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Vinny's playthrough of Tomodachi Life has numerous moments of hilarity, enough to merit its own page.

Note that this page is still not well organized, and so unmarked spoilers abound. Read folders for episodes you haven't watched at your own risk.

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  • Vinny's ever-expanding island of freaks is amazing. The islanders have collectively included: note 
    • Many of the island's residents are either humanized animals, humanized food, or potential circus freaks, all made by exploiting the Mii Maker for all it's worth. Bonus points for even the more normal-looking characters still having bizarre moments.
  • The voices for some of the characters are just hilarious. Wario is best described as sounding like two balloons rubbing together, Ben Drowned has an incredibly squeaky and fast voice, Walrus sounds like some kind of alien bug, Cling On has an incredibly high-pitched and annoying voice that makes it sound like everything she says is a question, and Seabiscuit must be heard to believed.
    • Wario's voice is so distorted that he pronounces the word "schnitzel" rather... uniquely.
    • Big Face has a slow, booming baritone that somehow still manages to crack. Birdo has a very similar voice.
    • Small Face, on the other hand, has a high fast voice to contrast.
    • Dheerse's voice is really wheezy and high pitched, to the point where Vinny cannot understand what she's saying without subtitles. He even has the viewers close their eyes and guess what she says. This was probably the smallest of the reasons that led to her being voted off the island. When she's scanned into the European version, she doesn't sound like this, but she makes up for it by sounding like an old, upper-class Englishwoman.
  • The bizarre crack pairings that result from such a population.
    • Groose gets married to Lamb Chop, though they divorced fairly quickly. Now Lamb Chop is with Ralph Bluetawn.
    • Two Faced was with Walrus, much to Vinny's dismay, until Donkey Kong came along.
    • Alpaca had a one sided crush on Clown and Walrus, got together with Vinesauce only for Vinny to split them up, and finally settles down with BonziBUDDY before the purging of the memes. Even after, she eventually hooked up with and married Walrus..
    • Waluigi and Witch spend a long time dating before finally getting married. He's also expressed interest in getting Gabe Newell and Hamburger together.
    • In an alternate reality, Vinesauce gets together with Seabiscuit, but in another, she has Groose, CD-i Link, and Gaben all confess to her at once, before ultimately choosing Link.
    • Little Mac married a banana (which he was found out to dislike eating), of all things, and Kenny decided to date a hamburger.
  • Vinny used to regularly give new islanders white bread as their first food, like it's Soviet Russia. This makes it appear that their favorite food is white bread.
    Vinny: His favorite food is white bread. He doesn't know anything else. Not only does he not know love, he doesn't know what any food except white bread tastes like.
    • He later changed it for Donkey Kong and Banana, deciding to only feed them... bananas.
    • For at least one day, he regularly gave islanders baked beans. He concluded that to be the cause of all the flatulence that day.
  • The various songs Vinny's made in the game, but Wario's takes the cake.
    • Joel's cover of "Dragon's Dilda" (Wario's song) must be heard to be believed.
    • Sponge's new song has reached a new "high" in terms of excellence.
    • He gives his Mii a rock 'n' roll song called "Right Em' in the Wrong Hole", which sounds fine (though he didn't expect the song to be '50s rock 'n' roll), aside from his Mii pronouncing "crustaceans" and "frustrations" way too fast. In addition, due to character limits, what little subtlety the title had is lost when the game shortens one occurrence of it it to "Right Em' in the Wrong Ho".
    • Vinny gives Jesus a rap about how adding Isaac to the game crashed it and split the world in two. Jesus is a surprisingly skilled rapper, but some of the lyrics are skipped over entirely, simply because Jesus raps too fast for the song's meter to keep up with.
    • The songs with complete gibberish (Ben Drowned's "Operation Robodachi Fist" and Smellz Like Feet's (Waluigi and Witch) "Livin' the Dream") are hilarious for the way the voice program tries to decipher the lyrics and still keep it within meter. Everything after the first line in Levi's "Levi Time" only had either symbols or non-Latin letters (both of which are ignored by the text-to-speech engine) and the game didn't even try to pronounce it.
  • Poor Alpaca is a wreck. Her feelings have been rejected by both Clown and Walrus. During quirky questions, she's admitted to using both cocaine and LSD, and Vinny has programmed her to ask "Got any blow?" whenever she feels depressed. None of the other islanders are attracted to her, either, as shown by the ratings board.
    • Eventually, Alpaca ended up being matched with Bonzi. This was after a love triangle developed between Alpaca, Wario and Vinny's Mii. Needless to say Vinny was slack-jawed at the development.
  • The fact that Princess Peach, the most conventionally attractive of the girls, didn't have a sweetheart until Episode 36.
  • Sponge's only friend is David Bowie, which amazes Vinny. BFFs, no less.
  • Wario's sordid love life. He confessed his feelings for Alpaca, only for Vinesauce to upstage him and steal Alpaca from him (temporarily). Then he confessed to Lamb Chop, only for her to be stolen away by Ralph.
  • Gordon Ramsay is capable of preparing lemonade and brownies using only a frying pan.

