sheer bewilderment that, despite the fact that the guns are actually modeled accurately enough for him to recognize, Shadow cocks an MP5 like a shotgun in the intro. note 
    • Him pronouncing Knuckles's name as "nooklays," complete with Bulk Bogan's voice.
    • Him trying to figure out who the hell Charmy Bee is. Even jokingly wondering if "she" is meant to be a love interest. Bear in mind, Charmy's not only male, but he's 6.
    • Throughout the stream, he pulls up various Sonic Says clips to keep himself on the moral side (as he chose to attempt the "villain" route); the bizarre (sometimes hypocritical) nature of the clips plus the Fridge Logic behind some of them (which eventually culminates in Joel concluding that Sonic is conditioning the audience into becoming antisocial, paranoid freaks) makes it all worthwhile. He even just abandons playing the game to watch them all.
    • Joel decides to search up "Joel the Hedgehog" on Google Images and gets this masterpiece.note 
    • The thumbnail, which is a recolored Sonic from the Sonic Says section with a realistic handgun photoshopped in.
  • From the MSX 2 stream, the hilarity that ensues when Joel picks a game called Star Virgin to play. He first doesn't want to show it, mistaking it for a pornographic game due to its title as well as the intro featuring what appears to be a scantily-clad woman confronted by a monster with a tentacle-like, long tongue, but finds out that it's a fairly innocent game once he looks it up on YouTube. Then he goes on to find a very surreal TV ad for it, which features random live-action scenes (including what Joel describes as "Hideo Kojima at the dentist" as well as the heroine apparently getting crucified) playing alongside a small, awkwardly-placed window displaying actual game footage. Then he discovers that the scenes are actually from a direct-to-video movie the game was based on, and proceeds to show the intro scene on stream: the heroine riding a bike and jumping over a car for seemingly no reason whatsoever, complete with some groanworthy special effects. Joel notes that it looks like something out of a bad PSA.
  • Joel decides to play Harvester, an FMV game full of morbid, dark humor. The entire time is a sickening riot, but special mention goes to chat telling Joel to say "fuck" to his character's mother, and the fact that "Penis" is blatantly a dialogue option with a character, which leads Joel to absolutely break down laughing when he learns the Sheriff's name is Duane Dwayne.
  • In his Haunting Ground streams, Joel dubs the main heroine and the character menacing her as Fiona and Shrek, before finding out that Fiona really is the heroine's name (the ogre guy is named Debilitas, by the way). His prediction skills return in the final part where he makes a joke to the effect of the final boss becoming some kind of flaming skeleton after you knock him into a pit of magma moments before that actually happens.

  • Joel's long-awaited stream of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is best summed up by his quip of "You guys ready for some JoJokes?" To wit:
    • The very first thing he does is set up a free battle with (who else but) Part 3 DIO and Giorno VS Part 4 Jotaro and Josuke, in the Rocky Mountain Village stage from Part 7. When Joel actually manages to get DIO and Giorno's unique Dual Heat move to work, he's absolutely ecstatic. And giggling like all hell when Giorno joins his dad in MUDAMUDAMUDA-ing.
    • Joel is bowled over by how much unique intro dialogue there is for a lot of matchups. The first time is the matchup he does with Kars and Wamuu VS Part 2 Joseph and Caesar and he's pleasantly surprised. The second time he decides to do Part 4 Josuke and Okuyasu versus the two Yoshikage Kiras...and that entire matchup has unique dialogue too which he can barely believe.
    • Speaking of Josuke VS the Kiras, he manages to activate the Morioh Town stage's "Cafe" gimmick (where any character that gets to the Cafe's table can heal by having tea at the table.) Naturally he loses it as Josuke ditching the battle for a while to sip tea at a table while looking bored.
    • He loses it when the first thing that Speedwagon does when he runs into Old Joseph and Jotaro is state how buff they are.
    • The first appearance of Coco Jumbo (the turtle who can house five people in its shell because it has a Stand) brings out a string of "Oh no"s and nervous laughter from him.
    • This little gem:
      Joel: Mista, I love you, right? I love you, love your Stand, y'know...You need to realize something. You don't contribute anything to the discussion because you have a giant dick on your hat. (Snickers)
    • During Part 2, he brings up the audio of Jotaro's voice actor trying to sing "Stand Proud", the first OP for the Stardust Crusaders anime...and sounding hilariously tone deaf. The capper is when Ono's voice briefly breaks during the chorus.
    • His completely deadpan reaction to DIO being the Big Bad yet again. The contrast between the characters reacting in complete horror in-game and his low-pitched and almost totally emotionless sarcasm being the icing on the cake.
    • Combined with Moment of Awesome, Part 2 gives us him KO-ing Yukako by throwing a fence at her from far away, and his subsequent laughing spell afterward.
    • In part 3, Joel attempts to explain how King Crimson works (basically it sees the future and erases the parts of the future that Diavolo doesn't like, making sure those events don't happen through a sudden time-skip). When someone in the chat decides to claim King Crimson doesn't work that way, Joel pauses the game asks if that person can explain it any better. That person then suddenly went silent and disappeared moments later. How King Crimson REALLY works is time deletion. When it activates, the time between activation and deactivation is deleted, removing cause from effect and nullifying effect as a result. What Joel describes in the stream(s, really) is King Crimson's second power, Epitaph, which projects an image from 10 seconds into the future onto Diavolo/Doppio's bangs.
    • The fact that Joel had a tougher time defeating Hol Horse than The Pillar Men should make most fans of Jojo laugh.
    • During Part 4, Joel proposes the idea for a JoJo sitcom with all the Joestars living in the same house. Joel describes DIO as being the annoying neighbor all the time coming in and saying "MMMM YES. THE JOESTAR FAMILY" with Joseph saying "OOOOAH MY GOD!" A member of chat later suggested that Kira should be a creepy neighbor.
    • His utter fury and spite towards Speedwagon the moment he utters the line "I didn't think this would turn into such a bizarre adventure"
    Joel: Dio...Listen. I know you're the villain. But please, PLEASE ERASE SPEEDWAGON! PLEASE!!!"
    • In Part 7 (the finale), Joel mulls over the possibility of the game's ending being exactly like the original Stardust Crusaders, convinced that the game was going to head in that direction because of the numerous Captain Obvious reveals regarding Over Heaven DIO. Other than Jotaro recalling Funny Valentine's advice over parallel world objects exploding and using that to his advantage to blow up Over Heaven DIO's arms, he pretty much calls it, and is audibly cringing and practically begging for some sort of plot twist in the game's second-to-last cutscene, and every second of it is hilarious to listen to.
