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Certain categories of quotes have been split into separate pages:

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    Vinny (Episodes 1 Through 26) 
"Here sits a little island in the middle of the ocean...
The place is all yours. It just needs a name!
Simple. Vineland. Island Vineland. Of course, it's Vineland Island!"
Episode 1, quoting the intro text and responding to it

"Let's create a Mii that looks like you. First name, Vine... Scross. I'll just keep it simple. Vine... Sauce. Nickname... Vinesauce. [beat] Yeah, Vin-neh-sauce! Good. How do you pronounce 'Vinesauce'? No, no, no, Vin-neh-sauce. Yeah, good, good, good, good. Perfect."
Episode 1, naming his Mii

"OK, I'm outgoing, social, charming, energetic, comfortable in almost any situation, makes new collections easily. And I'm a trendsetter! Radiant and always on form. Wow! I don't know if any of this is true, but I dunno, but you guys tell me, I dunno, am I a trendsetter?"
Episode 1, reading the game's description of his Mii's personality

"This is just gonna be one of those weird streams, isn't it?"
Episode 1

"We're gonna have Mike Stoklasa from RedLetterMedia on this island. Uh, but before we do that, let's get, uh, this beauty. [beat] Aw, she's beautiful."
Episode 1, when looking through the Miis on his 3DS to see which one would be the second one added (and choosing Witch over Mike)

"We gotta get these two together."
[The two successfully become friends]
"It went great! You're a beautiful man, Waluigi. And here I am, in the midst of all this crap."
Episode 1, before and after introducing Witch and Waluigi to each other

"What's wrong with me? Why am I prancing around like a mad cunt?"
Episode 1, while his Mii skips around in his room

"This voice is just balloons rubbing against each other. That's so appropriate, Breadotop. It hurts how appropriate this is."
Episode 1, after hearing Wario's voice, the first of many odd-sounding voices in the series

"I think my Mii found a match... I think it's gonna be Two Faced. They're gonna have a baby."
Episode 1, after hearing Two Faced sing the default opera song

"This is, for anyone who's just joining, I just wanna say, this game is just fucking weird... but it's fun for streaming. I don't know how fun it would be if you're not streaming it. It's good for a person like me, but I don't know... I don't know how much more there is to it than what you've seen."
Episode 1

"One of the weirdest games I've ever played in my life."
Episode 2

"I wanted to make a Mii from Balegdah, but I couldn't, uh, 'cause there is no Balegdah."
Episode 2

"There's gonna be a love triangle between my character, the two-faced girl, and, um, Waluigi. I can... I can sense it."
Episode 2

"I'm telling you, you don't want Waluigi. You want Vine."
Episode 2, after Two Faced comments on her friendship with Waluigi

"Oh my God, look at... [laughs] so disturbing!"
Episode 2, after seeing the compatibility testers' graphics (specifically, the realistic bodies with Mii heads)

"This game needs to be banned."
Episode 2

"I don't understand why she... I don't understand the rolling-on-the-floor thing."
Episode 2, after seeing Witch rolling around on the floor of her apartment

[After tapping on Wario's head]
"Seahorses. He's got seahorses on his brain and he wants to be a dolphin, and he's dressed as a mermaid. Guys, this mermaid dress went to his head."
Episode 2

"You don't need to try! As I said yesterday, you don't need to work on making funny faces."
Episode 2, after Two Faced is upset that he didn't like her funny face

"It's like the only semi-normal-looking Mii in this entire place is my character, and now he's living in a cartoon fucking hellhole, surrounded by Groose, Tingle, Alpacas, Lamb Chop... Jesus. I feel bad for him, man. This is like a sitcom from the nether-dimensions. [speaking with a stereotypical sitcom-advertiser voice] What happens when you put one normal guy in an apartment full of creeps and weirdos? Find out on Tomodachi Life! Coming soon to UPN!"
Episode 2, after giving his Mii the Cartoon interior

"He looks... he looks Spanish. He doesn't look like Tingle anymore; he just looks like a Spanish baseball player."
Episode 2, after giving Tingle a baseball uniform as his first clothing item

"I'm like... performing eugenics here. I'm, like, forcing Tingle to like baseball whether he wants to or not."
Episode 2

"What!? Fuck you! No!"
Episode 2, after his Mii claims to be bad at fellatio during Quirky Questions