    Episodes 1 to 10 

Episode 1

  • Vinny forces Wario into a mermaid dress, which he doesn't like... at least at first. Later, during a session of Quirky Questions, Wario admits that he would like to be a dolphin. It's then revealed that he's a fan of fish sticks, and that he's got seahorses on his mind. Vinny is convinced that the mermaid dress went to his head.

Episode 2

  • Witch asks for an ugly hat... while wearing an ugly hat.
  • This exchange:
    Witch is rolling on the floor
    Vinny: This game should be banned.

Episode 4

  • Vinny realizing that he's forcing Tingle to like baseball when he just wants to be a fairy and have adventures like Link.
    Tingle: I'd like a new hat.
    Vinny: I've got just the hat for you. You like baseball, Tingle? [Gives him a logo baseball hat to replace his other baseball hat] Of course you do!
    Game: He loves it!
    Vinny: He can't escape it! I'm sure, like, all he wants to do is be like a fai—oh my God, I just realized something. Guys, Tingle just wants to be a fairy, and he, like, wants to make maps and be like Link, a-and like, go on adventures... And, like, I'm the dad... that is not okay with that. And I'm forcing him to be a baseball player. I'm forcing him against his will to play baseball and be manly, and he's gettin' sick of it. He's like "Can I have a new hat?" and I'm like "Of course you can, son, here's a new baseball hat!" ...Oh, poor Tingle!
    • Even funnier is how when Vinny finally gave Tingle his trademark suit, he didn't like it.

Episode 10

  • Vinny misspelling "dodongos" as "dogondos" when attempting to give CD-i Link a catchphrase.

    Episodes 11 to 20 

Episode 13

  • After Groose and Lamb Chop's marriage, Vinny decides to give Lamb Chop a chili pepper as a congratulations. After she eats it, she melts because it tastes so bad to her.

Episode 14

Episode 16

  • At one point, Vinny attempts to punish Walrus by feeding him some sausage. He starts to breakdance, as it was his second-favorite food!
  • Vinny finds himself disturbed by the facial nuances that make the Vinesauce clone Vlinny (added in Episode 16) appear derpy, minor as they are. He keeps Vlinny confined within an ice-themed apartment, claiming that it's a cryochamber Vlinny depends on to survive.
  • Wario decides that swimming in a pool full of nail clippers is true happiness.
  • In Episode 16, Vinny adds a man with a giant head and a tiny face called Small Face. About five minutes after he joins the island, Peach meets Small Face on the roof, with the latter wearing the 'genius' disguise of having sunglasses on... sunglasses that are directly above his tiny face.

Episode 17

Episode 20

  • An outbreak of baked beans was sighted near Wario's home.
  • Vinny's reaction at seeing his Mii confess to Alpaca.
    Wario: [to Alpac] "Everything about you is amazing. Will you be my sweetheart?"
    Vinesauce: [offscreen] "Wait!"
    Vinny: [Gasps]
    [Vinesauce appears on screen]
    Vinny: "WHAT!? NO! NO! No no no no no!"
    Vinesauce: "I love you too!"
    Vinny: "No I don't!"
    Wario: "I love you more!"
    Vinny: "Wario loves you more!"
    Vinesauce: "Alpaca, who do you choose?"
    Vinny: "Choose Wario!"
    Alpaca: "Vinesauce, I'm so glad you feel the same"!
    Vinny: "No, fuck my life! WHY ALPACA!?... KAZUMA-KUN!"
    • Alpaca's reaction when Vinny decides that her and Vinesauce being together is a bad idea, looking pissed off to the heavens.

    Episodes 21 to 30 

Episode 21

  • The aforementioned schnitzel incident. Followed by a meandering conversation that turns from gossip about Cdi Link being popular with the girls to the meaning of life.
    Vinny: "That was Vinefeld!"

Episode 22

  • BonziBUDDY and Alpaca getting married, much to Vinny's relief.
  • Vinny deciding that he doesn't like HOTDOG only two episodes after he added him, evicting him, insisting he's dead, and replacing him with Dolan, whom he later expresses interest in evicting.
  • Tingle tried to become sweethearts with Two Faced, only for Vinny to show up and also profess his love. She rejected both of them, but only Tingle became depressed.

Episode 23

  • Vinny decided to torture his islanders by giving them red chili peppers, which they all hated. He even gave one to Lamb Chop, which he already knew she hated. The hatred of red chili peppers becomes a minor running gag from then on, with only a few choice islanders liking them (including Walrus).Seabiscuit, however...

Episode 25

  • During a lull in activity, Vinny becomes furious with Dolan and Witch when they demand new clothes.

Episode 26

  • Waluigi and Witch got married.
    • Joel sends Vinny an image of a bootleg Mario game he intends to play. Vinny notes that it looks like a combination of Waluigi and Witch, and then it suddenly hits him: That's their kid, who grew up into a new Mario Brother.
  • Vinny added Jesus to his island. The game at first pronounced his name as "Hay-Zoos." Vinny fiddled with it, and now he's "J-j-j-j-jesus."
    • Walrus pronouncing "J-j-j-j-jesus" cracked Vinny up.
  • Vinny added Jack & Jill, some kind of conjoined twin with one mind. The top part of the head is female, Jill, and the bottom half is male, Jack.
  • While checking out what he thought was the Girls' Hangout (it was actually a "pity party" event, when anyone who's a friend of the sad Mii can attend) in Episode 26, Vinny finds that his Mii is there almost all the time hanging out with the girls, making him believe he's The Casanova. Hamburger is also there as well, still downtrodden from having been rejected by Ralph. The rest of the Miis in the conversation can only just stare at her for a second, mixing this with Tear Jerker.