    Over Heaven DIO: Jotaro! You overwrote the reality that I, DIO, chose!?
    Joel: Oh... oh no, we're not doing this again, are we?
    (during the post-fight cutscene)
    Joel: OK, blood in your eyes, come— No! NO! NOT AGAIN!!
    • The YouTube version's top comment pretty much sums up Joel's overall reaction to the ending.
    Bad leg flashbacks
    • Sometime earlier in the same episode, Pucci title drops the game's subtitle. Joel then starts talking about "the worst title drops ever" with his Twitch chat, then starts trying to pull off intentionally bad title drops with the Jojo part names ("Dio! I will defeat your Phantom Blood!" "I fart Golden Wind.) The little photo montage that shows up right after the credits does exactly that with its epilogue text and Joel is similarly cringing the whole time.
    Joel: "...know that a noble heart is as strong as a diamond, and as free as [golden wind in the sky]"— Wait. Are they doing... are they doing the title drops? Like I made fun of earlier? Stone Ocean? Stone something?
    Epilogue text: "Though you may be imprisoned in a sea of stone..."
    Joel: It's a sea— oh! OHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH! (laughs)
    • Also during Part 7, Joel takes a brief moment to explain how King Crimson works (again) after a few viewers mentioned they didn't understand it. Immediately after his explanation, his HDMI cable messes up, cutting the video, and Joel attributes it to King Crimson while laughing. For added hilarity, the picture he has up in the background is an artwork of him being embraced from behind by DIO.
      Joel: Woah. 'Camera is not available'? We've been King Crimson'd!
    • After seeing Air Supplena Island as a stage option in the beginning, Joel decides to reenact Caesar's death. How does he eventually accomplish this, despite noncompliance from his AI partner Wamuu? By throwing a barrel at him like Donkey Kong. As Kars.
  • This definitely crosses over into Crowning Moment of Awesome, but the fact that Joel does the speedrun glitch in a romhack of A Link to the Past in one go, laughing as he completes the glitch and lamenting that he had to do it on a shitty Samus romhack.
  • Joel playing a printer dating sim. You read that right: a PRINTER. DATING. SIM. Complete with automatic Translation Train Wreck, courtesy of Google.
  • While playing Resident Evil 7 Joel gets side-tracked talking about how to make fake semennote .
    • Also during RE7, Joel emotes unending Squick regarding Marguerite's section of the game due to his fear of spiders (which cluster to block doors and lockers, jumping on Ethan when he gets too close) and wasps (the main threat during this section of the game, attacking in unending swarms), and to say nothing of her mutated boss form and his horror when he learns where her weak spot is.
  • One day, Joel decided to play NES games, but with it set up to play notes from an instrument whenever he hit a button. At one point, he loaded it with clips of himself saying "Yahoo!" as Toad while playing Super Mario Bros. 2 as, well, Toad. The result was so ridiculous that not even Joel could contain himself. Of course, it is followed immediately by a severe case of Mood Whiplash when he puts a certain memetic micspam sound into the program on his next game...
    • Joel figuring out how to play I Just Can't Get Enough with the "space piano" soundfont.
    • Contra, but every button press plays the entire Seinfeld theme.
  • During a Mortal Kombat stream, Joel showcases an ever-escalating series of moronic fanmade Super Saiyan levels and awful Saiyan OCs.
  • At the end of a Turok livestream, Joel finds this waiting for him in the booru. His reaction... priceless.
  • During his playthrough of Donkey Kong 64, he can't stop laughing over a video showing footage of a smoking orangutan.
    • In the same video, he accidentaly pulls out the cord for his Wii U and he had not saved the game for a very long time up to this point. What follows can only be described as pure despair. Making this even funnier is how quickly he snaps out of it the moment he notices that the game has autosave.
  • His playthrough of He-Man: Defender of Greyskull. It starts off optimistic, praising the game's admittedly impressive-looking boxart...before becoming hair-pullingly frustrated over the game's clunky controls and ridiculous difficulty. He mentions that his favorite episodes of the show were the ones that had 'ham-fisted' PSAs at the end of it, making up his own where Prince Adam and Skeletor turn to prostitution to pay for their rent in a voice that sounds remarkably like Master Miller's, which Joel immediately hangs a lampshade on. Other highlights include him being shocked over Skeletor previously having a face, starting on another Master Miller speech that ultimately goes nowhere during a bout of frustration (he says "It's me, Master Miller" and nothing else), and Skeletor apparently being called 'Skullface' in the game. Hilariously, when he looks up the game on Wikipedia afterwards to check the voice actor for Skeletor in the game (Brian Dobson, in case you were wondering) it's shown that He-Man was voiced by Cam Clarke, who also did the voice work for...Master Miller and, of course, Liquid Snake.
    Joel: (in a snobby faux British accent) Now kids you see, it's me Master Miller. Yes, it's me Prince Adam. You see kids, in this episode Skeletor and I couldn't pay the rent so we went out on the streets and used our bodies...for money.
    (Long silence)
    Joel: Why are you watching this.
  • Katamari Damacy Streams:
    • His attempts at the infamous Ursa Major levelsnote , with him growing increasingly exasperated and panicked with each do-over.
    • Later, when he gets tired of doing the Ursa Major level he decides to move the Taurus level, which has the exact same requirements as the Ursa Major level, but with cows instead of bears.
  • Joel messing around with the Seinfeld theme while waiting for games to install.
  • Tekken 7: Joel manages to create a nigh-perfect Skeletor costume for Bryan Fury... wearing a giant pizza on his back. That he can use as a weapon in matches like a gigantic Deadly Disc. And he actually managed to win a couple of matches with that very pizza.
    • Speaking of which, the noises Joel makes as he realizes he 100% can recreate Skeletor in the game can best be described as "Joel fiddles around with costume options while having a continuous orgasm".
    • Joel's Skeletor faces off against another Skeletor online.
    • He also buys a toy hammer accessory/weapon purely to humiliate opponents in online matches. Nothing is funnier that watching Bryan Fury dressed in a hot pink jacket with matching frog-patterned pants and a frog on his head gently bop enemies on the head with a toy squeaky hammer.
    • In part 4, he encountered another Skeletor player, this time going back and forth a few times with wins and losses against him. Eventually, he decided for one last match where he would make the ultimate criteria. Whoever loses can never play Tekken again. Joel ends up losing as Close as possible. Joel begins to act heartbroken, sad music playing in the background as he displays himself burying a cartridge of the first Tekken game. And then right afterwards?
