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  • Joel's music, which is all incredibly over-the-top heavy metal. After several solo releases he became part of a band, Scythelord, and the music is even better. This also extends to genres that aren't Joel's forte, like with the eJay-composed songs Beefzone and Tekkno Pigeon. Even though they're technically joke songs, they're still pretty bangin' (in no small part due to eJay's sample library plus Joel's guitar skills) and quite a few YouTube commenters have admitted to liking both tracks unironically.
  • Vinny's music, which is much more rock-inspired.
    • Red Vox's EP Blood Bagel, too, though it's somewhat harder-rocking and much less serious than the first album.
    • After spending the better part of 2017 in Development Hell, Another Light has been released—and it's been worth the wait, delving into more psychedelic tones than its predecessor. "Reno". That riff. That solo. Vinny's vocals. Then that chorus is just... holy shit.
      Eeeeeevery daaaaaaay... Geeeeeeet awaaaaaay...
  • Even Rev (under the Bees McBees moniker) managed to create some rather good music himself (even if it's sometimes just joke music done from dishwashers and washing machines). ☻☻☻ is equal parts creepy and amazing. Parts of it sound like they'd fit on a Silent Hill soundtrack, especially the third track ♠♠♠☻ ♠☻.
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  • Scoot The Burbs, originally just a meme song that Vinny improvised on the spot for a quick joke, evolved into something much more. It somehow both manages to serve as one of Vinny's Funny Moments while also being a legitimately catchy and interesting song. It doesn't hurt that the song seems to have an entirely different meaning than the original joke, actually being rather interesting to analyze.
  • For the 2020 Variety Is Hope charity stream, the guys there created a game in Unity called Vine Realms. Marty (Bassclefff) Poirrier alongside fellow volunteers for the event GreatSphynx, AgentRedJackal, and BarkScript all created tracks for the game, which all sound incredible!

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