Episode 27

  • Vinny visits Gaben and decides that he should give him new clothes to replace his hamster outfit. He taps Gaben's problem bubble...and Gaben says that he wants new clothes.

Episode 28

  • Vinny feeds Cling On escargot, which is her super all-time favorite food. Her eyes widen as heavenly music plays, before she blasts off into space, and in her squeaky voice, exclaims "Yummmmmmmm!" However, due to her high pitched and always inquisitive tone, it also sounds like an Almighty "YEAH!"
  • Vinny and Dolan engaging in a huge rap battle. Vinny cheers his Mii on and is happy when he wins.
  • Sponge asks Vinny what he should say when he's happy. Vinny tells him to do a little dance and say "I'm not happy." Later, he's pushing him on a swing, and exclaims "I'm not happy", causing Vinny to break down into laughter.
  • When Vinny tried to add Isaac to the island, the game crashed on him. Since he didn't save, all the fun stuff before, such as Vinny's Mii being sweethearts with Seabiscuit, Hamburger being aware that she's in a game, and Sponge saying getting "I'm not happy" as a catchphrase (and saying it while being pushed on a swing) never happened. Vinny explains all this away as an alternate dimension that branched off the main dimension.
  • Groose trying to be sweethearts with Seabiscuit at the concert hall right after what happened in the previous entry. CD-i Link then jumps onto the stage and declares his love to Seabiscuit. Then Gaben comes flying out of the curtains on some ropes and does the same. CD-i Link wins Seabiscuit out of the three. All of this causes Vinny to collapse in laughter.
  • Dolan takes advantage of his freedom by instigating a fight with Balegdah, a fight that leaves the both of them literally fuming with anger. Alpaca gets tired of their fighting and very nearly settles the dispute... until she ends up in a crossfire of antique junk being tossed by both Dolan and Balegdah. They don't make up.
  • Between rejections, rivalries with Walrus, and the universe itself re-writing history, Vinny is convinced that his Mii is destined to be single.

Episode 29

  • Vinny's reaction when Balegdah spontaneously asks his Mii out and he accepts, followed by Vlinny bugging him for attention.

    Episodes 31 to 40 

Episode 31

  • Vinny's Mii tries to propose to Balegdah. Vinny, obviously, doesn't approve of it so he sabotages his Mii's attempt to propose and blames it entirely on the ferris wheel the two are in.
    Vinny: "It's not my fault that a raven, technical malfunctions, and dead roller coaster people ruined this marriage."
  • Groose has feelings for both Princess Peach and Two Faced. Vinny encourages him to go for Two Faced and is shocked when D.K. also professes love to her. It ends in failure when Two Faced rejects them both.
    Vinny: "Why didn't I give Groose to Peach? No good reason. I just thought maybe there would be a chance I could break [Two Faced and Walrus] up."
  • Isaac gives Vinny an engagement ring for winning the catching game.
    Vinny: "Did Isaac just propose to me?"
  • Wario had a superhero dream in which he had a pink mustache and hair, and tells kids to always wash their hands after washing their hands. Vinny is appropriately confused.
  • Vinny is indignant when Walrus changes out of his prisoner uniform and forces him to change back.

Episode 32

  • Jesus and BonziBUDDY had a fight, with Vinny hoping they wouldn't make up.
  • Two Faced tried to propose to Walrus. Vinny messed it up.
  • Bowser was in love with Two Faced, and Clown tried to confess to her as well. As usual, she rejected them both. Even Vinny said it was a foregone conclusion since she had tried to propose to Walrus minutes before.
  • Vinny tried to add a male skeleton to act as Skelorita's male counterpart... except said skeleton was also a girl. Vinny promptly killed the second skeleton.
  • Vinny adding Broccoli to the island, only to have him later express how much he hates Broccoli's smug, punchable face. Many fans seem to hate him as well, because he got several votes during episode 52, though Birdo "won" in the end.

Episode 33

  • Vinny gives Toad a 50¢ cracker. Toad likes it, but refuses a second one, and then farts.
  • Vinny fed David Bowie cheese and he almost choked.
  • Karl develops a crush on Cling On, only to get rejected. (The way she rejects him is hilarious too, thanks to her inquisitive tone. It's like she doesn't quite understand what he's trying to do.) In the same stream, Little Mac admits his feelings to Banana (and he'll even give her a banana if he goes out with her). Suddenly, Karl turns around and proclaims his love for Banana as well. Banana chooses Mac. That's twice in a single stream that Karl gets the shaft. And the worst part? Little Mac is his best friend.