"This game is dirty. This game is just... filthy."
Episode 2

"I think my Mii has Terminal 7."
Episode 2

"This is... this is cool. I don't know why I like this, but this is pretty cool."
Episode 2, after taking several pictures using the Photo Studio

"I'm just gonna leave Ben's apartment forever. I'm not going back in there. I'm not... happy... with him as a neighbor. Can I evict him from this apartment?"
Episode 2

"I'll be removing that from your head because you don't look right without the pomp. So... don't get used to it, asshole. As you can tell, I'm getting a little salty with Groose at the moment, 'cause he's taking away all the thunder from me. Yeah, Groose... Groose needs to be... destroyed. I need to plot to take him down."
Episode 2, after giving Groose a ten-gallon hat

"All right, well, there was Tomodachi Life for today. This game will get old, eventually. There's no denying that. But for now, it's fuckin' awesome."
Episode 2

"No... no, don't hang out with Witch! No, you do not wanna hang out with her! She is bad news!"
Episode 3, in response to Vinesauce hanging out with Witch

"Yo, did my character just fart?"
Episode 3

"You two are so cute together, you know that? You guys are beautiful together. You should have a child right now!"
Episode 3, regarding Witch and Waluigi, a couple consisting of two ugly islanders

"You guys wanna see her take a bath? I know you don't. No one does. It's gonna happen anyway."
Episode 3, after handing Witch a bath set

"Oh my God. Oh my God! Can someone take a picture of this? [laughing] Look at the witch's reaction! [laughs] Waluigi does coke! And so does Alpaca!"
Episode 3, after finding out that Alpaca and Waluigi have tried cocaine

"...Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me!? What is this!? It's a blank screen! [he says it's a banana and turns out to be correct] You gotta be shitting me."
Episode 3, after playing the Zoom Quiz with Groose and being presented with a blank image

"I'm creating a love quadrangle."
Episode 3, after telling Groose that he and Two Faced are a great match

"Heh heh, it's perfect. He's a perfect member of our town. Here, have your complementary white bread, courtesy of Vine Plumbing, Inc."
Episode 3, shortly after adding Walrus

"Did I give him the wrong personality? He's an Easygoing Buddy? [displaying a personality chart] It's the other way around. It's actually... Dreamer is here, so I screwed that up. That's OK. You know what? He can be a buddy. Wahl-rozz can be everyone's friend. So Wahl-rozz is in town now. I'm not naming him Jamie Hyneman because I like Wahl-rozz better."
Episode 3, after Walrus introduces himself

"Oh, that voice! [laughs] Oh, it's so terrible! It's somehow worse than Wario's voice."
Episode 3, after checking on Walrus

"[bursts into laughter] It... it sounds like a... an alien bug of some kind, like... like if there was a mantoid race of aliens, they would sound like that. No inflection, no emotion, just that. [he hands Walrus some salopettes to wear] Here you go, have that. Have at it, Wahl-rozz. [after Walrus doesn't like them] I don't care if you like it. It's yours now. [laughs] You look beautiful!"
Episode 3, after spending more time with Walrus

"Love is a cruel mistress when you're trying to date Lamb Chop."
Episode 3, after Vinesauce introduces Two Faced to Lamb Chop

"See, my character's going for Two Faced. I wanna have... I mean she's the most eligible bachelorette in town."
Episode 3

"So she friendzoned me."
Episode 3, after Two Faced refers to Vinesauce and herself as being friends

"[after giving Vinesauce a travel ticket] 'Vinesauce and BenDrowned's vacation in Hawaii'? Why did he take him? ...They are relatives. That's true, they are related."
Episode 3, after calming Vinesauce down with a travel ticket while he's angry at Tingle

"[checking the Popularity Ranking] Waluigi has overtaken me as the most popular Mii on the island. Fuckin' bastard. [beat] Least popular is Walrus, with 0 popularity points. [checking the Vitality Ranking] Strongest on the island is Witch. She keeps in shape and weakest is Waluigi."
Episode 3, while checking the Ranking Board

"She's, like, completely... she's, like, normal, and she's in a mess of idiots, walruses, and various other disturbing individuals."
Episode 3, shortly after adding Peach and commenting on how normal-looking she is compared to most of the other islanders

"You're a very strange person, Walrus."
Episode 3

"Clown's apartment is the best apartment."
Episode 3, sarcastically commenting on how unpleasant Clown's Rain interior looks