    • Joel finally encounters a He-Man (a customized Dragunov) during online play and hams it up to the best of his ability during the entire fight. At one point the other player attempts a combo that causes everything to slow down dramatically and Joel throws his pizza to stop the combo, but the other player was too close, so the pizza misses entirely. And, to add insult to injury, Bryan's throwing arm clips harmlessly into Dragunov's torso.
      Joel: I AM HE-MAN! And then suddenly
      (Dragunov misses wildly as the action slows, and Bryan prepares to throw the pizza)
      Skeletor!Joel: (loud, anticipatory gasp) THE PIZZA, HE-MAN!! EAT IT!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA (the pizza attack whiffs) WHAT?! AHAHA—SHIT!! What the fuck?!
      • Later, in the final match, Joel does manage to win by throwing his pizza...and he refuses to believe that the other player didn't see that coming and immediately requests a revenge match. He loses.
      • Now in animated form.
    • Joel becomes immensely tickled when someone in chat, after Joel is asked for the five-thousandth time what kind of fight stick he uses, asks when he is going to play Tekken with Donkey Kong bongos. Having been on a losing streak and his subsequent demotion due to Bryan's slow fighting style, he begins to sing a song in tribute.
      Joel: It's the first member of the Mishima crew! So put your Snake Edge together if you wanna clap, 'cuz Bryan plays like fucking crap! Bryan! Bryan Kong!
    • From the same part, Joel's continued repeated losses against Noctis players due to the fact that he has no idea what Noctis is going to do next. He loses quite a few times over to one particular player called phenooomenal who had their Twitch ID set as their player name, prompting Joel to ask viewers to go give his channel a watch. Eventually Joel muses that everyone will eventually move on to playing Noctis and he'll grow to become the best Noctis counter there is. When he finally get around to playing Noctis he essentially spams the same button inputs over and over again and admits he wants to switch back to Bryan because Bryan is a more difficult character to play with.
    • Early on in part 8, Joel has another Epic Fail moment with his exploding pizza.
  • After a four month hiatus from his main channel, Joel released a new compilation video: a compilation video of his trip to Japan. It is exactly as spectacular as it sounds.
    • Joel's initial hesitation to get on the plane and waiting in anguish for the take-off. When the plane is finally in the air, Joel decides it's not that bad... except now he's bored.
    • "Translators [sic] Note: Bukkake means "happy birthday" in Japanese"
    • Frank's gagging noise is a Running Gag, often in response to Joel's random questions.
    • Joel geeks the hell out when he sees a large collection of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volumes in a manga shop, as well as a Heritage For The Future cabinet in an arcade. For the latter, he spent almost $60 on playing it.
    • The Gratuitous English that Joel comes across amuses him. The biggest example is a restaurant menu that's littered with Accidental Innuendos, such as claiming that men who like "big breasts" will enjoy the meat breasts, and one particular item literally being called "penis".
      • It's completely intentional. The Japanese on the menu says "oppai" (boobs) and "chi*po" (censored "chinpo", penis).
    • Joel's experience with playing Street Fighter in an arcade against another player is told through poorly made drawings.
    • Joel's trip to Japan ends with him and Frank going to sing at a karaoke bar to sing anime songs, which prompts Joel to see if there's any Metal he could sing. They get a promising track which they set up with a pretty impressive dual Metal Scream... which gets ruined immediately as the song turns out to be a MIDI, causing Frank to laugh too hard to continue.
  • As a sort of "celebration" to the Final Fantasy XV VR fishing game being announced, Joel decides to have a stream of playing 'boring fishing' games and starts off with Top Angler: Real Bass Fishing. As it turns out, no other game gets played during the whole two hour segment, as Joel ends up being totally enthralled by the game, much to his own surprise. The video on YouTube is even titled '"Boring" PS2 Fishing Games: Top Angler' to show how off-the-rails the stream ended up being.
    • In another fishing game stream, Joel loses it when, after he catches a game's final boss, it dubs him a "trolling master"
  • Shareware Madness
    • Part 1
    • *A text adventure called Caverns of Chaos tells the player to "come back when you get some balls!" on a game over, which causes Joel to laugh uncontrollably for a good few seconds.
      • A game entitled Hugo III causes Joel to freak out a bit when he realizes that it's not the Hugo that Europeans remember.
    • Part 2
      • Joel's second "shareware game" turns out to be an ISO full of religious-themed clip art. His reaction to it is a brief moment of bewilderment, followed by laughing , then spends several minutes drawing all over said clip art in Microsoft Paint.
    • Part 3
      • Some people have taken to calling this episode an impromptu Windows Destruction stream, given how many times games outright break or give Joel and his audience Sensory Abuse, with the grand prize winner going to all the horrible beeping noises.
      • At one point, Joel finds a .zip file called "Condom", and to his dismay is successfully able to unzip it. All it contains is a plain text file with condom-related Rhymes on a Dime with lots of Unusual Euphemism. Joel's laughter gets more raucous the more of the file he reads.
    Cover your stump before you hump.
    Before you attack her, wrap your whacker.
    Don't be a loner, cover that boner.
    You can't go wrong if you shield your dong.
  • In episode zero of his Grand Theft Auto: Vice City playthrough Joel activates the 'flying cars' cheat...and proceeds to fly a tank through the city while playing as an old lady holding shopping bags in each hand. He also lampshades the fact that instead of climbing into the tank from the top, the tank has side doors, like a regular car.
    • In episode 1 (sadly only available on Twitch due to copyright), after a few clumsy moments Joel manages to steal a motorcycle from a character that Joel refers to as The Fonz. Said character begins to give chase right as the in-game radio begins to play the song 'Run to You' by Bryan Adams, sending Joel into hysterics as he slows down, encouraging the guy to catch up to him.
    • Joel decides to cap off the last six hour long stream of Vice City by returning to the flying tank cheat, majestically flying the vehicle through the air while wildly firing off missiles as 'Ride of the Valkyries' and later 'Running In The 90's' plays in the background. Absolutely nothing will tickle you more than watching a tank wildly careen through the air as aggressive Eurobeat music drills itself into your brain.