Episode 34

  • Isaac asked for a disposable camera and called the resulting photo "Unsmiling Mother." Both the chat and Vinny freaked out, and when Vinny clicked "I don't even..." Isaac threatened him with "You just don't get it, do you, Vinesauce's look-alike?"
  • Vinny gave Sponge a comb-over wig, apologizing the whole way. Immediately after, he clicked on Jesus, who said his catchphrase, "I forgive you."
  • Two Faced sets Wario and Wii Fit Trainer on a date, and they hit it off.
  • Vinny decided to add three of the same Mii, each named Jahn Jahn with the nickname Jahn. Literally the same Mii, with the same info, voice, and personality.
  • One that is stream-related, not game-related: while Vinny was editing "Livin' The Dream", apparently (according to the chat), a time loop occurred.

Episode 35

  • Alpaca states that she and Bonzi want to have a baby. Vinny's reaction is golden.
  • Sponge wanted to become sweethearts with either Seabiscuit or Hamburger. Vinny chose Hamburger and told Sponge to give her hotel toiletries as a present. She turned him down.
  • Vinny's reasoning for giving Vlinny a Santa suit:
    Vinny: So the story here is that Vlinny is gonna pretend to be Santa Claus. But he's gonna just break into people's houses and steal their dicks. (gives Vlinny a baseball bat) With a baseball bat.

Episode 36

  • Babies finally happened. Ralph and Lamb Chop bring their daughter Hailey into the world, and she really looks like a combination of her parents. Then Alpaca and Bonzi have their kid, Levi, and he's an absolute abomination.
  • The pictures Vinny took of the babies are funny, especially the one with BonziBUDDY's child.
  • Isaac let out a huge fart, so Vinny gave him baked beans when he said he was hungry. He later did the same to Jack & Jill when they farted.
  • Sponge, Walrus, Two Faced, and Hamburger were all talking in Sponge's house, leading Vinny to suspect that they know something in the universe is conspiring against them.
  • Vinny torments Walrus by giving him another croissant, which causes him to melt.
  • Clown confesses his love for Princess Peach, only for Groose and Karl Pilkington to show up and declare their love for her as well. She turns them down and goes with Clown. Later in the same episode, Kenny confesses his feelings for Hamburger, and then Groose and Karl show up again. Once again, the two are turned down in favor of Kenny. Vinny absolutely loses his mind, and dubs the two of them the Sloppy Seconds Brothers, and gives them their own song.
    • In order to give Karl a pop song so the Sloppy Seconds Brothers could be made, Vinny had to wake him up by altering his personality (and accidentally save the changes), turning him into an Easygoing Dreamer. Vinny then managed to level him up so he could give him the song... only to somehow forget why he was doing this and gave him a CD instead. Cue the chat going mental. It takes Vinny 48 seconds to realize this. Cue Vinny leveling Karl up again.

Episode 37

  • The episode opens with a report that Princess Peach threw a temper tantrum in the middle of the street, stopping traffic. The reporters think it was candy-related, and a later news flash has Peach talking about lollipops with Broccoli's face on them. Many also speculate that it was due to her recent relationship with Clown.
  • Karl tries to go for Banana again, despite knowing that she is already with his best friend Little Mac. Banana immediately rejected him.
  • DK stole Two Faced away from Walrus, causing him to fall into a near full bar of sadness. What follows is a montage of Walrus' and Two Face's relationship, ending with Vinny actually starting to feel bad for Walrus. Poor guy.
    • Even funnier is the Mood Whiplash between the heartbreaking flashback and Vinny feeding Walrus a sausage, causing him to breakdance and instantly feel better.

Episode 38

  • In Episode 38, Two Faced and Sponge got into a fight over a teddy bear. He refused to apologize.
  • Dheerse was wearing the mummy costume, causing Vinny to say she suffered an accident.
  • After DK befriends Vinesauce, Vinny notices DK's best friend is Bowser and wonders about his ulterior motive.
  • Vinny snapping at Dolan and deleting him after he said everyone on the island could become friends (while not having many friends of his own). Immediately afterward, Jack & Jill, Karl, and Mac bounced around in an apartment happily.
  • One of the Jahns wanted Vinny to guess what a perfectly blank screen was. Said Jahn wore a helmet, confusing Vinny and making him think he was Captain Jahn.
  • Snoop confessed his love for Alpaca, only for Walrus and Sponge to show up. Alpaca chose Walrus, and Levi got a new stepfather. This was one hour after BonziBUDDY was erased.

Episode 39

  • Peach decided to become friends with Bowser. Immediately after, Sponge wanted to befriend Peach.

Episode 40

  • Vinny's horrified reaction upon seeing Jaxon, Ralph and Lamb Chop's second baby.
  • As Vinny discovers in episode 40, Alpaca and Little Mac had a fight over a can of macadamia nuts... or as Vinny calls them, baked beans.
  • Vinny added Satan to his island, who had the personality of an easygoing dreamer.
  • During a game of Quirky Questions, Vinny misspelled Donkey Kong as Dongley Knog.
  • The Pinkle Mii contest, not because of the contest itself, but because of one person in the chat freaking out because the third Miinote  looked like his mom. It's worth pointing out that the Mii in question was wearing a bikini.