"Wha.... [bursts into laughter] Oh my God! She just... she just... she just farted! [laughs] She's so classy!"
Episode 3, after Witch farts and leaves her apartment

"Where did he suddenly get this kitchen from? [Walrus presents his Vineland Island Style Frozen Yogurt] [beat] OK, does anyone see the fallacy of... the events that just transpired? Does anyone... have any problems with the idea that he made frozen yogurt... with a fry—you know what? Thanks! I love frozen yogurt! Thank you, Mr. Walrus!"
Episode 3, after handing Walrus a frying pan

"I'm always hesitant to add new members to the town, like if they don't fit. Like, I don't want to add Mike Stoklasa from RedLetterMedia, 'cause he's, like, really normal. [after switching pages] BonziBUDDY! [beat] There you go!"
Episode 3, regarding an abandoned plan to add one Mii and adding another instead

"Steal her from Waluigi."
Episode 3, after Clown asks if he's compatible with Witch (the question was actually only about friendship)

"Uh... listen! Listen to his advice. Let BonziBUDDY tell you what to do. You can... give him your credit card number! You can... I dunno, let him install viruses on your PC? BonziBUDDY, he's good! [snickers] He's good!"
Episode 3, after Groose wants to be friends with Bonzi

"And everyone is happy. Everyone is... is content. And thus ends our Tomodachi Life for the day."
Episode 3, concluding the episode

[staring through the window in Groose's dream] "Boo." [holds a flame in front of the camera and then proceeds to stare at Groose, who's unfazed]
"He's not scared. Fuck you, Groose." [exits the dream] "He's just happy!" [laughs] "He's, like, 'Whatever, I don't care.'"
Episode 4, regarding Groose's "Giant" dream, which showed Vinny himself looking through the window via the system's camera

"What is he doing? Guys, what is he doing? He was being, like, all Italian for a second."
Episode 4, regarding a pose Walrus was in for a brief moment

"What the fuck is happening?"
Episode 4, regarding the game's "Royalty" dream, which he saw Ralph have

"That is a horrible fashion!"
Episode 4, regarding the pebble-themed nail-painting craze described in a news report

"These people are still not together yet and it makes me upset."
Episode 4, regarding Witch and Waluigi's relationship

"Did Clown raise his hand too? Of course he did!"
Episode 4, wondering whether Clown raised his hand (he did) when a Quirky Question asked who likes clown jobs every night

"Why is Clown, like, bashful about that question?"
Episode 4, after a Quirky Question asked who likes clown jobs in the morning and Clown raised his hand while looking embarrassed

"Everyone except Clown. Apparently I'm good at... clown jobs."
[The Quirky Questions session ends]
"Oh, f... for fuck's sake."
Episode 4, after a Quirky Question asked who's good at clown jobs and Clown didn't raise his hand, while Vinesauce did

"Well, you know what? I got just the hat for ya. You like baseball, Tingle? Of course you do."
[After Tingle likes his new baseball cap]
"He can't escape it. I'm sure he... all he wants to do is be like a f... oh my God, I just realized something. Guys, Tingle just wants to be a fairy, and he wants to, like, make maps and be like Link, and, like, go on adventures, and, like, I'm the dad that is not OK with that... and I'm forcing him to be a baseball player. I'm forcing him against his will to play baseball and be manly, and he's gettin' sick of it, and he's, like, 'Can I have a new hat?' And I'm like, 'Of course you can, son! Here's a new baseball hat!'"
Episode 4, when responding to Tingle's request for a new hat

"That heartbeat. And in that moment, I swear we were Groose."
Episode 4, when Groose is asking Lamb Chop out (the first time Vinny had seen this cutscene)

"No, it's not 'Grawce'! It's not 'Grawce', for the 15th time."
Episode 4, after yet another occurrence of the game pronouncing Groose's name as "Grawce"

"Lamb Chop followed by Witch, Two Faced, Alpaca... and somehow Princess Peach is dead last. The best-looking female in town is dead last."
Episode 4, when checking the Girl Charm Ranking

"This is really fuckin' bizarre."
[He changes the mode a few times, eventually changing it to Sushi, after which Ralph appears on a piece of sushi]
"Is that Ralph? Is that Ralph!? Oh my God!" [he pauses and then takes a picture of Ralph] "Why you lookin' all sexy, Ralph?" [laughs] "Oh my God! Please, I have had enough."
Episode 4, when using the AR Camera for the first time