  • In the middle of Vinewrestle 2017's Summer Slaughter, a climactic tag-team battle begins with three-man group of previous champions seeking revenge against the nigh-undefeatable Hulk Hogan. It gets off to a thrilling start with the boss laying waste to Luigi... and then the AI seems to break, causing Hulk to stand frozen before the motionless Luigi and the others to watch helplessly on the sidelines for several minutes. As Joel freaks out, the chat begin to offer explanations ranging from mundane (Joel's computer overheating or Hulk having a heart attack in the ring) to bizarrely awesome (DIO stopping time to get revenge on Rev, or Hulk and Luigi actually being occupied by fighting their consciousnesses on the astral plane).]] Joel ends up having to reset the match. Twice.
  • When Joel plays Mulle Meck Bygger Bilar, a car building simulator, he has tons of fun. At least up until a brief moment when he replaces the back wheels of the car with a pair of roller skates.
    Joel: Oh... Oh, we're gonna die... We're gonna die!
  • Joel's playthrough of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion marks the return of Bulk Bogan, who only wears a pair of ragged pants and only fights with his "MOOSKLES", i.e. hand-to-hand combat only.
    • Joel finds himself being attacked by a highwayman he refused to pay. A guard is standing near them when the fight occurred. What does the guard do? He runs off on the opposite direction to instead fight a mudcrab that was far away from where they are, and then fights the highwayman.
    • Oblivion tends to crash a lot during the playthrough but the most notable one comes from Joel's encounter with Aldos Othran, the Dunmer who sings the Ear Worm Cliff Racer song. Annoyed by him and a nearby beggar, Joel punches Aldos mid-song, which immediately crashed the game.
    • During one of the Fighters Guild quests, Maglir has to tag along with Joel. During a fight with a bandit, Joel accidentally punches Maglir, which made Maglir hostile and attack Joel without any regard to what's around him. This also attracts the attention of a guard who Joel resists arrest from. Pissed off, Joel decides to bring them along in his main quest to close the first Oblivion gate. Maglir makes it in with him and survivednote  the entire time.
    • In one of the Dark Brotherhood quests, Joel is tasked with murdering five people who have been tricked into attending a house party; as guests begin dying, the survivors try to deduce who the killer is. It comes to a head when Neville, a retired guard, not only walks in on Joel seconds after he commits a murder, but immediately trusts him to help find the killer. After a brief conversation, Neville races downstairs with a ridiculous war cry to kill the last remaining guest. He proceeds to walk past the other guest to pick up a sword lying in the corner, only to decimate the other guest with a blast of lightning instead. Joel instantly loses it. The best part? The aforementioned guest is Killed Mid-Sentence while he's saying "So many people dead. I just don't know who to trust anymore."
    • It's better than just a ridiculous war cry, the line was specifically "Aaaaaiiiieee!", as in a scream. Neville's voice actor however read it verbatim.
  • Joel's attempts at voice acting in his Luigi's Mansion playthrough. His E. Gadd voice starts off as his standard old man voice but quickly becomes more and more raspy as Joel talks, until he points out that E. Gadd sounds "like a cigarette" and drops voice acting for him completely. When Toad shows up in the mansion Joel tries his hand at voice acting for him, and breaks down in giggles no less than five times in Toad's one short speech. At one point Joel is quite literally shouting at the top of his lungs and breaks off into laughter while mentioning that it's currently 4 a.m. where he lives and he worries he might get evicted for bothering his neighbors.
    Joel: YAHOO!
  • Joel's showcase of "crappy" Swedish PC games continues with eJay (well, an edition of it that had a Celebrity Endorsement of Markoolio on the cover)
    • The entire stream is summed up in the finished product.
    • Joel is greatly amused by some of the voice samples included, one of them being "WE'RE GONNA TURN THIS THING INTO ONE BIG ORGY." Of course he includes it.
    • At one point, Joel decided to add a countdown in a robotic voice, but instead of dragging a "one", he drags another "four" at the end ("FOUR, THREE, TWO, FOUR"). After realizing his error, he decides to Throw It In!.
    • Joel's attempt at rapping.
    Joel: Hey, my name is Joel, don't do crack! Watch out ... they ... might be in my crack. Pray to God, or else, uh, I'll be sad. Watch out, stay in school or else ... you will be a fool"
  • During his stream of the licensed Land of the Living Dead game, Joel weaves a tale of how he managed to fall asleep while eating a piece of chicken.
    • Later, during that same stream, he explains how he had his blood tested several years ago, and that the results said he had a deficiency of battery acid of all things.
  • During his stream of Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2, after conquering Arcade mode Joel decides to try and pull off every character's super. Things are relatively normal until Joel, who knows basically nothing about Kinnikuman, selects the incredibly bizarre Barrierfreeman. First, Joel is flabbergasted that of all the possibilities to represent his home country he got Barrierfreeman. Second, the noise that Joel makes upon seeing that Barrierfreeman's recharge animation is basically the old man in his underwear gyrating his hips wildly is indescribable and must be heard.
    • The announcer.
      Joel: Jade. I wanna do... bicycle man. (selects Jade)
      Joel: Oh, I'm sorry, it's not Jade, it's: JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE!
    • The way "Kinnikuman Go Fight" instantly hooks him, making him greatly look forward for what is to come.
  • During his 2017 Thanksgiving stream, Joel ended up having to update and reinstall Kerbal Space Program before he could play it with his Thanksgiving mods installed. To take up time on-stream while he waited for the download, he decided to draw some hand turkeys in MS Paint, which turn out exactly as well as you would expect if you've seen any of his previous attempts at drawing with a mouse.
  • Joel revisits 3D Movie Maker after he messed around with it during his Windows 98 Destruction stream, but this time he decides to create an actual masterpiece unofficially known as "Blue Shell Incident". The entire movie so far, from the secret "BUP" moments to Mario's bizarre stories about his fight with Bowser to Mario and Luigi's Italian food pun battle, is likely to be swarmed with Oscars. Highlights include:
    • The aforementioned food puns after Mario has told Luigi the truth:
    Luigi: M-Mario... That's im-PASTA-ble!
    [Toad dabs while Laugh Tracks and Seinfeld bass line play]
    Mario: Well, if our cat had any better aim, you'd be dead that Monday! I guess you could call that a SPAGHETTI-up, Luigi!
    Luigi: But Mario, what about the blood?!
    Mario: Hahahahaha! All Chef Boyardee! I never PASTA-d way!
    Luigi: But how could you do SAUCE-a thing?
    Mario: Truth is, the game was RIGATONI'd from the start, Luigi!
    Luigi: [in Martinet's voice] Babbidy-boopidy, Mario! You PIZZA shit!
    Wario: Hey, quiet down! I'm stroking my cannoli! WAAAAAH!