    Episodes 41 to 50 and Corruption Episode 

Episode 41

  • Jaxon grew up with a huge nose, and became a traveler who'd say "My face hurts. :)" when meeting someone new.
    Vinny: "I'm surprised he can eat. What is this vile being that eats through his nose? The world will know of his majesty."
  • Vinny sang a song when Jaxon left to travel the world.
    Vinny: "Tomodachi~ When you were a little boy / You looked so beautiful with your nose/inside your lips! / Do you remember the nose inside your throat? / Do you rememba the baby steps and the poop/came from your face? / Do you rememba—" [starts laughing] "I don't know what I'm doing! / The Spaghettios we ate at the diner!"
  • Hailey sent in a video to the news saying she made red velvet cake and wanted friends to come over. The islanders were unimpressed.
  • Skelorita is a Jahn fangirl. In-game, she was given a white superhero outfit and a CD, which Vinny claimed were signs of her liking the Jahns.
  • When doing the usual art showcase towards the end of the stream, Vinny comes across a rather sexy artwork of Cling On. He's momentarily left speechless.
    Vinny: Well, now, hey...Hey now... Careful there, Cling On.

Episode 42

  • Vinny added Pretzel, Sponge's brother, to his island, who was created from a Game & Wario stream in which Vinny attempted to draw a pretzel with his eyes closed. (The "Mario Brother running while crying" drawing was actually his second attempt, for which he tried to "draw something abstract and cool" (read: Scribble randomly); his first looked more like a pretzel, so naturally it wasn't Miiverse Sketch material.)
  • Vinny adds Gordon Ramsay and gives him a frying pan. The first dish he makes is a brownie. Vinny's Ramsay impression sells it.
  • Vinny gave Two Faced a comb-over wig and started laughing hysterically.
  • Sponge asked Alpaca out. She didn't even show up, which cracked Vinny up.

Episode 43

  • Gordon Ramsay made lemonade with a frying pan, causing Vinny to declare him a miracle chef.
  • Hamburger wanted to be friends with Gordon Ramsay. Vinny absolutely lost it.
  • Just minutes after a Jahn wanted to befriend Two Faced, he had a fight with her in which he called her a potato. She refused to forgive him.
  • Vinny does Judgement Bay a couple of times, and one time got the same results 2 times. 32 were on Jesus/BJ's, and the same 3 were on Satan/HJ's. Who were those 3? Isaac, Pinkle, and one of the Jahns. The kicker is that near the end of the stream, he says this.
    Vinny: "What have we learned today? Satanists like hand jobs."

Episode -2147483648 (Collection Corruptions Episode)

  • Since Tomodachi Collection is a Japanese-only game, the characters can't pronounce any of the English names; instead they spell them out. This means "Vinny's spitting image"/"Vinny no sokkuri-san" becomes "V-I-N-N-Y no sokkuri-san"...which sounds like "VE-EEE I-EEE NA-UU NA-UU WHY-EEE no sokkuri-san".
  • Vinny often encounters Miis with disembodied heads (or other body parts).
  • The "news." Bonus points for getting hijacked by pure glitch.
  • "Masturbation Island."
  • The fact that Vinny's look-alike on this island is wearing a female sailor's/school uniform.
    Vinny: Why am I a little girl?! I don't like it.
  • The confirmation of the corruption...
  • The songs conjured up.
    • Vineschnoz's first enka song ("ⒷⒶⒷⓎ♥"):
      kick へ baby Go go go
      kiss へ toilet へ hormone へ
      romantic へ member へ gag
      love へ baby cooking
    • Vineschnoz's second enka song (also called "ⒷⒶⒷⓎ♥"):
      boy へ body deluxe
      gag へ pants へ smile へ
      Duk へ wow wow へ kiss
      me へ member birthday
    • Vinny considered rewriting Vineschnoz's song to replace the "e" ("へ") with other sounds, but decided against it before the song could finish.
    • Alpaca's rap song ("MEME RAP")
      you へ bikini giga へ god
      everybody let's Duk
      hey you baby Duk へ
      good luck romantic toilet

Episode 44

Episode 45

  • DK tried to set Jesus and Jack & Jill on a date. While they didn't hit it off, Jack & Jill expressed interest in dating him after the fact.
  • Vinny gave Dheerse a judge wig and cracked up.

Episode 46

  • Vinny gives Ben Drowned the Age-o-matic spray to make him an adult... only to turn him back into a kid minutes later.
    • What makes this better is that Vinny started dying as soon as he did it.
  • Skelorita asks Vinny for $48, which he does not give her. He then kicks her off the island for a fraction of what she asked for, not saying a word during the entire process, and never brings it up again. When he visits Pee-wee's apartment, and gets a feeling that somebody else lived there before, but brushes it off as just his imagination.
  • One of the Jahns wants to try a new hair color, despite having no hair at all, not even eyebrows. Vinny gives him the hair color spray, and he fruitlessly sprays his head with red dye, with absolutely no results.
  • Vinny's Pee-wee Herman impression.
    "Do you boys and girls know what time it is? It's time for a new Mii! Guess which one it is! Pee-weeeee!"
  • Vinny added Birdo to the island, who is a girl in-game but has a very deep, masculine voice.
  • Vinny added Tucker (whose Mii is based on fan artist Blankfaece's interpretation of the character and named Tucker Blankface [sic] because of that), a Take That! at his Fan Dumb who will do whatever he says. He even has "Vinny said to!" was his catchphrase! Naturally, his go-to excuse for everything from then on is claiming Vinny said to do it.
    • He is later shown to have a fondness for buttered potatoes. Consider the fact that his idol works with a man frequently referred to as a potato.
  • Two Faced, Seabiscuit, Banana, and Big Face all discuss the trendiness of having receipts, completely baffling Vinny.
  • Vinny gets Small Face and Cling On to break up, causing both of them to become depressed. When Vinny notices Cling On is upset, he lets out a not-very-heartfelt "OOPS!" And the Southbird edit makes it funnier with an edited voice clip of Cling On calling Vinny a son of a bitch.