"This voice is gonna make me cry."
Episode 4, while Walrus sings a ballad

"Much Bonzier."
Episode 4, after finally being able to make Bonzi's hair purple

"Uh, so yeah. This is my life now."
Episode 5, after playing a jaw harp and a slide whistle before starting the game

"The fuck was this? Clown... you... you clown!"
Episode 5, after a poorly disguised Clown randomly has Witch meet him on the roof

"Official. Wario will get the worst clothes... at all times." [beat] "He's wearing the nurse hat on top of his hat."
Episode 5, after Wario asks for new clothes and ends up with his mermaid outfit being replaced with a nurse outfit

"Who do I favor? I would say it's, like, Waluigi, maybe, or...."
[he brings up the Pampered Ranking]
"Witch!? Really? ...Poor Ralph has been completely neglected."
Episode 5, regarding which islander(s) he treats the best

"I expected no less than 'Expand dong' but I'm happy that we've all come to the same conclu—we've all come to the same conclusion, so... it worked out."
Episode 5, after having viewers pick Bonzi's catchphrase and ending up with "Expand dong."

"What else am I supposed to fuckin' draw?"
Episode 5, after drawing red penises on his Mii's face

"Let's see what's goin' on on the island... at 1 AM."
Episode 6

"Just rubbin' them balloons. Just rubbin' the balloons."
Episode 6, regarding how Wario sounded when he was giving a news report

"Tingle is sleeping on a bench alone."
[Vinny pauses for a moment]
"...So, why is Tingle sleeping on a bench alone right now? This is really sad. Like, did he get kicked out of the apartment?"
Episode 6, after seeing Tingle sleeping on a park bench

"I'm gonna force everyone to eat Brussels sprouts from now on."
Episode 6

"Guys, a witch costume. ...Are you serious!? Yes! I've always wanted this!"
[He proceeds to give a witch costume to Witch]
"This... is who you are now. This is who you've always been. [laughs] It's perfect! Oh my God. I love it!"
Episode 6

"'How long until I'm sick of this game?' you think. Um... it could be sometime soon. You know."
Episode 6

[After giving his Mii a Rock Club interior]
"Yo, what's that band name? [His Mii asks him if he wants to take a look around] Yeah, I do wanna take a look! Is that band named... Redfart? Redfurt. [His Mii asks him what he thinks] I like Redfurt, too."
[Vinny pauses to look around more]
"He really likes Redford—Redfurt. There's another Redfurt over there. See?"
Episode 6

"I hate Brussels sprouts, by the way. Let's see if my character hates them as well. [He does hate them] Yep! He almost vomited... just like me!"
Episode 6

"Let's see if chat can handle this."
[He hands Peach a bath set]
"That doesn't sound like a very feminine voice, while she's singing."
Episode 6

"...Great! Uh... thanks, BonziBUDDY! [beat] BonziBUDDY is the man who gives the certificates out. Somehow he was given that responsibility. He does fuck all else on this island. He installs viruses on people's computers and that's it."
Episode 6, after seeing a news flash saying that he solved 100 problems

"So, I think I'm gonna do Gaben. I think that one... it's needed. We could do Karl another time."
Episode 6, on who to add next

"And he's a Designer, of course. Perfect."
Episode 6, after adding Gaben

[Laughs] "My Mii was... my Mii sold me down the river."
[Long pause]
"[Laughing] I watch a Star Trek episode before I go to bed. That's all I do."
Episode 6, after his Mii claims he "can't sleep without a good fap"

"It would be better if I played this game... not at 1:30 AM."
Episode 6

"Some people get fan mail, some people get dildos... I get annoying devices with which to show the stream and make them hate you."
Episode 8

"Import your Miis, and you make them fall in love, get married, have Mii babies... and you feed them... donuts, and... and they give you presents, and... and you get money, and... and that's — and weird things happen. That should be the description of this game on the box — 'Weird Things Happen.'"
Episode 9, describing the game itself