    • In an attempt to give Luigi's "Die?" voice line an echo, Joel puts it on multiple frames which naturally results in Luigi saying "DI-DI-DI-DI-DI-DIE?". Cue a long wheeze.
    • After Garfield (or Lasagna Ocelot if you insist) misfires and hits Mario, he attempts to escape from Zanzibar on a Huey, and just as Luigi screams Mario's name over his "death", Garfield flies off to the horizon... only to suddenly explode from Toad's BUP.
    • While Joel animates Mario, Luigi and Toad (who later gets smashed by the segway) running in place, yelling "It's got a gun! Duck!" a la Hanna-Barbera, he unintentionally makes Mario and Luigi look at each other.
  • Perhaps Joel's most insane Hardcore Friday yet, a full LP of Desert Bus The video's final time clocks in at around eight hours and forty minutes of Joel and the chat slowly losing their goddamn minds.
    • Joel's reaction to the chat asking if he will "piss bottle".
    • After gameplay actually begins, Joel manages to get his bus towed before even moving an inch.
    Joel: I didn't even start the game and I already suck at it, so, hey, there's that.
  • Joel then proceeded to play Desert Bus 2 for Charity Incentive 2018, as per the rules in the first game you drive for eight hours straight to win the game. Looking at the video time, you'll notice the video is a "mere" seven hours long, cluing you in that something screws it up. At six hours and fifty-four minutes Joel begins to play the DuckTales (1987) theme song on his phone, 'remixing' it by placing his mouth over the speaker and doesn't notice he's veering off the road until the bus stops and the tow truck shows up. Joel's only reaction is a completely sincere gasp of horror and then silence as the bus begins getting towed, before turning up the volume to the DuckTales theme song to max. Later, he watches a clip of the incident and laughs so hard he clips the mic when he sees everyone in chat freaking out as the bus veers off the road.
    Joel: (in a bout of Laughing Mad) Ah haha ha, hee hee, is this, is this real life? Ah heh heh heh heh, is it—no, no! (turns around to look at the passengers on the bus, who are all looking at him) No! ...Guys. (turns around again to see everyone shaking their heads at him) ...I guess you could say...I really ducked up.
  • Joel streaming the PS2 video game adaptation of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Via an emulator of course. When it starts, the FMV scenes work fine but then the game begins for real...and the emulation is unplayably slow. On the bright side, everyone now speaks, sounding very much drunk, which Joel absolutely loves. He does eventually fix the issue and get the emulator running properly by changing a setting...but chat urges him to revert the setting back to the horribly slow improper emulation it was before instead since it was funnier, which he does for the final Obi-Wan VS Anakin duel among others.
    • Joel finds a cheat code for huge lightsabers which he enters, and hops into the boss fight with Count Dooku to see what its like. What does he get? Obi-Wan and Anakin's lightsabers are still normal length...but Dooku is now toting a motherfucking BFS of a blade that makes Sephiroth's and Guts' look like a couple of toothpicks in comparison.
    • The game uses archive footage from the film itself as FMV so cue the obvious Twitch ban jokes.
    • Joel waits eagerly for three famous parts of the film to show up in the game: "I have the high ground!"/"You underestimate my power!" in the final fight, Darth Vader's infamous Big "NO!" and Palpatine's terse "DO IT" when Anakin is about to execute Dooku. The first one is in fairly fine (albeit with Anakin's hamtastic "YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER" becoming a rather Dull Surprise "You underestimate the power of the dark side." Sadly the other two aren't.
    • Joel provides his own take on the game's alternate ending where Anakin kills Obi-Wan: add the Seinfeld theme!
  • The end of The Best of 2017 features Jon St. John as Duki Nuki, asking Joel where the Vista Destruction video is, and threatening to kick his ass if he doesn't get it out soon.
    • Hilariously, Joel revealed later that many people thought that it was just him doing a really good Duke Nukem impression, which both amused and frustrated him as apparently the cameo cost him a lot of money and nobody really believed he was being for real about it.
  • Joel's Dwarf Fortress streams do have their own share of moments, even if you can't quite understand the game Joel makes sure some good stuff gets through.
    • Joel creating a fortress in an evil biome that rains disease causing goo. Which disease does this one cause might one ask? Why, boils and open sores all over the skin. Attempting to get his dwarves out of the horrible weather, he carved a small underground fortress only for his stream chat to point out that the entire area was made out of rock salt. His dwarves were literally rubbing salt in the open wounds constantly.
    • The sheer giddiness in display when he plays the 44.07 update, which allows you to actively pillage others' sites, has to count for something.
  • After an update in Kirby Star Allies adds Marx to the game Joel summons him to be an ally. Joel admits that he really doesn't know who Marx is as he's only played only a few Kirby games, and begins to play with him by having Kirby crouch repeatedly in front of Marx only to be startled when Marx begins his idle animation, which consists of Marx pulling his infamous wall-eyed expression and fluttering his wings, which appear out of absolutely nowhere. Joel proceeds to have a blast with Marx in battle; throwing balls, flying, dive-bombing, Marx's Hell Gate style move, and ultimately skipping the level by having Marx teleport short distances in the air. Joel anticipates the boss fight with Marx on his side...only for Marx to accidentally jump into a Poppy Bros Jr. trophy and transform into another (as Joel already had one) Poppy Bros Jr. As Joel considers Poppy Bros Jr. to be one of the least useful allies in the game and Marx was on Game-Breaker levels of useful he's understandably upset.
  • One FMV Friday had Joel playing The Town With No Name. While every moment that happened in the game made Joel scream a Big "WHAT?!", the kicker was his reaction to the infamous bad ending where the protagonist shoots a kid for getting his name wrong and rides on a train to space.
  • Joel's Totally Accurate Battlegrounds stream; at the end of the stream he decides to just run around for fun and invites others to join him in his party. However Joel quickly realizes that since the prerequisite to joining the party is equipping the deer skull helmet players who aren't in on the party see a single deer-headed player leading a crowd of 12+ other deer-headed players (who begin hopping and skipping like actual deer) around the map, and Joel even orders his party to attack other players in a Diablo-like swarm at one point.
  • Joel's been a fan of Source Filmmaker Animations by Alfred Nilsson, aka "The Byvsen", which consist of interpretations of his playthroughs and commentary. It turns out that Nilsson has been saving all of his reactions, and combined them into a super meta "Joelception" with multiple layers of Joel. Of course, the real one eventually reacts to it, and it gets out of hand.
    Joel: [The first time he pauses the video] ...what the fuck is happening. What the fuck is happening tonight? [Takes a deep breath] Not like this.