Episode 47

  • Vinny made Sponge smile with cotton candy, then immediately planned on how to remove his happiness.
  • Just the fact that in episode 47, HOTDOG came back... and Vinny doesn't even react to it.
  • Tucker asked Vinny to look inside his head. Nothing was there.
  • HOTDOG wanted to be friends with Tucker, and succeeded, bringing this little gem from Vinny.
    Tucker: "Mom, um, I'm best friends with a hot dog, and uh, is it OK if I sleep with hot dogs? In uh, in my bed?"
    • As of episode 51, Tucker is friends with Clown, of all people. He's at least more normal than HOTDOG, but that's not saying much.
  • Bowie wanted to be friends with Pretzel, and actually becomes friends with him. Even better is that Bowie somehow levels up from that, and causes Vinny to say that the pirate album Bowie is working on is a sad one, and he needs Sponge's sadness for inspiration, and gets maracas as a new instrument. He also wants Clown for the happy parts of it.
  • Vinny helping Lolly sneeze might get a quick chuckle, especially with this quip.
    Vinny: "That was your nose, I suppose."
    • Even better is that when she levels up, she gets a cat. Catception ensues.
  • Bub Skebulba makes a picture and calls it "Street-Corner Horror", which is so bad that even Vinny cracks up and says that Bub Skebulba is planning to stab teenagers with icicles in a lonely Tomodachi village as a film, and his weakness is olives. And the leaf on his head after that is a memoir of his last kill.
  • HOTDOG's weird voice made "I want some new clothes" sound like "I need a new coat." His new "coat" ended up being a red version of his infamous hot dog suit.
  • Captain Jahn wants to rule the world with photography, showing his mating habits to Vinny, and questioning his reality before Vinny thinking he may be from Atlantis.
  • Bowser asked Vinny what he'd look at today if his whole world went dark tomorrow. Vinny answered "Waffle cones," and Bowser said he must really like ice cream.
  • Levi's song. All of it.
    Levi: "I am a useless ayusshole."
    • The revised version adds "¦¥¦¥¦g¦¥¦¥¦" to the end, which Vinny assumed would be unpronounceable. Levi tries it anyway.
      Levi: "Yen-yen-geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yeeeennnnn."
    • Levi ends up sounding like he's saying "Jahn" while a lone Jahn acts as his only backup dancer.
  • Big Face makes an absolutely ridiculous face that Vinny doesn't like.
  • Bowser tells a joke about why Luigi is taller than Mario. Nobody laughs.

Episode 49

  • In Episode 49, Karl tried to ask Two Faced out. She didn't even show up. Twice. To make matters worse, Vinny fed him spaghetti, which made him melt.
  • In Episode 49 it's clear that the island is full of Jahns, but Vinny mostly avoids showing them. Then, during the deletion of Wii Fit Trainer, Vinny has to scroll down the entire alphabetical list of islanders to reach her, grunting and screaming all the way under the brunt of Jahn mind control. What makes it is when he reaches J, and scrolls through no less than eleven identical Jahns in a row and immediately replaces Wii Fit Trainer thereafter.
  • The extent of the Jahn invasion makes itself known in one particular moment of Episode 49.
    [Cuts away from Jahn's apartment to Jahn's apartment]
    Vinny: "Nothing sinister going on, right Jahn?"
    [Cut to Jahn's apartment]
    Vinny: "Right Jahn?"
    [Cut to Jahn's apartment]
    Vinny: "What do you think, Jahn?"
    [Fade to Jahn's dream of him and Jahn as a superhero team]

Episode 50

  • Episode 50 kicks off with Agent Scully reading the news, and Mulder being interviewed in post.
  • Vinesauce began crushing on Cling On. He presents her with a ruby pendant... only for Jesus and Bowser to pull the "Wait!" card! Thankfully, Vinesauce got the girl.
    Cling On: Vinesauce, I'm so glad you feel the same.
    Vinny: Yes! YES! Screw you, Two-Faced, I got Cling On!
  • We end up finding out how the Jahn situation was resolved. The Jahns were looking for chicken cutlets, they went to Darren, he told them to go to Vineland Island, they got carried away, and Mulder and Scully made them leave. The kicker? This happened off-screen. And Vinny was told this by Mulder.
  • Vinny holds a round of Judgment Bay. When asked whether to delete the island or keep it intact, Tucker chooses the former on the grounds that "Vinny said to!" Vinny himself found this to be hilarious.
  • Vlinny, Clown, Broccoli, and Ben Drowned talk about Pee-wee's movie theater scandal.
    Vlinny: "Have you heard what they're saying about Pee-wee? You think you know a person!"
    Vinny: "Oh HOHOHOHOOO!"
    Clown: "You should know better than to buy into petty gossip."
    —>Vinny: "Are they referring to his incident in the theater!?"
    Broccoli: "A scandal!? Tell me, tell me!"
    Vinny: [Bursts into laughter]
    Ben Drowned: "I haven't heard a thing! Do tell!"
    Vinny: "It's perfect! Pee-wee... they know about what he did in the theater!"
  • Vinny now has the intention of sending Vlinny to space. He did.

