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Go here for quotes from Vinny's Tomodachi Life streams.

"I'm going to piss myself to sleep tonight."
Vinny, during one of his corruptions.

"I... I am, um... I'm pissing myself from nostalgia right now, guys. These rose-tinted glasses are definitely affecting my opinion of this game."
Vinny, during his second stream of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Michael Rosen: "I can circumcise penises."
Vinny: "What!? Wha—what does this have to do with anything? Why do I have to learn about a man who can circumcise penises?"
From Vinny's Super Toad 67 stream

"More fun than your body has room for."
Vinny's tagline for Super Toad 67

"Listen, you guys are definitely not here because I'm good at video games. We... we've established that years ago."
From Vinny's final Ocarina of Time 3D stream

"I thought this was acid water, and then I realized it's fine, it's just piss. Surely Toad knows what it's like to swim around in piss. Of all the Mario characters, he's the most likely candidate for enjoying a good piss pool."
Vinny, making yet another Toad (his player character at the time) joke upon encountering a pool of yellow liquid in Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

"I had a little cousin that, um, we were in my pool years ago and I remember he swam up to me. Like, it was just a nice day, we were just enjoying it. My little cousin, you know, he was young; six, seven, eight, something like that. He's got his swimmies on and he just kind of, like, floats over to me, and he's looking at me with his big eyes and his glasses, and he goes, 'Pee pool,' and I'm like, 'No! What do you mean? No!' He's like, 'Pee pool!' And then it felt warm, and then I swam away and got out of the pool. But, yeah. He 'pee pooled'!"
Vinny, giving an example of Putting the Pee in Pool while streaming Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

"Yes, I fucking hate vines."
Vinny, when playing a level in Super Mario Bros. 3Mix that requires the player to jump between multiple vines

"I hate vine segments. I always feel like I'm gonna fall off. Yes, I know. I know the irony of that statement."
Vinny, regarding vine physics in Mario games (specifically said during a 2015 Super Mario Bros. X stream)

"Oh, fuck, more rumors will be perpetuated. I have no neck, I have small hands, I fuck bees.... To be fair, I have read some very strange things that you guys have made rumors of on Twitter. It's been a fucking... it's been a journey and a half. Right, the spider dungeon, right... the spider dungeon's not a rumor, that's real."
Vinny on rumors about him (seen in Southbird's Table Scraps #2 video)

"There are people who want to know what the spider dungeon is. Let me tell you, my chillens, gather 'round the vine fire and let me explain you a thing. I've told you before, I am a basement-dweller, by choice, because when Hurricane Irene came around, many places throughout New York City got fucked up, and my basement flooded. My basement gets completely redone and it is now the best, coziest, most cool part of the house, and it's got all my stuff down here, I really like it down here.

Then there's this room that they did nothing with; it's called the cold room, as we used to call it. It is where my grandmother used to store... tomatoes [laughs] and potatoes, and various Pizza Pasta gobbitygool things. Since there's... it's so open to the outside world, the centipede and spider broods just find their way into this fucking room, and they love it in there. So, you might have noticed a piece of tape in that picture that I showed a little while ago; that is me sealing off the door to the water pressure, because spiders crawl through there. I know, it's fucking gross. It's the one downside to living down here, which is why I complain about spiders and stuff, right, because it's real.

It is where the spiders live, and the centipedes live as well, and they fight, rage wars, during the summer specifically. Spring and summer, they fight. They're locked in eternal battle. Eternal battle. The battle for domination over the spider dungeon. It's where V-Dub lives, and since I've taped it up, I've noticed a 50% decrease in spider and centipede activity in my... in my house.

So that's the story of the spider dungeon. It's rather boring, if you ask me."
Vinny's spider dungeon story, as seen in an abridged form in Southbird's Table Scraps #2 video

"You know, you know it's a good day when you're telling birds to eat a dick in front of an audience of... like, almost 3,000 people. That's definitely... I mean, that's a highlight of my life. I'll never forget this day."
Vinny, after stealing a potion from Trill in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

"Someone in chat just said, 'I don't think you'll be able to finish this game, Vinny. YOU DON'T IT. I'm going to sleep.' That really stings. You know, I thought I it, but it turns out I don't it."
From Vinny's quick playthrough of The Legend Of Zelda I, regarding something a tired viewer typed

"Door, he says. It's not a fucking door, it's a bush. You live in a bush and you made me pay 20 shekels for bush... which is actually not a bad deal if you think about it, but that's besides the point! Garbage! All those old men are garbage! [imitating Frank Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia] Trash!"
Vinny, regarding the "Pay me for the door repair charge" old men in The Legend Of Zelda I

"Do I ever stream good games? That's a good question, the answer is no. I, only... only trash, and meme, that's it."

"I should maybe stop thanking God and start thanking Bill Murray instead."
Vinny, after completing a level in his fourth stream of Kirby: Planet Robobot

"No animal knows hate like a goose."
Vinny, during his fourth stream of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

"Aren't memes just inside jokes on a global scale?"
Vinny, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Part 9

"I guess you just go wherever you want. And if not, then you... you get there anyway."

"I can punch the corpse?! That's metal as fuck."
Joel, during a Halloween MS-DOS stream.

Vargskelethor: "vinny i swear to fucking god"
Vargskelethor: "if you call dio goku one more time"
Vargkselethor: "i will shit a house"
Joel in the chat of one of Vinny's 2015 Super Mario Bros. X streams

"Well, that was fuckin' stupid."
Joel, upon nonchalantly returning to his channel after it was hijacked for almost a week.

"This how I remember the prequels, ya know? An alcoholic diabetic skeleton and his microwave friend go around and shoot Jar Jar Binks in the eyeball, then the movie kinda just ends."
'Joel, playing LEGO Star Wars after discovering the character maker and creating Boneanger.

"Excuse me, hello? Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"
Limes, beating a man to death in her State of Decay stream.

" Live fast die never"

"Yo, what the fuck?"
Rev, repeatedly during his viewing of Set's Alessi Part 1.

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