    • The second time he pauses, he's reduced to quiet, pathetic whimpering, and saying "no-no" repeatedly.
    • When animated Joel's head explodes in the end, the real Joel shouts, "THAT'S WHAT I FEEL!" before bursting into laughter.
    • He finishes up by expanding the face of Nilsson's cameo at the end and muttering, "Hilp. Hilp"
  • Joel's Soul Calibur VI streams begin with him once again recreating Skeletor as a custom character, followed by what can only be described as a memefest of matchups. In just the first stream he faces off against Jetstream Sam, Thanos, Beatrice, Star Platinum, Goro Majima, Bayonetta, and He-Man.
    Skeletor!Joel: MY BONER IS SHOWING!!
    Skeletor!Joel: I am a big meme.
    • Joel has Skeletor use Zasalamel's moveset since one of Zasalamel's weapons is the closest Joel can get to Skeletor's skull staff. Joel actually does pretty well online...then cue Joel's absolute joy when he realises that Skeletor (or rather, Zasalamel) appears to have Bryan Fury's Snake Edge move.
    • When one of the user created characters during Joel's user tournament is revealed to be a (pretty decent) Sans recreation, his reaction is a series of wheezing Rapid Fire Little Nos.
    • Later streams feature Joel creating Bulk Bogan and KYOOB.

  • How does one take a horror game with microphone-based controls (Tonsil Terror), and make it into a laugh riot? Watch and learn. (Warning: That video is loud.)
  • Listen as Joel gets as much mileage out of a Ghostbusters theme MIDI as possible, with Super Ghostbusters.
  • In his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light playthrough the chat tells Joel he needs to be changing his spirits in battles or else he might really be in for some tough battles, with Joel saying that he doesn't see the need in changing them and the chat simply saying he will soon. Sure enough, he challenges the Legendary spirit Ho-oh in Bowser's Castle, a 13,900 power Charizard with permanent curry effect, with his spirit that has only 7,365 power. He promptly loses after being in absolute awe at how aggressive the enemy's AI is (Charizard only got hit once, and it's ambiguous how it happened), he tries the fight again...and wins by Charizard getting killed by a combination of stage hazards and Artificial Stupidity. Also counts as an awesome moment.
    Joel: Damn. Bye-bye!
  • A PlayStation 1 version of Family Feud based on Louie Anderson's version ends up turning into an episode of the Steve Harvey version
    • "Name an American city on a river... New York." [types in Nyork]
  • The Hardcore Friday episode of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins arguably culminates all of the moments of the past few streams where Joel makes fun of D.C. Douglas's performance of Wesker in Resident Evil 5. He refines his Wesker impersonation to the point where it practically sounds like Douglas himself... then applies said impression to an infomercial, of all things.
    • The stream where Joel plays Grand Dad fangames sees him reading weird Craigslist ads using his Wesker voice, and even he can't help but chuckle at his own impression occasionally.
  • Joel's foray into Planet Coaster included a segment where he sang an improvised death metal song to play over the park's speakers and added the lyrics to an American flag background, with the main portion being "YOU'RE GONNA DIE!"
  • Joel does a Photoshop "surgery" on Sonic's design for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog (2019) film, shown here.
    • He then turns the transformed Sonic into Shadow by making his fun dark and giving him an angry glare, giving him a gun and having him say "homework sucks" so he can be "cool for the kids" and proceeds to change the font into Comic Sans.
    • After that, Joel goes back to the transformed Sonic and makes him very fat, or "chungifies" him, as Joel puts it. He said this was the scene where Sonic ate a million chili dogs to save the world. Joel then takes an image of a chili dog and has Sonic eat it, and repeats it several times.
    • At one point Joel distorts the image and turns Sonic into Giygas.
  • Joel revisits eJay to create Beefzone 2: Tekkno Pidgeon with wonderful results.
    Joel!Wesker: Now you see the power of my milking, Chris. But now, it's f-time for another level. CHRIS MILK!
  • Part 8 of DOS Madness has Joel going off on a tangent about a moment where he once desperately looked for pain medication while suffering from a migraine before starting a stream and found a single pill of Advil "under the sink". Naturally, with how vaguely the incident was described, his Twitch chat misconstrued it as "Joel looking for stray pills on the floor like some sort of drug addict".
    Joel: No, I'm not... Guys, nononono I'm not like... just eating raw medicine— (starts chuckling) like, it was still in the package, know what I mean? And when I say "under the sink" I'm not talking like... (chuckles) yanno, "IN the sink"! Like, I'm not just standing over the sink going GLUHGLUHGLUH— guys, I might be a piece of shit, but listen, I'm a piece of shit who minds his manners.
  • Joel's Hardcore Friday playthrough of ActRaiser:
What seals the deal is that someone in chat promptly asked afterwards if Joel was the one who composed the song. Considering his time spent in E Jay, it's a legit question.
  • Someone in chat asked Joel an uncomfortable question and tries as best as he can to dodge the question with a punny reply.
    Chat: joel wat do u prefer mancubus succubus or incubus
    Joel: Jesus, you guys are worse than the people that say, like, "Joel, what kinda— what kinda... what kinda fetishes are you into? Footjobs? Blowjobs?" I say, "I'm not into any jobs. I'm unemployed." (Beat) Don't laugh at me.
  • Australian Adventure 2019 (Stories):
    • Joel gets so absorbed by lorikeets that he lets a flock of them perch on his arm, and he shows a picture of the aftermath — his right arm covered in bruises.
    • He and a friend-slash-Vinesauce moderator decide to go to a hilariously low budget attraction called Infinity, which is basically a neon-lit maze designed for even the dumbest children to complete in about ten minutes. Well, that would've been the case had the duo not found a middle-aged European man who didn't speak English and was lost in Infinity for several hours. Infinity's staff had been trying in vain to direct him to the exit over the PA system and asked Joel and his friend to help him outside. According to Joel, he was continuously "walking into walls" as if he was a poorly designed AI in a poorly designed Escort Mission. When the three of them get to the exit, they're prompted to take an automated photo. Joel and his friend strike Jojo poses (natch), and the European man tries to emulate them, which leads to this photo. The duo name him "Mr. Shoe" after his shirt, and proceed to exit the attraction, only to realize Mr. Shoe didn't exit with them. The whole incident was so utterly bizarre that Joel was "laughing for three days" and "developing abs" every time it was brought up.