    Survivor Edition 

Episode 51

  • In episode 51, the [newly separated couple of Tingle and Clown Lady end up doing something self-aware. Tingle bugs Vinny twice about how he can't stop thinking about the moon (Vinny suggests that he thinks it's about to fall), while Clown Lady comments that no one listens to her jokes after becoming Mime Lady.
  • Vinny sees that Dheerse is in love.
    Vinny: "So far, Dheerse is, like, number one on my shit list."
    Dheerse: "I have feelings for Vlinny. I've got to tell him!"
    Vinny: "VLINNY?? You can't get worse than number one on the shit list, but congratulations, you just did."

Episode 52

  • Tingle tells Vinny that yoga has made him crazy bendy. Vinny changes the pronunciation of Tingle's name to "Crazy Bendy".
  • Cling On is given the happy catchphrase "Qapla", a standard Klingon phrase. However, when she says it, it sounds like "Kappa". Vinny isn't happy. It gets funnier during the art showcase, where Vinny explains what "Qapla" means, which ends up sounding like a desperate attempt to disconnect it from memes. In the SB edit, Southbird inserts in some scrolling text as he rambles:
    Southbird: "Really, Vin, it's okay... just admit your girlfriend memed on you..."
  • One that's livestream-exclusive; at one point, the islanders worship a red chili pepper, prompting the chat (known for being a Hive Mind) to spam a chili pepper emote. Later on, a dream where an AR camera is worshiped happens; Vinny comments on the explosion from earlier, and hopes it won't happen again, because there's no camera emote. He's wrong. His exasperation when he views the chat afterwards is priceless.
    "Oh, goddammit, there's a camera—fuck."
  • Isaac brainwashes Vinny into giving him a travel ticket, and goes on vacation with Satan and inexplicably Little Mac. Just before this, he claims to like helping "the little guy", also noting that "the big guy" can take care of himself. Vinny suggests that Little Mac is actually a Satanist as well.
  • Broccoli's epic case of an Ignored Epiphany. He asks Vinny for a shirt to wear to work, even though he's unemployed. He then asks Vinny to turn him into a kid again, presumably so he can dodge the responsibility of actually finding job. Vinny then demonstrates how Not Growing Up Sucks, and that being a kid can be hard work, too. Vinny transforms Broccoli back into an adult, and hopes the little man has learned his lesson. Broccoli just changes out of the shirt.
  • At the diner, Two Faced says she's feeling worn down and blames the abundance of bananas in her diet. Bearing in mind that she's dating Donkey Kong, it's easy to take that as a euphemism.
    • Immediately after, Two Faced says she could go for something tasty right about then. Hamburger, clearly nervous, turns away and says nothing.
    • Later, while the two are alone, Two Faced tells Seabiscuit that she has the personality of a fan. Seabiscuit shoots right back and admits to confusing Two Faced with Birdo for the longest time.
    • Two Faced continues her mean streak by saying how surprising it is that Princess Peach looks stylish that day. She received the third-highest amount of votes that day.
    • And finally, Two Faced claims to have heard strange noises coming from Tingle's apartment while making "jerk off" motions with her hand. This after he just painfully broke up with Clown Lady.
  • When visiting Pinkle, Vinny brings up that guy freaking out in episode 40 over this particular Mii. What sells it is Vinny's understated reaction:
    Vinny: "Yeah, that was a little weird."

Episode 53

  • Near the end of the episode, Vinny tried giving Vlinny the necessary funds to take a trip into space... but only was able to give him $8,000note . Vinny made the mistake of bringing this up when it came time to vote, leading to Vlinny managing to reach second place on the poll... before being overtaken by Two Facednote  As you can imagine, Vinny became (briefly) upset over potentially wasting $8,000...
    Vinny: "And here are the results... oh, shit..."

Episode 54

  • Sponge had gotten into a fight... with Satan...
    Vinny: "Go ahead, make up with Satan."
  • Vinny views Karl's dream where he's chasing a plate of French fries. ...and then he (briefly) assumes that it's actually spaghetti.
  • At one point, Vinny's 3DS randomly shut off... after he tapped the screen. Incidentally, it was during a game of football (hence the tapping) with Jesus as the opponent and Isaac as the referee.
    Vinny: "I just got played like a goddamn fiddle!"
  • In a repeat of the incident of trying to give Karl a song way back, Vinny managed to acquire the remaining funds to send Vlinny to space, and he leveled him up... and he gave him a laptop as a going away present, neglecting to give him the money. Luckily, he realized his mistake quick.
    • And when he does get to space, he takes Ralph with him...
    • During their space adventure, Vinny also played "Goodbye Moonmen" in the background.
  • Vinny notes that, according to the Ranking Board, he has spent $11.95 on Pee Wee, which he hypothesizes is probably the cost of a certain movie ticket before awkwardly dropping the matter...
  • According to Quirky Questions, Jesus and Sponge's favorite hobby is hooking.
  • During the first match of Two Faced and Vlinny's Super Smash Bros. battle, the battle is fought at 75m, and Two Faced is promptly killed twice in quick succession by the falling spring stage hazard.