    Vinny (Episode 27 and Later) 
[Walrus, Two Faced, Sponge, and Hamburger are all sitting in Sponge's completely empty apartment, staring at the ceiling and occasionally talking to one another]
"Okay, let's—let's work this out here. I think Walrus knows... that there's an overarching force... in the universe that's been putting him in jail... and treating him like shit. 'Specially after I fed him a really bad food last time. So he's suspecting... that there was a god that hated him.
Two Faced is wondering why the universe keeps trying to set her up with Vinesauce — when she's not even interested in — excuse me,
Vinésauce — and... why is her boyfriend being treated like shit all the time?
Burger keeps getting hit on... and doesn't want anything to do with it, and lives in a room of food... I guess Burger's the only one here that
wouldn't question their reality —
and Sponge is just wondering why he's constantly depressed.
[I think they know.
And I think they're discussing — and they're looking up. They're thinking about God.
There's a malevolent god out to harm
all of them.
know I'm here.
It's just... that are they trying to overthrow me?"
Episode 36

"This game is so stupid... and if you're away for a while, you forget how stupid it really is."
Episode 56, giving his opinion on the game about a year and a half after first playing it

    Islanders (Multiple Episodes/General) 
"I'm glad everyone remembered..."
Wario, on many islanders' birthdays

    Islanders (Episodes 1 Through 26) 
"Hi. I'm Vinesauce. Hey! You look just like me!"
Vinesauce, introducing himself in Episode 1

"It's a little lonely here on this island. If only I had some company..."
Vinesauce, Episode 1

"My name's Witch. I'm the smartest girl I know!"
Witch, introducing herself in Episode 1

"I think Waluigi needs a sweetheart...
How about setting him up with Witch?"
Vinesauce, announcing his plan to set up the island's first couple in Episode 1

"I'm Two Faced! I try to always stay positive and keep a smile on my face!"
Two Faced, introducing herself in Episode 1 (while a cold is making her sad)

"Do you think I'm unlucky? I'm not even sure I believe in luck, but I wonder..."
Lamb Chop, Episode 1

"It's always weird when I have to introduce Witch to someone."
Vinesauce, Episode 1

"I'm clown! I love being the center of attention."
Clown, introducing himself in Episode 1

"I haven't been getting my beauty sleep lately. My face is meeeelting!"
Two Faced, Episode 1

"I hope Waluigi and I are friends forever and ever and EVER!"
Two Faced, Episode 2

"Thanks for the new interior. It's certainly... unique."
Clown, after receiving his Rain interior in Episode 2

"I feel so old. Makes it hard to think about chasing my dreams..."
Tingle, Episode 2

"I'm ALPACA. I'm very in tune with other people's emotions."
Alpaca, introducing herself in Episode 2

"I hope everyone on this island keeps getting along. I hate conflict!"
Alpaca, Episode 2

"BenDrowned should SO star in a film about bandits. Don't you think?"
Vinesauce, Episode 2

"I feel like I might have something special with Waluigi."
"What do you think about me and Waluigi?"
[Vinny chooses "Great match!"]
"Is that so? Well, I hope we can become even closer!"
Witch, Episode 2

"I can forgive a lot, but not someone who wastes my time."
Witch, Episode 2

"I can never stick with something for too long. I get restless!"
Groose, Episode 2

"Lazy people make me upset. I don't know why—they just do."
Ben, Episode 2

"I want an ugly hat."
Witch in Episode 2, while already wearing a disgusting-looking chocolate ice cream hat

"I get along really great with Lamb Chop."
Groose, Episode 3

"I adore nice people. Wish I was one of them. Too bad, so sad!"
Witch, Episode 3

"I think my job as a friend is to stop my buddies from being dumb. It's tough!"
Lamb Chop, Episode 3

"I'm Walrus. There's nothing I care more about than my friends!"
Walrus, introducing himself in Episode 3

"Losing your temper is such a waste. I prefer to just roll with the punches."
Walrus, Episode 3

"I"d like to introduced Two Faced to somebody..."
"How about Tingle?"
[Vinny chooses "Try someone else" after insisting that she's Vinesauce's girlfriend]
"Then how about Lamb Chop?"
[Vinny chooses "Sounds great" after finding that option more desirable]
"What should we talk about to help them get along?"
[Vinny chooses "Love"]
"OK, I'll invite them both over!"
Vinesauce, Episode 3

"People getting after me doesn't help me move faster. It just slows me down!"
Walrus, Episode 3

"I'm BonziBUDDY. There's nothing I care about more than my friends!"
BonziBUDDY, introducing himself in Episode 3