    • Joel's first ever experience with roller coasters at Warner Bros. Movie World's "DC Rivals HyperCoaster" made him finally realize what everyone in chat was talking about in Rollercoaster Tycoon and Planet Coaster when they told him to bank coaster turns. While still on the subject of roller coasters, Joel makes fun of a Superman-themed ride where "Superman rescuing the customers from a burning building" amounted to strapping a Superman ragdoll on the back of the coaster. He also gets some bad childhood memories returning to him when forced to watch the Scooby-Doo movie while in queue for a Scooby Doo-themed ride, where kid Joel not laughing at crossdressing Scooby made him realize that he was a "cynical asshole".
    • Joel's story time is capped off with his encounter with a drunk crackhead's rambling outside of a convenience store on the way back to his hotel, with Joel "moonwalking" away from the conversation at the first sign that he's able to do so.
  • During a stream of Stardew Valley while recovering from illness, Joel decides to check out the live-action Sonic movie's trailer after learning that the director claimed he would have Sonic's infamously bad design altered in response to fan complaints. Joel is so completely flabbergasted by everything he sees and hears that his response to the trailer is to report it for promoting terrorism.
    • It gets better. Joel forgets to change the stream tag for when he begins to rip on the Sonic trailer. What happens then is that his stream gets the top spot in the Stardew Valley streams on Twitch... But the thumbnail representing the stream is an edit of Sonic from aforementioned trailer in which he has bloody jagged teeth and completely black eyes. Needless to say, Joel completely loses his shit when he notices this, to the point that he begins openly cursing in Swedish while genuinely laughing so hard that he can barely catch his breath.
    • As for Joel actually playing Stardew, his very first move is to create a save file where he names his farm Pidgeon (sic) Farm and accidentally gives his character pigtails, both of which the chat points out to him but which he refuses to believe until he's already into the intro of the game.
    • Then once he gets a proper save file started, there's his absolute insane glee at the prospect of farming potatoes, which leads into evil laughter and a rant about all of the things he can do with them, including apparently protecting himself from radiation and possibly taking over the world.
  • Towards the end of Joel's GMod Insanity Hour stream, a sick Joel starts messing around with the face poser on the default Half-Life 2 NPCs during the first few missions of Half-Life 2, as well as other zany 'punishments'. He finds the inaccessible area of the first map where a Doctor Breen model recites the broadcasts, and puts a box of Honey Nut Cheerios behind his head, then dials up the Face Poser intensity on the model, expecting it to make the model look weird... But Breen instead gains a huge and unmoving smile! Too ill with a cold to perform his normal corpsing, Joel laughs less loudly, but mixing in incomprehensible babbling as he struggles not to cough from laughing too much.
  • Joel's playthrough of the Absurd Phobia "horror" game Antidaephobia lasts a mere nine minutes in length, so instead of having the stream Cut Short, he decides to pad out the stream a little bit with some of the phobia segments of Maury, fitting the game's theme. He spends the next 15 minutes switching between talking about how scummy and exploitative the hosts are and trying not to laugh too much at the absurdity of the show's guests running away from a man dressed as their phobia (and repeatedly saying "I shouldn't be laughing at this").
  • Joel randomly comes across a Dreams level called Alien Encounter, which happens to fit his vision of "dream horror game" like a glove. Naturally, there's a lot of screaming involved (especially at the level's sole, relatively mild Jump Scare) and Joel resorted to playing Kirby music over the gameplay to get through his first playthrough.
  • From Joel's Yakuza Kiwami playthrough:
    • Joel discovering that if he taps the control stick very lightly he can make Kiryu move without Kiryu's legs moving very much, leading Joel to spend several minutes laughing over Kiryu essentially vibrating down the street. In the second video he does this while Kiryu is equipped with a heavy object, causing Kiryu to vibrate even more.
    Joel: The secret Kiryu technique...passed down to generations! Ahh wubububububububububububu!
    • After accepting a sidequest from an NPC Joel turns away to begin searching for the man's briefcase, only for the Majima alarm to go off. The sight of Majima, who, at this point Joel considers to be The Dreaded, glowing with blue fire and running full tilt at him spooks the hell out of Joel and he turns to run, only to smack into a wall and let Majima catch up to him.
    Joel: (after the Majima alarm goes off) ...I'm sorry, d-did I just get detected by—OHH! AH, GORO!!
    • In a way, Joel consistently referring to Majima with 'Goro' is this, as he's the only character thus far that Joel calls by their first name. Since in Japan, referring to someone by their first name indicates a close and affectionate personal relationship and the fact that Majima is the only character that Joel refers to via given name, it means Joel warmed up to Majima very quickly. Later in the playthrough Joel gives him the Portmanteau name of "Gojima" as another sign of love for the guy.
    • The same video has Joel visit Smile Burger...only to realize upon leaving that when seen from outside, the inside of the joint looks hugely different from what it does when inside the place. Oh and as an added bonus, he runs smack into Majima.
    • In the third video Joel calls the game out on its usage of little kids and puppy dogs to work on your emotions, and even predicts that Haruka is from an orphanage just a few seconds before she confirms it.
    Joel: I gotta be honest, it's a little cheap that they would put a dog in here just to *ahem* manipulate you like's like, here's a kid, and you're like "aw, shit man, it's getting real emotional", and then it's like here's a dog too, it's like "aw damn it", and what's next, the orphanage is on fire?
    Joel: ...Like I swear to god if this is not the right water and it's like, *falsetto child's voice* "no, you gotta buy regular water! The dog doesn't like vitamin water, that's not the real thing! More macaroni! More cheese! Less macaroni! Less cheese! Perfect! [...] Less cheese! More Goro!"
    • The inventory full of dog food catches up to Joel in the fourth video, as there's no room for actual useful healing items. He postpones his trip to Purgatory's coliseum to go out and sort out his inventory...and gets sidetracked when he catches sight of an adult video store on the map. He's absolutely tickled pink when Kiryu stutters trying to request a video and superimposes a Luminescent Blush on his face.
    Joel: (leading a heavily-injured Kiryu around the shelves of porn) Oh God I have so much semen in my body, I'm gonna die! I gotta releeaaase!
    • Part 4 might as well be called "Majima Everywhere: The Movie", as Joel manages to run into Majima no less than three times within the span of an hour after his scripted boss fight at the batting center.
      Joel: Oh... G-Goro is my girlfriend! He is the prettiest of girlfriends!
      The best part is that Joel actually found himself having more fun with Goromi than the other hostesses he's met up until that point.
      Bartender: Welcome. What can I get you?
      Kiryu: Let's see...
      (the camera cuts to behind the bar, showing Majima manning it)
      Kiryu: ...... (spoken dialogue: Nani?)