Episode 55

     Special Episodes 

Episode 56 (David Bowie Special)

  • Pee-wee asks Vinny if he heard any froggy noises coming from his apartment, claiming he was asking for no reason. Weirded out, Vinny leaves and visits Kenny, and during his visit, it dawns on Vinny that Kenny is wearing a frog hat, and comes to the conclusion that Kenny was in Pee-wee's apartment, and that they were partaking in some kind of kinky frog RP session.
  • During an otherwise serious moment where Vinny thinks about resetting the game, he gets asked the million-dollar question:
    Vinny: "'How does it feel having five thousand people by the balls?' It feels like my balls right now."
  • Vinny's horrified reaction to Jocelyn's grown-up form, where she appears to have her mouth above her nose with a Fu Manchu mustache made of eyebrows between them, and no eyes.

Episode 57 (April Fool's Visit)

  • What are the first things Vinny sees on his return to the island? Witch and Jesus doing ballet and Sponge and Satan hanging out.

    Fan-created Content 
  • This art about Levi and Clown.
  • There aren't many fan animations of the series, but the ones that exist are great for a laugh:
    • Sprybug's trailer for a fake Tomodachi Life series. Serves as a great way to look back on the insanity of Vineland Island. Special mention goes to HOTDOG's eviction being rendered as Vinny gunning him down.
    • "Alpaca's Love", wherein Skeletoons puts one of the most infamous moments of the series on the big screen. With both absurd images and ridiculous faces, it's quite a treat.

    Southbird's Out-of-Band Videos 

A Totally Normal Visit to the Island

  • Several islanders claim to mostly go to their apartments when they have to fart.
  • Due to Southbird messing with game data, he has maxed-out cash and 9,999 problems solved. When he solves another problem, a newscast reports on him solving the max recorded amount of problems. However, the islanders seem to know he cheated, because they're completely unenthusiastic.
    Gaben: [reporting] "Oh... sure. If that's what you want."
    Peach: [presenting at the ceremony] "Did I tell you? I had a nice lunch with ⍰⍰⍰ the other day."
  • Southbird plays a football game with Karl, but it ends up going weird. The Miis' heads bobbing back and forth at lightning-fast speeds? Funny. Zydelski screaming over it? Hilarious.
  • After a confusing conversation with Clown (which involves him getting a catchphrase about skipping text with the d-pad), Southbird observes him from outside the apartment. Cue him sliding around the room super fast, without moving his legs at all.
  • When Southbird calls Seabiscuit to her apartment, she makes her grand entrance by sliding in on her legs. Southbird adds fitting music.
  • Walrus apparently wants to make some sort of deal with Southbird. He claims he has a piece of paper with his destiny on it, then claims he'll pay him back with interest when he refuses to look at it.
  • Jesus shakes his fist around weirdly, catching Southbird's attention.
    Southbird: "Y'know, he's doing his "Jesus Thing". Teaching the people and all that." [Text pops up onscreen as he talks]
  • The "Fan Fiction Spitball Corner" takes its lines from the fan fiction drinking game on TV Tropes. Particularly if you understand the tropes and cliches being referenced, or if you don't and it looks like complete gibberish.

Metadachi Life

  • Southbird replaces the dialogue in Tomodachi Life with comments from the Tomodachi Life videos.

  • Vinny clicks on Wario and finds out he's starving. He gives him chewing gum and a lollipop.
    • Also happens with Little Mac at one point.
  • Vinny gave Sponge his favorite food to make him happy, but then the footage goes out due to problems with xsplit. Cough cough.
  • Vineland Island is the location of several 'dimensional rifts', caused by Vinny not saving. These include:
    • A dimension whose inhabitants are supposedly dead after being defeated by space food in Tomodachi Quest. The only difference with the current dimension is that the inhabitants were successful in defeating the boss.
    • A dimension in which Vinny loved Seabiscuit; this dimension was destroyed the first time Isaac tried to set foot on the island. Other notable features of this dimension is that Hamburger realised that she was an NPC in a video game and Sponge exclaiming he was not happy on the swing. After this dimensional rift, Seabiscuit gets together with CD-i Link after he, Groose, and Gaben confessed their love to her.
    • A dimension whose only noticeable difference was Peach throwing a temper tantrum in the street, with Witch doing a news report on it. The new dimension was three hours behind the old one, and was the one in which Two Faced broke up with Walrus.
    • A dimension in which Seabiscuit had her own TV show. This is its only difference with the current reality. Similarly to the above dimension, it was destroyed by a strange time rift, and was replaced by a dimension whose time was slightly behind the old one (this time, by one hour).
  • Another alternate dimension, unrelated to the above, is the Tomodachi Collection world, which appeared in a corruption stream. Even without the corruption, Vinesauce and Two Faced are married, Vinesauce's clone has a normal face aside from his huge nose, and Seabiscuit's voice is even more annoying. Specifics are same folder as Episodes 41 through 50, due to when the stream occurred.

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