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  • Vinny's infatuation with Lolly in Vineland, and Cherry the dog moving directly in front of his house in Da Burbs.
  • Gala and Bella spread fleas around the town, with Vinny accusing Bella of spreading the plague.
  • Somehow, almost every one of Vinny's villagers has moved in front of his house, with Curly and Ketchup being the only outliers.
  • Ganon once called Inkwell ugly when Inkwell was visiting.
  • Vinny getting so annoyed by Cherry's house being right in front of his that he forcibly moves her out. When Coco moves in, she puts her house in almost the exact same spot.
  • Vinny's Stalker Shrine to Scoot in Vineland.
  • The scene where Vinny visits Lolly after being hearing that she is moving away from Vineland immediately goes from being emotional to being hilarious the moment Lolly calls Vinny by his Embarassing Nickname.
    Lolly: I may be moving to a new town, but I promise never to forget you, foreskin!
    Vinny (choking up): I love it when she calls me foreskin...
    • Then he goes to his Scoot room, declaring that he'll always have Scoot.
  • Skye telling Vinny that his cardboard bed looks comfortable to sleep on.
     Vineland (Vineclassic streams Parts 1- 19 and New Leaf 2015- 16 streams Parts 1-3) 

Vineclassic Part 1

  • In a bit of Mood Whiplash, Vinny thinks that Tortimer, the previous Animal Crossing mayor, had died. When told that he's on the island, he quickly goes "oh, never mind" and continues the stream like nothing happened.
  • The contents of Vinny's first letter to Pudge:
    Dear Pudge,
    I want you out of this town.
    You hear me? I will end you.
    When this is over, you won't
    have a family to put the piec
    es back together. Die :)
  • Towards the end, Vinny is linked the KK slider cover of All Star...which he proceeds to play in its entirety. At one point, he disbelievingly asks why he's stil listening to it; however, he still calls it "beautiful" (and better than the original) in the end.

Vineclassic Part 2

     Da Burbs (New Leaf Amiibo Update streams Parts 1-current) 
     Southbird Edit exclusive 


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