      Joel: AH! AHHHHHH! AHHHHHHH! AHHHM- GORO, CAN YOU FUCK OFF FOR A MOMENT!? OHHHHHH, GODDAMN YOU GORO! (chuckles) WHAT THE FUCK!? Goddamnit! Could you... fucking give it a rest!?
      While reading the dialogue, Joel ad-libs a scenario where Kiryu is actually drinking... something else. Considering this is Majima, it's entirely plausible.
      Kiryu: It does have a...classy...taste. Pretty—
      Joel!Kiryu: *splutters* IS THIS YOUR PISS, GORO?!
      Joel!Majima: YES, IT IS!!
    • Part 5 has him get the 'Pole Dancer Majima' event, but Joel sees the twist coming from a mile away so his reaction isn't particularly humorous. What is funny, however, is Joel getting his ass handed to him because he underestimates just how effective Breaker Style Majima is. In fact, he loses enough times the game suggests he try easy mode, and Breaker Majima remains The Dreaded for the remainder of the playthrough. The last hour stretch of the stream also has him encountering Majima again at the bowling center, doing a silly little dance for his intro and pelvic thrusting at him when he thoroughly trounces Joel at a three-frame game.
      Joel: Oh, goddamnit... oh, goddamnit!
      Majima: I've been lookin' for ya, Kiryu-chan!
      Joel: Really!? Because I can't ffffffuckin' get enough of you, huh!?
      (after Joel loses the bowling match)
      Joel: Fucking rigged. Unbelieveable. Unbeliev— bu— bull— bullshi— NO! Goddamn you, Goro!
      Kiryu: Ngh, I lost...
      Joel: (notices Majima's pelvic thrusting) Oh— what is Goro doing? Goro, no...
      Majima: What's the matter? Got the sudden urge to take a crack at me with a bowling ball, Kiryu-chan?
      Joel: Wha— maybe!? Maybe!?
    • Part 6 has Majima ambush Kiryu at a convenience store not even five minutes after a random encounter, which Joel was so unprepared for that he skipped past Majima's first line of dialogue.
      Joel: Oh, whoawhoawhoawhoa, slow down! Whoawhoawhoawhoa, huh!?
      Majima: I was getting so bored and cold. But a fight with you would warm me right up, Kiryu-chan!
      Joel: Dude, I literally fought you like a second ago!
    • In Part 7, Joel tries to rent "Passionate Manly Bathhouse Battle" from the adult DVD store, only to find out that Majima's right next to him.
      Majima: Hee hee hee!
      Joel: (Beat) ...Play dead. Kiryu, play dead. He's like a— he's like a T-Rex. He can't see you... if you don't move. If you do not move... (chuckles) the... emergency of the situation... will be fine. Let's NOT click X... just... shhh. Carefully... (chuckles) examine the situation... and not do anything. Lemme take a sip here before we... puke our life out.
      Majima: Woahhh, check it out! Two macho men havin' a tussle in the nude!? This is a world of shit I didn't even know existed...
    • Part 11 (finale stream):
      • Joel encounters "Everyone's Idol" Goro, wearing his disco getup from Yakuza 0. Joel doesn't recognize him at first, since he never played 0, but gets rendered speechless when a Fangirl starts fawning over him.
      Young Woman: Majima-san, I'm totally fangir-
      Joel: ...Goro, is that you?
      (Majima's next line of dialogue shows up, but he doesn't read it for a few seconds)
      Majima: Oh, Kiryu-chan! What are you standing there gawking at? Come on down!
      Joel: M- my- my mouth is like a butthole right now, it's just trying it's best to not laugh.
      Joel: (while chuckling) Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy ffffffucking god, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me!? That looks fucking too good on Kiryu, god damn dude! I look like a fuckin'... like a pimp!
      (on the streets) Joel: Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhh! Holy shit! I'm drowning in puss! Goddamn! (walks up to a random group of women) What's up, ladies? Yeahhhhh. Mmmmmm.
  • From his streams of Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise:
    • As he's a huge fan of Fist of the North Star, Joel's playthrough of this game was a long time coming for both fans and himself. right at the start, as soon as Joel manages to first pull off the Hokuto Hyakuretsuken, he is positively GIDDY.
    • He also takes time to admire the game's Western logo, noting how it looks like font right off of a classic 80s heavy metal band logo.
    • Because of a misread, Joel repeatedly pronounces "IDL" as "leedle."
    • In part 2, while fighitng Devil Rebirth, Joel shows off the part in the original anime where Ken defeats him...and how comically badly animated it was even for its time. While he's unable to show it, he also mentions the one bit from the anime where it attempts to show Ken from the point of view of a soon-to-already-die mook...portrayed by an animation cel of Kenshiro wobbling about on a still background.
    • Later, he comes across Chogre, the kid who manages the game's post-release addon content. At one point, Chogre tells Kenshiro of a certain chicken named Nugget running around his hideout. Only because Joel hasn't played Yakuza 0 yet, he doesn't exactly grasp the significance of the chicken that other Yakuza fans do. He's more astounded by the chicken's name.
    Joel: They called the chicken NUGGET?! [...] Well he wasn't in Kiwami I can tell you that! yeah we gotta find Nugget the chicken! Yeah screw finding Yuria and- (stopped by the game's early-game railroading) Aww, these thugs, dammit.
    • Part 3 sees Joel finally encounter Nugget and obtain the chicken's Destiny Talisman. After using it in battle, Joel is delighted to find that he gets quite a lot of money from the chicken's star of destiny.
    • Not wanting to spend the entire playthrough in Ken's manager tux no mater how good it looks, joel has to head back to the main menu to change costumes. He then mistakes the Lost Paradise alt costume for Ken's default...and loves it enough to keep it on, even pulling a Kiryu and having Ken strut about Eden in it to "Stayin' Alive." Even funnier is that you don't actually have to go back to the main menu to change costumes, as you can do so from the bed in Ken's hideout.
    • The massive ham that is Uighur causes lots of delight for Joel.
    • Joel completely EXPLODES upon seeing how a fat mook's "HIDEBU!" death cry can manifest as a usable weapon.
  • While streaming the Sept. 4 2019 Nintendo Direct Joel would play the first few notes of Megalovania multiple times as a nod to the long-standing "Sans in Smash" meme. Lo and behold as Sans is actually revealed to be in Smashnote , introduced and coming with Megalovania as a bonus song to boot. Laughing seems to be the best medicine apparently, demonstrated by his 3-minute hilarious reaction.

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