Two Faced: "Your economy is well, isn't it?"
Clown: "Not bad, darling!"
Two Faced: "Ha ha ha! Wonderful!"
Ralph's dream in Episode 4

Groose: "I've got a lot on my mind..."
[A problem bubble appears next to Groose and Vinny taps it]
Groose: "I have feelings for Lamb Chop. I've got to tell her!"
[The game displays the text "Love is in the air! (In this game, grown-up Miis can fall in love with other grown-ups, and kid Miis can fall in love with other kids.)" and Vinny taps "OK" followed by tapping the option to help Groose]
Groose: "OK. I'm ready! Time to gather my courage and tell her how I feel!"
[Lamb Chop meets Groose on the beach]
Groose: "I'll give you a tulip if you go out with me!"
Lamb Chop: "Sure!"
Groose asks Lamb Chop out in Episode 4

Witch: "I got a strange letter... Someone wants to meet me up on the roof."
"I don't know who wrote it... Should I go?"
[Vinny selects "Definitely!"]
Witch: "It's so mysterious, isn't it? I'm gonna go see what this is all about!"
[Witch goes to the rooftop and sees Clown, who's wearing a Paper-Thin Disguise consisting of sunglasses and a fake mustache]
Clown: "Our princess is in another castle."
[Clown leaves]
Witch's rooftop meeting in Episode 5

Wario: [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "I couldn;'t decide, so I just picked this one."
Lamb Chop: [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "Spalone Babuguu"
Clown: [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "This one is amazing!"
Alpaca: [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "Kazuma-kuuunnnn"
Vinesauce: [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "smeg"
Ralph: [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "It was a process of elimination."
Peach: [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "This is probably the best choice."
BonziBUDDY [After choosing "Whole bepis"] "This one is best by a narrow margin."
Tingle: [After choosing "Half bepis"] "I couldn't decide, so I just picked this one."
Groose: [After choosing "Half bepis"] "Groose is loose!"
Ben: [After choosing "Half bepis"] "Die :)"
Gaben: [After choosing "Half bepis"] "I was under a lot of pressure to pick this one."
Walrus: [After choosing "Half bepis"] "googoo gajoob"
Witch: [After choosing "Half bepis"] "yohoho my pretty"
Two Faced: [After choosing "Half bepis"] "I went with my instincts."
Judgment Bay in Episode 6 (two-option round between "Whole bepis" and "Half bepis")

    Islanders (Episode 27 and Later) 
[Vinny is waiting for Jehn to drop an item]
"Just between you and me...
There are A LOT of strange rumors going around about you, Vinesauce's look-alike...
But that's all I can say about it!"

[Vinny fails to catch the item]
"You lose..."
Jehn, Episode 48

    Southbird (Main Series) 

"Are we now?"
Episode 1, responding to Vinny's claim that he'd add Mike Stoklasa from RedLetterMedianote 

"Or Joel's take on it..."
Episode 3's introduction to Joel's extreme metal cover of Wario's "Dragon's Dilda" song

    Southbird (Other) 
"When you consider the actual Vinny to be a laid back, generally calm sort of person, and you look into this insane, maniacal face ... you have truly captured the essence of 'evil twin'"

"So when Cling On was first introduced, Vinny’s immediate reaction is “This is a Klingon?” and he then proceeds to rag on her voice. I personally thought the Mii was cute and I found the vocal inflection endearing, like she’s just been dropped into this world and is having a hell of a time figuring out what’s going on. (And with the complex shenanigans of Vineland Island, you’d probably be just as confused.)"
Excerpt regarding his fondness for Cling On, as seen here

"For 50 episodes, we witnessed...
Romances bloom...
and bust...
new families form...
and aliens invade.
This time, the power over who gets to stay is in your hands!
Each episode, we'll reflect on the ways the characters let us down!
And then a viewer vote will determine who will get evicted!"
Vinesauce, in Southbird's promo for Resurrection: Survivor Edition

"Before we get started, I just wanted to clear up a common misunderstanding. A lot of people think that a skeleton character lived on this island. [But I don't know who this character is. They seem to be confusing it with Hot Doggerson, a long term resident who has always been living here. Hopefully we can resolve this issue finally. Thank you."
Vinesauce, in the intro to Southbird's edit of Episode 47


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